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Chapter 809

Peter sat up straight, and saw Dexter’s figure pushing the door open. He whispered, “Here is someone.”

Then came Dexter’s hypocritical laugh, “I’m sorry, I’m caught up in the matter, I’m late, haven’t you waited too long, right?”

“Carr is a busy person, we naturally don’t pick things up. Now it’s not ancient times, and he pays attention to hospitality.” Peter said a pun. He was not careful, but he was rude.

They don’t pursue it, it’s their tolerance.

Dexter’s face sank two points, and he said with a smile, “Captain Shane, not only is the official becoming bigger and bigger, but the words are also getting better and better.”

“President Carr is rewarded. I am just me There is no such thing as Mr. Carr’s scenery.” Peter also smiled.

Who doesn’t show hypocrisy?

Dexter didn’t continue this topic, but turned his head and looked at him, “Is President Blair falling asleep waiting for me?”

As soon as Peter wanted to talk, Ryan opened his eyes slowly. He didn’t have the awkwardness of just waking up. His eyes were very clear, and he chuckled, “It seems that Mr. Carr is a treasured place of geomantic omen and has hypnotic functions.”

Dexter laughed, “This is nature, not a geomantic place, nor can it stand in this location, this is a period.”

This is telling Ryan openly and secretly how strong he is and how hard his backing is.

He did it on the sofa, spread his arms, and leaned back, “Mr. Blair is too interesting, there are beauties around him who are still hiding, are you afraid that I will snatch yours?”

Ryan squinted, and the dark tide surged through his eyes.

But there was a calm look on the face, and he smiled, “What kind of beauty hasn’t seen Mr. Carr? Even if there are women by my side, they are not beautiful.”

“President Blair is humble, that person is called…” Dexter pretended to have a bad memory, and meditated on his forehead as if he had thought.

He slapped his thigh and said with an annoyed expression, “By the way, her name is Carla. The first time I saw her in the city, I also had a good impression. If Mr. Blair has enough fun someday, let me play?”

Ryan grabbed Dexter’s collar, his eyes flashed with an unstoppable anger, and that anger intensified, and finally ran to the tips of his fingers, the blue veins on the back of his hand violently, Dexter was strangled.

Angrily, his suffocated complexion flushed, but he was still laughing, not afraid of death, said,

“Blair, is so irritated because he cares about that woman too much? Yes, I hid everyone in the city, I think But knowing how rare, I don’t know how good her bed sk!lls are, that’s why Mr. Blair’s heart is tied…”

“You’re looking for death!” Almost no one saw his movements, only heard the loud noise of the wine bottle exploding, the light red wine dripped all over the floor, and the wine scent was permeated in the private room, but the thrilling moment could not be covered.

He pressed the sharp fracture of the wine bottle against Dexter’s chin, and scratched a bloodstain, which instantly oozes blood beads.

Dexter frowned painfully, at this moment, he didn’t have the arrogant appearance just now, because he saw murderous intent in Ryan’s eyes.

Peter next to him was completely shocked, and he had never seen Ryan’s fierce and cold eyes.

He has always been the most calm and quiet one, and for the first time, he has shown the violence in his bones without restraint.

“You, you, don’t forget, I still have a woman named Alecia in my hand. When I die, she must be buried with me. No, my old man will not let you go.”

He is the old man of Carr’s father, he is dead, and the Carr family will do everything they can to avenge him.

Now that Alecia is in Dexter’s hands, they can’t make any money, so the left and right first find a way to rescue Alecia, and then settle accounts with him.

Dexter raised his hands, “Mr. Blair calm down, let’s talk, I apologize to you for what I just said, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry…”

When he spoke, he quietly withdrew back, Ryan noticed it, but didn’t pursue it.

Alecia was in his hands, and he had to compromise on this point.

When he reached a safe distance, Dexter jumped off the sofa and stood aside. He wiped his neck with his hand. The blood was stained on his hand. He involuntarily shivered. If he was scratching a little harder, his life might be true today. The explanation is here.

