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Chapter 631

Hearing Darryl’s words, Emperor Tianqi was frightened, and the anger in his heart rose.

This Darryl was extremely arrogant.

Not only killed the national teacher, but also wanted his own life.

“Good, good, good.”

Emperor Tianqi stared at Darryl closely, with a terrifying expression: “If you want my head, you have to see if you have this ability!”


When the voice fell, I saw hundreds of thousands of Imperial Forest Army gathered outside, holding spears, rushing in like a tide.

“Protect Your Majesty, punish Darryl!”

“Protect Your Majesty!”

At the moment when they rushed in, hundreds of thousands of Yulin Army broke out a roar that shocked the world, and each one looked firm and regarded death as home!

The Yulin Army are the elites of the Apocalypse Continent. They stay in the palace day and night to protect the Apocalypse Emperor. It is their sacred and glorious mission. Even if they shed the last drop of blood, they will not hesitate!

At this moment, Emperor Tianqi stood proudly without any fluctuations in his expression.

Even if Darryl had a terrifying white lotus cold fire, so what?

No matter how powerful he is, after all, he is a body of flesh and blood, and he can’t stop his army.

Just relying on his hundreds of subordinates, he wants to subvert the royal family and take his own head. It is simply a dream.


Seeing the Yulin Army swarming up, Darryl Yangtian laughed, his eyes flashed with craziness, and at the same time he held the Blood Drinking Sword.

“Come up for those who are not afraid of death! Today, I am Darryl, revenge for my master. Who dares to stop, Buddhas block and kill Buddhas, gods block and kill gods!” Darryl howled desperately, his eyes were extremely bloody red, and his words fell, as if A mad lion rushed directly into the crowd!

At this time, Darryl was completely in madness, his heart was full of killing, and a word kept echoing in his mind!

kill! kill! kill!


A scream continued to sound, as if the end of the world had come, blood, dyed the entire Qianyuan Palace red!

In the eyes of the hundreds of thousands of Yulin Army, Darryl is like a murderous god! Constantly rushing in the crowd, rushing from left to right! Every time the bloody sword is swung, a few heads will inevitably be taken away!

In a blink of an eye, Darryl was already covered in blood, and around him, the fallen Apocalypse soldiers almost piled up into a small mountain.

But these imperial forest soldiers rushed forward one after another, one by one, there were too many to kill at all!

Seeing this scene, the face of Emperor Tianqi became even more embarrassed!

This Darryl’s strength is so strong, can no one in the entire Apocalypse Continent be able to control him?


Seeing the battle situation getting worse and worse, Raquel frowned and couldn’t help but shout at Darryl: “Darryl, stop, stop now…”

Darryl went straight to the Qianyuan Hall and said disrespectful words to his father. It was indeed a crime worthy of ten thousand deaths.

But learning that Darryl was trying to avenge Nangong Jue, Raquel’s heart was uncomplicated.

After all, in the deep valley, Raquel and Nangong Jue also had some feelings.

With this kind of complicated heart, Raquel really didn’t want to see that the situation had developed to the point of being out of control.


At this time, Darryl completely blushed, and the whole person was completely mad, Raquel’s shout was completely deaf, just holding the bloody sword tightly, and constantly hacking and killing.


Raquel stomped her feet in a hurry, but helpless!

Bang bang bang!

In a blink of an eye, Darryl killed the last few Yulin Army in front of him, and at the same time, he shook Xing Yao back dozens of steps with a palm.

At this moment, in front of Darryl’s eyes, there was no obstacle.


At this time, Darryl was full of wounds, and the blood flow continued. With blood-red eyes, like wild beasts, he stared at Emperor Tianqi closely: “Emperor Lao Er, die!”

When the words fell, Darryl walked over with awe-inspiring killing intent.

clang! clang! clang!

With that heavy step, every step seemed to be on the heart of Emperor Tianqi.

At this moment, he felt Darryl’s suffocating murderous aura, Emperor Tianqi’s face was pale, his heart was terrified, and his body couldn’t help trembling!

Guo Shi and Xing Yao, the two great protectors, died and wounded one!

Tens of thousands of royal guards and hundreds of thousands of Yulin Army, and even the pieces killed by Darryl are not left!

