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Chapter 807

Carla just spoke anxiously and didn’t have time to think about it. The more anxious she was to explain, the more she couldn’t speak. She didn’t know how to explain to Harrison. He knew Dexter.

She only heard about this man from Ryan’s mouth, and she hadn’t seen anyone.

“Dexter went to the city to find her.” Suddenly Ryan said.

Harrison will fry the pan at once, “What is he going to do with sister-in-law? Is it because…”

Harrison didn’t finish speaking, he was worried about Carla.

Because Dexter’s matter was involved because of Elden, and that Dexter would mention Elden.

There was a service area in front of him. Ryan let Harrison in. Harrison said he would pull the car over to the service and park in the parking space. Carla woke up the two children and told them to get out of the car to get some air.

Iris rubbed her eyes in a daze and called Carla, “Mummy, I want to go to the bathroom.”

Carla drew a wet wipe to wipe her face, and the little girl soon became sober, “I will take you.”

There were not many people in the service area at night. She took her daughter to the bathroom. Alan was half-awake, lying in the car and not getting off. Ryan opened the car door here and asked him if he wanted to go to the bathroom.

He slowly opened his eyes, shook his head, and said, “I’m a little hungry.”

“You come down, I will take you in to buy something,” Ryan said.

He got down from the car, stretched out his hand to hold Ryan’s hand, raised his head, and asked him, “When will we get home?”

Ryan glanced at the time and said, “It’s coming soon.”

There are no regular meals at this time, only some snacks. “Buy one for my sister and mom.”

He said thoughtfully, and at the end, he added, “Dad, are you hungry? Buy one for Uncle Josh too. He should be tired of driving.”

Ryan touched his head, feeling relieved, thinking that it is a good thing that he can think of others.

Later, he bought corn and rice dumplings, and had some drinks.

There is not much to buy in the service area at night.

Harrison came back from the bathroom and took the dog out of the car to protect him from the wind. He stood by the car and moved his muscles and bones. After sitting for too long, his body became stiff.

“Uncle Josh.” Alan handed him what he had bought to eat, “You make up a cushion for your stomach, and you didn’t eat dinner, you must be hungry.”

Harrison stretched out his hand to take it and sighed with emotion, “A lot more humane than your dad.”

Ryan looked up, he curled his mouth, and closed it.

What Alan ate was a bunch of fish meatballs, soft and waxy, and thought it was delicious, so he handed it to Ryan, “Dad, you also have one, it is delicious.”

He screwed on the lid of the water bottle, bent over to hold his son’s hand, and bit one out and put it in his mouth. Harrison was about to ask him if Dexter went to find Carla if he had revenge. When Ryan’s cell phone rang, he took it out. Look, it shows Peter, and it has been almost an hour since the message was sent to him, and it has only come back now.

He walked aside to answer the phone.

“what happened?”

Peter said in embarrassment over there, “Sorry, I didn’t go to the city. I was temporarily caught by the things in the place. I left my phone in the car and I saw the message.”

Ryan gave a hum, and didn’t mean to be blamed. He couldn’t spare time at all times when he had a job. He glanced at Harrison’s side and said to Peter, “Dexter has taken Alecia away.”

“What?” Peter really didn’t expect it, and he couldn’t understand how he knew Alecia. Even if he did, she changed her appearance now, how could he find her?

“What’s the matter? She was kidnapped from the city R? How could she be kidnapped?” Peter asked.

Ryan doesn’t know the exact details, but it’s not hard to guess. Dexter’s ability to catch Alecia means he must know Carla, and he must have done the photos.

He wanted to provoke the relationship between him and Carla. Maybe He wanted to catch Carla, but he didn’t have a chance, or if Carla came to Tatevel, he couldn’t find her. Knowing the relationship between Alecia and Carla, he took her.

Basically, he guessed it, but Ryan didn’t know. Dexter was unable to provoke a plot to lure, but was destroyed by Herman. In the end, he wanted to arrest someone, so he could send the photo to Carla for investigation. Arrived at her residence.

He asked the fourth child to take someone to kidnap her, but Carla was not there, so he only took Alecia. He felt that if they could live together, the relationship was definitely not ordinary.

When investigating Carla, he knew that there was a person named Alecia beside her, but now Alecia has changed her appearance, and the fourth one is considered to be another friend of Carla.

“What can I do now?” Peter was a little upset, thinking that if he went to the market, Dexter might not succeed.

He felt sorry for Harrison.

