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Chapter 845

The servant opened the door. Two women stood at the door looking like mother and daughter. The servant asked, “Who are you looking for?”

“Is sister here?” Nichole asked.

“You are?”

“My name is Nichole Dawson, please inform her, thank you.” Nichole said politely.

The servant looked at Carla and said, “It’s a lady surnamed Dawson.”

Carla came over and saw that it was Mrs. Dawson and Nichole who was a little surprised, and unexpectedly they would come home suddenly.

“Sister Hubert is gone.” Nichole cried.

Carla was surprised, “Why is he missing?”

“I heard Nichole say, Hubert sent someone here, right?” Mrs. Dawson asked.

Nichole didn’t understand what was going on here, but Mrs. Dawson knew.

It’s not a secret that Dexter and Ryan are on the bar. He did everything possible to hide the people who were so invisible. How could he swallow this breath?”

“I guess he knew that Hubert was involved in this matter, and then he caught Hubert. When I walked to ask her for someone, she said that he wanted to help the opponents of Dexter.”

Now that he is gone, she is responsible, and she also knows that only if she wants to find the lost man first she can go to Dexter and let him let go Hubert.

Hubert ordered that Nichole could not tell anyone that he sent people here, but when he disappeared, Nichole panicked. In addition, Mrs. Dawson deliberately talked about things, and the result was that Mrs. Dawson succeeded, knowing that the people who Dexter wanted to hide were sent here.

That’s why she came here.

“Tell me something.” Ryan walked over and heard their conversation. He probably knew the ins and outs of the matter in his heart.

Mrs. Dawson also said directly, “Dexter asked me to hide that person. I didn’t want to intervene, but Hubert said he had a place to hide, so I agreed.”

“I didn’t realize that he would give you the person. I think Dexter must be angry before arresting him. The purpose of my coming is also very simple. It is to return the person to me and I will exchange Hubert back.”

After all, she was negligent in this matter. She knew that Hubert and Ryan knew each other, and heard from him that they were still friends, but she didn’t expect the relationship to be so good.

“That person is all evil, even if you want to hand it, you have to hand it over to the law. How can it be given to individuals? Mrs. Dawson should know better than anyone else. After all, your husband is a role model in this respect?” Harrison said coldly.

Was afraid that Ryan would give the man to Mrs. Dawson, and it was not Peter who stopped him and k!lled him a long time ago!

Mrs. Dawson regretted taking care of Dexter’s affairs a long time ago, and now she can’t take care of so much. She just wants to exchange Hubert from Dexter’s hands and no longer have any involvement with Dexter.

“Hubert regards you as friends. Now that he has been taken away, you should really want to rescue him, right?” Why do you listen to him, don’t you want to make friends?

“Sorry, we are not familiar with him, let alone friends, he will send people to us because his mind is impure…”

“Harrison.” Carla interrupted what Harrison was about to say. Nichole is still there. Now Hubert is married. No matter what he wants to send people here for, he shouldn’t tell in front of Dawson’s family. Things, this would hurt Nichole, and it would hurt Hubert’s relationship with Dawson’s family.

She looked at Ryan, “What should we do?”

Ryan let her in, “You are staying at home, I will go out.”

She nodded, “No matter what the result is, give me a call.”

Ryan said that he knew that it was a good thing for everyone to gather for a meal today, but now that Hubert’s matter is up, everyone is not in the mood to eat.

“Let’s find a place to talk.” Ryan was wearing home clothes and didn’t intend to go far, but didn’t want to talk about those things at home.

They sat on the cane chairs on the front lawn of the villa.

Ryan called Peter aside and asked him, “Have anyone tried?”

“He has been in a coma when he was beaten too heavy,” Peter replied.

“Wake him up with the idea and try overnight.” Regardless of whether the fourth child knows Dexter’s affairs, he must try it out, in case he knows what Dexter’s secret is.

“I’ll go back now.” Peter turned and left after speaking.

They have obtained some evidence while investigating Dexter, but the Carr family has a large tree and a deep foundation. If it can’t be hit with a single hit, it will just become passive.

