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Chapter 171

Carla held the handle, twisted, and gently pushed open the door, and saw Lucia sitting on the side of the bed, sobbing softly.

She walked in and closed the door. Hearing the movement, Lucia quickly wiped her face, “Aren’t you taking care of the two of them outside, why come in?”

“To see you.” Carla stretched out her hand to hug her, “Mom, we don’t have to think about the past, okay?”

Her face rested on Lucia’s shoulders, “I will support you when you are old, and when I am old, let Alan support me…”

“What are you talking about?” Lucia patted Carla on the back, “You are still young, and Doctor Gill is really good.”

Carla scratched her hair for fear that Lucia would say such a thing.



Carla knew what Lucia was going to say. She originally planned to accept Jamie, but now she might not be able to do so.

If she went to investigate the car accident that year, it would be impossible with Jamie.

“Mom, Jamie’s mother called me.”

“What?” Lucia was surprised, holding her daughter by the shoulder, looking at her, “What is she looking you for?”

Carla pursed her lips and wanted her to dispel her thoughts, so she told the truth, “It was still six years ago when she saw me and Jamie together, thinking that we were in a relationship, and specifically came to me and said that I was not suitable for him. The background needs to be matched with his identity and background.”

Lucia opened her mouth and said nothing for a long time.

Finally, the tears fell again.

“Mom, why are you crying again?” Carla reached out and wiped her tears.

Finally diverted her attention.

Why are you crying again?

“Can you feel uncomfortable?” Lucia felt uncomfortable when she thought of her daughter being searched for, “If, you didn’t do it for me back then…”

“Mom, let’s not talk about the previous things, okay?” Carla knew what she was worried about, and patiently explained to her, “I don’t like Jamie. Even if I’m with him, I won’t be happy, Mom. …”

Carla shook her hand, “You want me to be happy, right?”

“Of course.” Lucia wanted to make her daughter happy in her dreams.

She is so young, there should be a good man to love her.

“Do you believe me?”

“Believe you.” Lucia looked at her daughter, “You are the best in my heart.”

She looked at her daughter and walked little by little until now, where she had suffered, and now she has her own career.

In her heart, her daughter is the best.

“If you believe me, don’t worry about my marriage. The boat will go straight to the bridge.” Carla took the opportunity to persuade her.

She didn’t want Lucia to take her marriage as a matter of mind and read it every day.

She is under pressure, and Lucia is also under pressure.

She feels like this is because of her.

“Mom, you see that I am only 24 years old, very young, and the road ahead is still long. Maybe I will meet a man who doesn’t care that I have given birth to a child, and is willing to take care of Alan and Iris with me.”

Lucia was not sure, “Will you really meet?”

Who said the rest of the matter clearly?

“Maybe there is? You are always reading, and I also have pressure in my heart. I can’t find someone casually. That person must be able to accept Alan and Iris, otherwise, I won’t consider it.” Today she wants to give Lucia a heartfelt message.

Lucia knew the importance of these two children to her. In the beginning, she didn’t want her own life, but also the children, which shows the importance of the two children to her.

“Okay, I won’t talk about it in the future. When the fate is there, it may come naturally.” Lucia shunned her daughter’s hair, “I won’t give you any pressure.”

Chapter 172

After Jamie, she also wanted to understand.

In Carla’s situation, even if a man likes her, the other’s family is a big deal.

Who wants their son to marry a woman with two children?

She understands why Jamie’s mother disagrees. Their kind of family naturally finds the right person.

It’s just her daughter, how innocent.

Lucia was able to agree, and Carla felt a lot easier. Being stared at something by Lucia all day, she was really depressed. She didn’t dare to chat, because she was afraid that she would mention it.

it’s good now.

At this time the doorbell rang and Carla got up, “Maybe the pizza she ordered has arrived.”

The door opened, and it turned out to be the takeaway boy in yellow clothes.

“Is it Carla?”


“Please sign for it.”

Carla signed the name on the receipt, took two boxes of pizza into the house, and put them on the dining table, “Alan, Iris, you go and ask grandma to eat out, and I will pour milk for you.”

“Okay.” Alan responded and took his sister’s hand to Lucia’s room.

Carla glanced back at her son and smiled.

Lucia was in a bad mood today, she went to call, Lucia might not come out to eat, let the two call, she would not refuse the two children.

Carla poured the milk, brought it to the table, and placed their plates.

Open the pizza box.

Alan and Iris walked out, holding Lucia’s hand.

Carla helped them open the chairs, and she knew that if she let the two children go, Lucia would definitely come out to eat.

“Iris wanted to eat pizza today, I didn’t cook.”

Lucia glanced at the table, and two pizzas of this size were enough to eat, “Our baby is a snack foodie.”

Iris didn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing, she blinked and asked, “What is a foodie?”

“That is, you are good at eating, very good at eating, but you can’t do anything but eat.” Alan explained to her.

Iris blinked, “Is that a compliment to me?”

“Yes, it is.”

Alan glanced at his sister and sighed in his heart.

This girl likes to be praised by others all day long.

“Wow.” Iris exclaimed excitedly, “That brother is a big foodie, he can’t do anything but eat.”

Alan, “…”

Lucia was amused by the two children, and her depressed mood dissipated a little.

“Grandma said you are a foodie.” Alan took a durian-flavored pizza to his sister’s plate.

“Yeah, you are also a foodie, I’m complimenting you.” Iris took the pizza delivered by her brother, opened her mouth and took a bite, and said happily, “It’s delicious.”

Alan looked at her helplessly, and asked Carla, “Mummy, who does my sister go after?”

The air was silent for three seconds.

“You were born to me, of course, you follow me.” Carla put the milk in front of him, “You are not allowed to talk during meals.”

Alan curled his lips.

After the meal, Carla cleaned up the table, Iris wrapped Lucia to take her for a walk, Alan sneaked into the kitchen, hugged Carla’s legs, acting like a baby, “Mommy, will you give me the tablet and watch?”

“Then tell me, are you wrong?” Carla looked down at him.

Alan was discouraged, “Forget it.”

It’s impossible to let him give up the idea of revenge against the guilty man.

Besides, compared to abandoning them, he just made him lose face.

It is them who suffer.

Alan let go of Carla and ran back to the room.

This guy’s temper doesn’t know who it is after.

Carla sighed, put down the cup in her hand, wiped her hands clean, and wanted to talk to Alan, he was too deeply attached to Ryan.

Makes her a little uneasy.

She walked to the door of her son’s room, and the mobile phone in her pocket rang suddenly. She took out the mobile phone, saw the name displayed on it, and took a deep breath.

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