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Chapter 51

Carla’s brain was blank for a few seconds, trembling her pupils, and it took a long time to stabilize, “You, are you okay?”

She was instinctively defensive.

Ryan’s sturdy b0dy lay on top of her, his eyes are fierce like fire, almost overflowing, but he is still restraining, “You think I have a fever?”

Touch his forehead?

Do you know he can’t touch it now?

Especially women!

This is just instinct. People will touch their foreheads when they are sick. After all, he is uncomfortable, so Carla treated him as a patient.

“You are fine.” Carla felt the danger at the moment and tried to get out of him.

Ryan took possession of her body, pressing down on her body that was trying to move, “You don’t need to pay after using me?”

His lips were right next to her ears, almost touching her skin. The heat he exhaled when he talked, sprinkled densely, numbly itchy, this ambiguous posture, tearing away the old dreams hidden in her heart, that, that night, that man just leaned on h3r and demanded…

She was shaking, and he was tense.

“Mr. Blair-I, I will take you to the hospital.” She forced herself to calm down, “I am a woman who has had a man before. You will definitely not be interested.”

Carla deliberately bites the words that she has had a man seriously.

It seemed to be a reminder, and it seemed to disgust him on purpose.

With disgust, he can restrain it even if he thinks about it again.

Sure enough, after listening to what she said that have the words “man”, Ryan’s eyes were covered with a layer of frost, still hot but losing intensity.

His fingers crossed her cheeks and chin, and the next second he pinched her neck, yelling, “Are you in it too?”

Carla shook her head, “No, no, I’m not at odds with them, how can I calculate you with them? You are my backer, who is more important than me.”

Sweat dripped down, and it happened to fall on Carla’s face. Her body became stiff, and he was really restraining himself. Through the light outside the car, she could see the sweat bead on his forehead.

She tried to move her arm, Ryan didn’t stop it. She opened the window glass and filled the compartment with fresh air. The ambiguous temperature went down a bit, and Ryan was also awake.

His voice was hoarse and deep, “Call Ramiro.”

After speaking, he lay down on his side. Carla pulled out and touched his pocket. Carla didn’t know which pocket his mobile phone was in. She didn’t touch it twice, so she touched his trouser pocket. At that time, he frowned, “Don’t t0uch it.”

His voice was extremely restrained, he opened his eyes quickly and stared at her, “Touch again—”

He was afraid that he would not be able to control it.

He picked up Carla’s hand and placed it on the right trouser pocket, “Here.” After speaking, he released his hand and closed his eyes again.

She took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket, found Ramiro’s number, and dialed it out.

She got down from the back seat and waited outside for Ramiro to come over.

It’s too unsafe to stay in the car.

Who knows, is Ryan strong in restraint?

Ramiro’s speed was fairly fast, and it took ten minutes to bring Ryan back to the villa.

Originally, Carla sent Ramiro to the hospital because she was afraid that Ryan’s body might be sick.

But Ryan let Ramiro return to the villa.

Carla returned to the villa and put a pool of cold water in the bathroom, trying to make him awake. In fact, he was awake, just looking unconscious.

After soaking in cold water for more than an hour, Ryan almost collapsed, relying on Ramiro and Carla to stay stable.

Putting the person on the bed, Ramiro looked at Carla, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you anymore. I’m waiting outside. If you need you can call me.”

Chapter 52

Carla, “…”

“Wait, you can leave him like that—” Carla pointed to the drenched man.

What to do?

Ramiro shrugged and said that he couldn’t help, “I definitely can’t do the job of changing clothes, so it’s only you. You are the legal wife. It is reasonable and legal to take care of him and change clothes for him.”

Carla, “…”

It is reasonable and legal in name, but…

“I’m outside.” After saying that Ramiro went out and closed the door. He stood at the door and shivered all over his body. He changed Ryan’s clothes and looked at his body?

Just thinking about it, Ramiro could also think of Ryan’s anger.

Maybe he will be fired.

Carla stood by the bed, staring at the man lying on the bed in distress. If she doesn’t change his wet clothes, he might catch a cold.

In exchange, she looked helplessly at the shining crystal chandelier on the roof, and took a deep breath, “It’s because of me that you are in this situation today. I can’t ignore you.”

She bent down, stretched out her hand to unbutton his shirt piece by piece, lifted his arm, took off his clothes, then pulled off the belt, turned her head, and pulled off the pants, touching him like a blind woman.

After doing all this, she looked at him, and he fell asleep, as if he was asleep.

She took out the wet clothes, Ramiro watched her come out, got up from the sofa, “have you changed?”

Carla nodded and handed the wet clothes to Samantha.

“Mr. Blair may be inseparable from people tonight, you have to guard, give me a call if something happens, I will go back first.” Ramiro took his coat.

Carla nodded resignedly, and found a dry towel to wipe Ryan’s hair.

After wiping his hair, she got up to put the towel, she was suddenly pulled by Ryan’s wrist, and she fell onto the bed with force. He turned over and pressed his long leg against her. Carla tried to push him away. , But the more she pushes, the tighter h3 hugs.

He tightly encircled her slender body, buried his head in her neck, and whispered softly, “Don’t be afraid…”

Carla didn’t dare to move, his voice was too small, she didn’t hear clearly, and asked softly, “What did you say?”

But no one answered her.

Later, she became sleepy and fell asleep in bed.

A warm light beam came in through the gaps in the curtains. Ryan’s eyelashes moved and then opened his eyes. It seemed that he couldn’t adapt to the light after a night of sleep. He closed his eyes and opened them again after a while.

When he thought about it, he realized that something was pressing on his arm. He turned his head and found that there was a w0man lying in his arm.

Her black hair is like a waterfall, her eyelashes are thick and curled, like a butterfly falling on her eyelids, her cherry-like rosy lips are slightly pursed, and her undulating breathing disturbs the people’s minds. He gently moved his arm, but just now Carla grumbled as soon as he moved.

She twisted her body, her eyelashes quivered, and slowly she opened her eyes. What caught his eyes was the impeccable beauty like a sculpture.

He was still asleep at the moment.

She looked at him for a while, but he was relieved. How embarrassed she would be if he was awake?

She lifted the quilt and wanted to leave when he was not up. She went barefoot to the ground, and when she turned to cover him with the quilt, her eyes fell on his shoulder inadvertently.

Her breathing was stagnant for an instant.

How could he have bite marks on his shoulders?

Carla only felt that her mind was messy, but it was clear, a shocking thought exploded in her mind!

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