The old man of the Carr family has not retired, and several of Dexter’s older sisters are married to wealthy families.

Just like Mrs. Dawson, her husband Simmon is very powerful. Although he is incorruptible, his wife is from the Carr family after all.

Dexter really committed something, and they will definitely unite to save him.

So now they won’t just shoot casually.

After Peter left, Ryan walked over, “I will hand him to you tomorrow.”

Mrs. Dawson couldn’t wait, for fear that Dexter would give Hubert a hard time.

“Can’t today?” Mrs. Dawson asked anxiously.

“Aren’t you Dexter’s sister? He arrested your son-in-law, isn’t it just a matter of yours? You came here to ask someone, but didn’t you help your brother?” Harrison disdainfully said, seeing Mrs. Dawson, he thinks she has a hypocritical face.

I think she came for Dexter.

But he didn’t know that Dexter didn’t give this sister any face at all. Knowing the identity of Hubert, he still took the person away.

Why didn’t Mrs. Dawson tell Dexter to let him go?

He didn’t leave any affection, and said directly, “If you want me to let go, you’ll get the fourth child in exchange. You promised me that you wouldn’t be found by others, but it was gone in less than a day after he were given to you.”

“You’re sure you have to give me an explanation, otherwise, your son-in-law is here with me, and you won’t get it right.”

Mrs. Dawson also condensed her face, “Carr’s affairs are not a secret. I am raised outside, and we don’t have much affection with Carr’s family. This time it’s not his initiative to find me. I will not interfere with his affairs.”

“Now I don’t care about family affection at all. I just said, let me change people, or he won’t let him go. Hubert gave the people to you. Now that he is taken away, shouldn’t you lend a hand? Why can you ignore his safety?”

Mrs. Dawson thought they were friends, so why doesn’t it look like now?

“Do you know what that man did?” When Harrison thought of returning the fourth child to Dexter, he couldn’t calm down. “I really hope that your daughter can go well for the rest of her life without encountering any such thing.”

Mrs. Dawson frowned, “What do you mean?”

Ryan pressed his eyebrows, and said in a low voice, “Harrison, you go back first.”


“Go back, I will take care of this matter, you will only make things troublesome if you are too impulsive here.” Ryan increased his tone.

Harrison reluctantly got up and left.

“Tomorrow morning you go to the police station to pick up people.” Ryan won’t let people go. If Hubert really has something he wants to see, after all, Hubert took the initiative to send people over. Maybe he sent people to Carla.

If he had any accident because of this, it would leave traces in Carla’s heart, it was not what she wanted to see.

And they have already planned that even if the fourth child is returned to Dexter, the fourth child may not be alive.

Mrs. Dawson thought about it, and said, “Well, let’s go, it’s only ten hours before morning.”

They just waited.

“Nichole, let’s go.”

Mrs. Dawson took her daughter.

Nichole shook her head, “Mom, go home first, I want to talk to my sister.”

Chapter 846

Mrs. Dawson looked at her daughter, “It’s so late, why don’t you go back?”

Now she could see that Hubert’s relationship with them didn’t seem to be that good.

If they are a really good friends, knowing that Hubert has been kidnapped, how can they be so calm and not anxious at all?

“I can’t sleep when my mother goes back. I am worried about him if Hubert is not there.” Although Nichole didn’t know Carla’s mentality towards Hubert, she knew that Carla would never harm Hubert.

“Nichole.” The daughter is too innocent, and Mrs. Dawson is afraid that she will suffer here.

“Mom, please go back.” Nichole’s attitude was quite determined. Mrs. Dawson had no choice but to say, “I will pick you up tomorrow morning.”

“Okay.” Nichole agreed immediately.

Ryan frowned. He didn’t seem to want Nichole to stay here, let alone take up Carla’s time. “It’s too late. I will give him to you tomorrow. You all go back today.”

“Please tell my sister, I want to see her.” Nichole knew that he didn’t want her to stay here. Now with Hubert, she doesn’t know what is going on, worried that he would be bullied. Only her sister can help, but she can’t leave.

