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Chapter 859

Turning to the menu, he took a closer look at Sandy and raised his eyebrows. A plate of cold tofu costs 68, but the name is nice. It is called the special thick sauce with royal white jade ice ke, but it is still tofu, called All names are tofu.

She thought this was too unreasonable, and she continued to look down, but it was almost the same.

The so-called slightly sweet French cabbage soup is cabbage soup, which costs 108.

Charcoal grilled French duck, it looks like a roast duck, it costs 266.

Baked wild boar back pork with honey and white vinegar, that is, crispy sugar loin, costs 88 per plate.

Sandy didn’t continue to look down. She couldn’t accept it just by looking at it. She felt it was too bad. They just changed the name. The place was more upscale, and the price increased exponentially.

She closed the menu and handed it to the waiter, “We are not ordering.”

Peter asked, “Don’t you like it?”

Sandy nodded, “There is no dish I like to eat here. Let’s go to another place.”

Peter stood up and said, “Well, you can choose the place.”

Sandy smiled and said okay, the serviceman stood aside and didn’t dare to say anything. After all, Peter was wearing a uniform, and he knew his identity at a glance. Look at the age difference between Sandy and him. Can’t get used to it.

After leaving the restaurant, Sandy told the truth, “This is a pitfall. A plate of cold tofu costs 68. What kind of tofu is so expensive?”

Peter didn’t expect that she was thinking it was too expensive, so he smiled and said, “This is a chance to k!ll me. After this one, there will be no such shop.”

Sandy looked at him, then smiled, “It seems to be eh, it’s a pity not to k!ll you.”

“It’s too late to regret now.” Peter said.

He was serious, he really wanted to treat her to something good.

“That’s OK, let me pick the place.” Sandy pulled him into the car, “I know there is a place where the food is delicious, you drive.”

Peter looked down at her hand on his arm. At a young age, her hand was not very delicate, so she should be working.

After all, in this city, just a freshman, it is not easy to support yourself.

“If you have need of any help in the future, remember to ask me. I promised your mother.” Peter said.

Sandy suppressed the smile on her face with the mentioning of her mother’s.

Peter clearly felt her change, and apologized, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to mention it.”

Sandy shook her head, “It’s okay.”

She lowered her head and shook her hands together, “My mother is very pitiful. I wanted to save her from that home when I grew up and could make money to support her, but…”

She didn’t give herself this chance, just because of murder.

Peter didn’t say anything, knowing this time, it is more suitable to be a listener.

“My dad liked to gamble. If he won, he ate, drank, and pro5titutes with the group of friends around him. If he lost, he asked my mother for money.”

“If she didn’t give it, he punched and kicked. My mother was a housewife and had no culture. The income depends on the family’s acres of lily. She could only do odd jobs at ordinary times. Didn’t make much money.”

“My dad had squandered all the savings at home. With no money, my mom was forced to go outside to make money and gamble for him. It’s not going well outside. He lost money. Still beat my mother to vent.”

“After many years of this kind of life, I watched it for many years. I grew up gradually and wanted to take my mother away from that home. I worked hard to pass the exam. University, I wanted to endure it for a few years, so I could take her out. She didn’t wait for me after all.”

Thinking of the scene where her mother was beaten by her father, she trembled all over. She clearly remembered one time when her father hit her mother with the wooden bench at home. At that time, her mother fell on the ground and couldn’t get up. There were a lot of bruises on her back.

It didn’t disappear after a few months.

On another occasion, he pushed her mother to the ground, grabbed her hair and slapped her face. There was a lot of blood in her mouth. She wanted to pull her father away and told him not to beat her mother, but was kicked out.

“My dad was a ba5tard, he is dead. I never feel that I lost something, he was too cheap. Sometimes, I hate the law. It is obvious that my dad was the D*mn person, so why punish my mother.”

Chapter 860

She knew in her heart that if there were no legal restrictions in this society, it would be messy.

But thinking of what happened to her mother, she feels very heartbroken.

Peter didn’t know how to comfort her. It was difficult for outsiders to empathize with this kind of thing, but he had seen a lot of dark things.

Like Sandy’s parents, there are many places in reality. Everyone is an individual, and their ideas and practices are independent. Therefore, everyone is different, and the things they do are incredible.

The only thing he can do is to take care of this poor little girl.

Now he knows the reason why her mother really went in. At that time, looking at the case, it only said that she was in jail for homicide, and he didn’t understand why the murder was committed.

Now he knows, it turned out to be an act of fierce resistance after being oppressed for a long time. The resulting homicide is indeed sympathetic, but if you k!ll, you k!ll, and no motive will work.

If individuals can punish bad people at will, the society will not be chaotic?

Sandy didn’t know what happened to him just now, and even said about her own affairs, “I’m sorry, let you laugh.”

Peter said, “No, don’t care. Do you know why some countries are messy abroad?”

Sandy said that she knew, “Because the law is not complete, I heard that in some countries, individuals can still have guns. Living in such a country, you really can’t even sleep peacefully.”

“So the law is inevitable. A complete set of laws can not only protect personal safety, but also ensure the continuity of society.

Although your mother’s affairs are very sympathetic, but making a mistake is a mistake, and you have to be punished, no matter who it is. , It’s all the same.” Peter said.

