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Chapter 997

“Haha, no wonder Levi had two troubles. It turned out to be the boss of Erick Group! So everything can be explained!”

Soon, Xavion’s identity had been found on Levi’s side.

After all, there are not a few people who know Levi’s identity as the owner of Erick’s, so it is easy to find out if you want to check with the ability of the Garrison family.

“No wonder, Erick Group, I have heard, basically crush everything here, even Star Country’s Orion Group is not an opponent!”

Yuri also suddenly realized.

“Huh, the Erick Group is something. But a small Erick Group dare to look down on Garrison Family? It’s ridiculous!”

“Don’t say anything else, it’s enough for the father to crush you in Norterjen’s Lawrence Group! Next, I will inform Lawrence Group and quickly annex Erick Group! I want Levi to kneel in front of me and beg for mercy! Dare to fight Garrison’s, you even grow up your hair!”

Xavion smiled.

He had imagined the scene where Levi is kneeling in front of him.

The second day.

Levi and his mother returned.

By the way, he brought the camp of beasts and Assassin Squad.

on the way.

Levi asked, “Mom, do you still think of him?”


Ollie showed a trace of hesitation.

“Are you still thinking about marrying him, wanting to really step into the door of the Garrison Family, and let the Garrison Family recognize you?”

Levi asked.

Ollie firmly said: “No! I won’t think about these things anymore, I only have one wish now…but…”

Ollie said, taking a deep look at Levi.

“Say it, but what?”

“However, I just think about it. I still don’t say it.”

Ollie smiled.

“Mom, you say it, your son will help you realize all your wishes!”

“Okay, mom hopes to take you to the gate of the Garrison family one day, and proudly tell them-this is my son, the existence you all look up to in the Garrison family!”

Seeing Levi stunned, Ollie hurriedly said: “Levi, mom is just thinking about it, you don’t worry.”

In Ollie’s view, this is impossible.

She said that, it may cause pressure and even harm to Levi.

“No, Mom, this wish will definitely come true for you!”

He said seriously.

Ollie only thought that Levi was comforting her.

This kind of wish can only be extravagant hopes and dreams.

Levi is less than thirty, how far can he achieve?

Let the Garrison Family look up to him?


Sarah put down her work and came to pick up Ollie.

“By the way, how are you preparing for the bidding for that project?”

Levi asked.

“It’s almost there, we will bid on the spot tomorrow!”

Levi reminded: “Okay, come on. But be careful, the woman Helen is unusual.”

“Don’t worry, I did a two-handed preparation. At that time, Natalie and I will be divided into two ways, and we will both bid!”

Sarah looked confident.

“That’s good!”

However, Levi was still not at ease.

At the moment, in the Leo building.

Helen just hung up the phone.

“Do you know who called me? It’s Xavion Garrison Lord!”


Everyone took a breath.

Xavion is very likely to be the next heir to the Garrison family.

The status is too high.

His words are like decrees.

“What did Lord Xavion say?”

Helen was asked.

“Lord Xavion meant very simple, let us kill Erick Group in the shortest time!”

Helen said coldly.

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