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Chapter 49

Shawn was very painful, but thinking about the relationship between Carla and Ryan now, he reluctantly took out some.

Except for the utensils, Lucia’s dowry had cash of up to 2 million, and there were also some valuable utensils. The total amount was about 5 million.

Shawn gave her a check, and the utensils were much less. Last time she saw a bracelet on Jenna’s wrist and it was not in it. Shawn seemed to see her doubts and explained, “It’s been too long and some of them are broken. Or without whereabouts, these are all there.”

Carla knew in her heart that she didn’t get it through. It was pretty good to be able to get these. The rest was slowly taken back, and the check was collected. She picked up the box and put it in the back of the car.

Only then did Shawn walk into the dining room again.

It’s just that the atmosphere is a little bit wrong.

There was a broken water glass on the ground. Kathy’s skirt was stained with water stains, her clothes were messy, her eyes were red, and she sobbed softly. When she saw Shawn coming in, she rushed over, “Dad…”

It seems to have been wronged by the heavens.

Carla glanced at her and walked over, only to find that Ryan’s face was a little abnormally red.

Did he drink?

But the wine in front of him clearly didn’t move.

Carla approached him and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong with you?”

Ryan raised his eyes, sometimes clear and sometimes muddy, as if trying to control something.

He snorted coldly, “Help me up.”

Carla put her arms on his shoulders and wrapped his waist, “Let’s go home.”

“You can’t go!” Just when Carla set up Ryan, Jenna stood up abruptly, “You, you just did that kind of thing to Kathy, aren’t you responsible?”

“What’s the matter?” Shawn also found out that something had happened, “Dad…”

Kathy cried even harder, “Just…just…”

“What happened just now?” Shawn frowned as he looked at the clothes on his daughter’s body, and cast his eyes on Ryan, “Mr. Blair, what did you do to my daughter?”

The face was questioning, but in his heart, he hoped that he really did not do anything to Kathy.

In this way, there is no need to be intimidated by Carla.

Carla glanced at the broken water cup on the ground, feeling cold and shocked, Jenna really did everything, and dare to use this kind of abuse!

She looked at Kathy, “You want to say that my husband is indecent to you, is he wrong with you?”

She chuckled lightly, “My husband looks down on you for such a thing.”

“Kathy, your sister is being bullied, how can you speak to outsiders?” Shawn said coldly.

Carla snorted coldly, “Sister? My mother never gave birth to a daughter except me, where’s my sister? What’s more, of course you k!ssed my husband.”

Ryan looked at her profile, and today she took a bite of my husband, giving him an illusion.

He is her husband.

After Carla took Ryan out, and when passed by Shawn, Ryan stopped. His eyebrows were sharp and distinct under the dazzling light, with a strong aura. “The Lane family entertains guests. I am a learner today, and I will return it in the future!”

Shawn’s face couldn’t be stretched, and his eyes moved to Jenna, “What’s the matter?”

Things did not develop as she expected, and Jenna was also very flustered, but at this point, she could only kill herself. She sat down on the chair and started crying, “I’m useless, even I can’t protect my daughter.”

Kathy also cried, she was scared to cry.


Chapter 50

The medicine Jenna gave Ryan in the water, in the wine, and in the dinner plate he used, he didn’t touch anything. He just drank saliva while waiting for Carla.

After seeing him drinking water, Jenna motioned to let Kathy pass, tried to help him to the room, and then had a relationship.

But when Kathy was going to help him, Ryan directly smashed the water cup on Kathy, and Kathy still remembers how Ryan looked at that time.

Because he was too angry, he clenched his back teeth, and the sunken cheeks were faintly hideous.

That’s how she looked at her.

Until now, Kathy was still panicking.

Carla glanced at Kathy who was in Shawn’s arms. These two mothers and daughters were really bold!

How dare to calculate so blatantly!

There was an injury on her leg, Ryan was in a strong body, and it was quite difficult to hold him, but thinking that he had become like this because of her, she felt a little guilty, and forced him out of the Lane family.

Lane’s villa is still brightly lit.

Shawn also found that something was wrong. As Ryan, what kind of woman hadn’t seen him? Need to treat him at the dinner table?

He pushed Kathy away and asked sharply, “What the hell is going on?”

“It was Ryan who fell in love with our Kathy——”


Before Jenna could finish her words, she was slapped over by Shawn and stared at her, “Don’t tell the truth? Your daughter is a god? Can someone like him be unruly at the dinner table?!”

Seeing that she couldn’t hide it, Jenna knelt on the ground and hugged Shawn’s leg, “Shawn, I am also doing good for you, Carla clearly doesn’t want to help us, I think if Kathy can get along with him, things about the company Maybe solved. I may not think about it, but my starting point was good. I just want to do something for you.”

Jenna cried with rain, her face pressed against Shawn’s trousers, “Shawn, watching the company encounter difficulties, I feel anxious, but I am a woman, and I can do only a limited amount for you. I—only—I know wrong.”

Shawn’s expression didn’t relax, his brain was buzzing and messed up.

Kathy kept crying aside.

“Shut up!” Shawn scolded.

He gave Jenna a fierce look, “Look at your shame!”

There are servants in the house watching.

At this moment, the servant dared not come out hiding in the kitchen.

Don’t dare to read the host’s jokes, if you lose your job, you will lose out.

Jenna stood up tremblingly, wiping tears, “Shawn, I want to help you…”

“Have you not helped?!” Shawn was originally upset because of the company’s affairs, but Carla said thats he was going to pay a sum of money. He was angry, and Jenna had done such a stupid thing.

His angry murderous heart is gone.

Kathy had never seen Shawn make such a big fire, and then cried out in shock.

Shawn kicked her and said, “Cry and cry, and you know crying, what else can you do besides crying?! Raising you a useless thing for nothing!”

Have the ability to take down Ryan today!

Use it to cry!

Shawn was really angry today and shut Jenna and Kathy outside the door and not allowed to enter the house.


Carla got Ryan into the car. Ryan seemed to be drunk and somewhat unconscious. He couldn’t drive, “I have to call someone to help us.”

She took out her mobile phone. There were not many people she knew in the country, and only Jamie could help her.

She took out her mobile phone and found Jamie’s number. When she was about to dial out, her wrist was suddenly grabbed. The person who was not sober was staring at her at the moment, “Who are you calling?”


Ryan has already seen the name displayed on the screen, his eyebrows are permeated with evil spirits, that doctor Jamie?

Carla was stunned for two seconds, and subconsciously reached out to probe his forehead, but Ryan buckled her waist, turned her over, and pressed her on the seat of the car——

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