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Chapter 837

Carla resolutely refused, “No.”

Ryan, “…”

He leaned over again, and rubbed his body against her, “I think I have to be on the b3d to prove I love you. Drinking soup can’t prove my love for you…”

Carla pushed his face away, “You want to point your face, I just want you to prove it this way.”

Ryan, “…”

Isn’t he incapable of saying this?

Looking at the soup with oily flowers floating in the bowl, he totally lost his appetite, but in order to prove his love, when he braced his scalp and was about to drink, Carla grabbed his bowl-handling wrist and said with a smile,” I’m just kidding.”

“Is it fun to make fun of me? Huh?” He looked at her, “Aren’t you afraid of wasting it?”

Carla lifted her chin to show him Snowball sitting on the ground wagging his tail, “You are not forced to be Snowball.”

Ryan…? ??

Carla took the soup bowl in his hand and walked towards the place where the dog basin was placed by the window. Snowball seemed to know that he wanted to eat it for himself, wagging his tail and followed Carla.

She poured the soup into the dog basin, reached out to touch Snowball’s head, and Snowball rubbed it against her palm. Its hair was very smooth. Thinking that her daughter was still mad at her, she looked back at Ryan, “Take some time Your daughter should go to the pet shop.”

Ryan didn’t ask why she wanted to go to the pet shop. Today, his daughter also sued Carla, which must have been requested by her daughter.

At this time, Snowball stretched out his tongue and drank the soup in the basin, making a chuckle chuckle.

Carla stood up and took the bowl into the kitchen. When she squeezed out the detergent to wash the dishes, her belly suddenly moved. The baby pedaled very hard, and a bag bulged on her belly. He moved too suddenly. Carla hissed.

“What’s the matter?” Ryan walked in and asked, Carla looked up at him and said with a smile, “The baby just moved.”

“Really?” Ryan quickly squatted to her to look at her belly. Carla supported the sink with one hand, and covered her belly with other hand. After a few seconds, the baby moved again. , Not as forefully as before, but enough to make people feel.

Ryan said incoherently excitedly, “He, he moved again, I felt it.”

Carla smiled, “Next time I go to the hospital, you will go with me. Now you can see the baby’s appearance in the B-ultrasound.”

It’s been almost five months now, and the eyes, ears, nose, and limbs are all fully developed.

Ryan said yes, then went to lift her nightdress, Carla frowned and pulled the skirt subconsciously, “What are you doing.”

“I want to be closer to him.” Ryan didn’t want to feel through the cloth. Carla saw the light from his eyes, knowing that he was eager and didn’t refuse.

Ryan put his palm against her belly, wondering if the little baby inside felt the response to him. The movement was intense this time, and the bulging bag on her belly was clearly visible.

Pregnant women who move too much may feel a slight pain, but this is normal.

Carla looked at the hands he covered on her stomach, and suddenly found that these hands were very similar to those of the intern during the last examination in the city.

“You hold my arm.”

Ryan looked up at her unclearly, “Why?”

Carla didn’t answer him, but stretched out her arm in front of him. Ryan held her small arm according to her request, just like this, “Ryan, are you…”

“He moved again, do you think I can hear his heartbeat?” Ryan suddenly interrupted her, Carla now thinks that many places are suspicious at the time, and Alecia to accompany her to do the examination. But handed her to an intern, and left with an excuse.

Now think about the height and body shape of the intern, which is exactly the same as Ryan.

No wonder she felt when he touched her.

She laughed, “Is that fun?”

Ryan was completely immersed in the fetal movement, and had no time to think carefully about what she was talking about. The donkey’s head was wrong and the horse’s mouth answered her, “It’s not fun, it’s the magic of life.”

He said that he pressed his ear to her belly.

Carla, “…”

“what are you doing?”

“I’ll try if I can hear his heartbeat.” Ryan said cheerfully and earnestly.

Carla pushed his forehead, “Can’t hear it, you need an instrument.”

Ryan raised his head and k!ssed her wrist at an angle, with lips pressed against her wrist and said, “Thank you for letting me be a father.”

“If you really want to thank me, treat me better, and can you get up now? I want to wash the dishes.”

Ryan, “…”

“Am I good to you? Do I have to dig out your heart and hold it in front of you to prove…”

Carla hurriedly covered his mouth, “Don’t say anything in front of your son.”

Ryan smiled and stretched out h!s tongue to lick her palm. Carla wanted to retract her hand, but he grabbed her wrist.

“you guys……”

Near morning, Alan woke up for the bathroom and found that the light was on in the living room. After going to the bathroom, he opened the door, but he walked out without seeing anyone in the living room. As a result, he saw Ryan and Carla in the kitchen. …

He hurriedly covered his eyes, peeking through his fingers, peeping, but said, “You continue, I can’t see anything.”

