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Chapter 389

Carla is not in a hurry. This is only the first day. Take time, she feels that sooner or later, she can discover what she wants to know.

The backyard is different from the front yard, and there are also some rooms. Except for the rooms with machines, the backyard has only two rooms, which are not big. One bed and one table almost occupy the space, but it is very quiet.

It’s easy to sit down and read a book.

Carla’s sitting is one day.

The old man visited her several times, and her patience still made him very gratified.

In the evening, the old man made a meal and asked Carla to come out for dinner.

In the small yard, there is a square wooden table, two small stools, and two dishes, a fish, and a plate of greens are placed on the table.

Carla took the initiative to serve the bowl and handed the spoon to the old man, “Master.”

The old man smiled.

Carla saw him smile for the first time, and felt amiable.

“I caught this fish in a cage from a small stream. It is absolutely pollution-free and can be eaten with confidence.” The old man put a piece of fish into Carla’s bowl and said, “Try it, how does it taste.”

Shawn has never been so kind to her, somehow, she sore her nose, lowered her head, and stuffed the fish into her mouth.

There are not many seasonings, and the original flavor is largely retained. The fish is delicate, lightly salty, lightly sweet, and has a very unique taste.

“You put sugar?” Carla asked.

“No, the fish itself is a bit sweet, but the fish in this river is sweet, nothing else.” The old man said lightly, and he was very patient with Carla’s question.

Later, she asked him a lot of questions, all of which she didn’t understand when she read the notes.

The old man answers patiently.

In this way, she spent a week here steadily, and this week she had never left the backyard for a step.

Most of the time, she stayed in the machine room where the fabric was made, and she was familiar with the operation of the machine, and she hadn’t learned anything in depth.

Anyway, she was not in a hurry. She felt that the time was not up. If the time was up, the old man would teach her.

It was another night, in the same place, there were still two bowls of dishes, two bowls of rice, two people.

“Master, do you have any relatives?” Carla asked seemingly inadvertently.

After the old man took the food, he stuffed the food into his mouth and chewed slowly. After a while, he said, “Yes.”

“Then why haven’t I seen them?”

The old man finally raised his head and looked at her. It was obvious that she was asking about him.

Carla quickly explained, “I just asked casually…”

“I also have a younger sister.”

The old man interrupted Carla’s explanation.

When Hubert found him, he made a decision. Even if he violated the agreement, he would pass on the Scott family from generation to generation and pass on the craftsmanship of making fragrant cloud yarn.

He left Carla and taught her the craftsmanship of making fragrant yarn. Some things will definitely be concealed.

After several days of observation, he felt that Carla was really a good girl, patient, smart, and she could do it at one point, almost without him bothering too much.

“She married to another village?” The old man was willing to say, Carla hit the iron while it was hot.

“It’s not another village, it’s a place far away from here. She rarely comes back. I’m the only one at home now, but I contacted her. I’m afraid she will come back soon.”

The old man said lightly.

There was a trace of sorrow in his tone.

He looked at Carla, “When you want to know what you want, just ask her.”

Carla looked at the old man in surprise, she actually knew what he wanted to know.

And it seemed that his sister knew everything she wanted to know.

Who is his sister?

Chapter 390

The old man closed the door and said, “When you see someone, you will know who it is. Now eat well.”

“Then when can she come back?” Carla asked.

She was a little excited and guessed, “I know this person?”

“Usually, you seem to be quite calm, so why can’t you stand your temper right now?” The old man’s tone became a little serious, “If you can’t bear it, you will make big plans.”

The old man stood up, “Eat well, I’ll go back to the house first.”

Carla nodded, because he was impulsive. When he said this to her today, it showed that he was willing to tell what she wanted to know.

Now, as long as she patiently waits for his sister to arrive, perhaps the confusion that has hung in her heart can be solved one by one.

Compared to the quietness of the backyard, the front yard is much more lively.

Because Carla wanted to stay, Hubert didn’t leave either. He didn’t take any people, only his right-hand man Welsh followed. Compared with so many people around Ryan, he seemed weak.

The trickling stream is rushing, and the river surface is shimmering, like countless stars falling into the river.

At this moment, the two children were playing chess with Harrison, Alecia, and others, and Ryan stood alone on the bridge head and looked at the backyard.

The countryside is different from the city. There are lights everywhere. When night falls, it is dark everywhere. Only when the moonlight is good can you see the surroundings.

At this moment, the backyard was completely dark, and he couldn’t see anything, let alone Carla’s figure. He dipped his pockets with both hands, but didn’t look back, as if expecting her to appear.

“Unexpectedly, Ryan and his wife have a good relationship.” Hubert rolled the wheelchair, stopped by the river, and smiled faintly. “There is a saying, “I don’t see you in a day, like three autumns?”

Ryan’s face was in the floating light and glimpse of the shadows, when it was bright and dark, he turned coldly and condescendingly, “I think Mr. Tate should be an entertainment gossip reporter. He cares about other people’s private affairs so much, so he can stay in this small place like Tatevil.”

Hubert’s face changed slightly, and no one could see it in the dim night. “I’m curious, Mr. Blair, why did you let the two children follow your wife’s surname? Could it be that Miss Lane gave birth to two children? At that time, President Blair didn’t even know?”

In the past few days, Hubert put out a piece of information from Alan, that is, when Carla gave birth to them, she and Ryan were in a state of divorce.

So the two children follow Carla’s surnames.

Hubert smiled, “I thought I had no chance, it seems that there is still?”

Ryan cast his gaze inadvertently and found a dark figure beside the door, a small mass. Seeing him look over, he immediately hid. He raised his eyebrows slightly, probably already guessing who it was, but he didn’t show it. Find him out by yourself.

He raised his eyelids, his handsome face was always cold and his eyes were dark, “It depends on whether Tate has this ability.”

Hubert smiled faintly, “Having a chance is better than no chance, Blair said, right? I still have a chance, and I also want to thank Mr. Blair.”

Ryan stepped down, not rushing or slowing, every step was steady, and when he passed by Hubert, the corners of his lips curled up slightly, “My wife, I don’t like the lame. If you want to pursue her, please stand up and talk about it.”

After finishing speaking, he didn’t even stay for a while, and moved away.

The indifferent smile on Hubert’s face was the greatest pain in his heart that he could no longer maintain and could not walk.

He put his five fingers together on the armrest slowly, and the blue veins on the back of his hand burst out, showing how angry he was.

Ryan’s footsteps stopped for a while. Even if he didn’t see it, he knew how ugly Hubert’s face was at the moment, “President Tate, being angry is bad for your health.”

He hooked the hook with disdain, and then took a step. When he stepped into the door, he glanced at the door, and a small group of black shadows was reflected on the ground…

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