At this time, Emperor Tianqi finally realized that he had underestimated Darryl’s strength too much!

This Darryl is simply possessed by the God of War!

How to do?

In panic, Emperor Tianqi’s legs were soft, how could there be a little bit of majesty and domineering?

Do you really want to die in Darryl’s hands today?


In a blink of an eye, Darryl rushed in front of him, raised his blood-drinking sword towards Emperor Tianqi, and shouted at the sky: “Master, your old man is in the spirit of heaven, you can rest in peace!”

When the voice fell, the bloody sword drew a bloody light and swung it down towards Emperor Tianqi’s neck.

“Do not!”

At this moment, an exclamation came, and then, a slim figure ran over and stood in front of Emperor Tianqi.

It is Raquel!

Seeing Raquel, Darryl frowned, and the bloody sword suddenly stopped in the air.

“Step aside!”

In the next second, Darryl’s face was pale, and he spoke coldly, without the slightest fluctuation in his eyes.

Today, the Emperor of Apocalypse must die!

No one can stop it!

“Darryl!” Raquel bit her lips tightly and pleaded with her face: “I beg you, let my father take his life, killing your master is indeed my father’s fault, but he is too Unintentional loss, you have killed so many people, stop it, even if I beg you…”

With that said, Raquel knelt down and hugged Darryl’s legs with both hands.

After seeing Darryl’s true strength, Raquel knew that no one in the entire palace was his opponent!

The only way is to beg him for mercy!

After all, behind him is his father, how could he bear to watch him be killed by Darryl!


Seeing this scene, Emperor Tianqi was both grief and indignation and humiliation. He lashed out at Raquel and said angrily: “You…you stand up for me, I don’t want you to help me intercede.”

That’s right, Darryl is indeed very strong.

But… the dignity of the imperial family should not be trampled on, a princess dignified, kneeling to Darryl, how decent!

Even if I die, I will never bow my head, never!

However, Raquel just pretended not to hear, her eyes looked at Darryl tightly, full of anxiety and pleading.

Darryl’s face was cold, too lazy to talk nonsense: “I’ll talk aside, get out of here!”

If someone stopped him, Darryl would take it mercilessly.

But I don’t know why, in the face of Raquel, Darryl didn’t let go.

However, the Emperor Apocalypse in front of him must die.

I must let him be buried with the master!

Feeling Darryl’s indifference, Raquel became anxious, tears rolled in her eyes, and cried out: “Darryl, even if I beg you, can’t you? If you have to kill, you can vent your hatred, you kill Kill me, can I use my life to pay my father’s life?”

When talking about this, Raquel completely ignored her image as a princess, holding Darryl’s leg, gritting her teeth, and not letting go!

At the same time, tears also shed!

Since I was a child, I have never asked anyone. Now I have put aside the dignity of the princess, I only ask Darryl to let his father Huang Yima go. As long as he agrees, he can do whatever he wants.

Chapter 632

In a short time, the civil and military officials of the Apocalypse Continent were all in grief and indignation!

Darryl single-handedly rushed into the imperial city. In the entire imperial city, no one was his opponent, and now, Princess Yueying, the daughter of Princess Yueying, knelt down to plead with Darryl!


What a shame!

At this time, Darryl was still as firm as iron, and glanced at Raquel indifferently: “Raquel, you let go, otherwise don’t blame me for being polite!”

Being held by Raquel’s leg, Darryl didn’t have the slightest wave of turbulence in his heart, but was extremely cold!

If the Emperor Tianqi were released today, he would be ashamed of Master’s Spirit in the sky for the rest of his life!

Raquel shook her head desperately, tears streaming down non-stop: “Darryl, I beg you, can you spare my father, I beg you…”

Darryl was also anxious and wanted to break free, but his leg was so tightly held by Raquel that he couldn’t break free at all.

“Bold Darryl, go to death!”

When Darryl’s heart was extremely anxious, suddenly, a loud shout came from behind! Immediately afterwards, a man rushed over from behind Darryl and slapped Darryl with a palm!

It is Clint!

Clint was originally a sinister villain, acting despicably and extremely cunning. He has been hiding aside.

Just now Darryl killed Yan Xiong and the national division in a second, and defeated the Yulin Army, showing his powerful strength and shocking the audience!

