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Chapter 833

“Anyway, don’t come in.” As she spoke, something fell to the ground with a bang. Ryan was worried that her daughter immediately opened the door. He saw a pink child player’s makeup box falling on the floor, and the contents were scattered. It’s all over the floor.

Nichole stood aside in a panic with her head lowered, while Iris stood in the mess, picking her fingers, and explained in a low voice, “Dad, we are just playing makeup games.”

Ryan looked at the red, green, and pink painted on his daughter’s face, which looked like ghost symbols, and raised her forehead speechlessly.

“Dad…” Iris didn’t feel that she had done something wrong, but was inexplicably afraid of her father being angry.

Ryan took a breath, and tried his best to speak calmly, “Go wash and eat.”

After speaking, he turned and saw Samantha putting the tableware. He thought that Alecia was also at home and had two children. Carla was pregnant again. Samantha was obviously too busy, so he took out his mobile phone and called Ramiro.

The call was connected soon.

He walked to the window, holding the phone, and said, “You will find a reliable servant to come to the villa tomorrow. Salary is not a problem, you must check the background.”

“Okay, I see, it’s just that one day is a bit short.” Ramiro worried that he couldn’t find that suitable.

“Two days.” He hung up after speaking.

Ramiro has already got used to it, and is ready to go to the nanny after finishing the work at hand.

“Where are Mom and Dad?” Alan walked over, but Carla was not seen in the kitchen and living room.

Ryan put the phone in his pocket and said, “Upstairs.”

“I’ll ask her to eat.” As he said that he was about to run upstairs, Ryan reached out and hooked one of his collars, “You are not allowed to call.”

Alan didn’t know why he looked back at him, “Have you quarreled with Mommy?”

Why don’t you let her come down to eat?

“You only have a few days?” Did you want him to worry about it? No, didn’t they even show their affection at the mall today?

Ryan frowned, “Can’t you expect your parents to order?”

Alan pouted and asked, “Is it because of the Internet?”

“What’s the matter online?” Ryan quickly thought of what Carla asked today. He took out his phone and wanted to check it. Alan handed it over to him, “Look.”

Ryan swiped the screen with his son’s hand, and soon all kinds of chaos came into view.

[Where did this woman come from? 】

Someone replied——【Aren’t many actresses now like to marry rich people? Maybe it’s an 18th line female celebrity. 】

Reply——[Me too, haha, I can’t find information about this woman at all on the Internet]

[But I think they are a good match. 】


There are too many below, he looked at it casually and almost knew what was going on.

Just how do these people know about him?

He has attended many public occasions, but he has not opened a personal account on Twitter. How could he have such a high popularity?

Looking at the comments retweets, and likes, they have caught up with the traffic of the first-line stars.

what happened?

“Are you optimistic?” Alan’s hands were sore, he threw the tablet aside and rubbed his wrists, “You can hold it yourself and see.”

Ryan ignored his son’s head and said, “Wash your hands and eat.”

“Dad.” Iris washed her face and Nichole walked over.

Nichole felt embarrassed and explained, “Iris asked me to paint for her.”

Ryan was dissatisfied with Hubert but did not get angry at Nichole. After all, it is Hubert who is not good at character. He said lightly, “Go and eat.”

“Thank you, Dad.” Iris immediately smiled, and took Nichole’s hand, “Aunt Nichole, hurry up.”

“Snowball.” Nichole reminded Iris, “I haven’t fed Snowball yet.”

“By the way, I’ll go and pour him dog food.” Snowball seemed to know that he was going to eat it for himself, and followed them with his tail wagging. Iris took out the dog food from the cabinet, and with Nichole’s help, Poured the food into the dog basin.

Then he went to wash his hands and sat down at the dinner table. Samantha had already put all the dishes on the table.

Ryan walked into the kitchen, Samantha was putting the remaining meals on the tray, preparing to serve Alecia, when she saw him come in and asked, “Do you need anything?”

“Have you left for her to eat?” Ryan asked, afraid that Carla would wake up without eating.

“There is corn rib soup in the pot that I cooked in the afternoon. When she wakes up, I will give her some small wontons with the soup, and she can also eat some lean meat and corn.”

Ryan nodded and said, “There will be new servants coming over these two days.”

Samantha smiled, “I hope this will continue. It was too deserted some time ago. She won’t leave this time, right?”

Ryan said no, turned around, and walked out of the kitchen, Samantha brought the food to Alecia’s room.

Nichole hadn’t moved the spoon at the dinner table, although she was already hungry, because there were only two children on the table, she was a guest and could not move the spoon first.

