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Chapter 873

“You to me…”

“Mr. Josh, please don’t say anything weird in front of me, I don’t have time to listen.” After speaking, she shouted to the kitchen to help her mother make dinner.

Harrison clenched his hands into fists and smiled on his face, “Are you trying to avoid me? If you really let go, you should be able to face me calmly. It’s easy to misunderstand you.”

“You are ridiculous!” Alecia said coldly.

Suddenly Harrison stood up, put his arms on both sides of the sofa, lowered his gaze, “Yes, I am ridiculous!”

Alecia pretended to be calm, “Please get out of the way!”

Samantha stretched her head out when she heard Alecia’s voice, and saw Harrison retract his head again, pretending to hear nothing.

Xenia saw her not going out and said, “Didn’t Miss Alecia call you? Why aren’t you going out?”

Samantha hurriedly made a hush gesture to Xenia and whispered, “I can’t go out now.”

“Why?” Xenia didn’t know the relationship between Alecia and Harrison, but Samantha knew it, so she explained it to her, “She is having an awkward relationship with Harrison, and now the two are talking. I’m not going to bother, so I should give them some space.”

Xenia also whispered, “So they are lovers.”

Samantha nodded.

In the living room, Alecia turned around and didn’t see her coming out, feeling a little flustered, and wanted to yell, “Mother Sman…”

Harrison just said a word, he was silent, his eyes were deep, “Since you have no feelings for me, don’t avoid me.”

Alecia pushed him away, “Are you crazy?”

Harrison was pushed back two steps, his calf hit the coffee table, his body swayed before he stood firmly, “I want to be a neurotic too, but I can’t do it!”

He stepped forward and squatted in front of Alecia, “Alecia, stop torturing me, okay?”

Alecia held the armrest of the sofa with her hands tightly, her body trembling slightly, “You are so funny, I tortured you, who do you think you are…”

Before she could finish her words, she was blocked by Harrison again. This time she used her mouth instead of hands.

Alecia’s eyes widened.

Harrison ignored her and k!ssed her hard.

Alecia was just slightly stunned for a second, then pushed him hard, “Harrison, you ba5tard!”

“I am indeed not a human being. You can punish me anyway, but you must give me an answer.” Harrison shook her hand, “You say your punishment, if I did it, you will give me a chance to start again.”

“Impossible!” Alecia refused without even thinking about it.

In this life, she can’t get better with any man. It’s pretty good to be alive. How can she still have the strength to talk about relationships?

“I will marry anyone, ugly or short, but it won’t be you Harrison Josh.” Every word and every word of her is determined, without any emotion.

Harrison’s heart suddenly stopped beating.

No matter how much enthusiasm there is, it will be poured cold.

“You, you treat me…”

Alecia said horribly, “I’ve said it many times, right? You stalker, do you know how annoying a person like you is?”

“Alecia, it will hurt me. If you do this, it will really make me give up.” Harrison’s eyes were red.

“Have you ever been kind to me? I thank you for giving up. I am troubled and disgusted by your entanglement. Thank you so much for letting me go!”

She stood up from the sofa, ignoring the wound that was not completely healed. Looking at Harrison, her eyes were also covered with moisture, faintly, gently, uncontrollably, “Do you know? I especially want to slap you hard to relieve my hatred. You don’t know how much I hate you!”

She hates him.

She hates him.

Harrison repeated these words over and over again in his heart.

Her words were too piercing, Harrison’s eyes burst with light, and his lips trembled a few times, as if choked by a strong cold wind, he spoke after a while, “I’ll fight for you.”


He slammed his palm severely and looked at Alecia, “Is this enough?”

Alecia didn’t expect that he would actually beat himself, standing in a dazed manner, tumbling up and down in his heart, as if his internal organs had moved.

“If you feel that slapping me will make you calm and feel comfortable, then I don’t care.” He took Alecia’s hand and threw it to his face again. He tried hard, and Alecia felt the numbness in her palm.

When he was about to shake it a second time, Alecia clenched her hand into a fist, and squeezed in the opposite direction, “Be crazy, you are crazy alone. Don’t take me.”

“No, I must take you. Even if you stabbed me all over, I will pester you, Alecia, I tell you, you never want to get rid of me in this life!” Harrison paused and finished. He smiled, “Whether you say I am crazy or cheap, I am such a skinless and faceless person. You want me to stop pestering you. There are only two possibilities. One is that I lose my memory and forget you. The second is to die!”

Alecia couldn’t control her emotions either. Her tears were like rushing seawater, constantly pouring out, one wave after another strong, her heart was broken, and she was still trying her best, “You think I will give you a chance if you do this. You are dreaming!”