His eyes were red and angrily, “Are you crazy?!”

Ryan straightened his sleeves slowly, “Just kidding, Mr. Carr doesn’t have to take it seriously.”

“It’s all bloody, you tell me to be kidding? Are you stupid?” Dexter panted heavily, and almost lifted the table.

“I’m not kidding, do I really want to k!ll Carr not succeed?” Ryan raised his eyelids and looked at him and said, “I am here today, and I am not betrayed by Mr. Carr. If Mr. Carr insists on breaking the net, none of us will fall. it is good.”

Dexter squinted, “No matter how fierce you are with Elden, whoever lives or lives has nothing to do with me, but you are dragging me into the water, when I am a bully?!”

He is also a man of temper! !

If he just swallows this breath, will he still be able to mix it up in the future? !

“You said the conditions, how can we release people?” Ryan got up and walked over, and Dexter took two steps back, “Don’t come over.”

He has a shadow of Ryan in his heart, this man is so fcuking scary! !

Ryan stood still and said with a smile, “Is this scaring Mr. Carr? The temper is too stinky and I haven’t controlled it for a while, don’t mind Mr. Carr.”

Dexter complained in his heart, this is called bad temper? !

“Do you agree to any conditions I propose?” Dexter weighed Alecia’s weight here in Ryan.

The weight is heavier, and he is going to seek more benefits.

His losses can’t be eaten in vain!

“Is President Carr kidding again? All conditions are agreed upon. You ask me if I want a moon. Can I still pick it for you? I don’t have the ability.” Ryan flicked the wine stain on the neckline, “Just Mr. Carr doesn’t ask too much, I can agree to everything within my abilities.”

“Let me think about it.” Dexter couldn’t swallow Alecia when he caught her. Ryan used himself to deceive him, so he wanted to ask for an explanation. Now it seems that this is the next step.

Then, he couldn’t let the woman go easily, otherwise, he wouldn’t have the bargaining chip of Ryan.

Now he can only use delays.

Think long-term.

“The matter between us men, if you catch a woman, I’m afraid it will damage Mr. Carr’s reputation if it is spread out,” Peter answered.

“Don’t play me official.” Mr. Carr clutched his neck, “I am injured. I have to go to the hospital. We will talk about the release of people next time.”

Dexter left after speaking.

Dexter, who walked out of the private room, felt his hands wet and sticky. He looked at his hands. There was still blood. He shouted angrily, “Fourth!”

The little brother from the nightclub hurried over and said, “The Fourth Master is out.”

Dexter cursed angrily, “Prepare a car for me and take me to the hospital!”

“Okay, I’m going now.” The little brother ran out to prepare the car.

The younger brother drove Dexter to the hospital. After the doctor’s examination, he said that there was no major problem, except that the skin was cut and the wound was a little bit deep before bleeding, and there was no serious injury.

After the doctor cleaned him up, he said, “The weather is hot, so gauze is not suitable. Keep it dry and the wound will heal faster.”

Dexter said that he knew that when he got up and left the outpatient clinic to leave the hospital, he met Harrison in the corridor.

Harrison came to the hospital to review the body of the old lady. After the checklist came out, he came to the outpatient building to show it to the doctor.

The two looked at each other. Dexter didn’t want to talk. He was just injured by Ryan. He was in a fit of anger at the moment, and he even looked at him with annoyance.

A cold snort slammed Harrison’s shoulder and walked over.

“Ms. Carr is injured?” Harrison was not a disadvantaged person at first. He was slammed into the shoulder angrily, and he was in a bad mood.

“The injured neck is not life-threatening, right?” Harrison asked coolly.

Dexter gritted his teeth, turned his head, and pointed at Dexter, “I won’t be quick to talk to you. Help me take a word to Ryan. If you want to save the woman, let him come and apologize!”

Harrison thumped, woman, which woman?

