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Chapter 173

Then press the answer key.

“it’s me.”


Carla lowered her eyes and walked back to the living room without speaking first, holding the phone while waiting for him to speak.

“I’m downstairs in your house. Are you free now? I want to see you.”

The two were silent for a moment before Jamie spoke.

Carla gave a faint hum, hung up the phone, took off her apron, walked to Alan’s door, and knocked on the door, “Alan, I have something to go downstairs, grandma will be back soon, don’t you get out.”

Alan was standing at the window and looking downstairs. Jamie was talking to Lucia. Hearing Carla’s voice, he replied, “I see.”

Carla changed her shoes and went downstairs. In the park, Jamie was talking to Lucia. Jamie wanted to hug Iris, but Lucia didn’t let it go, “This kid is naughty.”

Lucia never rejected him before.

This time Jamie clearly felt alienated from Lucia.

Knowing that Jamie’s mother had approached Carla, after Lucia knew that they couldn’t, she was naturally not so close to Jamie.

After all, she used to treat Jamie as a future son-in-law.

Naturally, they cannot be matched as passionately as before.

There is no need for the child to be so close to them.

“Auntie, what did I do badly?” Jamie asked.

“No, nothing.” Lucia waved her hand quickly, trying to explain, “This kid is not honest these days, I’m afraid she is crying.”

“I have watched her grow up since I was a child, and she is also familiar with me. If I hold her, she shouldn’t cry.”


Carla walked over quickly, “Mom, the weather is slowly getting cold now, you can take Iris back.”

“Okay.” Lucia hugged Iris and greeted Jamie and left in a hurry.

“Have you eaten?” Carla asked.

Jamie smiled faintly, “I didn’t eat it, will you make it for me?”


The two smiled at each other.

“Shall we walk?”


The relationship between the two has obviously changed.

Not as close as before.

“You know.” Jamie looked at the road ahead, “I said, I just learned about it not long ago, would you believe me?”

“I don’t know.” Carla gave an ambiguous answer.

“You still don’t believe me.” Jamie smiled bitterly.

He knew that after Carla knew the truth, her attitude towards him would definitely change, as expected.

“Diane and I are in danger at the same time, who will you save?” Suddenly Carla stopped and looked at Jamie, “This question is ridiculous, right? But you will definitely think of Diane before you think of me.”

“Why are you so sure?” Jamie looked at her.

“There are many feelings in this world. Family affection where blood is thicker than water is the most precious, right? She is your sister. If you can ignore the life and death of your sister, how cold-blooded you have to be. Who dares to have a lover like that?”

Jamie was not speaking, just looking at her quietly.

She said that it was true that between Diane and her, he would consider Diane first.

It’s not the affection of blood thicker than water, but guilt for her.

She was lost because of his negligence.

“It doesn’t mean that I love you less.”

“But I can’t accept you like this, and I don’t think your family can accept me either. Let’s be the same as before, if you are still willing to treat me as your sister.”

Jamie frowned. He knew her temper and would definitely care about him, but he didn’t expect that she would be so decisive.

Isn’t his company for so many years worthy of her being with him?

Even if he conceals something, his liking for her is not fake.

Does she really not read at all?

Jamie’s heart was tumbling fiercely.

Suddenly, he laughed.

Staring at Carla, “Are you really not reading what I am doing to you?”

Chapter 174

“I don’t, I still treat you as an older brother.” Carla said sincerely.

She knew that when Diane was responsible for the car accident, she didn’t want to pursue it because of Jamie.

Carla wants to show her attitude now, but also for the sake of the future.

If one day, she really sends Diane in, Jamie will have a grudge in his heart.

“Your brother is a failure.” Jamie smiled.

His sister didn’t understand.

Even Carla didn’t believe him.

Carla took a new step and walked along the side of the road with light and shallow steps.

“Perhaps good luck tricks people?” She also laughed, “Actually, I plan to accept you. We have known each other for almost ten years…”

Because of Lucia, because of his care for himself.

Who knew that Alma would become his sister Diane?

Jamie took her hand, dragged the person into his arms, and hugged tightly, “She is her and I am me. You can’t deny me because of her. This is unfair to me.”

“But she is your sister, don’t you think it’s okay?” He said this, just deceiving himself.

“Just because she harmed you, are you going to deny me what I treated you well?” Jamie almost questioned.

Carla didn’t explain.

She never denied it.

She just knew that in such a relationship, she and Jamie couldn’t see clearly.

“If I don’t want to be a brother or sister with you, I just want to be a lover?” Jamie looked at her shadow, entangled with the shadow of the tree illuminated by the light, so that she could not tell whether he saw the tree or her.

His eyes are getting deeper and deeper, as if he has made some decision, “I promise you, but today you have to drink some wine with your brother. I am in a bad mood.”

“It’s late.” Carla tried to refuse.

“Just want you to accompany me for a drink, can’t you? Do you want to be so alienated from me?” Jamie held her face.

In her eyes, let her look at him.

If he can be relieved, she agrees.

“It is good.”

“I know there is a place, it’s quiet.” Jamie took her hand.

Carla was almost taken away by him.

After getting in the car, Jamie handed her a bottle of water, “I think your lips are very dry.”

He started the car.

Carla reached out and touched her lips. Fortunately, she was not thirsty, and she did not drink the water in her hand.

As the car drove smoothly on the road, Jamie glanced at her sideways, “Why, you don’t even drink the water I gave you now. Are you afraid that it will be poisoned?”

“What are you talking about? I’m just not thirsty.” Carla unscrewed the bottle cap and took a sip, which was the taste of ordinary mineral water. She screwed the cap back, “Is this all right?”

Jamie didn’t say a word, but drove the car intently.

If you look closely, you will find the blue veins in his temple.

Soon the car stopped at a private club.

Jamie got down first, then came over and opened the door for her.

“I will do it myself.”

Jamie took her by the hand, Carla wanted to back down, he grasped a little tighter, “Just this time, let your brother hold your hand, as a girlfriend, after tonight, you are still willing for me to be your brother, I don’t want to—”

“What are you talking about? Why would you break up with me?” Carla found out that Jamie is very strange today.

As for what was strange, she couldn’t tell.

Jamie smiled.

He really dominated her forcibly, and according to his personality, he would definitely break up with him.

Where can he become her man like Diane said, will have feelings for him.

If this were to be calculated, wouldn’t she remember the man who wanted her first?

Thinking of Carla’s first man, his heart suddenly stagnated.

Hold her hand tightly, don’t blame him.

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