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Chapter 2004

Wesley and the others have really prepared for this day for too long and too long.

Their will is so strong that it is frightening.

He almost died in practice several times, and almost lost his mind a dozen times.

They train like crazy.

Just to be able to stand in front of Levi again, and follow him to charge into the battle.

They really waited until this day.

“Now when I am hiring people, your next task will be very heavy! You need to be careful!”

“Don’t worry, we promise to complete the task!”

“We can fight with you again!”

Wesley and others were extremely excited.

Levi didn’t talk nonsense, and quickly arranged tasks for everyone to carry out his next plan.

Levi went to a place…

The other side.

Sarah and the others went to other places just after seeing the Commoner K!lling god.

On the way, but met a weird old man.

Wenia originally wanted to expel him.

But the old man claimed to be Pseudo Ghost, and was entrusted by Levi to find Sarah.

Wenia believed it.

She put Sarah aside and asked Regina about the situation.

“In fact, Mr. Garrison’s death is directly related to this!”

Pseudo Ghost said.


Both looked surprised.

“Actually, I am a person of natural disability, or be cursed! Anyone who asks me to take action will have to pay the corresponding price! I asked Mr. Garrison whether he will bear the corresponding price? He was willing!”

“At the time I had guessed that he was going to die, but I couldn’t keep it! Hey, now I can only let Madam Garrison return to normal!”

Later, Pseudo Ghost helped Sarah heal.

But at this moment, a group of people sneaked into here quietly.

They were sent by Richard to catch the three of women back.

This time, Richard sent a full ten strong men to arrest people.

Including destroyers!

Because Richard is cautious and knows that Sarah is powerful, then he must target them accordingly.

They lurked around, observing every move, ready to take action at any time.

After the treatment of the Pseudo Ghost, Sarah kept screaming.

It was as if the Pseudo Ghost had pulled out the other things in her mind abruptly.

Why can’t modern technology work, but Pseudo Ghost can?

That’s because of the mystery of the magic!

Some things are unclear scientifically!

He believed that there was another person in Sarah’s mind.

All he has to do is to pull this person out.

After a long time, Sarah returned to normal.

The Pseudo Ghost was sweating profusely, and they looked older and older.

After helping the Pseudo Ghost, the two asked.

“How do you feel Sarah?”

Sarah rubbed her head: “I’m fine!”


Wenia proposed the name cautiously.

“What’s wrong with Levi??”

Sarah asked anxiously immediately.

“That’s not right!!! King is over him…”

At this moment, Sarah thought of everything.

Although she had previously regarded Levi as an enemy because of the influence of Roderick’s consciousness.

But she remembers everything now.

“What happened to me before? How could I k!ll Levi?”

Sarah went crazy.

Wenia quickly told her what had happened.

“Roderick’s consciousness invaded my brain? Formed the consciousness of revenge? I…”

Sarah was stunned.

“But nothing matters anymore!”

“Levi is gone, it’s too late to say anything!”

Wenia sighed.

“Is Levi really gone?”

Sarah asked.

“This senior watched him die with his own eyes, and he hasn’t secured the body yet!”


Sarah let out a miserable sound, trying to pierce it like this day.

At this moment, the Destroyer led the other nine strongest men to appear.

“Yes, Levi is dead, I k!lled him personally and destroyed his body!”

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