The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1630

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Chapter 1630

Everyone looked at him with contempt and mocking eyes.

Levi smiled: “There is nothing wrong with eating soft rice!”

“If you have such a wife and daughter, you can also eat soft rice!”


Everyone is going to vomit blood.

It’s the first time they saw someone talk about eating soft rice so comfortably.

“I thank you for your kindness! I have no intention to fight and k!ll, you can find someone else!”

Levi approached.

“You, I really can’t see the situation!”

“Let’s go!!!”

A group of Bass Guard left in a hurry.

Levi doesn’t blame them.

Colin is also good for Velador.

Enhance Velador’s protective power.

After all, now is the critical period.

Internal and external troubles broke out on the day that the security was not in order.

Levi only wants his wife, child, and mother to be safe.

At the moment, somewhere overseas.

A group of people gathered together.

Things are being discussed.

“As everyone knows, Velador has the best resources in the world. For both ordinary people and warriors, Velador is the first choice!”

“Especially to our supreme-level powerhouses, Velador is a beautiful beauty who makes people greedy! I don’t want to eat it all the time!”

“That’s not true. The cultivation resources that Velador possesses are unimaginable elsewhere! Especially Velador possesses countless ancient ruins! Natural treasures, rare and exotic animals, and even some martial artifacts, swords, etc. from the gods. Before the appointment, we were greedy, but it’s hard to get a bite!”

“The Velador people don’t take the initiative to provoke things, but they are tenacious. Whoever touches their things, they beat them!”

One of them was wearing a long windbreaker and sunglasses. He smiled and said, “Okay, I know what you mean! If you are given a chance to go in and out freely in Velador, do you want it?”

“Yes! Of course, I do!”

These supreme-level powerhouses nodded busy.

Of course, they did.

“I have a way!”

The man in the trench coat smiled.

“any solution?”

Everyone asked.

“It’s very simple, capture and defeat Velador, and then divide it up!”

“As long as Velador is ours, what do you want to do then?”

The man in the windbreaker said in a way that shocked everyone present.

“What? Capture… Capture Velador?”

“Turn Velador into ours…”

Everyone couldn’t help but shudder.

“No way, Velador is too strong! Throughout the ages, there have been many provocative attacks on Velador, how much cheaper can you get?”

“Yes, Velador is too tenacious, even saying that it is invincible!”

It can be seen that these supreme-level powerhouses are afraid of Velador.

“If we gather many, many supreme-level powerhouses, and then be supported by major countries and major forces!”

“How about forming an unprecedented, unprecedented coalition army?”

Windbreaker manly.

“Huh? This… you want to gather the power of the whole world to attack Velador?”

Everyone’s eyes are flying out.

“The whole world? It’s not that exaggerated! It’s just a gathering of forces and strong men who are willing to carve up Velador! I think Velador has a lot of enemies, and they are willing to unite too much!”

“That’s true, there are not a few people who hate Velador. If all these forces gather, attack Velador is perfectly fine!”

The man in the windbreaker said: “It’s true that I’m convening the Alliance Army to attack Velador during this period of time! Soon after, the Alliance Army is established and attacked Velador in one fell swoop and carve up everything!”

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