The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1669

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Chapter 1669

Everyone witnessed that a powerhouse of the Supreme Triple Heaven burst into blood mist instantly!

It’s the same as disappearing out of thin air.




Thirty k!lling weapons were launched almost at the same time.




The 30 Velador Supreme Powers who were first locked down were bombarded into blood mist without any resistance at all, and disappeared in an instant.

Thirty supreme-level powerhouses were instantly burst into pieces.

What a terrible picture this is.

Both sides were stunned.

Under the cover bombing, the unscathed supreme-level powerhouse, the energy of this weapon burst upon contact.

There is no opportunity to evade and react.



Everyone was scared silly!

“Good! Great! Dominant Alliance will win!”

Soon bursts of cheers erupted from the Domination Alliance.

The power of Roderick’s super weapon is a hundred times more exaggerated than they thought!!!

God helps me too!

Roderick also yelled frantically: “Look! This is the weapon I invented! I, Roderick, am the Lord of this world! All of you are destined to be stepped on by me!”

“k!ll! k!ll them! k!ll all the Supreme Powers!”

Roderick ordered.

His men began to load the energy box needed for the weapon.

Similar to the magazine of a firearm.

Soon, the weapon was loaded.

Thirty weapons are once again locked to the Supreme Power.

“No, everyone quickly withdraw, the other party’s weapons are terrible!”

Bryant on the other side immediately shouted.

Everyone turned around and ran.

There are still more than a dozen supreme-level powerhouses locked by the k!lling weapon tracking device.



More than a dozen supreme-level warriors are like children under the k!lling weapons, directly turning into blood mist.

Bryant and others quickly hid in the base.

Everyone is so nervous!

“It is now certain that the enemy has a weapon that can hunt down the Supreme-level powerhouse! It is estimated that no one except the Supreme-level Sixth Heaven Powerhouse can hold it! Hurry up and pass this news to Colin!”

Bryant immediately said.

This wave of losses is too great.

People haven’t seen it yet, but nearly fifty supreme-level powerhouses have fallen.

If it weren’t for running fast, it is estimated that hundreds of supreme-level powerhouses would have to be lost.

There was cheers from the Dominant Alliance.

Everyone looked at Roderick with awe.

Before, no one could look at this ordinary person.

Today, he is a god of battle on the battlefield!

Soon news of Roderick spread all over the world.

An ordinary person, but invented a weapon that can k!ll the supreme-level powerhouse!

The name Roderick shines all over the world!

“Big things are bad! Big things are bad!”

“There is a distress message from the front line of the East, the enemy has a super weapon to k!ll the supreme-level powerhouse! We have suffered heavy losses!”

“The former Norterjen Emperor’s laboratory Roderick invented a weapon to restrain the supreme-level powerhouses. He has already taken refuge in the Dominant Alliance. This weapon is called k!lling God and has already k!lled forty-eight of our supreme-level powerhouses!”

“The defense line of the Eastern Frontier Theater is facing the biggest test! There is currently no way to restrain it!”

For a while, news of Roderick spread to the streets and alleys.

“What? Roderick? Isn’t this a nerd? The weapon he invented can k!ll the supreme powerhouse?”

“Roderick? Is it him? Unbelievable!”

Everyone who knew Roderick was taken aback.

Sarah, who was trapped in Worenden, also learned the news.

She finally understood what Roderick meant at the beginning…

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