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Chapter 149

Today Diane is wearing a pink dress, stepping on white high heels, with delicate makeup painted on her face, and her hair with big waves, leaning on one side and hanging on her che5t.

It seemed that she had seen Carla a long time ago, with her hands around her chest, standing at the door looking at her.

Carla didn’t want to conflict with her, not afraid of her, but didn’t want to be entangled, and pulled Alecia away from the side.

But Diane didn’t want to let her go just like that.

Not her, how could Ryan disengage her?

Carla left there, and she stood there.

“Are you sick?” Alecia got angry after being stopped several times.

“You are sick!” Diane glared at her, her delicate face turned a little distorted because of her anger.

“You are not sick, are you blocking our way?” Alecia also stared at her.

Who wouldn’t stare?

“It seems to be Miss Gill and Miss Lane over there.” Ramiro drove past here, saw the person standing at the entrance of the hotel arguing, stopped the car, and said to the man in the back seat.

Ryan was reading the documents, and there were a few unread documents on his thigh. He was wearing a white shirt, his suit was open, the shirt was loose, two buttons on the collar were unbuttoned, and his slender neck was exposed, and his collarbone was looming. Looks a bit busy, otherwise, I’m in the car and I’m still looking at documents.

Hearing Ramiro’s voice, he lowered the car window and looked over there.

Sure enough, it was the two of them.

Ryan glanced at Diane and his eyes were dark. He closed the document in his hand, without the intention of getting off the car, nor the desire to continue reading the document.

Ramiro asked cautiously, “Don’t go down and take a look?”

Ryan cast a cold eye, Ramiro curled his lips, and closed his mouth unwillingly.

Carla gave Alecia a hand, “Let’s change to another house.”

“Want to go, no way!” Diane opened her arms in front of Carla, and was agitated when Ryan dissolved engagement.

She met the culprit, how could she easily let her go?

Carla colded her face completely, “Get out of the way!”

Diane sneered twice, “Get out of the way?” She turned her words, savagely, “Carla, you can’t think about it, you ruined my happiness, ruined my future, how can I let you go? I can’t wait to see your corpse, broken into pieces and thrown away to feed the dog.”

“I’m afraid you throw it away to feed the dog, and the dog won’t eat it.” Alecia couldn’t see her being so mad.


Diane slapped Alecia’s face with a slap, pointing to her nose, “What are you, and you deserve to talk to me?”

Alecia was beaten up.

Her face was hot and painful.

Carla clenched her hand, the blood flowing backward all over her body, and the power gathered on her right hand, she slapped Diane’s left cheek.


This sound is louder than the sound just now.

She doesn’t want to be entangled, which doesn’t mean she is a soft persimmon.

She hit Alecia, just hit her!

Diane’s eyes were almost staring out, and she couldn’t believe Carla dared to hit her, “Do you dare to hit me?”

Carla squeezed her hand. Just now she used a lot of strength, not to mention her hands, even her arms were numb, and her face was extremely calm, “If people don’t offend me, she is not offenders. You provoke me first Is it the daughter of the Gill family that is great? Everyone is human, and no one is nobler than anyone. If you hit someone, you will naturally suffer retribution.”


“You will get retribution!” Diane rushed towards her like crazy, “Carla I want to kill you, I want to kill you—”

The resentment Diane held in her heart found a breakthrough, and she was out of control.

It’s like crazy.

Chapter 150

“Are you sure you can beat us both alone?” Carla was very calm and stood still.

Alecia didn’t know when she found a stick, held it in her hand, and stared at Diane with enthusiasm. As long as she dared to move, she would hit her head.

Diane stopped. Since entering Gill’s house, who would dare to provoke her?

Was flattered, flattered, when did she experience this kind of loss?

She was very angry.

The body was trembling because of being too angry.

“What are you staring at, are you afraid that the eyeballs will fall out?” Alecia shook the stick, deliberately making a posture to drop it.

Diane hugged her head in fright.

She just reacted instinctively.

But the look is extremely funny.

“Haha.” Alecia laughed at her.

“Carla tell you, I won’t let you go!” Diane was so angry that she almost shouted hysterically.


Carla sneered.

Let her go?

When did she let it go?

“Diane, you caused my mother to become mentally ill and caused me to have a car accident. You almost killed my life. You are soft, do you want to let it go?” She was hesitating. Diane is Jamie’s younger sister and really wants to deal with her. She feels sorry for Jamie.

After all, Jamie cares about this sister very much.

However, the hatred for her by her appearance is so deep that she will never let go. She can harm her once, and she can do it a second and a third time.

Now she is different from before, and the two children are her weakness.

Who knows if Diane gets crazy and will hurt her child?

At this moment, Carla was firm in the car accident and the brother’s suicide case in the year when Melvin reversed the case.

Only by punishing Diane to the law, her world can be completely quiet.

Diane was stunned for a moment, and squinted, “Do you know that I did a car accident that year?”

In the past so many years, no one knows what happened back then.

“If you want people to know it, you can’t do it yourself,” Carla said every word.

“My brother told you?” She only told Jamie about this matter.

She felt betrayed by the whole world, and Ryan didn’t want her anymore. Even the brother who loved her very much would tell secrets because of this woman.

Carla’s heart trembled suddenly. He, Jamie knew she was responsible for the car accident that year?

But he clearly said that it was an accident.

Did he say that on purpose for his sister?

Suddenly Carla thought of Jamie’s abnormality that day. He said if you later discover that I am not that good, would you hate me?

Did he have a lot of thoughts that day, and he was referring to this matter?

Carla’s silence fell into Diane’s eyes and became an acquiescence.

“Haha, haHahaha…” Diane laughed wildly, tears streaming out of her laughter, “false feelings, all false feelings.”

She wondered why Jamie was really good to her.

Never thought that her weight is not as good as this woman.

What is so good about her?

Why does he like her?

Alecia was frightened by Diane’s appearance, and whispered, “Sister Lane, isn’t she going crazy?”

Carla shook her head.


Suddenly Diane closed her voice and stared at Carla, her eyes seemed to be poisoned. Just looking at her can kill her by the poison, “Carla, let’s wait and see!”

She is now the daughter of the Gill family, is she afraid that she won’t have a chance to kill her?

Used to have.

There will be more in the future.

“I’m waiting.” Carla’s back was straight, surpassing Diane in momentum.

Diane knew that if she continued to consume it, she had no chance to make a profit, so she had to go first and make another plan.

She was careless and underestimated Carla.

Only then did she end up in such an embarrassing situation.

Walking down the steps, when she was about to drive, she saw the man coming here, her eyes beamed immediately, and she ran towards him, “Ryan—”

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