Iris put dishes on the plate for her, “Aunt Nichole, eat it, Grandma’s cooking is good.”

Ryan picked up the spoon, glanced at her, and said to eat, Nichole then picked up the spoon.

After eating, Iris took Nichole back to the room and wanted to play with her. As a result, Nichole’s cell phone rang, and Hubert called and said he was coming to pick her up.

“Next time I will play with you.” Nichole said, she also likes this little girl very much, and Snowball is very cute.

Iris felt bored at home, and she was a little bit reluctant to leave. She would never feel naive and willing to play with her. She took Nichole’s hand and said, “Aunt Nichole, will you come to my house next time?”

Nichole said, “I have a chance to come back.”

“I’ll give it to you.” Iris and Nichole played for a while and regarded him as friends.

Ryan didn’t want to see Hubert, but he couldn’t let his daughter go out alone and could only follow.

Nichole led Iris out of the villa.

Hubert had gotten out of the car and was waiting at the gate. There were lights on both the gate and the wall. They were all on at the moment, and the light was very bright.

Seeing them coming out, Hubert smiled and said, “Thank you, Mr. Blair.”

Ryan ignored him and reached out to his daughter, “We should go back.”

Hubert did not give up and continued, “Are you afraid of me talking to her? Deliberately not letting her come out?”

“Sister should be uncomfortable, she didn’t eat dinner.”

Ryan hadn’t spoken yet, Nichole took Hubert’s words, she let go of Iris’s hand and walked to Hubert.

Upon hearing Carla’s discomfort, Hubert frowned and asked, “What’s wrong with her?”

Nichole held his wheelchair and shook her head, “I don’t know.”

Ryan took her daughter into the villa. She turned around and waved her hand to Nichole, “Goodbye, Aunt Nichole, come and play with me next time.”

Nichole also waved to her and said okay.

Seeing Ryan’s back, Hubert worried about Carla, and asked, “Where is she uncomfortable?”

Ryan paused, and after a few seconds he turned around, “Who told you she is uncomfortable?”

“Why won’t she eat dinner?” Hubert raised his head and glanced at Nichole, then quickly retracted his gaze.

Ryan chuckled lightly, “She is just tired, do you want me to tell you why she is tired?”

Chapter 834

Hubert is not just married but is also a physiologically normal man. Seeing Ryan’s appearance, his eyes narrowed, he seemed to have guessed in his heart, so he didn’t say anything, and said indifferently, “Nichole, let’s go.”

Nichole obediently pushed him around and walked towards the car on the side of the road.

Hubert knew that he shouldn’t, knew that it was impossible, and knew that she was married, but he couldn’t control his heart.

I just want to get close to her and see her.

He also hates himself like this.

“Nichole, shall we walk?” He didn’t want to go back, let alone face the Dawson family, he wanted to be quiet.

Nichole said yes, pushing him along the side of the road, and the car drove slowly.

“Hubert, are you in a bad mood?” Although Nichole is not smart, he can feel Hubert’s depressed mood at this moment.

Hubert looked forward without focusing, “Do you like me, Nichole?”

Nichole thought he was very strange, so why did he ask this question again?

“I said, I like you.”

Hubert was silent for a while and asked, “If you can’t like me, what will happen to you?”

“Why can’t I like you?” Nichole didn’t understand his question, feeling very strange.

Hubert patiently explained to her, “It’s just for some reason that you can’t like me anymore, what would you do?”

Nichole understood, and thought about it, and replied, “If I can’t like you, I think I’ll be sad, but I’ll try my best to stop myself from thinking about you and not liking you. It’s too painful if I like you. It’s better to try hard to forget.”

Hubert looked up at her, “Who said you are not smart? You are smarter than anyone, and understand better than anyone else.”

Nichole smiled, “You are the first person to say I am smart.”

Hubert reached out and held her hand, “Innocence can’t come.”

Nichole obediently walked to him and squatted down, put her hands on his lap, looked up at him, and said seriously, “Hubert, I don’t want you to be unhappy. Tell me what I do will make you happy?”

Hubert’s face still has a smile, “Am I not happy?”

“You are not happy.” Nichole stared into his eyes, “You are smiling on your face, but your eyes are crying.”

Hubert was silent, and looked at her quietly. After a long time, he stretched out his hand to hold her in his arms, and he touched her hair, “Nichole, I am in a lot of pain, I don’t know what to do.”

“Are you trying to like me?” Nichole raised his head, “Do you like me?”

