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Chapter 835

Mrs. Dawson’s eyes lit up, and Hubert was not from City B. If he hid that person in Tatevel, wouldn’t the matter be resolved?

Dexter wanted to hide that person at home because he felt that her home was safe, and it was safer to get to Tatevel than at her home.

Mrs. Dawson felt that Hubert had helped her a lot, “Hubert…”

When Mrs. Dawson was about to talk to Hubert, Simmon interrupted his wife in a deep voice, “Confused!”

It was not that Mrs. Dawson wanted to tell Hubert about Dexter, but that she was angry that she did not consider the consequences. He looked at his wife seriously,

“Who is your brother? You know best, haven’t you read the news? Obviously that person is not a good person, do you want to give him to Hubert to make him get all these messy things?”

Mrs. Dawson did not think so much. She just wanted to solve the problem quickly. Now she was reminded by her husband to think about it. It seemed that she couldn’t give people to Hubert, and the things about that person in the temple made a lot of noise.

Dexter can’t hide himself, this is definitely not easy.

She has just a daughter, and she must not trouble her son-in-law.

Hubert just arrived in City B and didn’t know what had happened, so he asked, “I am not an outsider. Tell me if you have anything to do, so I can help you out.”

Simmon sighed thickly and said to Hubert with earnest words, “You just arrived in City B and don’t know the situation. This is not Tatevel. There are many people and the water is deep. I don’t tell you but I don’t want you to be involved in those that are unnecessary.”

Hubert knew that Simmon was good to him, but he also really wanted to share the burden for them.

“Since I have become your son-in-law, I have regarded myself as a half-week family member. Now my parents are in trouble. As Nichole’s husband, how can I stand by? Even if I can’t help, please you can tell me, don’t treat me as an outsider, I can’t help but feel weak.”

Simmon sighed, “Why are you so persistent?”

Hubert had said everything for this reason, and it seemed inappropriate for him to conceal it, so he let him watch the news.

Hubert took out his mobile phone and started to search for news according to Simmon’s words. Soon news about the temple came out. There are countless counts. Such a nak3d man appeared in the clean place of worship. He was wounded all over his body. There is something.

“Your mother’s brother Dexter just wants to put such a dirty thing in our house. He can’t figure it out.” Simmon said coldly.

Hubert lowered his head and continued to browse the news, but inadvertently saw the topic of Ryan and Carla visiting the mall.

He hesitated for a moment, and he did not look at it, but continued to read the news about the temple.

“I knew that it was causing trouble all day long. This time I got on the bar with Ryan Blair again, otherwise, he wouldn’t want to hide people here, he can’t hide outside.”

Simmon doesn’t care about Dexter’s bad things, but about Dexter’s affairs have caused ups and downs in the city, and he just didn’t want to know it and it spread to his ears.

Hubert looked up at Simmon and asked, “What does this have to do with Ryan Blair?”

“I don’t know the specifics. I just heard some rumors about this matter. It seems that Dexter took Ryan’s person, who was locked in the temple, and the scene you saw appeared. Huh, he didn’t. He is willing to hand over people, but can’t hide them outside.”

“No, thinking about hiding people in our house is really not a thing. His dad can’t be so used to it because he’s so accustomed to him. Dexter just uses him. It’s so horrible, sooner or later, something will happen!”

After hearing what Simmon said, Hubert fell into deep thought. Dexter kidnapped Ryan’s people. Who did he take? Carla?

The man in the temple who was nak3d is obviously was not doing a good job, thinking that Carla might be caught, his eyes darkened, “Dad, this Dexter is my mother’s younger brother, after all, if we refuse like this, I will certainly offend him.”

Simmon didn’t take it seriously, “This kind of person offends sooner or later, it also offends early, and it also offends late. It is better to offend early and end up quietly.

Mrs. Dawson understands her husband’s temper. If he insists on leaving it alone, it will be useless to say anything. She can’t help but sigh. It will be her husband who will live with her in the future, and her younger brother will only have blood.

“Hubert, it’s too early. Go and rest. I don’t care about this. He blames me and blames me. Anyway, he hasn’t moved much in recent years, and he didn’t pay attention to my sister.”

Hubert still wanted to fight for it, not for Ryan but for Carla.

“Dad, Mom, I know that you don’t want to be involved with people like Dexter, but after all, if they are close to your sleeves, you will lose the talk of others.”

“Anyway, Nichole and I will soon return to Tatevel and let him take the people. Give it to me, I take him to Tatevel to find a place to settle people, and no one would find it, and it will block Dexter’s mouth.”

Simmon said nothing, still didn’t want Hubert to touch this matter, but it was obvious that Hubert was thinking about them, which he was very pleased.