After speaking, she limped to the room.

Harrison was at a loss for a second, and quickly reacted to catch up with her and hugged her up, “The injury on your foot is not yet complete. Walking like this will cause secondary injury. I will hold you.”

Her weight is much lighter than before.

“I don’t need you to hold. You let me go!” Alecia struggled wildly, beating his chest.

“You are not afraid to make everyone worry about making trouble.” No matter how hard she struggles, Harrison will not let go.

When he arrived in the house, he closed the door, he put Alecia on the bed and held her hand forcefully in spite of Alecia’s rejection, “It doesn’t matter whether you hate me, bother me, or hate me, I don’t care.”

“I have decided. I will not listen to you in the future. I will pursue you again in my own way. Your refusal is your business, and my pursuit is my business. I can’t let you accept me, and you can’t convince me to give up on you.”

Alecia’s tears rolled down, and the five fingerprints on his face could be seen vaguely in confusion, choked up, “Do you think you are like this, I will accept you again?”

“I didn’t ask you to accept me, but I have the right to pursue someone I like, you can’t control it!”

Harrison stood up and tidied up the messy collar that was torn by her. He stood straight and smiled very gentlemanly. “I will introduce myself first. My surname is Josh and my name is Harrison. Now I run a law firm.”

“I can guarantee that my future wife will be rich and wealthy, but she will have no worries about food and clothing. I have no parents and only an elderly grandmother. This is my situation. Although it is not very good, it is not too bad.

You Miss Alecia, I like you very much. I decided to pursue you from this moment. It is everyone’s right to pursue happiness. You can refuse, but you can’t let me stop pursuing you.”

“It doesn’t matter whether you think I am shameless or senseless. I just stick to my heart and don’t want to regret it, so no one has the right to stop me from insisting on love.”

Alecia couldn’t speak, just crying hard.

Harrison wiped her tears, “Don’t cry, I will feel distressed.”

“Why are you forcing me!” Alecia yelled at him.

“I’m very clear, I’m just sticking to my own heart, no one can interfere!” Harrison touched her face and wiped her tears, “You cry like this, and I will mistake you for feeling soft-hearted.”

Chapter 874

“You get out!” Alecia was not scrupulous about occasions, and was hysterical with him long ago.

Harrison didn’t move, looking at her, “Alecia…”

“Do you want me to die in front of you before I will give up?!” She clutched her chest, her heart could hardly breathe.

It hurts, it hurts, she feels like she’s going to die.

Harrison didn’t dare to force her too much, and slowly stood up, “I’ll give you time.”

After speaking, he walked out of the room. After closing the door, Alecia’s crying inside seemed to be louder, unscrupulous because there was no one. Carla on the second floor stood at the top of the stairs and sighed slightly when she saw Harrison coming out. Screamed.

Just now, their movement is so big that everyone knows it, but everyone is very acquainted and didn’t come out.

Ryan hugged her, “Don’t look.”

Carla followed him back to the bedroom, “I want to ask you one thing, you have to answer me truthfully.”

“Well, you say it.”

“If I can’t have a baby, will you treat me as well as you do now?” Carla looked up at him.

Ryan looked at her, “What are you talking about?”

The children are so old, there is no answer to this hypothetical question?

Why is she so strange today, asking such naive questions?

The naive equivalent is that many women ask their boyfriend the same question as who he will save first when he falls into the water at the same time as her.

“I’m asking you, you must answer me truthfully.” Carla reluctantly grabbed his collar and must ask him to give her an answer.

Ryan looked down at her little hand holding his collar and said, “No, you won’t be able to conceive. I still like you, but there will be regrets.”

If two people who love each other are together and don’t have a child, it will be a kind of regret. As long as he doesn’t have Iris and Alan in his life, he will not accept it.

Carla slowly let go, yes, you can fall in love, but there will definitely be regrets. Having children is a process that every couple should go through. It is also a stage in a woman’s life to become a mother, and it is also a man’s experience. Excited when become a father.

She lowered her eyes, what should Alecia do in the future?

Ryan realized that her emotions were wrong, “What’s wrong with you?”

She shook her head, “It’s okay.”

But she didn’t look okay, Ryan lowered his head and k!ssed her lips, Carla glared at him with frowning.

He laughed, “You look ugly, don’t frown.”

Carla hit his chest, “You are ugly!”

“Where am I ugly?” He raised an eyebrow.

Carla said, “You are ugly everywhere.”

After speaking, he walked into the room quickly, tried to close the door, and shut him out. However, Ryan moved quickly against the door, but he did not dare to use force, for fear of accidentally hurting the child in her stomach, his hand was blocked by the door frame. Carla didn’t dare to close it, and he would be caught in his hand.

