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Chapter 831

Snowball is soft and smooth. It likes others to touch its jaw and top of its head. It will be very comfortable to smooth the hair there.

Iris took Nichole’s hand and followed Snowball’s hair one after another. Snowball sat honestly at their feet, raising his head to let them smooth his hair.

The original round eyes narrowed, and he looked like he was enjoying himself, and he rubbed Nichole’s hands with his head from time to time.

Its docile appearance is very cute.

Nichole’s heart quietly let go, and said with a smile, “It’s fun when it’s not fierce.”

“Right, right.” Iris pulled Nichole, “Let me take you to my room.”

Nichole hesitated, “Will it be inappropriate?”

Mom said to be polite when going to other people’s homes. How can she go into other people’s bedrooms casually?

“What’s inappropriate, you must be friends with my father or mommy if you can come to my house?”

Nichole thinks about it as if Hubert’s friend is her friend.

She was just pulled into the room by Iris.

Carla helped Samantha wash the vegetables, fearing that Samantha would be too tired alone, but only halfway through the washing, she was pushed out by Samantha and said that she was making trouble.

In fact, she doesn’t want her to work.

Carla had to walk out, and the driver put all the things he bought for Alecia on the sofa. She walked over, picked it up, and carried it to Alecia’s room.

Alecia is awake, and Alan is playing games next to her.

She frowned and looked at her son, “Your Aunt Alecia wants to rest, why are you playing games in this room?”

Before Alan could explain, Alecia mentioned first, “I told him to be here. I slept for a long time, and now I am not sleepy at all. I am too bored to be alone, so he can stay with me here.”

Carla walked over and touched her forehead. It was not cold. It was obvious that there was still a warm fever. Patients with fever needed to drink more water and asked her, “Are you thirsty?”

“Not thirsty.” She pointed to the kettle on the bedside table, “I’m almost drinking a pot, I want to eat, and I will have water in my belly.”

Carla saw that she was in a good mood, she seemed to be unaffected, and she began to doubt her own thoughts.

She wanted to ask her about what happened in the temple. Since her son was inconvenient, he didn’t ask, so he took out the clothes he bought for her and hung them in the cabinet.

Alecia laughed and said, “It cost you money today.”

“Well, remember to pay me back.” Carla joked deliberately.

Alecia lay halfway, “I have no money, you really want it, I will give you myself.”

“I don’t want it,” Carla said disgustingly.

“I don’t eat much, so you accept if I still work?”

Carla said decisively, “No.”

She put the pajamas and inner-clothes that came out of the bag into the sink. These close-fitting clothes had to be washed before they are worn.

Alecia saw that Carla was washing her clothes, her nose suddenly became a little sore, and she felt that she was too kind to her.

She really took care of her like her sister and made her feel very warm.

“Hey, it’s up to you to lose Aunt Nalina.” Alan handed the tablet over to Alecia.

Alecia put away her emotions and laughed, “I lost so soon.”

The game they play is called Idiom Solitaire, and it becomes more difficult as you go to next.

Alan pointed to the [] idiom [] trick, “What idiom do you mean by this?”

Alecia, “…”

Although she is a native of Country Z, but grew up abroad, these idioms are really not very familiar to her, so she doesn’t know.

“Let’s change to another game.” She suggested.

Alan snorted contemptuously.

“Do you look down on me?” Alecia put down the tablet and squeezed his cheek. “You can’t disrespect the old and love the young.”

Alan tilted his head and grinned, “Then are you ‘old’ or young?”

“Buddy said I am old.”

“You said that you respect the old and love the young, but you are obviously not young, isn’t that just getting old.”

“That’s not allowed.”

“You are too domineering.”

Carla came out with the washed clothes and took a look at the two people who were arguing, and went to the balcony to cool off the clothes.

She got dressed and came in and saw Alecia and Alan stop troubling. They stared at the screen of the tablet, as if they were watching something very interesting.

Carla put down the basin and walked over and asked, “What are you looking at.”

Alecia and Alan raised their heads almost at the same time, looked at her, and said in unison, “What do you mean?”

Carla,…? ? ?

She looked at the tablet in confusion, but her eyes widened. She and Ryan went to the mall, and there were photos and uploaded to the Internet.

The most eye-catching is the photo of Ryan k!ssing her, which was posted by a large media outlet. There have been over 5 million likes and millions of comments.

The main reason is that it hasn’t been long since this incident happened. How could it attract so many people to watch?

She clicked on the comment and swiped down.