Mrs. Dawson is now even more guilty of the previous distrust of Hubert. When they encountered difficult things, he was always thinking of them, and this heart was really rare.

If Mrs. Dawson knew Hubert’s true thoughts, she would regret marrying her daughter to him, right?

“Simmon, it’s better to follow Hubert’s words and promise Dexter to get people to Tatevel and not in our house. This will not tarnish Dexter’s face. After all, he is my brother, no matter how you help this time?” Mrs. Dawson looked at her husband carefully.

If her husband disagrees, she has nothing to do.

Simmon still didn’t let go, “Hubert, you don’t know what this Dexter is doing. I don’t want to involve you. As you said, I treat you as a relative.”

“In the future, you want to be with Nichole. For people of a generation, I don’t want you to have a slight relationship with Dexter, understand?”

“I know, we are a family.” Hubert also expressed his intentions.

Seeing Hubert so sincere, Simmon was silent for two seconds, “Are you sure you won’t involve yourself?”

Hubert said affirmatively, “Of course, I did.”

Simmon didn’t care about this. He glanced at his wife, “You can call Dexter. Also, this is the last time. Take advantage of this opportunity to make it clear to him. Don’t talk to him in the future. Your dad doesn’t care if he is still abusing him. Is this loving him? It’s harming him.”

“I know.” Mrs. Dawson patted her husband on the back, “You go to bed first, I’ll make a call.”

Mrs. Dawson watched her husband return to the room before picking up the phone. She looked at Hubert, “Why don’t you rest first, I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

“I’m not sleepy, I’ll wait for you to finish the call.” Hubert said.

Mrs. Dawson had to dial Dexter’s phone first, and soon Dexter’s voice came, “How did you talk to my brother-in-law?”

“It’s definitely not good to put it in my house, but I have a place for you to Tibetans, not for people to find.”

Dexter hesitated, “Where?”

Is there any place in City B that is safe from being discovered?

Chapter 836

Dexter’s tone was not very good, “If there is a place to hide people in City B, should I still look for you?”

Mrs. Dawson was not raised with Carr’s family. Dexter was the only boy in the family. He was held by his parents since he was a child. He has a better relationship with the older sister, except for the older sister who was raised at home.

He didn’t know how to respect his words, and felt that it was necessary for others to help him.

Mrs. Dawson listened to Dexter’s tone as unpleasant and felt very uncomfortable. She reminded, “I am your sister.”

“I know, otherwise I won’t find you either.” Dexter took it for granted.

Mrs. Dawson closed her eyes and sighed in her heart. Dexter didn’t understand her meaning at all.

In his eyes, his relatives are only used to “utilize”, there is no family affection at all, and he does not know how to respect.

“People are not in City B or in Tatevel. If you are willing, you can meet and discuss it tomorrow. If you don’t want this, then forget it. I definitely can’t let you use my home.”

The attitude expressed by Mrs. Dawson.

This younger brother really doesn’t make her like him.

She also didn’t want to have contact, if it weren’t for her compatriot, she really didn’t want to care about his affairs.

Dexter wants to get angry, but now he is desperate, otherwise, he would not think of hiding someone in his sister’s house.

Peter’s people watched him 24 hours a day, and he had no freedom at all. Sooner or later the whereabouts of the fourth child would be exposed.

Now he has no choice but to agree.

“Yes, yes, but where is Tatevel? Is it really safe?” Dexter still has concerns. Why hasn’t he heard of Tatevel?

Mrs. Dawson, “…”

“Tatevel is a small place. Since I recommend it to you, it is absolutely safe. If you don’t believe me, I can’t help it.” Mrs. Dawson was about to hang up.

Dexter said hurriedly, “Okay, will I have someone send the fourth child to you tomorrow?”

Mrs. Dawson did not answer immediately, but took the phone away from her ear and covered the receiver with her hand. She looked at Hubert and asked, “He said that he will send people, can you see him?”

Hubert nodded and said yes, “I will arrange for someone to drive over and pick them up from here.”

“That’s OK, I told him to let him send the people.” Mrs. Dawson put the phone back to her ear and said to Dexter, “Then you send the people tomorrow.”

“Okay.” After that, he hung up the phone.

Mrs. Dawson looked at the hung-up cell phone, frowned slightly without even saying a polite thank you, she hung up the phone, not to mention how much he respected this sister, even the least courtesy.

“Since Mom doesn’t like it, please tell him clearly after this incident, and don’t talk to him in the future.” Hubert saw that Mrs. Dawson had a lot of dissatisfaction with this so-called younger brother.