“Nichole.” Mrs. Dawson wanted to persuade her daughter, but she was interrupted before she finished speaking.

Nichole said, “Mom, leave me alone.”

“Are you a fool? Can’t you tell that other people don’t want you to stay here?” Mrs. Dawson was a little angry because of her daughter’s stubbornness. She said nothing but regretted it as soon as she said it.

“Nichole sorry mom didn’t mean it…”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m already stupid.” Nichole had tears in her eyes, and her heart was sad. It didn’t matter what others said, but her relatives said it would make her feel uncomfortable.

“Come in.” Carla stood at the door and said to Nichole.

She heard the conversation just now.

Nichole looked back and saw Carla trot over immediately, she wiped her face and smiled at Carla, “Sister, I’m sorry to bother your rest time, Hubert is not here, I am very worried about him, I can’t sleep , But no friends are talking to me.”

Carla knew she was a good girl, and took her hand, “Don’t bother, you call me sister, and I will take care of you.”

After speaking, she looked at Mrs. Dawson who was standing not far away, and looked at her daughter with worried eyes.

Although the first meeting was very unpleasant, but because of Nichole’s face, she didn’t care about her. Think about it though she saw her attitude which was too radical, and she is also eager for her daughter, fearing that her daughter will be harmed.

Pity the parents of the world.

“I will take care of her.” She said to Mrs. Dawson.

Mrs. Dawson nodded and said, “Thank you, I’m sorry for the trouble I caused last time.”

“I have forgotten what happened last time, Nichole will be fine here, don’t worry.”

Mrs. Dawson said thank you again. Carla’s attitude made her feel a little relieved, and said to her daughter, “Nichole I am going.”

Nichole nodded, “I’ll come back by myself in the morning.”

Mrs. Dawson really doesn’t know what to say about her daughter, how can there be a car here for her to ride back?

“I’ll let the driver drop her.” Carla saw Mrs. Dawson’s thoughts and said.

“Thank you then.” Mrs. Dawson thanked her sincerely.

Carla smiled and took Nichole’s hand into the room. Alecia sat on the sofa in the living room. Carla told her the ins and outs. Knowing what was going on, she didn’t want everyone to be embarrassed, so she was fine.

“You and Blair said, hand over the people.” Alecia also didn’t want Carla to owe Hubert’s favor, after all, she knew Hubert’s thoughts.

“He will take care of this, so don’t think too much about it. I will help you back to the room.” Carla walked over.

“Sister, I’ll help you. You are pregnant, it will be an inconvenience.” Nichole saw that Alecia had gauze on her feet and legs, and knew that she was injured, and stretched out her arm to support her.

Alecia looked at Carla and asked who this was?

Carla introduced, “She is Hubert’s wife named Nichole, a very good girl.”

Alecia nodded and said, “She looks good.”

Very simple appearance.

Helping Alecia into the room, Carla poured her water, “Take the medicine.”

Alecia took the water she handed over and ate all the medicine, “Go ahead, I’m going to bed.”

Carla nodded, “Call me if something happens.”

“I don’t call you. I’m afraid Mr. Blair will hate me. I’ll call Samantha, or the new servant.” Alecia curled her lips, “Your husband, you can’t even put in the eyes. I don’t dare to call someone who hurts.”

Carla glared at her, “Go to sleep, you are so blind all day long, you’ve learned the same as Harrison.”

As soon as Harrison’s name came out, Alecia’s expression was not as open as she had just now.

Carla tucked her quilt and apologized in a low voice, “I didn’t mention him on purpose.”

“I know, you should also rest early, don’t tire my godson.” Alecia was not angry, but she would become unhappy when she heard the name Harrison.

Carla laughed and said that she knew it.

She asked Nichole to come out, closed the door, and asked her, “Have you had dinner?”

Nichole shook her head, “No, Hubert is gone, I can’t eat anymore.”

“You have to eat to have the strength to wait for him. There is more food for you to eat.” Carla called to her mother, “Bring a clean bowl.”