Carla just returned to city b, something went wrong?

“Woman, which woman?”

Dexter snorted coldly, “You and Ryan are so close, don’t you know?”

He feels that Harrison is pretending to be confused with him.

Too lazy to waste with him, turned around and left, Harrison strode forward and grabbed him, “You make it clear, what woman?”

Dexter shook off Harrison’s hand and said angrily, “Is there any other woman, isn’t it the woman named Alecia I caught from the city.”

Chapter 810

Harrison’s expression changed instantly, unbelievable, “You, what did you say? Did you arrest Alecia?”

Dexter also looked dazed, “Don’t you know?”

Harrison clenched his fists, and just when he was about to punch, Dexter pushed him away, “You are all lunatics one by one!”

All have violent tendencies!

It is better for him to go first.

“Stop!” Seeing that Dexter wanted to go, Harrison strode to catch up. It’s okay if he didn’t chase after Dexter, but he ran even faster when he chased Dexter.

It was not because he was not sure that he had beaten Harrison, but Harrison didn’t look like it. Normally, he can beat people, but he can’t beat a madman.

A madman can k!ll his life when he is crazy, but he is very spared.


Harrison chased and ran quickly to the north. He dodged all the way out of the gate of the hospital and quickly got into the car, “Hurry up!”

The little brother didn’t understand why Dexter was so panicked. He still started the car obediently. When Harrison caught up, the car hadn’t left yet. Dexter put the safety lock on the car door. Harrison couldn’t open the car and smashed the window glass angrily. “Dexter, come out for me!”

Harrison was very angry, his chest was violently showing ups and downs, the meridians on his neck stood tremblingly, looking at the extraordinarily crippled person.

Dexter looked at the swaying car window glass, which seemed to be smashed, and swallowed a mouthful of water. He understood why he and Ryan could play together. They are not humans, they are lunatics!

“D*mn, hurry up!” Dexter cursed.

The younger brother has already started the car. Dexter roared. He was shocked and stepped on the accelerator. The car flew out like an arrow.

At this speed, the thrust force was very strong. Dexter didn’t prevent the whole person from falling backward. Fortunately, The seat was soft enough, it didn’t knock, but it looked a little embarrassing.

“Can you drive a car?!” He rubbed his head and sat up.

The younger brother wanted to explain and found that Dexter was lying on the rear windshield and looking back.

He closed his mouth and drove comfortably.

Harrison didn’t bother to go to the doctor, and immediately drove to Ryan, wanting to ask clearly, what happened, how could Dexter kidnap Alecia?

He seemed to understand why Ryan was eager to return from Tatevel, no wonder he always felt that he had something to hide from him, and sure enough, he really had something to hide from him.

Harrison drove fast, and when he arrived at the villa, the car was stopped and he jumped out of the car and strode into the villa. However, the two children who hadn’t slept much all night and Carla were asleep.

Carla had no sleepiness at first, and wanted to wait for Ryan’s return, but fell asleep while lying down.

Only Samantha was drying the clothes that the two children had changed on the balcony downstairs.

It’s not that the only sane Harrison ran upstairs to ask Carla.

He suppressed and said, “Samantha, you go upstairs to help me call sister-in-law down, I am looking for her in a hurry.”

Samantha could see that Harrison was very anxious, so she said, “She is sleeping, why don’t you wait for a while?”

Samantha didn’t mean anything else, she felt that Carla’s pregnant month was older and she was prone to sleepiness. Now she would wake her up and affect her rest.

“I’m in a hurry!” Harrison gasped.

Samantha put down her clothes and went upstairs to call Carla.

Pushing open the door, she walked to the bed and yelled softly. Carla was a little heavy asleep and did not wake up.

Samantha yelled twice, and Carla was awakened by a louder voice. She thought it was Ryan who had returned, and she opened her eyes and asked, “Is he back? Who else is with him?”

She wanted to know if Alecia was rescued.

