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Chapter 1187

Martin didn’t know what Peter meant, or asked, “Aren’t you angry?”

“Of course.” Peter said frankly, “I was almost dismissed and investigated. You say I am not angry? However, the things I have not done will naturally give me a clean-up.”

“I believe in the organization and the party. As for you, I am not. Feeling that you are a bad person and you are targeting me, it is nothing more than thinking that you are also capable, but you are not appreciated.”

Suddenly Peter’s gaze became sharp, “Then have you ever found a problem from yourself?”

Martin said nothing.

“First of all, your attitude is not correct.” Peter said, “Okay, I have something to do, you can go out.”

Martin glanced at him, got up, and walked out.

But he keeps thinking about Peter’s words in his mind. Does he have a problem?

The office door closed, and Peter sighed. He took his hat and brought it to his head, and walked out of the office.

The phone call he received just now was from Edward and asked him to meet.

He should know what happened today.

Peter walked out of the police station, got in the car, and drove towards Edward’s house.

He hasn’t been here for a long time. After today, it’s probably the last time.

When he reached the door of Edward’s house, he raised his hand and knocked on the door.

Soon the door opened. Only Edward and Eileen were at home. Mrs. Smith was sent out by Edward. He knew his wife’s temperament. Here, she must protect Eileen again.

“Come in.” Mr. Smith opened the door.

Peter pursed his lips and walked in.

Edward closed the door, poured two glasses of water and walked over, and put one in front of Peter.

He sat down and said, “I’ve heard about it.”

Peter didn’t say anything, because he knew that Edward’s words hadn’t been finished yet, so there must be something to follow.

Sure enough, he quickly said, “I am responsible for this matter, because I didn’t discipline my daughter well.”

He hesitated, “Eileen!”

Eileen came over.

“Apologize to Peter.”

Eileen stubbornly refused, “I don’t…”


As soon as her words fell silent, Edward slapped her on the face and shouted angrily, “You have lost all of my face. You have done such a nasty thing, and even your mouth is hard. It’s totally unreasonable.”

Peter pretended not to see it, and took a sip of the water on the table.

Eileen covered her face, her eyes filled with tears, and she stared at Edward in disbelief, “Dad, you actually beat me?”

He had never beaten her since she was a child, but now he beat her?

“I’m your daughter.” Eileen’s eyes were red.

“I beat you just because you are my daughter. I regret that I beat you late, otherwise you won’t cause all kinds of misfortunes!”

Edward’s face flushed with anger.

Eileen couldn’t accept it.

“Dad, I am your daughter. Why do you protect an outsider like this? Am I your own or he is?!” Eileen still didn’t understand what Edward’s meaning meant, pointing to Peter to question.

Edward was clutching his chest and was so piss3d at her, how could he not get in so much? !

“You want to pi55 me off, don’t you?” Edward panted heavily.

Eileen cried, with tears on her face, “You protect him everywhere, and you have not been so caring about your daughter. Since I was young, have you taken care of me? It’s too late to educate me now, don’t you think it’s too late?!”

Edward took two steps back again and again, and fell onto the sofa. He couldn’t deny it. He had been very busy. His daughter was taken care of by his wife, and her temperament had followed his wife’s. It was so unreasonable.

Chapter 1188

“My fault is my fault.” Edward was heartbroken.

When I was young, I didn’t have time to manage, but now he can’t help but grow up.

How regretted he is.

Regret for not having much time with her.

“Dad.” Eileen was frightened, and hurriedly came over to give him comfort, Edward’s face was too ugly, for fear that he would lose his breath.

Edward is such an old age and has been in the position of director for a long time. He has been responsible for his work and has received a lot of respect. Even after his retirement, his former colleagues greeted him warmly. Now…

His daughter is so unbearable, how can he have a face!

He gasped hard and looked at his daughter, “You are right. I gave birth to you, but didn’t raise you well. Now you make mistakes, it’s all on me, all on me.”

“I am your father, and I am also responsible for what you did wrong. You don’t want to apologize, I will say it for you!” Edward turned his head and looked at Peter, “I didn’t teach my daughter well…”

“Dad, don’t apologize to him. Does he think he can disrespect you if he becomes the director? What he has today, how much have you helped him, he still cares about this little thing, and he doesn’t know how to repay, it’s not a good thing either!”

“You…” Edward’s angrily complexion was blue, and the ugly complexion would faint in the next second.

Peter sighed. He couldn’t bear to be mean to his former boss. His daughter disgusted him to the bone, and he couldn’t just ignore it.

“Mr. Smith, I’m not angry.”

Edward grabbed Peter’s hand, his chest was blocked and he didn’t come up for a long time. After a long time, he said, “I’m sorry.”

His daughter didn’t stop doing this wrong thing.

He knew in his heart.

“Eileen, you have to be reasonable. Tell yourself, where is Peter sorry for you? If you don’t like it, can you force it? You made more than one mistake, and I can’t bear to scold you. Just like you said, I took less care of you. I am not qualified. Most of my heart loves you, so I open one eye and close another.”

He panted hard and smashed his chest hard, otherwise, he would not breathe smoothly.

“The habitual son is like a murderer! I was wrong, I shouldn’t have indulged you.” The strong Edward who always cared about-face, now wept, showing how uncomfortable his heart is.

Eileen was shocked. Her father had always been very majestic in her mind, but now she shed tears in front of her former subordinates. He did not have the spirit of the past. He cared about face so much. Now… there was a moment of pain in her heart, and she held it. Father, “Dad, I was wrong…” Eileen lay crying in Edward’s arms.

Edward touched his daughter’s hair, “Hello, others will always see you as good and you are not good, and others will find that you are not good one day. All you have to do is to have a clear conscience. Think about it carefully. From your divorce to the present, how many wrongs have you done? If you were single-minded to Peter, according to Peter’s personality, he would treat you well. It was you who did the wrong thing. You didn’t seize the opportunity. You can’t blame anyone.”

Eileen couldn’t say anything to refute, anyway, she listened to it a little bit.

Edward sighed and said to Peter, “If I still have face in front of you, I will rely on the old and betray her, and forgive her again. I promise you that she will never do anything to you again.”

Edward had said it for this reason, and Peter couldn’t say anything else, “I won’t be held accountable. I was wrong at the beginning. I agreed, but I regretted it later. I was wrong, Eileen, I’m sorry.”

Eileen did a lot of wrong things. It is a fact, and he is not at all wrong. He admits that, he also hopes that Eileen can understand some truths, instead of blindly grasping other people’s mistakes, but not seeing her own shortcomings.

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