[Wow, this is the second woman after Diane. But this seems to be clever, and it seems that there is already a baby in her stomach! 】

Someone replied——[This woman is not the third person who caused Ryan to retreat from Diane’s wedding, right? 】

Some people also refuted…[Obviously, this is true love. In the previous scene that was occasionally shot in the same frame, Ryan had no expression on his face. This k!ss in public, I was on another blogger’s site and saw Ryan took this woman and went to the Chanel store to buy a bag for her. 】

[What’s the background of this woman? 】

[D*mn, how sacred this woman is, she actually got the president of AAA, this is the youngest rich man in Country Z! My dream is broken! ! ! 】

[What tricks did this woman use? 】

Someone replied-[People are in true love, if you don’t believe me, look at the ‘photo’]

The photo is in the Chanel store. Carla is pulling Ryan towards her. In the photo, Ryan has a smile on his face, while Carla has a solemn face, as if preaching.

Carla, “…”

“You want to show affection, can’t you at home? You have to go outside and scream. Now that it’s fine, it has become a hot search on the internet.”

Alecia teased, “Isn’t your husband very rich? I didn’t know that your husband was very rich. Isn’t he handsome? Don’t you know that your husband is the target of thousands of girls who want to marry? How many women’s dream love you have robbed.”

Carla glanced at her, threw the tablet on the quilt, turned and walked out. When passing by the door of her daughter’s room, she saw through the half-open door that she was showing her baby to Nichole. Her baby was a doll. Plush toys and the like.

Nichole sat on the edge of the bed with a smile on her face and would not be impatient.

It seems to come together well.

Carla did not go in to disturb them, closed the door gently, and turned upstairs.

When she pushed open the bedroom door, there was no one inside. She saw that the bathroom door was closed. Carla thought that Ryan was taking a shower inside.

She sat down by the bed, took the new mobile phone out, and installed her phone card in it. And start browsing Twitter after booting up.

A search on the TL shows that the title is, [President AAA has a girlfriend]

She clicked in, and there were a lot of pictures of her and Ryan in the shopping mall, and some of them were made into animated pictures.

The comments say everything, some say that she is beautiful, some say that she has the means and scheming, both nice and unpleasant.

She is very depressed, and Ryan is not a star, why would anyone pay attention to his private life?

She wanted to wait for Ryan to come out, but there was no sound of water in the bathroom and no one came out. She stood up and walked over, only to find that the bathroom door was not closed.

She stretched out her hand and gently pushed it open, and the gap grew wider. She saw Ryan standing in front of the sink, wearing home clothes, and there was still the fragrance of shower gel in the bathroom. It was obvious that he had already taken a bath.

She wanted to see what he was doing, but he was too high to block the pool from prying eyes.

She opened the door and walked in and asked, “What are you doing?”

Chapter 832

Ryan’s body stiffened a bit, then turned his head, “Why did you come here?”

“Can’t I come up?” She stretched her head to look into the pool. How did she feel that he was afraid of seeing it. Ryan moved his body to block her sight. “You don’t have to entertain guests at home today?”

“Your daughter is entertaining.” Carla looked up at him. The more he didn’t let her see, the more Carla wanted to see, “How did I find your guilty conscience?”

Ryan coughed and cleared his throat, “What is my guilty conscience?”

“Since you are not guilty, let me go.” Carla stretched out her hand and pushed him away, and the inner-clothes she bought at the mall were soaked in the pool.

Ryan “…”

The air was still for a few seconds.

Suddenly Carla laughed.

Ryan has a serious face, “What are you laughing at?”

Carla leaned on the door frame and continued to laugh while holding her stomach.

Oops, this man is so cute.

Ryan, “…”

“Get out!” He said sternly.

Carla suppressed her smile, but still couldn’t help it, and said with a smile, “I’m not smiling anymore.”

Ryan was too lazy to care about her, turned around and continued to wash.

The female inner-clothes he held in his hand is obviously very ambiguous, but there is no energetic atmosphere at this moment. Carla just didn’t expect that he would wash her inner-clothes.

A warm current rushed into her heart.

She encircled his waist from behind, with her forehead against his generous back. Ryan’s body stiffened slightly, and soon returned to nature. He looked back at her, “Will you wear it tomorrow?”

Carla tightened her waist and gave a hmm.

Ryan is very satisfied with this answer.

His labor was not wasted.

“Husband,” Carla called him coquettishly.

Ryan had a wash with his hands and asked, “What do you call me?”

Did he have a hearing voice just now?

Carla was not talking but pressed her lips to his back through a thin cloth, a soft touch came from behind, his throat was tight and his nerves were tense. What happened to her today?

Suddenly so enthusiastic?

Carla whispered, “Do you use social media?”

Ryan…? ??

What do you mean?


“It’s the common social media such as Facebook, Twitter.” She kept rubbing her hand on his waist while speaking.

He looked down at her hand, but he smelled something unusual in her words. Why did she ask such a strange question?

What happened again?

His brows were frowned, for fear that someone would mess with it and ruin the little quiet time.