At that time, Clint was shocked and envious and hated. At the same time, he knew in his heart that he couldn’t go up, and that he would die.

If it was before, Clint had already sneaked away, but this time Clint didn’t run, but kept hiding around him, quietly watching the situation, waiting for the opportunity.

Clint had done his wishful thinking, and when Darryl was exhausted, he would attack again.

In this way, he not only made great contributions in front of your majesty, but also got rid of Darryl’s confidant trouble by the way.

As long as Darryl is alive, he will never want to return to the Diyuan Continent!

Therefore, Darryl must die!

But now, seeing Darryl and Raquel entangled, Clint knew that his chance was here!


Rushing to the front, a strong breath burst out from Clint. Immediately afterwards, he saw a black light all over his body.

In the next second, a behemoth suddenly appeared in front of Clint.

Surprisingly, it is a black unicorn!

Yes, what Clint displayed was his unique skill, the mysterious mysterious art!

Back then, Clint fell off the cliff on the seaside of Donghai City and inadvertently obtained Profound Yin magic. Clint regarded it as a treasure and had been practicing with great concentration.

Xuanyin magical skill is divided into three stages.

In the first stage, you can use internal force to transform birds and beasts!

Going a step further, you can turn the storm into thunder and lightning!

When you reach a higher level, you can transform into a beast. It can be said that this mysterious technique is infinitely powerful!

Now, nearly ten years later, Clint’s profound yin divine art has also reached the highest level, and he can transform into a sacred beast, a unicorn.

At this time, just look at this unicorn, surrounded by black aura. Although it is transformed by internal force, it is as real as it is. It is more than ten meters long, with blood-red eyes and white Sensen’s fangs. It’s heart palpitating.

When this unicorn appeared, the air in the entire palace hall was completely distorted, and the temperature dropped suddenly.


At this moment, seeing Clint, Darryl’s whole body was shocked, his eyes were extremely bloody, and he gritted his teeth and roared.

In those days, Clint sullied his younger brother and sister Zhang Jiajia, framed him, and caused him to be unjustly wronged. He was misunderstood by the Yue family and even the various schools of the world!

In Darryl’s heart, that period of the past is simply unbearable to look back!

Later, the Apocalypse army attacked Donghai City. After the Battle of the Star Reaching Tower was over, Zhang Jiajia’s coffin was shaken out, and the truth was considered to be in broad daylight.

Everyone’s misunderstanding of Darryl was resolved.

However, Clint took the opportunity to follow the Apocalypse army and escaped.

Not only that, but also captured Bessie and Kendra!

Bessie was sent to Xicang Continent by Emperor Tianqi to marry Mateo.

Kendra had been apart from himself for ten years, and after going through hardships and sufferings, Kendra was also separated from his children…

All of this was caused by Clint!

Thinking of these, the anger in Darryl’s heart went up!

Enemies meet, especially jealous!

At this moment, Darryl could not wait to kill Clint immediately!

But… Just now Darryl alone fought hundreds of thousands of Yulin Army, Warring States Division and Xing Yao, at this time Darryl was already wounded! And because of urging Bailian’s cold fire, a lot of internal energy was spent!

More importantly, at this moment Darryl’s leg was tightly held by Raquel, and he couldn’t move at all!

“Darryl!” Clint raised his mouth slightly, unable to conceal his excitement and pride, and said coldly: “This is God’s will, you, go to hell!”


When the voice fell, the huge unicorn opened its blood basin and rushed towards Darryl in an instant.

“Clint, you, how do you sneak attack people?!” Seeing this scene, Raquel was shocked, and wanted to let go of Darryl, but it was too late.


The Qilin carrying a terrifying might, slammed into Darryl’s body, a deafening roar sounded, Darryl’s blood spurted wildly, and the whole person flew out all at once.

Raquel was too late to let go, even though he was not hit by Qilin’s power, he was taken by Darryl and flew out of the hall together.


After flying a full 100 meters away, Darryl sprinkled a rain of blood in the air, and finally fell heavily to the ground, his eyes were dark, and he passed out directly.

The magical unicorn gathered all Clint’s internal power! Extremely powerful! Darryl was injured, so he couldn’t bear it at all!

At the same time, Raquel also fell down beside Darryl, only to feel the qi and blood in his body surge. However, she just received some shock injuries and it was not a major problem.