“What I know is just a momentary emotion.” She lowered her eyes and knew everything in her heart. She only blamed herself for being immature at that time and didn’t know how to find relevant departments to respond. Now there are still many laws against women, such as domestic violence. Block already has a good solution.

Peter asked, “Where are we going?”

He didn’t know where to drive.

“I’m not familiar with this one. You can drive to the west of the city.” Sandy said with a smile, “I forgot about eating. Are you hungry?”

Peter said it was okay.

After saying this, the two of them stopped talking, and the carriage quickly became quiet.

It’s not far from the west of the city. It took about ten minutes to arrive here. Sandy often works part-time in this area and is familiar with it.

“Turn right at the intersection ahead.”

According to her instructions, Peter turned right at the intersection ahead.

“Go straight along this road,” Sandy said.

Peter turned his head to look at her, “What is delicious?”

“You’ll know when you get there, and now I’m telling you, I don’t have any sense of expectation.” Sandy playfully typed him a dumb riddle.

Peter smiled and did not ask again. Although she had a bad childhood, she was still very optimistic and strong. Although she lived alone in this city, he could see that she worked hard and did not have a negative state. It’s hard to come by.

“Stop in front of the red sign in front.” Sandy said.

Peter drove the car to the front, stopped under the red sign, and Sandy pushed the car door down.

She stood here waiting for Peter to come over and said, “I used to work in this shop and I knew the owner of this shop, and their specialty roast duck is super delicious.”

Although the location of this shop is not very good, but the place is very big, the decoration is very unique and clean.

“We are a bit late, there are a lot of people at noon, let’s go in.” Sandy said with a smile.

Peter nodded and entered the shop because it was past the peak of the meal and there were many empty spaces. Sandy chose a position against the floor-to-ceiling windows.

“Yeah, it’s Sandy.” The waiter came over and saw that she said hello.

Sandy smiled and said, “Yes, didn’t it mean that the employees have discounts for meals here, don’t forget to give me discounts later.”

“Okay.” The waiter cast her gaze on Peter, and cast an ambiguous smile at Sandy, “This is you…”

“My uncle.” Sandy interrupted her hurriedly.

“I thought it was your boyfriend. Here, let’s order.” The waiter handed them the menu.

“Let me have something, I know what is delicious here.” Sandy volunteered.

Peter put down the menu.

“This, this and this, this, it’s here.” Sandy handed her the menu.

“Okay, I will serve you soon.” The waiter smiled and said to Sandy.

After the waiter left, Sandy poured water and put it in front of Peter, “You drink some water first.”

Peter took a sip, and after a while the service came up, Sandy ordered four, and the waiter brought five. “This is a dish that the boss knows that you brought the guests and sent extra.”

Arrange the dishes and the waiter puts away the tray, “You use it slowly.” After speaking, walk away.

The specialty here is the crispy roast duck. The skin is crispy and the meat is tender and juicy. She took a piece of dough wrapped in duck meat and asked, “Do you like dessert or spicy?”

Peter said, “Spicy, sweet ones should be preferred by girls.”

“Who said that, girls nowadays prefer spicy.” Sandy dipped a piece in hot sauce, wrapped a bag and handed it to Peter’s mouth, “Try it.”

Peter looked down at the duck meat he handed to his mouth. He seemed too close to him. He felt uncomfortable, “You eat it, I will pack it myself.”

“Why, do you think my hands are dirty? They were washed when I poured water for you.” Sandy smiled and said, “Let’s eat.”

Peter had to open his mouth. When Sandy sent him to his mouth, her finger accidentally touched his lips with a very soft touch. She hurriedly took it back and put her hand under the table.

She looked at him expectantly and asked, “How is it, is it delicious?”

Peter nodded, just touched him briefly just now and felt it, but pretended as if nothing had happened, “It tastes good, not greasy.”

It’s really delicious. The average roast duck skin will have a lot of fat, but this roast is crispy, the meat inside is not old, and it is dipped in spicy sauce.

Every time you chew it will have a different experience. The fusion of meat and noodles will not get bland and there is no greasy meat, crispy skin and very fragrant.

“Try the sweet sauce, it’s also delicious.” Sandy put the sweet sauce in front of him, and Peter, like her, first picked up a piece of dough, sandwiched pieces of duck meat, dipped in sweet sauce, and placed it in the dough. Wrap it and put it in your mouth in one bite. Different dips and different flavors are all delicious.

“You are quite good at eating.” Peter commented.

“I only know that I was working here. I didn’t have the money to spend it.” Sandy said with a smile, and soon her conversation changed. “Do you have any requirements for your future wife? Will you ask for it? Good family background, good job or something?”

When she was at Edward’s house, what the woman said and what Peter had today was the same as her father’s deeds.

But she felt that these were all his own efforts.

She really wants to be a woman who can help him.

“Similar to my age, good looks are fine. As for family background and work, there are no requirements, just get along.” Peter said lightly. He has no longing for his partner. Getting married is just because his age has arrived.

This requirement is really not high, but it is very high for Sandy. First of all, the age is much different.

Sandy picked up food for him, “I want to change my major, so I might as well go to the police school.”

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