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Chapter 1214

“Hey, it’s a pity that you have become a useless person, why do I need to do it myself?”

After learning about Levi’s situation, the god of death had no interest at all.

Like Woodrow, what he wanted to k!ll was the pinnacle of Levi.

In his opinion, other people were more than enough to k!ll Levi.

He is not qualified to be his opponent at all!

Reaper no longer pays attention to the situation in the field.

Rather than biting a piece of raw meat, blood is spitting out…

As soon as the two sides touched in the field, sparks splashed everywhere.

The opponent is strong and crazy.

The Lords who escorted Levi were not bad either.

The other side is for k!lling, they are for the faith in their hearts.

When Marshall entered the field with a knife, Levi’s eyes were moist.

Marshall buried half of the people in the soil and was fighting for him.

Most of the people present are strangers.

But they all fought for him!

Even if wounded or k!lled in battle, everyone has no regrets!

Just for the justice in heart!

Just for Velador!

Levi’s face twitched.

Hate it!

He only hates being physically disabled and unable to move, unable to carry the Velador sword!

“k!ll k!ll k!ll!!!”

Marshall led the people to the front, and Tangmen Lords guarded the surroundings, like a tiger descending the mountain.

The four great heavenly kings of the north and south Redmen and the four great Lords of the heavenly dragon cooperated in tacit understanding and rushed into the enemy, k!lling a large area.

Other Lords also showed their abilities.

Everyone will securely guard the car carrying Levi.

Seven or eight people moved the c0rpse in front, and the God of War Rodner drove along step by step.

Everyone is moving while fighting.



Soon there were casualties, and the figures were thrown up high and fell heavily to the ground, instantly losing their breath.

These people are Lords sent by the Jinvale Bosch Family!



Blood splashed in the field, and people kept falling.

Both sides suffered heavy losses!

The car carrying Levi only traveled about ten meters.

Although the c0rpses piled up on the street were moved away.

But there were hundreds of murderous madmen guarding him, and he couldn’t move forward at all.

If you want to leave this town, you have to blaze a trail.

“Brothers punch me!!!”

This is the Forty Erlang of the Eastern Frontier War League, they roared into the front line of defense.

Soon they were submerged, one after another bloody arrow shot, and one after another fell…

After a while, no one was standing…



But he tore a hole abruptly!

“It’s time for us!”

This is the eighty nameless people in the west.

They are either retired fighters, hunters, or fighting coaches…

To put it bluntly, it is a group of ordinary people.

They organized spontaneously, just to protect Levi.

Eighty people rushed into the enemy crowd.

“k!ll k!ll k!ll!”

“Brothers desperately want to escort the God of War away!”

Eighty ordinary people are also eighty tigers.




Blood ran across, and c0rpses ran across the wild.

Eighty men used flesh and blood to expand the opening of the war alliance until it was opened!

The hundreds of murderous demons on the opposite side were stunned.

Obviously, many of them are just a bit of three-legged cat kung fu, but like wild beasts, they bit their defenses.

This makes them unimaginable!

What happened to these people?

Like madness, resist with his own flesh and blood.



“Be sure to send the God of War out!”

The 80 unsung heroes of the Western Territory were far too far in strength after all, and they all fell into a pool of blood in the end.

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