Seeing this scene, Emperor Tianqi was very excited, looked up to the sky and laughed, admiring Clint and said: “Okay, Clint Aiqing played well, this time you made a great contribution, quickly, quickly kill Darryl, I have heavy reward!”

“The minister obeys!”

Clint respectfully responded, staring at Darryl closely, and rushed over with a grinning grin!

In Clint’s heart, there was no brotherhood to Darryl for a long time, and he didn’t hesitate to make a move.

Seeing Clint rushing, Raquel was very anxious, and shouted at the unconscious Darryl: “How are you? You wake up…”

Raquel knew that Darryl was making a noise in the palace today, so Darryl wanted to avenge his master, so she didn’t hate him in her heart.

At this time, Raquel’s heart only wanted to save Darryl and resolve this period of grievance. At the moment when the voice fell, Raquel couldn’t think much, rushed over, hugged Darryl, and took out something from her body at the same time.

It is a spell!


In the next second, I saw a dazzling light, bursting out of the spell, the light contained strange spiritual power, and instantly enveloped Raquel and Darryl!

Not bad!

What Raquel took out was the magic talisman!

Chapter 633

The magic talisman in Raquel’s hand is a good thing!

When Darryl and Master Miaoyuan were sent to Dongao Continent, they accidentally urged the magic talisman.

There are not many magical runes in the Kyushu Continent! However, Raquel is the princess of the Apocalypse Royal Family, and she has a lot of weird and rare things in her hands, including magical talisman!

This magical talisman was specially sent by a Taoist sect on Raquel’s sixteenth birthday! The magic talisman can send people randomly, and can save lives at critical moments, so Raquel always wears it next to her body.

But at this moment, seeing Darryl in danger, Raquel couldn’t control so much when he was in a hurry, urging the magic talisman.

“His Royal Highness!” Seeing this scene, Clint stopped and looked surprised.

Raquel is His Majesty’s most beloved daughter. She is holding Darryl, how can she do it herself?

If you accidentally hurt the princess, you can’t afford it!

More importantly, what is the charm in the princess’s hand?

“Yueying!” The Emperor Tianqi was also furious, staring at Raquel in the light, angrily said: “What are you doing? Don’t protect Darryl! Let Clint Aiqing kill him!”

To be honest, just now Raquel knelt down to beg Darryl, making Emperor Tianqi feel humiliated, but she was also very moved in her heart. For her own safety, her daughter kneeled down to beg others.

But at this time, seeing his daughter want to save Darryl, the emotion in Emperor Tianqi’s heart suddenly disappeared, leaving only endless anger.


Raquel bit her lip tightly, and said softly at Emperor Tianqi: “Father, Darryl, you can’t die…”

Although she is a daughter, Raquel has been resourceful and resourceful since she was a child. Today, she envisioned many consequences.

Darryl has a special status in Diyuan Continent, not only the master of Tianmen, but also many allies.

If Darryl died today, all the forces related to him would not give up.

The Hall of Eternal Life, Huaguo Mountain, Wenzong and Danzong of Dongao Continent… all these forces are gathered together, but they are a terrifying force.

At that time, the Apocalypse Royal Family will surely usher in a great catastrophe. Even if it can survive safely, many innocent people will suffer.

This is not the result that Raquel wanted.

When the voice fell, Raquel hugged Darryl tightly, her delicate face filled with determination.


At this moment, the light of the magic talisman completely surrounded the two of Raquel and Darryl, and then, a surge of spiritual power, the two were instantly teleported away.

In a blink of an eye, the figures of Raquel and Darryl disappeared from the sight of everyone.


“your Highness!”


Clint and everyone around him were shocked.

Emperor Tianqi also had a gloomy expression. He knew that Raquel was using a magic talisman, and she and Darryl were teleported away.

But magic runes are sent randomly.

Therefore, no one knows where the two were teleported to.

the other side!

Diyuan Mainland, Donghae City. seaside.

Lily stood alone on the coast in a long skirt.

In the blink of an eye for seven years, Lily’s figure is still tight and charming. Half of her face was white and smooth, and if it weren’t for the other half, dark and ugly, it could be said that Lily was still a well-deserved goddess in Donghai City.