Hubert was taken aback, and replied, “I already liked you very much.”

Nichole shook her head, “You don’t like me. There is no light in your eyes when you look at me, but there is light in your eyes when you look at that sister.”

Hubert was speechless.

Nichole held her hand on his face, tilted her head, and gently rubbed his palm, “I will work hard in the future to make your eyes shine when you look at me, so you won’t be in pain.”

Hubert was used to smiling in disguise on his face, and could no longer maintain it at this moment, and took the initiative to stroke her face, “I will work hard.”

Try to forget what should be forgotten, and try to fall in love with what he should have loved.

“Let’s go home.” Hubert whispered.

Nichole said yes and told Welsh to stop and help him to push him into the car. When he came to City B, Hubert was originally going to live in a hotel, but Mrs. Dawson said they were only allowed to live at home.

Soon the car drove to the community where Dawson’s family lived and stopped at the door. Vehicles from outside this community were not allowed to enter. Welsh pushed Hubert down, and Nichole got off the car as well.

“You go back and rest.” Hubert said to Welsh.

“Okay, then I will come over tomorrow morning.” Welsh said.

Hubert gave a hum, watching Welsh drive away and Nichole pushed Hubert towards the community.

Nichole talked to him as she walked, “My sister is so lucky.”

“Huh? Why do you say that?” Hubert was curious. She only went to eat dinner and knew the happiness Carla had.

“Is her husband kind to her?” Hubert asked.

Nichole shook her head and nodded, “I don’t know if her husband is treating her well, but I just saw her son and daughter. They are so beautiful and cute.”

Hubert lowered his eyes lightly, “Yes, her children are very beautiful.”

“Hubert, do you say that we will have babies in the future? I think many people will have babies soon after they get married, and we are also married. Will it be too long before I will have a baby?” Nichole said in her own tone. With a glimmer of anticipation.

Hubert, “…”

“Nichole, I’m sleepy, shall we go home quickly?”

Hubert could not answer her question, nor could he explain it.

Nichole was very obedient and pushed him home without talking. Mr. Dawson and his wife were still in the living room before they slept. They seemed to be talking, and the faces of both of them were not very good.

Seeing the daughter and son-in-law came back, they had a tacit understanding for two days. Mrs. Dawson waved her hand to let her daughter come over, and Nichole went over and sat down cleverly, “Mom.”

Mrs. Dawson Shun down her daughter’s long hair, “What did you eat out?”

Nichole said that it was dinner at Carla’s house. “The servants in her house are very good at craftsmanship, and the dishes they cook are delicious. My sister’s two children are very beautiful.”

Mrs. Dawson turned her gaze to Hubert and asked, “Children?”

Didn’t she just get pregnant?

Where did the child come from?

Hubert explained, “Born before, a pair of twins.”

Mrs. Dawson knew it quickly and didn’t understand that so many children were born, “Are they married?”

Didn’t see them holding a wedding.

“Married. As for why the wedding was not held, I don’t know.” Hubert didn’t say much. In front of Mrs. Dawson, he maintained a relationship with Carla as a friend. Knowing too much seems unusual.

Mrs. Dawson nodded and patted her daughter clearly in her heart, “Go to sleep.”

Nichole smiled and stood up and walked towards the room, but Hubert did not move, but looked at Mrs. Dawson and Simmon, “Did something happen? I just heard you seem to be arguing?”

Simmon’s face was still calm and seemed very annoying.

Mrs. Dawson sighed, thinking that Hubert was not an outsider, and said, “You know my situation, isn’t it my brother? He doesn’t usually walk around and suddenly came to me and said that his friend was injured. I want his injured friend to stay at home for a few days…”

“What friend didn’t read the news a few days ago? Who is that person?!”

Mrs. Dawson was interrupted by Simmon angrily before she finished speaking, “Nothing does not go to the old Temple, and I didn’t usually see him put his sister in his eyes.”

“Now that he can use you, he came to call you. Sister, we have to make a big living person to hide our house. What does he take our house for?”

Simmon snorted coldly from his nasal cavity, “Don’t even think about it, I will definitely not agree to it!”

Mrs. Dawson was reluctant, but Dexter begged her, and she couldn’t help it. Although she didn’t have any affection for this younger brother and walked very little, but he opened his mouth personally. She refused, it seemed inappropriate, after all. Born from the same father.

Thinking of Mrs. Dawson, she couldn’t help but sigh, not knowing what to do.

“Who is it? Maybe I can help.” Hubert asked.

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