“You go out.” Carla pretended to be angry.

“Don’t go out.” Ryan’s attitude is also firm, “Don’t make trouble.”

“Who told you to call me ugly?” Carla continued to pretend to be angry, “I decided to draw a line with you. This is my room. You are not allowed to come in.”

Ryan, “…”

He immediately admitted, “You are not ugly, I am ugly, I am ugly.”

Carla was ridiculed by his attitude, relieved his hand, and said that Ryan took the opportunity to push the door and walked in, lying on the bed with h3r in his arms, breaking her head, letting her look at him, because she said she said herself. Looking ugly and brooding, “Am I really ugly?”

Carla thought it was funny. He could be upset because of such a thing. She smiled and said, “You are so ugly, and I don’t despise you.”

Ryan, “…”

“Do you really think I look ugly?”

Carla said badly, “Yeah.”

“Do you think that a lot of people like you, you just look handsome? Actually, it’s because you are richer. Nowadays, women are too poor and love rich. The same is true for me. I like you to be rich.”

Ryan was angry and laughed, “Doesn’t your heart hurt if you belittle your husband like this?”

Carla smiled and asked, “What is the heart? I may not have it.”

Ryan squeezed her cheek, put the person in his arms and chuckled, “Naughty.”

Carla’s face pressed against his heart, and said in a low voice, “Thank you for making me happy.”

Ryan sighed, but still couldn’t let her let go of her worries, and said, “Let’s talk about it, what is it that makes you worry so much?”

Carla was holding his collar uneasy, and she could think that if she couldn’t give birth to a child for Ryan, she would be uncomfortable.

She is a woman who understands Alecia’s feelings. Alecia is unwilling to face her own shortcomings or Harrison.

Ryan lowered his eyes and looked at her grasping his collar hand, and patted her A55, “It’s a horrible fairy.”

Carla stared at him, “I am a fairy, what are you?”

He said without hesitation, “You are a fairy, and I am a man who is confused by a fairy.” He raised the hair around her ears, as if someone knew why she was depressed, and asked, “Is it because of Alecia?”

She nodded.

Now Ryan fully understood, why she suddenly asked him such a question.

He comforted his wife, “Everyone has his own life, don’t worry too much.”

How could Carla fail to understand that this is an irreversible thing, and the only thing that can be done is to accept it, but it can’t stop the sadness.

Sad for Alecia.

At this moment, Samantha came up and knocked on the door, “Supper is ready.”

Samantha’s voice came in through the door.

Carla didn’t want to get up lazily.

“How about I bring it up for you to eat?” Ryan saw her fatigue.

Carla laughed, how could she let him serve food for herself when there are guests at home, “Next time there is no one, you will cook for me.”

“Okay, I will wash my hands and make soup for you in the future.” Ryan chuckled lightly, as if he couldn’t help it.

So, just accept it.

It is estimated that Samantha had called, and Peter also came out with the two children. He looked at the slap marks on Harrison’s face and touched his nose, thinking in his heart, what does this guy think? There are dazzling marks on his face, why don’t you leave and don’t be afraid of embarrassment.

Harrison saw his unnatural appearance, touched his cheeks, smiled generously, “I still have someone beaten, I don’t even beat you, it’s you who should be embarrassed.”

After speaking, he took Iris’s hand and said, “Go, let’s wash our hands and eat.”

Peter, “…”

Ryan patted him on the shoulder, “How come you remember, come here today.”

Peter looked at him strangely, “Didn’t you ask me and Harrison to come over for dinner?”

Ryan’s face was obviously an expression he hadn’t called.

Peter reacted quickly and said with a smile, “That kid lied to me.”

It took great pains to chase Alecia.

Xenia started to serve food, and everyone was sitting at the table. When Carla hesitated to go to the room to see Alecia, Harrison said, “Sister-in-law.”

Carla asked back, “Anything?”

“Alecia definitely doesn’t want to come out to eat, you help me prepare some food, and I will take it in for her.”

Carla glanced at him and said, “Come in with me.”

Harrison followed her into the kitchen.

Carla asked Xenia to go out first, and she said a few words to Harrison.

Xenia washed her hands and walked out of the kitchen. There was no one, so she said, “Harrison.”

“Well, sister-in-law.” Harrison’s attitude was very good, and he guessed why she might have called him in, “You want to ask me about Alecia.”

Carla nodded, “Harrison.” She hesitated to say something and then decided how to say to him in her heart.

Harrison said, “The relationship between you and Alecia is like relatives. I called you sister-in-law, and I have never treated you as an outsider. So, you can say anything.”

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