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Chapter 1215

As the last person fell, the 80th of the Western Territory died in a foreign country in battle.

Levi shed tears!

Good job!

All heroes!

At the same time, I hate myself more!

Why can’t I move?

Let someone protect me?

He also wanted to fight.

He didn’t want any more casualties.

The heroes of the East and West have all fallen.

However, the passage in front of the street was completely opened.

Their sacrifice is worth it!

Everyone is smiling when they leave!


“Avenge for the brothers in the east and west world!!!”

The Lords of the Northern Heavenly Fighting Club and the Southern Military rushed into the opening opened by the 120 unsung heroes in front.

Everyone was like a divine helper, and the murderous devils in Beimo Prison retreated steadily.

Everyone escorted Levi forward one hundred meters.

At this time, the abnormal movement on the street attracted the attention of the god of death.

He glanced at it and yelled: “A bunch of trash!”

He continued to bite the raw meat…

On the streets, the bloody battle continued.

Hundreds of murderous madmen are simply unimaginable.

The combat effectiveness of this group is much worse than theirs.

But everyone is desperate, like a madman, like a beast.

Fierce and scary!

Many murderers are scared!

Why are they so desperate?

Just for a waste person?

Just for a traitor?

Just for the current Levi to pay for his life?

Does it worth it?

This is a question of belief, this is Velador’s unique feelings.

Incomprehensible to others!


“k!ll everyone! We can escape!”

Marshall held the saber.

The Trio Sect Lords made strange moves one after another-hidden weapons, poison, and gunpowder hit the opponent off guard.

The Lords of the North and South Redmen are even more swift, head-to-head against each other.

The three great heroes of Norterjen and Monk Dragon and Tiger are also super powerful!

Although he suffered heavy losses on his side.

People keep falling down.

People keep getting injured!

But finally suppressed these murderous madmen in Beimo Prison from the momentum.




The fighting continued, and the bleeding continued.

The gray-haired Marshall already had dozens of wounds on his body.

Although none of the nineteen Lords of Trio Sect died, all of them were injured.

One of them broke both arms, and he didn’t groan, and one dragged a stubborn leg to continue fighting.

Others have suffered casualties more or less.


The effect of the price of such pain is that the murderers on the opposite side are almost all k!lled.

On the street, there are c0rpses everywhere.

The mad demons in Beimo Prison are just like an eagle catching a chick.

How come these chicks fight eagles and even slay dragons!

“Come on? Come again?”

Marshall roared while holding the saber, staggering and almost falling to the ground.

He fought to the end!

“Come on, I will k!ll as many come!”

Micah, Ren, and several people were completely blushing.

The blood of the spear and the long knife in his hand was ticking and flowing non-stop.

“Ah! Run!”

The remaining dozens of murderous madmen were scared away…

This is unimaginable!

Who will believe it?

Murderers who have k!lled thousands of people will be scared away…

“Waste! It’s all waste!”

The god of death appeared on the other side of the street.


He slapped an escaped traitor on the head.

The head exploded immediately…



Along the way, all the murderers who escaped were k!lled by him.

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