“I will, hurry up and take a rest. It’s late.” Mrs. Dawson said.

Hubert rolled the wheelchair and walked toward the room with a hum.


Carla, who was sleeping, Ryan did not call her, and later woke up hungry. When she woke up, she found that it was already twelve o’clock. She rolled over and rubbed her eyes and asked, “Why don’t you wake me up?”

Ryan hugged her, “I see you sinking asleep and I am willing to wake you up.”

Carla, “…”

“Is there anything to eat at this late hour?” She unfurled the quilt and got out of bed. She still wore the dress she wore during the day. The clothes that Ryan had t0rn in the bathroom before were untidy, and the neckline fell on her arm. There were on her ch3st, the red stamp left by the k!ss.

She pulled her clothes to cover her chest. She was particularly uncomfortable under her body. After the incident, she fell asleep without washing.

The wet and sticky feeling still remained. She took clean inner-clothes and pajamas from the cabinet and went to the bathroom to take a bath.

Carla put in a large pool of hot water and took a bath. After soaking, she became refreshed. It was almost half an hour after she took a bath. She dried her hair and put on clothes and walked out. There was no one on the bed. When she walked to the balcony, she didn’t see Ryan, so she went downstairs.

Everyone is asleep at this time, the whole villa is quiet, and there is no one in the living room downstairs, only the light in the kitchen is still on.

She walked over and saw Ryan putting down the wontons around her waist with an apron. She leaned against the door watching him and asked in a low voice, “Can you do it?”

Ryan looked back at her, “Look at me?”

Carla smiled, walked in and hugged his waist from behind, and asked, “When did you learn to cook?”

“Samantha had boil the ribs soup and just put the wontons in.” Everyone had finished eating at night. He didn’t wake up Carla, so he asked Samantha how to make the wontons, thinking about waiting for Carla to wake up hungry. Now, he can cook it for her.

The wontons were wrapped before by mom, and the ribs soup was also stewed. Keep it warm. Turn on the heat and bring the wontons in. It’s easy.

Don’t know if it was because of being hungry, Carla could smell the smell of meat.

She tilted her head into the pot and asked, “When will it be ready?”


Carla nodded honestly, “Yeah.”

Ryan turned around and k!ssed her forehead, “Wait outside and it will be fine soon.”

Carla let go of him, left the kitchen, and went to the dining room to pull a chair and sit down, waiting to eat.

Soon Ryan put the wontons in a big bowl and brought them to her. The ribs soup was adjusted by mother, and the wontons were left alone. There were corn ribs and wontons, and many more. A big bowl full of soup.

Ryan took her a small bowl and a spoon, “Scoop it into a small bowl to eat, it’s too hot.”

Carla nodded and scooped the ribs and wontons in a small bowl to cool them down. Samantha didn’t have to choose her cooking sk!lls. The wontons were wrapped in prawn meat, and the mouth was tender and bitter.

The ribs could be eaten at night. Yes, the meat is cooked at night when it’s warm, it’s not strong, but the smell is very fragrant.

Ryan sat on the chair next to her, keeping his arms on the back of the chair behind her looking at her, eating half of a large bowl before long, “You can eat too, why don’t you get fat?”

Carla didn’t look up, and asked, “Do you like fat?”

Ryan stretched out his hand and squeezed her arm, “You are too thin like a straw stick, I want to make you fatter.”

Carla smiled, “Can I eat two hundred catties for my height?”

Ryan, “…”

Without hearing Ryan’s voice, Carla raised her head, “Why, dislike it?”

Ryan put his chin on and said seriously, “You want to grow to two hundred catties, I have to buy hormones for you to eat?”

Carla, “…”

It is true that she is hard to eat fat, which has a lot to do with physique.

Ryan’s hand slid to her waist and rubbed the flesh on her waist through the cloth, “I don’t dislike you for what you are like.”

“I don’t believe it.” Carla drank the soup in the small bowl and put down the spoon.

Ryan leaned over, “What can I do to make you believe it? How about writing a proof?”

Carla pulled her body apart, she could feel sweat all over her body after drinking the hot soup. Ryan was too close to make her feel more heated. There was too much soup to drink, she pushed the rest of the soup in the big bowl To Ryan’s, “You drink it, I can’t leave what I’ve eaten, it’s a pity that it’s poured.”

Ryan is very repulsive, he doesn’t eat such greasy things at night.

Carla stubbornly said, “Don’t you want to prove it. You can prove it after drinking the soup in the big bowl. It doesn’t have to be so troublesome to establish a written proof. I still trust you very much.”

Ryan, “…”

He really couldn’t drink it, “Can I prove it in another way?”

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