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Chapter 385

Carla understands Ryan’s personality. He has already made a decision, and I am afraid she can’t change it.

“Is it far? Can we go back and forth today?” Carla asked. If it is far away, she will prepare some daily necessities for the child.

“Go now, and come back today.” Hubert replied, his eyes fell on Ryan when he spoke, “Is Blair always worried about me?”

Ryan sneered. The voice was not high or low, but it was shocking enough. He held Carla’s shoulder with his palm, “I have never regarded Mr. Tate as an opponent.”

The implication is that he is not qualified.

Hubert was also angry, smiling amiably, “Then I’ll wait outside.”

He raised his hand and let the plateau push him out.

“Who is he?” Harrison walked to the side of Peter and asked.

“Landlord of Tatevil.”

Peter made an understatement.

“It’s not simple. A cripple can be convinced. There must be two brushes.” Harrison touched his chin, retracted his gaze to look at Hubert, turned his head to look at Peter, “I just said it, where are you going?”

“A master who can make fragrant yarn.”

“Wow, the silk craft?” Alecia on the side heard this word and almost jumped with excitement.

Harrison looked at her in surprise, “Is this thing precious? Why haven’t I heard of it?”

Alecia gave him a cold look with disdain, “What do you know?”

Harrison, “…”


Alecia didn’t listen to him at all, so she raised her leg and left, followed Carla to clean up briefly, and then the group went out of the hotel.

All went, they drove three cars, and two cars from Hubert led the way.

The more the car goes, the more remote the place, and the more rugged the road.

When the car drove into a small village with beautiful scenery, Carla was immediately fascinated by the surrounding scenery.

This is a small village between the river and the mountains. The unique house shape reflects the mountains. The vineyards are scattered on the sunny slopes of the mountains. After the car drove into the village, they were mixed together. The earth and the fragrant air of grape leaves rushed to the face.

The car continues to drive, surrounded by ancient buildings with ethnic characteristics, small wooden houses, and well-preserved medieval small villages interspersed by endless vineyards. There are fruit farmers’ scissors and grape-picking bamboo baskets at the door of each house. …

This kind of atmosphere caused Iris to be excited, patted the car window, “Wow, there are vines, a lot, if it’s summer, it must be full of grapes…”

At this time, Hubert’s car stopped in front, and their car also stopped.

Everyone got out of the car one after another.

Hubert pointed to the village not far away, “It’s here, but you can’t get in the car, you have to walk.”

“The environment here is so good, you won’t feel tired even if you walk.” Alecia also appreciates the environment here.

There are still such fresh and unpolluted villages that are really rare.

“Let’s go then.” Hubert still leads the way.

Ryan glanced around and confirmed that it was a village. Only when he lived on Carla’s shoulder, he said, “Let’s go.”


After about half an hour, they walked into the village. There were not many people in the village. Occasionally they met one or two people, both of whom were elderly, and they did not see any young people.

“That’s the one.” Hubert pointed to a wooden house built on the bridge, below which was a crystal clear river.

A fence made of even branches without a gate. In the yard, there is a two-story wooden house with a bamboo chair on the right. An elderly man sits on the right side.

In his hand is a thin strip of bamboo basket carved out of bamboo. When he heard the movement, he raised his head, the wrinkles on his forehead were very deep, and a pair of deep eyes fell on Ryan’s body.

He put down his work and stood up.

Chapter 386

“You are……”

“Master Scott, we are here to ask about the method of making fragrant yarn.” Hubert opened the mouth first, and explained his intentions.

The old man’s eyes patrolled back and forth on the mighty group of people at the door. The corners of his eyes were slightly pressed, wrinkles were deep, and his eyes were deep and bottomless. He turned and entered the room, “Come in.”

The living room of the wooden house was not big enough to accommodate everyone, and the bodyguards did not go in and guarded the door.

Even so, a few of them entered the house and the space became crowded.

The furnishings in the house are also very simple. There are eight chairs in Chinese style. On the left and right sides, there are a few picture scrolls on the walls, as well as the newly compiled bamboo thorns.

They are mixed together and are very inconsistent. In the center is the table, the old man. Sitting in front of the main seat.

He flicked a cigarette and lit it, “Who would like to ask?”

Carla took Alan a step forward and said sincerely, “I want to ask you how to make fragrant yarn. If you want, I would like to ask you to come to my shop as a master. The price is up to you.”

The old man took a strong smoke, and the white mist evacuated. The small space was filled with a unique smell of smoke. Unlike those on the market, the smell of cigarettes was a faint medicinal smell.

Ryan slightly brows, if it weren’t for Carla, he would never have come to such a place in his life.

Through the white mist, the old man looked up and down Carla, and finally, his eyes stayed on the jade bracelet on her wrist, and then glanced at Hubert without a trace, and he nodded to the old man.

The old man retracted his gaze, “I can teach you, but I won’t leave this place.”

Their interaction was very secretive, but Ryan, who seemed to have never paid attention to it, was clearly aware of it.

The corners of his lips hooked like nothing.

He wanted to see what Hubert wanted to fool Carla into here.

He remained calm.

It seems that he is an outsider and has never been involved in it.

“Yes.” Carla agreed.

“It will be very hard to learn, are you willing?” the old man asked.

“Sister Lane, should I learn?” Alecia walked up, “You have to take care of your two children, and we need you to go back to the store, or leave this to me?” She was surprised that something was wrong and explained. , “I don’t want to hold this craft in my hands…”

“I know.”

Carla believed her and never doubted her motives.

The old man ignored Alecia and said succinctly, “I only teach her.”

In an instant, the whole hall became quiet.

“Don’t you accept only one apprentice?” Harrison finds this interesting. There are still such people in these days. It is not in ancient times. What martial arts is only passed on. He is just a craftsman who can make fabrics. He teaches apprentices and chooses people?

He also pointed out Carla, could he see Carla’s aptitude in this respect?

The old man was very calm, completely ignoring Harrison, but looking at Carla, “If you want to learn, you have to accept and respect me as your teacher, and I will teach you the craftsmanship of cloth.”

Carla doesn’t mind apprenticeship, but why does he fall in love with himself?

This also surprised her.

She felt a little uneasy, so she didn’t immediately say yes.

“I don’t know what you like my wife, why did you choose her?” A low voice sounded from the back of the hall. He didn’t look at anyone, but was still teasing his daughter, as if there was nothing in this world that aroused his interest more than a daughter.

The old man’s gaze came over, the light beams from outside shone in, and lines of dust flew up. He squinted his eyes slightly and looked at the angular face through thousands of beams. The hand holding the pipe shook and calmed down. Said, “She has this qualification.”

“Really?” Ryan finally raised his eyelids, just to meet the old man’s suppressed and heartbroken gaze.

The old man didn’t seem to expect that Ryan would suddenly look over.

He staggered his gaze by coughing.

“You don’t seem to believe me very much. I just don’t want to teach people who are not sincere. Let’s go.” After speaking, the old man stood up, opened the side door, and walked into the house.

“Wait.” Carla stopped him. She thought she might be like this kind of old craftsman, with a very strange temper.

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