Today is the day of Lily and Darryl’s “seven-year agreement”.

Lily got up early in the morning, specially dressed herself up, walked to the beach, waiting for Darryl. The mood is again uneasy, and full of expectations.

In the past seven years, Lily has tried to forget Darryl and start a new life, but Darryl’s figure has been deeply burned in Lily’s heart, how could he forget it?

How many nights, when the night is quiet, Lily always thinks of Darryl unconsciously.

Think of the bits and pieces of being with him!

Thinking of him, those things he had done secretly for himself.

Those scenes were engraved in Lily’s heart, and imprinted in her mind! That is Lily’s unforgettable past! It is also her best memory!

Time, one minute and one second passed.

From morning to noon, and from noon to night, Lily looked eagerly, but never saw the shadow of Darryl.

At this moment Lily didn’t know that Darryl delayed this matter in order to avenge Nangong Jue. As night fell slowly, the sky gradually cooled.

Lily’s heart, like the cold night breeze, slowly became cold from the hot expectation.

Darryl… Did he forget it? The seven-year appointment, he…he forgot…

Lily took out her mobile phone and looked at the time on the screen, staying at 0:00, her heart was cut!

Lily’s body trembled, and tears slipped silently, only to feel that she was about to faint.

I waited for a whole day, but the man who yearned for that day and night did not show up.

It seemed that Darryl had already forgotten himself.

He is doing well now, after all, there are so many confidantes beside him.

Bessie, Elsa, Sect Master Wenzong, and Krista, the close-knit maid, no matter which one is a beauty who is all over the country, and he…

Forget it!

That’s it, I didn’t deserve him anymore.

At this moment, Lily secretly comforted herself, but she didn’t know why, the more she persuaded herself, the more uncomfortable Lily’s heart became!


the other side.

Raquel urged the magic talisman, she hugged Darryl, only feeling the darkness before her eyes, she left the weather palace. She felt that she and Darryl seemed to be falling all the time.

I don’t know how long it took, Raquel and Darryl finally landed!

Where has this been transmitted?

Raquel opened his eyes and was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him.

There is a city in front of you, but its scale is much smaller than the Imperial City of Apocalypse, and it is not as prosperous as the Imperial City of Apocalypse! And he and Darryl were in the woods outside the city.

Raquel didn’t know that she and Darryl came to Beiying Continent.

The Beiying Continent, like the Apocalypse Continent, is also an ancient society, and the city in front of you is called Yunzhou City.


Looking around, Raquel breathed out softly, then tilted his head to glance at Darryl.

At this moment, Darryl closed his eyes tightly and was still in a coma.

So many wounds on the body.

It won’t die!

Thinking about it, Raquel leaned over, put his finger under Darryl’s nose, and found that he was still breathing, and he was relieved immediately, and then checked Xia Darryl’s injury.

Fortunately, Darryl had a lot of wounds on his body, but they were all traumatic, not particularly serious.

Although Raquel is a princess, she is not delicate and knows nothing. She still knows a little about simple treatment.

In Darryl’s current situation, he didn’t need any natural treasures. He used some ginseng and ganoderma to nourish, and then rested for a period of time, and he was fine.

However, although this kind of injury is not serious, it cannot be delayed.

There must be a medicine shop in Yunzhou City in front of you!

Making up his mind, Raquel stood up and walked quickly towards the city gate!

“Darryl, you are waiting for me here, I will find medicine for you.” Raquel turned her head and said, but Darryl was still in a coma and didn’t respond at all.

Chapter 634

Raquel went to the city to find medicine, and after a while, Darryl woke up quietly.


When he opened his eyes, Darryl couldn’t help but sucked in a cold breath, only to feel that his whole body was sore, especially the position of the back of the heart, it was simply unbearable pain.

D*mn, Clint…I will kill you sooner or later.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl began to observe the surrounding environment, and immediately his whole person was stunned!

What is this place?

its not right!

Wasn’t I in Tianqi Palace? I was assaulted by Clint and fainted. Why… would he be in such a place?

At this moment, Darryl was immediately stunned. Muttering in his heart, Darryl tried to stand up, only to find that his body was extremely weak and he had no strength at all.


At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps from far to near, and immediately afterwards, I saw a few young boys strolling over from a short distance, all of them stunned, apparently the little gangsters nearby.


