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Chapter 961

Tomy was trembling with fright, and immediately said: “Father, it is good boy’s fault. I didn’t distinguish the priority! This Levi is like an ant, and can be crushed to death at any time.

Marshall said angrily: “That’s right! Don’t be afraid of him and value him just because he killed Irving. Irving was just a servant at best. You are too shameful of my Heavenly Garrison Family.”

The young generations of the Heavenly Garrison Family bowed their heads, like children doing wrong things.

They also feel very embarrassed.

Why take a lowly seed so seriously?

“Such a ba5tard is not worth seeing! He is not qualified!”

Marshall’s most beloved grandson Melvin said coldly.

Marshall nodded with satisfaction: “This is the man from the Garrison family in Heavenly, learn something! It scares a wild species! If it reaches the ears of the Garrison family in Capital, I will be ashamed!”

“Lord, the address of the Alton Warlord has been found here, and we will go straight to him now.”

The butler said.

“Okay, hurry up, the old man can’t wait.”

Marshall smiled.

Soon, the Garrison family party came to the theater compound.

Levi moved, but they didn’t.

The huge movement outside attracted the attention of Wesley and others.

They thought they had come to find the fault again.

Several people walked out ferociously.

“Why are you here? Looking for something?”

Owen is already full of fighting spirit.

Because he found a lot of Masters from the crowd.

Really all of them are super Masters.

Most of them are stronger than Irving who came before.

“For a long time, I haven’t seen so many Lords.”

Owen smiled and said.

“King Alton, the great benefactor of our Heavenly Garrison Family, finally sees you.”

With the support of his children and grandchildren, Marshall suddenly came to Alton, kneeling, and said.

Other children and grandchildren, such as Melvin and others, all knelt to the ground.

“The Garrison Family of Heavenly pays homage to the great benefactor—— Great Battle King!”

Everyone in the Heavenly Garrison Family was grateful.

Back then, if it weren’t for him, there would be no Heavenly Garrison Family now.

Phillip looked at him in surprise.

The Garrison Family of the Heavenly imperial family, who is better than a hundred clans to worship, had to kneel in front of the Five Great War Kings, without any airs.

Not to mention the God of War!

That must be an unimaginable existence.

“It’s you? Mr. Marshall, it’s been a long time since I saw you. It’s been three years, right?”

Alton quickly helped Marshall up.

The Garrison family was overjoyed.

Does Alton Fighting King remember them?

“I heard that you were in the south of the Yangtze River, so I came non-stop.”

“These are…”

Marshall turned around and couldn’t help asking.

“Come, let me introduce you, this is Wesley, Owen, Tyler…”

Alton introduced the other four people to Marshall one by one.

Marshall crouched around his waist and showed great hospitality while holding his hands.

These are the remaining four kings.

These five people follow the God of War all year round.

The overseas battlefield is even more fierce.

At this moment, they all knew each other unexpectedly.

What a joyous event!

Even if he is the lord of the royal family, he needs such a character as his background.

The status of these five people, let alone him, even the first family, the Capital Garrison Family, must take seriously.

If they get to the gate, they have to be kindly invited in.

“I don’t know, will I have a chance to meet the God of War?”

Marshall looked hopeful.

Heavenly Garrison’s family is full of longing.

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