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Chapter 1155

“Just don’t regret it.” Alecia said, she still has scruples in her heart at this moment, for fear that the old lady will be sober and go back to the past.

Harrison stretched out his arm to circle her, “I won’t regret it.”

He will prove it to her!

“You can sleep in my arms for a while.” Harrison touched her face, and Alecia patted his hand, not liking his nonsense regardless of the occasion.

Harrison pretended that she had touched his wound and looked very painful. Alecia’s face was stretched, “Have I touched your wound?”

“Yeah.” Harrison nodded.

Alecia was a little bit self-blaming. He was hurt because of her. How can it be done after a dozen stitches in just two days, “Let me see.”

Alecia wanted to see if there was any bleeding.

Harrison said, “It’s okay, you let me rely on it for a while.”

Alecia quickly realized, “Did you pretend that?”

Harrison shook his head hurriedly and denied, “No, it hurts here, how can I pretend?”

“I ran into you?” Alecia simply pressed his wound. It was really hurting now and he snorted.

Alecia didn’t do anything cruel, and snorted him, “If you lie to me, you will die of pain.”

Harrison leaned his head on her shoulder, “Are you willing to kill me?”

“Why don’t you bear it? I want you to die.” Alecia pretended to be arrogant.

Harrison smiled, leaning to her ear, “Death in your hand, I am willing.”

Alecia stared at him, “Why are you not doing it right?”

Harrison blinked and said, “Can I sleep?”

What she said was all true, so why didn’t he do it right?

Say she doesn’t like it, then go to bed.

Alecia nodded, “Go to sleep.”

They arrived in City R within three hours, and Herman received a call from Alecia and knew that she was back today, and that she would come to the airport to pick up the plane early.

Unexpectedly today, he didn’t wear floral clothes, and he didn’t have three colors. It can be said to be very simple.

He just saw that Alecia came out with Harrison, he was stunned. When Alecia left, she said that they’re divorcing. This was the second time Alecia had separated from Harrison. So he didn’t expect Harrison to come back with her.

If it were not for her to divorce Harrison, he would never dare to show the fact that he had a good impression of her.

Chapter 1156

After all, his age.

For a while, he felt a little at a loss.

“Second Uncle.” Alecia saw him standing at the exit and waved her hands towards Herman.

Herman gave a light cough, smiled, and said, “You are back.”

Or because it was the same man, Harrison realized that Herman’s moment of unnaturalness came from a guilty conscience. As for the guilty conscience, it should be his thoughts on Alecia.

He had suspected before that Herman might have feelings for Alecia, but now it seems that it is not a guess, it should be.

“Second Uncle.” Harrison reached out to Herman, “You have taken care of Alecia, thank you.”

Herman stretched out his hand to shake hands with him, “I should be the elders.”

“Thank you for taking care of her for me, too.” Harrison deliberately increased the tone for me.

“The car is parked outside, let’s go.” Herman first walked to the front.

Harrison took Alecia’s hand and followed behind.

“Why are you holding me so tightly?” Alecia wanted to free away Harrison’s hand.

Harrison acted subconsciously, fearing that she would be robbed by others, he relaxed a little, “I didn’t mean it.”

Stepping out of the car, Harrison put the simple luggage in the trunk, and then got on the car, Alecia was already sitting in it.

Herman said, “I’ll take you to dinner first.”

“Okay.” Alecia said, “The place you arranged will not be bad.”

Because every time Herman takes her to the restaurant, it is good.

“Hey, second uncle, why didn’t you wear your floral shirt today?” Alecia suddenly noticed that what he was wearing, his usual floral shirt, turned into a pure white shirt and gray casual suit jacket.

Herman clenched the steering wheel, “Can I change my attire?”

Harrison pretended not to see Herman’s nervousness, said that he was tired, and slumbered on Alecia’s shoulder.

Alecia was fully aware of the thoughts of the two men, and continued, “You have had that habit for a lifetime, how can you change as soon as you say you change? You said before that you are not willing to change your hobby of wearing floral clothes. Just change it?”

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