Seeing these people, Darryl didn’t care, but because of the injuries on his body, he couldn’t help coughing a few times.

Hearing the movement, several gangsters immediately discovered Darryl.

“Fcuk, there’s someone here!”

“Oh, mom, this is injured, all blood is covered!”

“Look at his dress and clothes, why is it so weird?”

When they got to the front, a few gangsters looked at Darryl up and down, and started talking bluffing, each of them flickered, and they had bad ideas in their hearts!


The leader with a bald head waved his hand: “Take off his clothes and search for anything worthless, right? I haven’t eaten meat or drank for several days!”

When the voice fell, a few gangsters gathered around.


Take advantage of the fire!

Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry, squeezed out a smile, and said weakly: “A few, a few…I don’t have any valuable things, I’m afraid you will have to work in vain, so let me go.”

When he said this, Darryl was very depressed.

D*mn, if it weren’t for being able to move, would I be inferior to a few gangsters?

The voice fell, and the leading bald grinned: “If we have any money, let’s do a search. Don’t worry, buddy, we only ask for money, not life!”

As he said, several people had already moved their hands, and they took off Darryl’s clothes after three times.

Soon, he searched all over Darryl’s body, and the leading ba5tard, with a look of bad luck, spit on the ground: “Ma De! I really don’t have a penny, so I can’t help one!”

With that, he threw Darryl’s clothes aside, and left with a few friends.


At this moment, Darryl almost burst into anger, he wanted to cry without tears.

It’s really a Huluo Pingyang being bullied by a dog.

The master of the dignified Heavenly Gate was stripped of his clothes by a few gangsters. Fortunately, there were no acquaintances around him, otherwise he would lose his face.

“Darryl, are you awake?”

Just when Darryl was extremely depressed, a voice came, and then Raquel walked over quickly.

At this time, Raquel was very depressed.

This city is too small, there is no decent drug store, let alone Ganoderma lucidum and ginseng, even ordinary hemostatic grass has not been found!

D*mn it!


Hearing the sound, Darryl was shocked.

At this moment, Yue Guangguang was lying on the ground with his arms folded, unable to move at all, but of course he could hear Raquel’s voice!

Why is Raquel also here?

Could it be that she saved herself?

Just as Darryl was muttering in his heart, Raquel had already arrived.


Seeing Darryl’s appearance and the clothes next to her, Raquel’s body trembled, and then a blush spread quickly across her face.

This, this Darryl turned out to be in broad daylight. .


In the next second, Raquel reacted and screamed while covering his eyes.

At this time, Raquel thought that Darryl took off his clothes by himself.


At this moment, Darryl was extremely embarrassed, and explained incoherently: “It’s not what you think, there were a few bastards just now…”


This is really shameful.


Hearing Darryl’s explanation, Raquel suddenly laughed, her delicate face full of playfulness: “Darryl, your dignified Tianmen sect master, you were actually bullied by a few gangsters, haha…”

That picture must be very interesting!

It’s funny just thinking about it…


Darryl was speechless, his face was hot, and he wanted to find a place to sew in.

For a time, the atmosphere is very delicate.

After a few seconds, Darryl took a deep breath, concealing his embarrassment, and said: “What the hell is going on here? Why am I here? Also, where is this?”

Raquel’s eyes flickered with complexity, and she said with a smile, “Of course I saved you, otherwise, you would have been beaten to death by Clint!”

With that said, Raquel looked back at Yunzhou City, her tone a little depressed: “I asked someone in the city just now. This is the Beiying Continent. This city is called Yunzhou City.”

Beiying mainland?

Yunzhou City?

Darryl was stunned, his brain humming.


At this moment, Raquel frowned her eyebrows lightly, and said a little sullenly: “You…you hurry up and put on your clothes…”

When she said this, Raquel’s face blushed again.

I am a princess. What is it like to talk face to face with a man without clothes?


Darryl was sweating profusely, very embarrassed: “I can’t move now…”

If you were active, you wouldn’t have been bullied by a few gangsters just now.

“Ah? Then… what should I do then?” Raquel’s face was so hot that he said anxiously: “You can’t always wear clothes.”

Immediately, Raquel bit her lip: “Forget it, let me wear it for you.”

