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Chapter 47

Ryan held the fingers on the steering wheel, moved slightly, and glanced at her, “It’s okay.”

Carla relaxed her body and did not speak.

Neither of them spoke to each other.

There was silence in the car.

Carla’s inadvertent gaze fell on his hand holding the steering wheel. His fingers were slender, the joints were distinct, and the nails were neatly manicured. They were elegant and deep, and they were very good-looking.

People like him, people can remember at a glance.

“Does it look good?” He didn’t squint.

Carla was shocked. She was stunned just now. She quickly turned her head and looked out the window, pretending not to hear.

Ryan turned his head to look at her, with a faint smile on the corners of his lips, “Is my face better than my hands?”

Carla continued to pretend not to hear, and simply closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

Can’t help but spit out in her heart, what about anger and coldness?

Why is it like a narcissist now?

After about twenty minutes, the car stopped in front of Lane’s villa.

Shawn came back very early, and Jenna had prepared a sumptuous dinner, very high-end, Shawn was quite satisfied, and the previous unhappiness had faded a bit.

“The eldest lady is back.” The servant came in to inform.

Shawn glanced at Jenna and Kathy, and warned, “This time the matter is very important to me, don’t mess it up for me!”

Jenna suppressed the anger in her heart and tidied up her suit with a smile, “Don’t worry, I won’t fight back or scold her, but also let her calm down and let her help you through the company’s difficulties. I can’t help you with the matter, but I can still do it.”

Shawn felt that he didn’t care for her in vain, “I will compensate you when the company’s problems are resolved.”

After speaking, he walked out the door and received them personally.

Carla stood beside Ryan, holding the contract for the land in Repulse Bay in her hand.

Ryan glanced at her, raised his arm, “Hold it.”

Carla raised her arms and took them up and walked into the house with sync steps.

“I’ve been waiting, come in quickly.” Shawn greeted them and gestured inviting them in.

At the moment there is no arrogance, like a flattering villain.

Ryan has never liked Shawn, and his lips are tightly closed, showing seriousness, but he just slightly nodded.

Shawn’s face was stubborn. He originally thought he was Carla’s father. His father-in-law would always have a bit of face. Whoever would have thought, Ryan would not give him that face at all.

He can’t hold on to his face!

Carla smiled, “He’s just like that.”

Shawn’s expression improved, “Come in now.”

Jenna played a good appearance today as a good wife and mother. She was busy setting up the table, and she saw them come in and smiled against her will, “You are back, sit down, to tell you I didn’t know, your dad said you are coming, Just ask me to prepare meals, saying it must be rich, and I don’t know if it suits your appetite.”

Carla is still smiling, who can’t act?

“I’m not an outsider, so I don’t need to be polite.” She said that she took Ryan’s arm tightly.

Make it deliberately for them.

Jenna looked at Carla’s dress, suffocating in her heart, she had to pretend to be kind, “What you said.”

Carla took Ryan to his seat, opposite Jenna and Kathy.

Today Kathy also wore a red dress, with delicate makeup, yet young but mature and coquettish.

Carla glanced at her without a trace.

She sneered, is this planning to s3duce Ryan?

Seeing her straight eyes, she deliberately smiled and joked, “Sister, what are you doing looking at your brother-in-law like this? He has flowers on his face?”

The corners of Ryan’s eyes twitched slightly, this woman.

He was tired of seeing the woman with heavy make-up, Carla, who was also in a red dress and did not put on the powder, but it was like a lotus on the water, which was much more pleasing to the eye.

Kathy quickly lowered her head.

Jenna’s hand under the table, holding Kathy’s, motioned for her to stabilize.

“Okay, okay, it’s getting late, you should be hungry.” Shawn wanted to find a chance to talk to Ryan, but there was no good topic.

Ryan has always been like an outsider from the outside.

Except for occasionally adding dishes to Carla’s dinner plate, show off the ‘love’.

Shawn watched silently, thinking that this daughter who he was not optimistic about was loved by Ryan.

Can’t help but look at her with admiration.

Carla didn’t expect to come here for dinner, and put the land contract on the table, “This is what you want. I brought it to you today. You promised me, and you didn’t forget it, right?”

Chapter 48

After finally getting Ryan to support her, of course, Carla must take advantage of this opportunity to get her mother and her belongings back.

The smile on Shawn’s face couldn’t hold back, “We are all a family, what do you want, just one sentence.”

Now that something has happened to the company, this land is of no use to him. It is now to solve the company’s problems.

He gave Carla a wink and asked her to tell Ryan that. He thought she could understand but didn’t understand, and asked concerned, “Did your eyes cramp?”

If it weren’t for Ryan’s presence, Shawn jumped up angrily.

Ryan took another look at this woman.

It is clearly pretending to be confused.

It’s kind of smart—cute.

Jenna came out to make a round and gave Carla some food, “Carla, something happened to your father’s company…” She turned her eyes to Ryan, “Ryan is our son-in-law, you still have to be so busy. Come and help, if I did something bad before, don’t mind.”

Carla’s face is cold, and Ryan is her son-in-law, so she really puts gold on her face.

“Did you give birth to me or raised me?” Carla leaned into Ryan’s arms, she raised her eyes and glanced at Ryan, “My husband, how come he became your son-in-law?”

Jenna’s hands clenched her fists, her face still smiling, “I know you were angry when I was with your father, but we really loved each other——”

“I came today to get back what belongs to me!” Carla interrupted Jenna, do you really love each other?

She wants to see whether Shawn chooses her or benefits in the face of interests!

Shawn saw that there was no way to talk about it at all, and got up and stood up, “Come over with me.”

Carla stood up, looked back at Ryan, smiled, “I’ll be back soon.”

“Yeah.” He hummed faintly.

Carla followed Shawn into the study.

Shawn changed his gentleness in the dining room, his expression stern, “Have you mentioned to Ryan?”

Carla looked at the expression on Shawn’s face. There was no mood swing. He seemed to have been hurt a lot and became accustomed to it.

“Give me my things first.” This was a rare opportunity, and she had to get things back first.

Shawn glared at her, “I can give you things, but you have to let Ryan help me through the company’s difficulties.”

“You said at the beginning, let me change the land, and now I have it for you. As for the company’s business is another transaction, I said that you want me to persuade Ryan to help you, yes, you and Jenna are divorced. I’ll help you.”

At this point, Carla paused, “You should have seen it. Ryan likes me very much. As long as I ask him, he will definitely agree.”

Shawn fell silent.

Carla keeps on working hard, “Is the company important, or a woman who can’t give birth to a son is important, you can weigh it yourself.”

She walked out of the study after speaking.

Shawn stopped her, “I promise you.”


Carla stopped and turned to look at him, “My things, I will take them today.”

Lest there are many dreams at night, the big ones can’t be taken away, and the small ones can be taken first, and the money can be taken first, her mother’s medical expenses this month is coming soon.

Shawn gritted his teeth, “Yes, we are a family.”

Carla smiled, “I know, but the things that belong to my mother and me should be returned to us, or not?”


Now think of them as a family?

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