“You go to the villa and wait for me at six o’clock.” They might be able to return to the villa at that time.

Peter said yes.

He hung up the phone and walked over. They were still standing in front of the car and eating, and the hood became their desk.

He walked in and found out why he ate more and more things?

“Mommy bought it again.” Alan explained that seeing his confusion.

Carla didn’t know that Ryan had already bought it, and she herself was a little hungry. She didn’t know if it was due to the age of the month. She would feel very hungry if she did not eat.

Almost all those few things were bought and repeated. Carla inserted a piece of dried tofu to him, “You should also eat some, too much, it will be wasted if you can’t finish it.”

Ryan, “…”

He thought he would be hungry because he was distressed, but he was afraid of wasting it before giving him food?

Carla didn’t know how much he was thinking, and put a little bit of dried tofu against his lips, and in a commanding tone, “I have eaten.”

Ryan opened his mouth and ate it in his mouth. Before he could swallow it, Carla handed a skewer of crab meatballs, “Open your mouth.”

Ryan, “…”

He hasn’t finished eating yet.

“Hurry up, we have stayed for too long, you hurry up and eat.” Carla urged.

Ryan opened his mouth and wanted to say that he would have to chew and swallow it quickly, he couldn’t swallow it whole, right?

As a result, Carla put a few balls into mouth again.

Ryan, “…”

Carla also found that she was too anxious, and hurriedly handed him water. Ryan took the water, and after swallowing what was in his mouth, he took a sip of water, suppressed the taste in his mouth, and asked, “You want to choke to death. I can’t.”

“No.” Carla was afraid that he could not get used to these things.

After all, it’s not a good thing, and there can be no other requirements here, as long as you can cushion your stomach.

Carla tugged at his cuff and whispered, “Don’t be angry.”

Ryan was not angry at first, his wife fed it, and she had to eat it if she choked to death. At the moment, seeing her confession, how could he bear the blame?

He pretended to be angry, “Go back and punish you.”

Carla, “…”

Some of them were fed Snowball, and they were delayed for more than half an hour this time.

It’s already dawn when they return to city b.

Ryan drove directly back to the villa. The two children did not sleep well in the car, nor did they eat well. The villa had Samantha able to take care of them, and he could also deal with Alecia’s affairs at ease.

Seeing the group of them all came back, Samantha happily closed her mouth from ear to ear, hugged the two children, looked at Carla’s stomach, and said that time flies quickly.

Ryan asked Samantha to bathe and change clothes for the two children. There were clothes for the two children at home. He and Carla went upstairs.

Because he was going to see Dexter, he needed to freshen up and change his clothes.

Carla sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for him.

After a while, the water in the bathroom stopped, and soon he opened the door and walked out with a white bath towel wrapped around him. He glanced at Carla, “You haven’t slept all night, now you have a good night’s sleep. Let Samantha eat whatever she wants to do.”

After speaking, he went to the cloakroom to put on clothes.

Carla sat for a while, got up, and went to the cloakroom. He had put on his shirt and trousers and was buttoning his belt. She walked in and gave him a suit and waited for him to put it on. From the shelf where the tie was placed, she pulled a suit that matched the suit. The tie is tied up gently for him. As a fashion designer, he not only knows how to wear women’s clothing, but he also knows how to wear men.

Ryan raised his eyebrows and she rarely ‘served’ him so tenderly.

“Something?” he asked.

Carla arranged his neckline for him, stroked the ironed neckline, and said lowly, “Promise me, no matter what, you will bring Alecia back unscathed.”

Chapter 808

In fact, Carla didn’t say anything, he would rescue Alecia no matter what method he used for Harrison.

He stretched out his hand to pick up a strand of Carla’s drooping hair, put it behind her ear, and whispered, “Will you do this to me in the future?”

Carla passed her hands across his waist and hugged him, pressed his heart, and said, “In the future, I will treat you better.”

Because she wants to give him a warm home.

Maybe there will be some shortcomings in this family, but at least they and the children can live together.

Soon she pulled out her arm and urged, “Go down, they are all waiting for you below.”

They will spend some time together in the future, but Alecia’s affairs can’t be delayed any longer.

Ryan k!ssed her forehead and calmly said, “Don’t worry.”

Carla said, they walked out of the cloakroom together, Ryan went downstairs, and both Peter and Harrison were still below. He glanced at Harrison, “You go back first.”