When the voice fell, Raquel picked up the clothes, walked over, and began to help Darryl dress, perhaps a little flustered, Raquel’s hands couldn’t stop shaking a little.

Seriously, Raquel really didn’t want to help Darryl get dressed.

But this stalemate is not a problem. If someone sees it, you think you are doing what the two of you are doing.


Seeing Raquel helping him dress, Darryl stiffened and his mind went blank for an instant.

At the same time, smelling the faint fragrance from Raquel’s body, Darryl’s heart was even more difficult to calm down.

For a time, the two were silent.

The atmosphere…. The embarrassment became more subtle.

When he was about to get dressed, Darryl broke the silence and couldn’t help but said: “You…why are you saving me?”

He not only killed the national teacher and so many guards, but also killed her father and emperor.

It stands to reason that she hated herself to death.

But Darryl never expected that she not only saved herself, but now she also put aside the princess’s dignity and dressed herself specially.

Thinking about it, Darryl was very puzzled.

At this time, Raquel helped him get dressed and stood up with a serious face: “Darryl, you advise you not to think too much. There is no other reason for me to save you, but I don’t want to have another dispute between the two continents.”

With that said, Raquel looked at Darryl’s eyes with an extremely serious expression: “I admit that my father ordered the killing of your master, he was wrong, but you also killed the national master and so many people, and now I am saving again. You are killed, so this grudge is wiped out, how about it?”

Having said this, Raquel’s serious face was filled with expectation.

Over the years, Raquel has learned a lot of truths, and she looks forward to peace in the world.


Hearing this, Darryl’s expression changed, and he started to ponder.

Although he killed the national teacher, he avenged him.

But the resentment in my heart was far from calmed down.

After all, Master Nangong Jue is the person he respects most!

Chapter 635

“Darryl, you have already made a big noise in the Apocalypse Palace, can’t your master’s grievances be written off!” Raquel stomped anxiously.

However, Darryl still did not speak.

Seeing that he did not respond, Raquel became anxious and said, “Darryl, do you remember that Bessie was absorbed by Hu Sanyang ten years ago, and I will help you to survive for her. You personally agreed and owed me one. condition.”

With that said, Raquel continued without any doubt: “Now, I will put forward my own conditions, I want you, and I will not seek revenge from my father in the future!”


Darryl took a deep breath, and after a few minutes of silence, he said: “Okay, I promise you!”

To be honest, Darryl was very suffocated at this time.

But no way. The promises I have made can not be fumbled. Besides, the Apocalypse State Master has already been killed by himself.

Well, when will the injustice be reported, so be it.

Seeing Darryl finally agreed, Raquel smiled and said with a smile, “You have agreed, you can’t go back.”

At this time, Raquel was in a relaxed mood.

It is not easy to make Darryl agree to his conditions. You know, in front of Darryl, he has never had the upper hand.

In the next second, without waiting for Darryl’s reaction, Raquel walked over, supported his arm, lifted him up, and continued: “Your injury is very serious. I went into the city just now to help you find Ganoderma ginseng. But I didn’t find it. It seems we can only go to the mountain to pick it up.”

When the voice fell, Raquel carried Darryl on his back and walked towards the mountain not far away.


At this moment, Darryl head rested on Raquel’s incense shoulders, smelling the charming fragrance, his heart was ups and downs, a little complicated, and a little touched.

This Raquel almost killed her father, but she saved herself.

Raquel carried Darryl on his back and slowly walked towards the mountain. In the mountains, the two looked for ginseng ganoderma, but after searching for more than an hour, they did not find any herbal medicine. Not only that, the two also found depressed that they were lost.

Yes, this mountain range is full of virgin forest. The trees in the dense forest are tens of meters high, which obscures the sky and makes people completely confused.

Not only was Raquel a little dizzy, but even Darryl, who had always had a good sense of direction, was a little confused.

Of course, it was mainly because the two came to this continent for the first time and were not familiar with the environment at all.

D*mn, the herbal medicine was not found, and the two of them are still lost.

This is too memorable.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl smiled bitterly, and said to Raquel: “It’s getting dark soon, let’s take a break and look for ginseng and Ganoderma lucidum tomorrow.”


Raquel bit her lip tightly, a little worry on her delicate face: “Can you last until tomorrow?”

