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Chapter 387

As a fashion designer, not only is she sensitive to the style of the clothes she designs, but the fabric is also very important.

If she learns, it will be of great help to the future development of her store.

Although Alan and Iris have recognized Ryan, he will not treat her two children badly because of his worth. She does not need to make plans for the future of the two children all the time as before, but that is her career, she can’t Because of Ryan’s relationship, she gives up her dream.

Only by working hard can she be a woman who can stand beside him, not a woman who can survive by him.

She is not a climbing flower, she will never show off with his high branches, and she will never feel that she has given birth to two children for him, and she is dependent on him for everything.

She is still her, she will never be like her mother, marrying a man, losing self, no career, no social life, will life be so difficult after being abandoned.

Perhaps she had suffered a lot when she was a child. Even though she is now rich in life, she still remembers the darkness of the past.

“I am willing to make you a teacher for nothing.”

The old man’s movements paused, then looked back at her, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.” She didn’t go to see Ryan.

This is her own business, she can decide for herself.

The old man’s gaze crossed her, took a look at the stalwart figure behind her, and then slowly said, “Learning crafts from me and staying here for ten and a half months. Are you sure you recgonize me as a teacher?”

Carla hesitated not because she wanted to stay here for half a month, but because she couldn’t worry about the two children.

“Don’t worry if you still have concerns, I don’t force it. After all, learning this is very hard. Few people can endure this hardship.” His words are obviously ironic of Carla, who wants to learn the craft of making fragrant yarn. Not willing to endure hardship.

That’s why she hesitated.

Alecia couldn’t bear it, and wanted to argue with the old man.

As a result, Carla held her head and shook her head to tell her not to be impulsive. She looked at the old man, “I promise you.”

The old man’s expression paused, “You arrange things around you and come to me.”

After speaking he entered the house.

The door was closed, isolating everything outside.

Hubert rolled the wheelchair and walked over, “He has this temper, and I can’t help it. Last time I asked him to make the cloth for me, but it took a lot of effort to convince him.”

“President Tate, good intentions.” Ryan stood up holding Iris and glanced at Hubert lightly, “What is Mr. Tate thinking about?”

Hubert still had the chuckle on his face, “Blair, what do you mean by this? I just introduced Miss Lane, a craftsman, what can I calculate?”

Ryan snorted coldly, full of threats, “No one who counts me can retreat with his whole body. The purpose of this trip today is clear to Mr. Tate himself.”

After speaking, he took Carla’s hand and walked out of the wooden house.

Carla followed him out very honestly, because she also had something to say to him.

Standing by the stream at the bridgehead, she opened her mouth first, “Are you angry?”

Ryan’s voice was slightly cold, “You need money, I can give you…”

“Your money is yours, and no matter how much you have, it’s not mine.” Carla interrupted him, with an exceptionally determined attitude, knowing what Ryan would say next, “Do you want to say, you raise Don’t worry about money matters at all?” Ryan stared at her fixedly.

Undeniably, he did think so, as long as she wanted, he could give her anything.

Money, status, social status.

Carla smiled, “I also have dreams. I live the same way without you. With you, I don’t want to lose myself. I don’t want to lose myself. I don’t want to hide from you. I don’t know what you give to me. I’m afraid it’s a dream or an illusion, and disappears as soon as I wake up.”

She turned to look at the endless vineyards on the top of the hill, her thoughts flying away, “I have been embarrassed. I have personally experienced helplessness and powerlessness…”

If she was able, her brother might not leave her at the time, she was afraid, afraid that something like that would happen again, and she was still helpless.

Ryan bit his back teeth, “You can’t see, that master and Hubert have a purpose?”

Chapter 388

“I can see it.” Carla had already noticed that from the moment he appeared in her sight, she knew that Hubert was deliberate.

She was curious, what exactly Hubert wanted to do, she reiterated, “He saved me because of this bracelet, what is the relationship between him and Della?”

She turned her head to look at Ryan, knowing that he didn’t like this woman, and didn’t like others mentioning her.

But she felt that whether Hubert or the master who can make the silk craft are related to Della, she found that the master had seen her bracelet without a trace. “What is this bracelet? What’s the origin?”

Ryan didn’t know about this either. He was a man and didn’t need such a thing. The family had never mentioned it to him. He didn’t know if the Blair family had such a jade bracelet.

“So you want to stay, and you want to figure this out?” Although it was a questioning tone, it was already a very positive tone.

This woman…

He closed his eyes and suppressed his emotions, and said to her patiently, “You don’t know what the other party’s purpose is, so you dare to stay. Have you ever thought that something happened to you, Iris, Alan, what should I do?”

She really owes this point, she admits, but also wants to clarify the doubts in her heart, she feels that Della is not like a bad person.

“You will protect me.” She took the initiative to take his arm, and even leaned against him.

She was so active all of a sudden, Ryan’s body stiffened, and he returned to nature.

She gave him an excuse for not agreeing with her.

This woman is too assertive, and he has nothing to do with her.

He can’t scold, beat, or say, he can only follow her.

Ryan put her into his arms, “What should I do with you?”

Carla nestled on his shoulder and looked into the distance. In fact, she wanted to understand Della’s past because of Ryan.

If this man is not the father of her child, she has had the feeling of heartbeat, she will not drip this muddy water.

She stretched out her arms to embrace his thin waist, “I will definitely protect myself.”

Ryan clasped her head and printed a hot k!ss on her forehead, “I’m waiting for you.”

Carla didn’t want to be too far away from the two children, so he nodded.

Ryan decided to stay. Peter took some people to stay. Harrison and Alecia returned to the hotel to pack their things. There was a courtyard behind the old man’s wooden house, and he gave them the one in front.

But there is a condition that prevents them from entering the backyard half a step.

Only he and Carla in the backyard can come out until Carla learns.

Much like modern closed training.

There is still a wooden house in the back, but everything in the house is extremely modern, even many high-tech things, and they are placed in an orderly place, and there is no dust at all. It can be seen that the house is often cleaned or people will come in frequently.

The old man handed her a notebook, “You can read more of the notes I made. Have you been exposed to these before?”

Carla took it with both hands and said truthfully, “I have never touched a fabric-making machine, but I know a lot of fabrics, know their characteristics, and what kind of clothes are suitable for making.”

The old man nodded, seemingly satisfied with Carla’s answer.

Just seeing these things in the room, he felt melancholy again, “After all, I can’t see the sun again.”

“Master, why do you say that?” In fact, this is what she is curious about. Why is he facing loss?

“Why don’t you get out of here…”

“Read all the notebooks I gave you, and I will test you tomorrow.” After speaking, the old man walked out of the room.

Obviously, he didn’t want to talk to her about this topic.

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