After not resting much all night, Harrison did feel sleepy, got up, and stood up, “Then I will go back and take a rest and look at the old lady.”

Ryan said, Peter dared to walk by after he left and asked, “Don’t Harrison?”

Fortunately, he didn’t say just now. It’s easy to see Harrison, unlike what he knew, so he didn’t rashly raise Alecia’s affairs.

“No, he knows it’s not good for us.” Harrison was easily impulsive, and it didn’t help them rescue Alecia, but it would cause trouble.

“Dexter is not a gadget anymore, so what is the matter of catching a woman, does he have the ability to come to us?” Peter said with a cold face.

“Let’s go.” Ryan took the lead to go out. Peter followed him without asking anything. He knew about Alecia and must have contacted Dexter.

They didn’t bring a driver. The car that Ryan drove had not yet reached the peak of work. They weren’t very gambled on the road. Soon they arrived at Zebra Road, a nightclub that originally exuded temptation at night, but now it also seems to be so exciting.

The car stopped, and the two got out of the car one after the other. This time they didn’t encounter the hot scene like the last time. It seemed that it was all night, and the men and women were tired.

This place was originally watched by the manager, but now the manager enters, and the fourth child becomes the second in command here.

Except for Dexter, he had the final say. When he saw someone coming, he walked over with a smile, “Is it coming to see our President Carr?”

“Where is he?” Peter had no expression on his face, not seeing the lightness of the fourth child in his eyes.

“Our President Carr is very busy, but he also told me that it was President Blair who will come, so let me make arrangements for him, and he will come soon.”

The fourth old man put on a gesture of please, but his actions were frivolous and less respectful. On the contrary, it seems to be deliberately sarcastic.

If Harrison was here at this moment, he would definitely go back satirically. Who are you? Dexter is just a dog, what would you be without Dexter?

However, both Ryan and Peter are not the kind of people who can’t stabilize and have the same knowledge as the villain.

Ryan nodded slightly, and put it indifferently, “Since Carr has arrangements, we are naturally the guests.”

The fourth one punched the cotton, and instead of embarrassing others, he made himself angry.

He calmly said, let’s go, and walked through the corridor on his own.

Peter glanced at him angrily back, approaching Ryan, and whispered, “This person does not seem to be as stable as the manager.”

Ryan slightly curled the corners of his lips, did not respond, but walked over.

It was the last time in the private room. The fourth man opened the door and stood by the door, “Please wait here, our President should be there soon.”

Neither Ryan nor Peter looked at him, walked into the private room, and the fourth child closed the door and left.

Peter smiled, “This person is interesting.”

How can such a guy who doesn’t know how to restrain his temper can be Dexter’s right-hand man?

Ryan looked around in the private room and said that if the manager is fine, it will not be his turn.

But such people are good for them.

He whispered to Peter and asked Peter’s people to secretly follow this old fourth.

Judging by his performance just now, it is time for him to be proud of being a celebrity around Dexter.

People are too sloppy, too proud, and less vigilant, and things are easy to go wrong at this time.

“If Dexter understands that he is a reliable man, and didn’t tell him where the Tibetans are?” They all saw at a glance, what kind of person is this? Would Dexter not know?

Ryan opened a cuff with one hand, “This kind of person has soft bones, and anyone can sell it to survive.”

Peter immediately understood what he meant. If there was no result after stalking him, he would be arrested, tortured, and still unable to pry open his mouth?

Ryan sat down on the sofa, leaned back lazily, and said lightly to Peter, “Wait.”

Obviously, Dexter wanted to put on airs, and for a while, he would be afraid that he would not come.

Peter sat down, bent over and picked up the cup on the table, and poured two cups of water. One cup was placed in front of Ryan, “Yes, Harrison, I am very sorry.”

If he goes to the city, this will probably not happen.

Ryan didn’t say a word, just rubbed his eyebrows with one hand, because he didn’t rest well and was in poor spirits.

Peter saw that he was tired and did not speak anymore. Instead, he sent a message to his subordinates by means of texting, so that the subordinates could follow the fourth child.

After receiving the reply, he put the phone away and said to Ryan that it was done, “Or, will you squint for a while? He comes and I will call you. He will not come back for a while when he is sober.”

Ryan gave a hum.

Peter pulled at the neckline and took a sip of water, ready to wait a long time.

As time passed, Peter raised his hand and glanced at the time. Two hours had passed before he knew it, and he continued to sit with his hands around his chest.

About an hour later, the door of the private room finally made a sound.

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