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Chapter 1175

Carla was not sure, and just guessing.

Otherwise, she couldn’t think of anything else, the reason Sandy refused to drink.

“You picked it at the beginning, and now it’s you again. Why are your women so fickle?” Harrison sat down.

Alecia twisted his ears, “I am fickle, but am I still stubbornly following you?”

“Oh.” Harrison secondly said, “These are all people, save me some face.”

“Do you still have face?” Peter ran on, “Kneel on the washboard at home every day, right?”

Harrison opened his eyes and glared at him fiercely. His gaze fell on Sandy beside him, “Have you heard Sandy? He likes to kneel on the washboard. If you go back today, let him kneel. He likes it.”

“You only like it.” Peter poured half of the wine in his glass into Harrison’s glass, “Give you more drink and stop your mouth.”

“F*uk, you have drunk it, I won’t drink it.” Harrison picked up the glass and poured the wine back.

Peter said, “I didn’t drink it.”

“That’s not okay. Why don’t you let Sandy do it for you?” Harrison turned the glass to Sandy, “You drink it for your husband. This is what he drank anyway.”

Peter blocked the wine and took it in front of him, “Harrison, why do you hate it so much?”

“Is it annoying to let your wife drink?” Harrison looked at him, “How do I feel, you seem to be ill, is it possible that you are sick?”

His expression became a little serious when he thought of this.

“You just got sick.” Peter really wanted to knock on Harrison’s mind to see what was in his head.

“Then why…”

“Peter is probably going to be a father?” Carla cut off Harrison’s words and looked at Sandy.

Sandy bowed her head shyly. Although she was not embarrassed to say it, everyone could see that this was the default.

Carla spoke first, “Congratulations.”

Alecia didn’t return for a while, and it took a long time to say congratulations, Carla is already the mother of three children, and now Sandy has a child.

As long as she and Harrison weren’t there, she turned to look at Harrison, wanting to see him knowing that Peter is now a father, and what his expression was.

However, Harrison’s expression was very calm. In fact, when he first heard it, he was stunned for a while, to be exact, ‘jealous’.

‘Jealous, the three of them, he can’t have children.

But soon he realized that this was his life, there was nothing to be envied or jealous of. Without children, he would live with Alecia forever. Besides, there are so many DINKs now that he is nothing without children.

The most important thing is that he can’t let Alecia see what his emotions are. He knows Alecia’s sensitivity best, so he takes her feelings more into consideration.

At the moment, he smiled very brightly, and said jokingly, “Today Peter has a double happiness, his career is promoted, and his family is happy and expanding. Now he is going to be a family of three again. It is really a winner in life. That’s it. I have to congratulate him.”

Speaking, Harrison got up and took another glass, and put it in front of Peter. It was filled with wine. Peter originally had a glass of it, plus Sandy’s glass. Now Harrison poured him another glass, a total of three glasses. Harrison picked up the wine glass, “I have a glass, and you have three.”

Peter raised his head, “Why do you have one cup, want three cups?”

Harrison looked at him coolly, “Why, you have a double happiness, shouldn’t you have three cups? I really wish, you don’t appreciate it?”

Peter, “…”

What is this fallacy?

Yes, he said that he couldn’t help but Harrison, so he could only drink.

Chapter 1176

Harrison and Peter clinked glasses and only took a sip, Peter finished drinking, the second clink Harrison took another sip, Peter had another drink, and the third time Harrison finished the last bit, Peter finished another drink.

Putting down the cup, Harrison was extremely diligent, busy filling Peter’s three wine glasses, and said to Ryan and Carla, “Peter is overjoyed today, and we all congratulate you.”

Peter glanced at the wine glass in front of him, then glared at Harrison, “Don’t let me catch it.”

Harrison smiled, “I guess you don’t have a chance, you want to fix my next life.”

“Be careful, happiness leads to sorrow.”

“If there are ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties in life, then I have gone through the calamity, and the rest are good days.”

“There is a saying that is good, first bitterness and sweetness, I have suffered all the pain, and I will have a good life in the future.”

Harrison poured himself a glass, picked it up, and touched Alecia’s glass, “We two have a drink.”

Alecia glanced at him, raised the corners of her lips, and had a drink with him.

Putting down the cup, Harrison looked at Carla, “Sister-in-law, please hurry up and congratulate him. It’s a rare opportunity to drink with him. He still can’t refuse, otherwise there will be no shop in this village.”

Carla laughed and said, “Yes, Peter is usually the most stable, and the feelings came late, but the ones which came are right. Now the double harvest of feelings and career is indeed worth celebrating.”

She picked up the wine and looked at Peter, “I congratulate you.”

Peter reluctantly picked up the wine, “Sister-in-law, why are you…”

“Don’t talk nonsense, drink it, drink it quickly.” Harrison held the bottom of his cup and poured it into his mouth.

Everyone roared with laughter.

The meal ended successfully, but Peter drank too much, Carla drank with him, Ryan drank with him, and then Harrison said, “I think I want to express my congratulations to you. Congratulations once more.”

In this way, Peter was filled with three more cups, so he drank too much.

After calling the driver to come over, Harrison and Alecia stayed and said to help Carla clean up, and Carla asked them to go back.

“It’s so late, when can you do it alone.”

Alecia was about to get started, Carla took away her hand, “Don’t get started, go back with Harrison, I will pack these and put them in the trash can. Just go out and throw it away. There is not much to wash. Didn’t you say you want to go back to City R? Go back and rest early.”

“Okay, then.” Carla was talking about it, and she couldn’t say anything more.

Ryan was talking to Harrison in the living room.

It probably means that Herman is getting older, so let him take care of it more.

Harrison made it clear.

The driver came, Harrison and Alecia went out, Carla stopped them, “Alecia Harrison…”

“Is there anything wrong, sister-in-law?” Harrison looked back.

Originally, Carla wanted to ask him to help take care of Marty’s affairs, but because of Nelson’s illness, she wanted her child to be with Nelson, so this matter had to be pushed back.

“Nothing, be careful on the way.”

Let’s talk to them when things get to that point.

“Understood, then we are leaving.”

Carla waved her hand, “Let go.”

When they all left, the whole villa fell silent. Carla was clearing the table, and Ryan came over, “I’ll help you.”

Carla said she wouldn’t let it go, “Let’s get some oil later.”

She raised her eyes, “Will you?”

“You can learn.” He has a faint expression and no warmth. He hasn’t smiled since Nelson became ill.

Carla knew that he felt uncomfortable, so she sighed and said, “Help me throw it into the trash can outside.”

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