When she said this, Raquel felt that Darryl’s breath was very weak, and she had no energy to speak.

Obviously, although the wound on Darryl’s body was not fatal, it was not treated in time. After so long, it has begun to deteriorate.


Darryl took a deep breath and squeezed out a smile: “I’m fine…”

“No, I must find herbs!” Raquel gritted her teeth, very persistent, and continued to explore forward with Darryl on her back.

“Don’t, don’t look for it. There is a cave in front, let’s go in and rest. I’m a little thirsty… I want to drink water…” Darryl pointed at his hand. Not far away, there really is a cave, but this cave has a very small entrance. If you don’t pay attention, you can’t see it at all.

Darryl is very tired now, he just wants to get into this cave and get a good night’s sleep.

Raquel looked back at Darryl. At this time, Darryl was covered in blood, and more than a hundred wounds on his body had already begun to become inflamed.

Raquel’s heart sank and she let out a long sigh of relief. She had to carry Darryl on her back, walked into the cave, and said as she walked: “Darryl, you will enter the cave in a while. You will wait for me inside, and I will go out to find herbs for you. , Find you water.”

When the voice fell, the two walked into the cave.

The cave looks deep, with a long narrow road. Raquel carried Darryl on his back and had to pass cautiously.

The two of them walked in the cave for nearly ten minutes, but they suddenly opened up!

At this time, in front of the two of them, there is a beautiful valley with a splendid peach blossom forest nearby. One of the streams meanders through, and the green grass on the bank of the stream is full of exotic flowers and weeds. .

The breeze hit, fascinating.


This place is so beautiful, it’s a paradise.

At this moment, Darryl and Raquel were both dumbfounded. They didn’t expect that after passing through the cave, they would come to such a beautiful place.

After stunned for a few minutes, Raquel reacted and walked towards the stream with Darryl’s back on his back.

I saw that there were a few thatched cottages on the bank of the stream.

Although the thatched cottage is simple and simple, it is very elegantly deployed.

And at the door of the thatched house, an old man was squatting there to treat a white crane. The white crane broke a leg, blood ran down, and wailed faintly.

Darryl saw that the old man was burly in stature, he was dressed in burlap and linen, and had no internal strength. At first glance, this image looked like an ordinary mountain farmer, but beside him, there was a kind of aura that you dare not to underestimate. .

The old man used a few spiritual grasses, crushed them, applied them on the broken leg of the white crane, and then carefully bandaged them. The movements are smooth and smooth, very skillful.

In a short while, the white crane regained its ability to move, fluttered its wings, and disappeared from sight.

I go!

This is amazing too.

Seeing this scene, Darryl and Raquel were shocked.

You know, there is a popular saying among the folks, which is called “one hundred days of hurting the muscles and bones”, which means that it only takes three months to recover after hurting the muscles and bones.

Even a cultivator needs at least one month of cultivation after getting treatment in time.

But just now, Darryl and Raquel clearly noticed that when the old man was treating the white crane, there was no internal force fluctuation in his body. With just a few herbs, the broken leg of the white crane was cured in just a few minutes. .

It’s amazing.

For a moment, Darryl stared at the old man blankly, and was speechless in surprise.


Just when Darryl was secretly surprised, Raquel reacted and said to the old man politely: “What is this place? Your medical skills are so amazing.”

When he said this, Raquel’s eyes flashed with worship.

As a princess, Raquel is well-informed, but the scene just now shocked her!

This senior’s medical skills are simply amazing, and the imperial doctors in the palace are not qualified to give him shoes.

“You…” The old man looked at Raquel and Darryl, frowning and said: “Who are you? How did you get in?”


When the voice fell, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, and said weakly: “We walked in by accident, so I took the liberty to disturb. Don’t blame Senior, dare to ask Senior’s surname?”

This person’s medical skills are truly culmination!

The old man frowned and said slowly: “My name is Shennong, I have lived here for many years. Since you broke in accidentally, I don’t blame you, so leave quickly.”

With that, the old man stopped talking nonsense and turned around and went into the thatched cottage.


God… Shennong’s?

Shennong tastes Baicao! Become Yan Emperor again!

In an instant, Darryl’s mind went blank, and his whole person froze, completely shocked!

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