His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2128

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Chapter 2128

Christian didn’t expect such a development at all, and Christian’s face was green.

When he said how he came, he felt that the girl’s eyes were not right!

I thought it was a green tea bitch again, who knows that Ameli Su is what people are after, not Christian!

Christian smiled and pointed at himself without a smile, “Nothing for me?” The girl was still smiling at Ameli Su, and then she pulled down a face to Christiandeng and said, “No way… …I didn’t count it for you.”

“I’m still her boyfriend for the time being.” Christian has veins jumping on his forehead.

The girl laughed more happily, as if angry with Christian to make her particularly happy, “It’s okay, you are not married yet, I still have a chance.”

Christian felt that he could spit out fire at this moment, and felt very angry. Funny, if this is a male compatriot, he will definitely be inferior to him, but…but the one who has a good impression of Ameli Su is actually a girl.

This makes him wonder how to accept the move for a while!

“The flowers are very fragrant.” Ameli Su smelled, “You cultivated it seriously, right?”

“Yeah.” The girl lowered her eyelashes, then smiled and said, “By the way, my surname is Ji, and my single name is Lan. ‘, you can call my full name, or call me Lanlan.”

“Ji Lan.” Ameli Su stood still for a few seconds, as if thinking of something, “What an ancient name, it dates back a long time. Ji Fa, the surname of the Shang Dynasty and the founding of the Zhou Dynasty, was this surname.”

“Yes, our family is also very old.” As the name suggests, the Ji Lan people are as delicate and elegant as orchids, with classical beauty, enough to show that there must be some in their family. Many beauties say, “I have a cousin who is in charge of most of the family affairs, and I also have a cousin.”

It seems that he is not an ordinary person. The surname of Ji is a rare surname, and it is probably also a well-known family that lasts for a long time.

“The anger is as long as the blue, but the heart is as blue as the last.”

Ameli Su suddenly read a poem, “Suddenly, your name is very interesting.”

Ji Lan nodded, “Didn’t you say you want to eat together? Let’s go, I will invite you to eat.”

Ameli Su did not refuse.

Christian was a little anxious, and dragged Ameli Su, “Yan Yan, can you not go?”

“Let’s go together.” Ameli Su turned around and looked at Christian quietly, “The flowers she planted are really good. “

At least you have to give a serious response to this serious relationship, right?

Christian looked at Ameli Su’s eyes, and finally sank and followed.

The place Ji Lan chose to eat was also very distinctive. She led Ameli Su to a fairly small restaurant. After sitting down, she said to Ameli Su, “How long have you been with Christian?”

Christian sneered. “I have been together since I was young.”

Ji Lan showed envy, “It’s nice to know Senior Sister Ameli Su since I was a child.”

“Don’t you have any brothers and sisters who grew up together?”

“Our brothers and sisters are all cultivated separately Yes, although the family is old but also huge, in the future everyone will take over in different fields.” Ji Lantuo said with his chin, “but I am not particularly good, so the family’s expectations of me are not very high, so I will be a little bit free. “

Christianzai said without changing his face while listening, “You can leave it alone, no one cares about this.”

Christian was taken aback by Christian.

Ameli Su poked Christian, “Why be so fierce to girls.”

“What girls and boys, aren’t men and women equal?” Christian snorted coldly. Divide!”

Ji Landuo glanced at Christian, “You are so fierce, how did Senior Sister Ameli Su

fall in love with you?” “She is blind! She likes fierce!” Christian grinned, listening to this tone, yelling. It’s on him!

“You shouldn’t be called Ji Lan, you should be called Ji Cha, green tea tea.”

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