Samantha was confused when she heard it, and said, “Harrison came alone.”

“Harrison?” Carla frowned.

“Yes, he looked very anxious, I said you were sleeping, and he asked me to wake you up.” Samantha said truthfully.

Carla rubbed her eyes and sat up, and she was much more awake. He was so anxious that he knew about Alecia 80% of the time.

She got out of bed and put on her shoes, and asked the two children. Samantha said that they are sleeping. She nodded clearly and went downstairs.

Harrison walked around in the living room anxiously, and immediately came over when Carla came downstairs, “Sister-in-law…”

“Let’s go to the study and talk.”

Harrison was patient and waited for her to come down and go to the study.

As soon as he arrived at the study, Harrison couldn’t wait to ask, “What the h3ll is going on? How could Alecia be captured by Dexter?”

“I don’t know the specific situation. Don’t worry, Ryan and Peter are already thinking of a way.” They didn’t tell him at the time, just because they were anxious he will get angry and impulsively do something irreparable.

“How can I not be in a hurry, Dexter is not a good person!” Harrison said with a hoarse voice, “How can you hide from me? In case something happens to her, I…what should I do?!”

Carla didn’t know how to comfort him. She glanced at the time. It was already morning, but there was no news at all, and she didn’t know what was going on with Ryan and Dexter.

“I’ll go to Dexter!” Harrison couldn’t do anything, so he just waited.

No matter what method is used, he must rescue Alecia from Dexter’s hands.

Carla scolded, “You calm down!”

He himself said that Dexter is not a good person, so let him go if he can speak so well?

“How can I calm down!” Harrison roared, feeling too excited after roaring, in fact everyone was anxious.

“I am sorry……”

“I understand your feelings. Let me call Ryan to ask about the situation.” Carla called to her mother and asked her to go upstairs to take down her mobile phone.

Harrison handed her his mobile phone, “Use mine.”

He didn’t call Ryan the first time, because he was afraid that he would not tell him, so he came to Carla directly.

Carla saw him stretch out his hand to take it, Harrison has unlocked the screen, she found Ryan’s number and dialed it.

At this time, Ryan and Peter had almost returned to the villa.

Peter drove the car and glanced back, “Actually, I can’t blame you for this. Dexter’s words were too ugly. You can’t stand it. It’s normal.”

Ryan pressed his eyebrows hard, and exchanged terms with Dexter, fearing that it would be impossible. Seeing him delaying time, he knew that he might have other ideas.

He couldn’t put hope on Dexter, “Have your people tracked down the fourth child?”

Peter said, “I’ll call and ask.”

When Ryan talked to him, he sent a message to his subordinates. At this moment, don’t know if he has followed the fourth child.

When he called, Ryan’s cell phone also rang. He glanced at the caller ID as Harrison, and his brows became tighter. When he was about to hang up, he picked it up.


Ryan took off his mobile phone to see that it was indeed Harrison’s mobile phone number displayed on the screen. Why was Carla’s voice?

He put the phone in his ear again, “How do you use Harrison’s phone? Did he come to you?”

Carla said, “He knows all about it, how is the situation there?”

He promised Carla that he would take Alecia back, but the quarrel with Dexter became even more stiff.

Just when Ryan didn’t know how to answer Carla, Peter looked back at him and said, “They followed the fourth child to Narven Temple.”

“Narven Temple?”

“Yes, he doesn’t look like a person who keeps fast and respects gods, go there…”

The two looked at each other and had the same suspicion. Could it be that Alecia was there?

“What Narven Temple?” Carla heard Peter’s voice.

“You let Harrison come to the door,” Ryan said.

Carla said yes.

When the phone was hung up, she returned the phone to Harrison and told him that Ryan would pick him from the door.

Harrison took the phone and went out.

He walked to the gate of the villa, and it happened that Peter drove the car to the villa. He parked the car beside Harrison, lowered the car window, and said, “Come on.

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