“Didn’t you own me? I don’t post any updates. As for what is that? Twitter we have an official account but not use personally. What’s wrong?”

He turned around because there was water in his hand, so he didn’t touch her, and said cautiously, “Um, I promise, I will never mess around outside, what happened? Can you just say it directly, so that my heart doesn’t feel hairy.”

I always feel that what she said is a test.

Makes him very upset.

Carla looked at him cautiously, knowing that he had misunderstood, stretched out his hand to hook his neck and smiled, and asked, “What are you afraid of?”

“I’m not afraid you will misunderstand me…”

Before he finished speaking, Carla suddenly stood on tiptoe and k!ssed his lips, and looked at him seriously, “I never doubted you.”

Even if Dexter messed up and sent her the realistic photos, she had never believed it.

Unless she sees it with her own eyes and hears it with her own ears.

Otherwise, she would not believe what others said.

In her opinion, feelings are about trusting and confessing to each other.

If you don’t trust him, you would not choose to be with him at the beginning.

He always surprises her, and his gentle look is also very charming.

“Do you know how you like it just now?” His every sentence and expression were so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

“So you want to reward me?” He put his arm around her waist, not touching her.

Carla smiled, “What reward do you want?”

“Do you agree to everything I say?” A sly light flashed across his eyes, which quickly flooded his eyes like a meteor.

Carla didn’t notice it at all. She tilted her head and thought for a while, “Okay, as long as I can do it, I will definitely promise you.”

Ryan smirked successfully, his gaze slowly moved down from her face, and finally fixed on her ch3st, “What I want, you will definitely be able to do it.”

Carla only noticed his feverish gaze, and could not help but be reminded, “I’ll have dinner later, don’t make trouble, there are still guests at home.”

“Samantha won’t make the meal so soon, they won’t come upstairs casually.” He explained.

“That’s not OK……”

“You have promised me.”

Carla, “…”

How does she feel that she has been fooled?

Ryan’s hands are a bit cold, maybe it’s because of the water.

The summer clothes are very thin, and they can still feel the coolness when they cover her back through the cloth.

The pores that can not help but arouse goosebumps, she is light. Push lightly, “Night.”

Ryan’s voice was dumb, “Can’t wait.”

He took Carla’s hand and pressed it und3r him, Carla’s brain was completely empty, her cheeks became hot and her mouth became dry.

It seems that the words of refusal can’t be said anymore.

He hugg3d Carla and stood in front of the mirror. He hugged h3r from behind. The two looked at each other in the mirror at the same time, and they couldn’t hide their desire for each other.

Carla wore a sk!rt, and it was easy to lift up, his sturdy chest came up from behind and pressed tightly against h3r.

The moment he broke in, Carla frowned and snorted slightly.

She is pregnant now, Ryan did not dare to exercise restraint.

But even so, still tossed for a while. Later, Carla couldn’t stand, clasping her hands against the edge of the basin and arching her body to prevent her stomach from touching the edge of the pool. The clear shadow is moving.

After the end, she only walked out of the bathroom with Ryan holding her, and her legs were weakened.

Ryan put her on the bed, pulled the quilt over her disheveled body, his voice was hoarse after the battle, “You sleep for a while, and eat later.”

Carla squinted her eyes and didn’t want to move, lying in bed drowsy, but still unable to feel at ease, just fell asleep like this weakly and said, “I have a guest at home today. It is not appropriate for me to not go down.”

Ryan brushed away the messy hair that was blocking her eyebrows, and touched her forehead with fingertips. There was a little bit of sweat. He leaned over and k!ssed her eyes. Carla instinctively closed. He whispered, “Don’t Think about it, is it okay to be more obedient?”

Carla gave a soft hum, stretched out her hand, and took his hand to explain, “Don’t forget to wake me up.”

Ryan said “Okay.” Let her sleep peacefully.

Watching her fall asleep, Ryan got up. He cleaned up the bathroom. Time was almost up. He closed the door gently and walked downstairs.

Samantha walked to the top of the stairs and wanted to call them. She saw him come down and said, “Supper is ready, do you want to eat now?”

Ryan gave a hum.

“Where is your wife?” Samantha asked without seeing Carla.

“She is asleep, and she will eat later.” Ryan’s expression was light, and his tone of voice was very calm when he spoke. Samantha didn’t think much about it. After all, Carla is pregnant and feeling sleepiness is normal, so she ran outside today. She must be tired all day.

“Then I will prepare now.” Samantha turned to the kitchen to serve food, Ryan knocked on the door of her daughter’s room, and no one would respond.

He knocked twice, “Iris?”

“Dad, don’t come in.” Iris’s voice was obviously flustered.

Ryan frowned, “Iris, what are you doing in the room?”

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