Ryan put down Carla’s skirt and stood up, looking at his son, “Why don’t you sleep at night?”

“Aren’t you sleeping? Stealing ‘meat’ in the kitchen?” Alan looked at him ambiguously, smiling as if saying that I knew what you were doing.

Ryan nodded his forehead, “Go to sleep.”

Alan yawned and turned back to the room, “You guys also go to bed earlier.”

Ryan took away the bowl in Carla’s hand, “Let’s go to bed too, let Welch’s clean up here tomorrow.”

It was two o’clock when they went to bed upstairs, because Carla didn’t fall asleep for a long time before lying on the bed again.

Was woken up early in the morning when Carla’s cell phone rang.

She went to grab the phone in a daze, Ryan picked it up for her, “You will sleep a little longer.”

He looked at the screen of the phone. It may be that after Hubert bought the phone for Carla, he saved his number and name.

At this moment, the name Hubert is displayed on it.

Looking at the name displayed above, Ryan hung up without any hesitation.

Carla opened her eyes and asked, “Who is it?”

“Harassing phone calls.” He pulled Hubert’s phone number into the blacklist, put the phone on the table again, “go to sleep.”

Carla sat up, “Can’t sleep anymore.”

Over there, Hubert dialed again and responded that he could not be connected. Obviously, his mobile phone number was set to a rejection mode.

He looked at the phone and guessed in his heart that Ryan did it. Carla wouldn’t do it even if she was angry with him.

It seems that he has to take a trip.

Can’t sleep Carla lifted the quilt and got out of bed, went downstairs to see Alecia. She was still sleeping and her forehead was not hot, and the fever should have gone.

Carla walked out of the room and gently closed the door to see her daughter and son. Iris woke up a long time ago, but didn’t get up and rolled over on the bed.

She sat on the edge of the bed and took the initiative to talk to her daughter, “Iris…”

“I still want to sleep.” Iris covered the quilt on her head, obviously not willing to talk to Carla, and was still angry.

Carla frowned. This boyishness was so childish that she didn’t please her daughter anymore, knowing that she might have to take her to the pet shop to coax her well.

She stood up and walked out of the room to the kitchen to help Samantha prepare breakfast.

At this time the doorbell rang, and Samantha was cutting fruit and Carla went to open the door.

Chapter 838

When Nichole stood at the door, Carla was visibly stunned. She didn’t expect Nichole to come here early in the morning.

“Hello, sister.” Nichole greeted her.

Carla smiled and responded, “Is there anything wrong? Came here so early.”

Nichole nodded honestly, “Hubert called you but didn’t get through. I can only come here once.”

Carla thought of the morning phone call, and she understood that she turned her body sideways to let Nichole in, “Let’s talk about it first.”

Nichole shook her head, “No, let me just talk about it.” She pointed to a black car parked outside the door, with an ultra-black film on the glass, so couldn’t see it at all.

Dexter let it go after four o’clock. People sent the fourth child to Dawson’s house. Hubert also made arrangements last night and asked Welsh to prepare a car to transport the fourth child.

After receiving the person, he did not send the person to Tatevel immediately, but called Carla, but Carla did not answer, so he asked Nichole to come over.

This was his chance to see Carla, but after speaking with Nichole, he wanted to try his best to restrain the idea of seeing her.

“There is someone in there, Hubert asked me to hand it over to you.” Nichole said.

Carla felt that she had heard it wrong, “Is there someone in the car?”

Nichole replied in the affirmative, “Yes, he said it must be useful to you.”

Carla seemed to guess something and said, “Take me to see.”

Nichole replied, “Okay.” Then she took Carla to the car parked on the side of the road. Welsh saw them coming in the car and got out of the car.

“Show them to my sister.” Nichole said to Welsh.

Welsh knowingly opened the rear seat, and the fourth child was in a coma in the rear seat wearing a medical suit.

Hubert gave him a shot of anesthetic after receiving the fourth child, so the fourth child is still in a coma.

Seeing the face of the fourth child, Carla immediately recognized him. In the news about the temple, the fourth child’s face was not mosaic.

Thinking that this person might have insulted Alecia, Carla trembled and couldn’t slap him immediately. Slap, but she knows that now is not the time to get angry.

Ryan had been looking for his whereabouts, but it was actually in Hubert’s hands. She wanted to ask how the fourth child was caught by Hubert, and asked, “Where is Hubert?”

“Hubert said that you definitely don’t want to see him, so he didn’t want to show up in front of you, so he didn’t come.” Nichole said.

This is what Hubert asked Nichole to say.

