The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 938

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Chapter 938

Sarah was stunned.

Never expected that the parents and Mann family would resolutely oppose this matter.

This is what she never expected.

“When will you recognize your mistakes before you can get up! Otherwise, you will keep kneeling!”

Melina stared at Sarah fiercely again.

Edith and Dale said immediately: “Sarah, quickly admit your mistake and apologize to your grandma!”

“I don’t think I’m wrong!”

Sarah dyed a stubborn face.

“Well, well, then you kneel, I see how long you can kneel!”

Melina said angrily.

For the Mann family juniors, she has always been in control.

Only Sarah would not listen to her.

This challenged her sense of majesty and status.

The other side.

Baer City.

Everyone including the Baer King was carried back one by one by his family members.

None of them can move.

Soon, the person in charge of Baer King learned the news.

The Baer King only knew that his name was Irving Garrison, a servant of the Garrison family in Jinvale.

But it was this servant who killed the entire Nelshire.

Overnight, a city was suppressed.

The Baer King could not imagine how powerful the real Garrison family was…

This is just a servant.

After his call, the Baer King shivered.

“Clyde Perry, do you know you are guilty??”

A cold voice came.

“I am guilty, I am guilty…”

The Baer King was about to cry.

“What’s the matter? Did Ollie leave Baer? Even the courtyard where she was restricted was knocked down? Give me a reasonable explanation for this matter!”

“It’s true that it is the ba5tard born by Ollie who came here! This ba5tard is so powerful, all my subordinates have been abandoned by him, and my bones are all broken…Mr. Garrison, you have to be the Lord for us. what?”

“He also said that sooner or later, he will call the Garrison family. A Garrison family should be afraid…”

The Baer King said a lot with added fuel and jealousy, the purpose is to intensify the contradiction, with the help of the Garrison Family to avenge him.

After Irving heard this, he smiled: “Is he just a ba5tard? Does he dare to provoke the first family of Velador? Not to mention the entire Garrison family, even one of the servants, he is not qualified to provoke! His appearance is not worthy of letting him. Garrison family knows!”

Levi thought that what he conveyed to the Baer King would be conveyed to the Garrison Family’s ears.

I don’t know that I don’t have this qualification.

The news of his appearance was so humble that he couldn’t even reach the door of the Garrison Family.

It can only be passed to a servant.

“Since Ollie’s mother and son have broken the rules, the Garrison family doesn’t have to abide by the agreement!”

“The mother and son are kept, and they are always a hidden danger to the Garrison Family. The only solution is to let them disappear from the world!”

A strong murderous intent flashed in the eyes of servant Irving.

“that is really good…”

The Baer King almost cheered.

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