Samantha took out the clean tableware and said, “It’s rare for everyone to eat together. It’s just interrupted and there are so many dishes left.”

Nichole lowered her head, “I’m sorry.”

“No matter what happened to you, Samantha didn’t say about you.” Carla comforted her, and Samantha did not target her, but said that it was a pity that the meal was ruined.

Carla told her to sit down and fetch her some vegetables, “Eat something first, otherwise, Hubert will feel sorry for you.”

Nichole picked up the spoon, picked up the food Carla gave her, and put it into her mouth.

She doesn’t want Hubert to worry, and don’t let him feel sorry for herself. In fact, he is the most pitiful. He likes someone but can’t be with the person he likes.

“Sister, Hubert like you, right?”

Carla’s nerves tightened suddenly, she watched Nichole explain hurriedly, “Nichole…”

“Sister.” Nichole raised her head and looked at her, and said seriously, “You don’t need to explain, I understand, and I don’t hate you. You are beautiful, smart, and kind.”

“It is normal for him to like you, but in the future He said that he would refrain from liking you and try to like me. I also want to be the woman who he looks at and his eyes shine.”

Carla was silent and didn’t know what to say, but just looked at her so quietly.

“Sister, I have no brothers or sisters, can I treat you as my relatives in the future?” Nichole lowered her eyes, “Because I’m not smart, no one else wants to be friends with me, only Hubert doesn’t dislike me. You don’t despise me.”

Carla reached out and picked up the hair around her ears and pinned them behind her ears, “You are very kind and smart. No one will despise you. At least I like you very much.”

“You have to remember that life is for you. Yes, don’t care too much about what others say, because you are you, the best in this world. How you live and how you talk is your own business, as long as you are happy, if one day you get sick, others can replace you?”

Nichole shook her head, “No.”

“So, because others’ words hurt yourself, it’s not worth it. No matter how hard you hurt, others can’t do it for you. Therefore, no matter what others say, you just need to live your own life well.”

Nichole looked at Carla. In the past, her mother had to explain to her that she had to think about whether she could say it or not.

In the end, she would be laughed at if she didn’t speak well, and she should behave appropriately, and she should not do things that make people laugh.

Today her sister said her to be herself.

She felt that what her sister said was more correct, and she could not live with other people’s opinions.

After all, she only knows whether she is happy or not, and others cannot replace her when she is suffering.

She nodded vigorously, “Sister, I know.”

“Sister, thank you.” Nichole embraced her excitedly.

Carla patted her on the back, “Don’t worry, Hubert will be fine.”

“Yeah.” Nichole nodded.

Carla accompanied Nichole and said a lot, most of them enlightened her so that she would not worry that Hubert would be fine.

Later, when it was too late, Carla asked her to rest in the guest room.

Because the servant came again and there was no room downstairs, Carla asked Ryan to carry the two children upstairs and let Nichole stay in the two children’s room for one night.

The two children fell asleep, and Ryan hugged them one by one and did not wake up.

Carla was a little sleepy, and she lay down next to the two children to sleep if she didn’t want to take a bath.

Ryan put hot water in a basin by the bed, “get up and wash your feet before going to sleep.”

Carla got up, put her feet in the basin, and asked, “Will you let people go?”

Ryan washed her feet. Her feet were slender, slightly small, and snow-white, and the toes were like tender lotus buds. He squeezed the back of her instep and her calf, and asked, “Are your legs? Swollen?”

Carla reached out and touched and said, “No.”

“The book says that pregnant women feet will be swollen.”

“That will only happen in seven or eight months.” Carla said.

Ryan suddenly realized, “It turned out to be like this.”

Carla pedaled him, “Stop interrupting me, I’ll ask you, will you let people go?”

Carla reacted at this moment, he deliberately talked about other topics, not wanting to mention Hubert’s matter.

Ryan grabbed her kicked foot, “Why do you think I hate him so much? I really want Dexter to k!ll him, so can save me from being in front of him and make me disturbed.”

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