Stealing Your Heart Novel Chapter 117 – 118

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Chapter 117

However, the person standing behind was not the person she expected at all, but an unexpected person.

“Why are you here?” Carla curled her fingers unconsciously and clenched the pen in her hand.

Ryan glanced around the room, the white-themed decoration style is simple and generous.

“This is where you work?” He walked to the French window and looked outside.

Carla put down the pen in her hand and stood up, “I’m asking you something.”

Ryan turned around, looked at her, and said with a chuckle, “I came here to see you naturally.”

Carla’s hands behind her back, clasping the edge of the table, looking straight at him, wanting to see his heart through his skin and flesh.

What does he want to do?

But she couldn’t detect anything.

“Have you seen Mrs. William?” Although he was asking, she was affirmative.

She couldn’t figure out who else would force her to go back.

Ryan came over, pulled out the chair, sat down, and said frankly, “Yes.”

“Why?” Carla almost roared out.

She couldn’t think of his purpose for doing this!

“Not why.” Ryan grabbed her wrist, pulled her, and let her sit on his lap. Carla refused and tried hard to get away from his hand.

“I’m injured.”

“What does it matter to me that you are injured?” Carla said unceremoniously.

Ryan sighed, “Aren’t you curious, what did I give to Mrs. William?”

Carla was curious about what was it that made Mrs. William break the rules she had set.

“What did you give her?” Carla asked.

“You entered, you should have heard of her husband Mr. William?” Ryan stroked her back, trying to comfort her.

Carla nodded, “I heard that it seems that the husband and wife are very affectionate, but Mr. William passed away early, and his wife was very young at the time, but for him, she never married.”

“Then do you know what her husband, Mr. William, did?” Ryan has successfully moved Carla’s thoughts away, distracting her.

Carla really didn’t know and shook her head.

Ryan hugged her wai5t and asked her to sit down. Carla reluctantly made a move. Ryan whispered, “I’m injured, can’t you be obedient?”

Carla was also wronged, doesn’t he know that this is inappropriate?

Is this kind of behavior not intimate?

Why is it always like this?

“Mr. William was a jewelry designer,” Ryan said.

Carla raised her eyebrows, a little surprised that William was actually a jewelry designer.

“But what does this have to do with the things you gave to Mrs. William?” Carla couldn’t figure out what the connection could be.

“When Mrs. William met Mr. William, she was still a little-known fashion designer.”

“It was a fashion conference and the first time Mrs. William’s design went to the stage. Coincidentally, Mr. William also participated in that costume press conference…”

“So, did they meet?” Carla seemed to be able to imagine the scene at the time, “Should be very romantic?”

There was a quick look of envy in her eyes. Once she was young, she had longed for love, but she had no chance and lost the qualification.

Now she is just a single mother.

Ryan caught the emotions passing through her eyes and tightly tightened her wai5t, “Met, but it’s not romantic. It should be described as embarrassing——”

Carla frowned, “Did something happen at that time?”

Chapter 118

“Well, because someone reported that Mrs. William copied someone else’s work…”

“Impossible” Carla believed in Mrs. William’s character and ability!

She will never plagiarize.

Ryan silently looked at her angry and excited, “It’s not about you, why are you so excited?”

Carla also felt that she was too excited just now and eased her emotions, “I just don’t believe Mrs. William will plagiarize.”

“She does…” Ryan quietly observed her, she frowned, breathing quickly, and it seemed that she would explode at any time.

“Her design collided with a very famous necklace, and Mrs. William didn’t know the necklace. What’s more coincidental is that the same name, the same source of inspiration, but the design is different.”

He evoked a strand of hair that Carla was hanging around her ear, tangled around his fingertips, his voice was low, “Do you think it’s fate?”

Indeed, this is an incredible coincidence.

But what Carla can’t figure out is, how do they know that their source of inspiration is the same?

“Stupid.” Ryan squeezed her cheek, but Carla suddenly realized, “Since it was a collision, I naturally have to investigate. The two met, so they knew that each other’s source of inspiration was the same, so both gave design the same name.”

“Not too stupid.” Ryan smiled.

Carla’s expression turned down. Is she stupid?

“So, which necklace did you give to Mrs. William?” Carla guessed.

Ryan nodded.

“Why is that necklace in your hand?”

The necklace was procured by a gentleman and given to his wife.

That was a very brainy businessman, not short of money.

So after William’s death, Mrs. William looked for the whereabouts of the necklace. Although they found out who owned the necklace, they didn’t sell it.

No one will sell it for how much she pays.

It just happened that this businessman had business dealings with Ryan.

Carla wanted to understand that Ryan gave Mrs. William what she had always wanted, so she agreed to open a branch in Country Z.

Wait, Carla suddenly realized that he was taking her away.

What she was struggling with was not what he gave Mrs. William.

It’s him, why should he return home by himself?

What good is this for him?

What does he want to do?

Carla found out that she was in a conversation with him and unknowingly sat in his arms.

She stood up quickly and looked at him, “What is your purpose?”

His arms were empty, and he was a little uncomfortable. He looked at Carla, “What purpose can I have, but you.”

“What am I?”

“Why don’t you want to go back?” Suddenly Ryan changed his gentle and sharp tone, “Is there something that makes you sad?”

“No.” Carla retorted instinctively!

“Then why are you afraid to go back?”

“Who is scared?”

Ryan chuckled successfully, “I’m not afraid, why are you so excited?”

Carla found that in front of him, her IQ had become 0.

She didn’t want to admit that this man had the ability to disturb her mind.

She pretended to be calm and gentle, and said stiffly, “Which eye of your eyes sees me excited?”

Ryan straightened his expression, “Since you are not excited, I will go back obediently.”

She hung her hands on her side, clasping tightly together, her heart mixed, “Can you tell me why you want to do this?”

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