Carla only thought that Hubert wanted to understand, and thought it was good, hoped that he would treat Nichole well, “Say thank you to him for me.”

Nichole said, “You are welcome, he said that he did all these voluntarily.”

Carla didn’t answer the words, and she didn’t understand, “You give me some time, I’ll go in first.”

This person definitely can’t get home, she has to tell Ryan to make arrangements.

Nichole said yes.

In the villa, Ryan walked downstairs neatly, without seeing Carla asking Samantha, “Where is she?”

“Someone rang the doorbell just now, is there no one at the door?” Samantha said.

Ryan was about to leave when Carla walked in at this time.

“Hubert sent someone.” Carla said immediately when she saw him, “Outside now.”

Ryan stepped over, “Don’t go out, stay in the house, I will deal with it.”

Carla nodded.

Ryan came out under the guidance of Welsh and saw the fourth child in a coma. He called Peter and asked him to send someone over to get the fourth child away.

Harrison spent the past two days with Peter looking for the whereabouts of the fourth child. He wanted to catch the person who bullied Alecia. Knowing that he had caught the fourth child, he came to the villa with Peter.

To prevent the fourth child from waking up and attempting to escape, Peter tied the person up and put him in a sack, and threw it into the trunk. It was not Peter to stop him.

Harrison was about to k!ll the fourth child on the spot. He sat in the car with anger and waited. Take the fourth child to a place where there is no one to k!ll him.

Ryan asked Welsh to give Hubert a sentence, “I have received the favor of President Tate.”

No matter how much he doesn’t like Hubert, but this time he sent the fourth child to this favor, he must accept it.

Welsh said, “I will definitely tell him this.” After he said that, he opened the door to let Nichole get in the car, “Let’s go.”

Nichole got into the car and left with Welsh.

Carla changed her pajamas, walked out of the villa neatly, and saw the car leaving, knowing that Nichole had gone.

“Are you going out with me?” Ryan asked as she changed her clothes.

“Well, I want to know what he did to Alecia.” Carla said coldly.

Ryan didn’t persuade her anything, she was accompanied by him, “You take my car.”

Peter and Harrison drove ahead in a car dressed as the fourth child, and he drove another car behind.

The place was chosen by Peter, not in the suburbs but in the interrogation room in the institute.

Now Peter is the deputy bureau who has more power than before, and he wants to do something less laborious than before.

Moreover, he has cronies, and he is not afraid of nonsense.

Don’t know how much Hubert injected anesthesia to the fourth child. He was thrown on the ground and didn’t wake up. Peter got a basin of ice water to wake him up.

The fourth child was violently awakened with wounds on his body, a little confused, not sure what was going on.

He looked around and wanted to ask whether they have reached. After all, Dexter told him to hide in a place called Tatevel, saying that he was afraid that Ryan would find him, but he saw three men standing in front of him.

He couldn’t help but his eyes widened. Didn’t he get in the car to Tatevel? How would he appear here?

“You, you…” He was frightened incoherently.

He hadn’t realized what was going on, he was kicked to the ground by Harrison, and he clutched the kicked abdomen. He didn’t get up in pain for a long time, and his intestines were broken.

Harrison grabbed his collar and asked with red eyes, “What did you do to Alecia?”

The fourth child stared at him like a beast, and instinctively flinched, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

He was sober now and knew who Harrison was referring to, but he didn’t dare to admit it. Obviously, as long as he said he might be k!lled by them, even if he didn’t k!ll him, he would have to be crippled.

Harrison sneered, “I don’t know, do you?”

In the next second, his fist hit the fourth child’s face. He snorted, and the corner of his mouth was filled with red blood. After being frightened, he asked in horror, “How did you find me?”

Harrison just wants to know what he did to Alecia, where is he in the mood to answer his question, and smiled coldly, “Stop fcuking nonsense, I ask you, what did you do to Alecia?!”

Carla was in another room, and via the screen inside could monitor everything that happened in this room.

Ryan and Peter became bystanders.

“I didn’t do anything.” The fourth child still didn’t admit it. Harrison was annoyed. He obviously took off all his clothes. Alecia was also untidy, so he said he didn’t do anything?

“It’s okay, no matter what you do, I won’t let you go out if you fall into my hands today.” Harrison was so angry that he calmed down. He looked condescendingly at the fourth child and unbuttoned his suit with one hand. The jacket was thrown on the ground.

The fourth child was scared, and kept backing away, “You, don’t come over!”

Harrison snorted coldly, “Useless stuff, dare you not dare to do it? Do you think you didn’t do anything if you don’t admit it? I won’t be Harrison if you don’t speak to me today.”

The fourth child asked for help to see Ryan and Peter, “You stop him quickly, it is also against the law to k!ll me.”

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