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Chapter 996

“Yeah, he did the most recent things! We thought he was lucky, but we didn’t expect that he really had two things.”

Yuri gasped in pain.

Xavion’s tone was incredulous: “How is it possible? He is just an orphan, without the network resources and training, how can he be so good? Even you are not an opponent!”

Yuri analyzed: “Although he was an orphan since he was a child, Lord Xavion, you have forgotten that he always has the noble blood of Garrison Clan flowing through him! Can he be an ordinary person? Anyway, as long as he has the blood of the Garrison Clan, he will definitely do it. Become a hero!”

Xavion took a breath: “This is true! No matter what, the Garrison family’s blood is always flowing in this wild species! This is an indisputable fact! My Garrison family never produces waste! Even a wild species is not ordinary!”

In the eyes of such a big family.

You will only think about blood problems, thereby denying any effort.

In their view, Levi was able to achieve this because of the noble blood of the Garrison Clan flowing through his body.

“If he has such an achievement, father and grandfather will definitely pick him up for the Garrison family when they know about it! My Garrison family will not be mediocre, nor will they give up genius. If these wild species come back, maybe I can do it for Garrison family Point contribution.”

Xavion said.

The younger generation of Garrison Clan geniuses are like clouds, and they are all the geniuses of the geniuses.

Levi’s ability to clarify these difficulties shows that he has some ability.

Among the younger generation of Garrison Clan, at least they can be sent to the top 50.

At least he was qualified to step into the door of the Garrison family.

“Lord Xavion, you don’t know. He is arrogant if this kid is a little capable! Do you know? He didn’t put Garrison Family in his eyes at all! He didn’t put you and Young Lord in his eyes! He has asked me to tell Young Lord Lawrence that when he hits the door of the Garrison Family, we didn’t even have a chance to regret it!”

Yuri said.


Xavion slapped the table fiercely, and said angrily: “Why! Why don’t you look at Garrison Family?”

“Wild species are wild species after all! Although they have noble blood, the environment and the people they come into contact with are different from ours, even worse!”

“This leads to his narrow and limited vision, just like a frog sitting in a well and looking at the sky, it is easy to develop the arrogant personality!”

Yuri agreed: “Yes, that’s right. He has a little ability, and he feels that the world is under his control, and no one takes it seriously. I don’t know that a place like Norterjen is just a small corner. It’s far from the real world!”

Xavion sneered: “Yes, once he sees the tip of the iceberg of the Garrison Clan in Capital, he will regret saying such arrogant and childish words! To put it bluntly, this wild species needs to broaden his horizons, and let him see what is truly powerful.”

Yuri asked: “Then what will Lord Xavion do next? Do you want to kill him as before?”

“No, I wanted to kill him before because I was afraid that he would bring shame to the Garrison Family. It’s okay now. He has this ability and won’t shame the Family.”

Xavion said.

“So what does Lord do with him?”

“He is so arrogant that he doesn’t even look at the Garrison Family! I will come to him personally to let him know what is truly powerful!”

When he heard that Xavion was going to teach him personally, Yuri was agitated.

He couldn’t get used to Levi’s appearance, and even remembered his abolition of him.

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