The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1694

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Chapter 1694

“I am not like you, how can I join the enemy camp! Impossible!”

Rovena was resolute.

Marty Bates sneered coldly: “That’s not up to you!”

“You are my woman, the husband sings and the wife accompanies, wherever I go, you have to follow me! Come here, look after Rovena! I’m going to dominate the league!”

“Do not…”

“I do not…”

Although Rovena tried her best to refuse.

But still controlled by the other party.

Dominate the base camp of the Alliance West Theater.

Richard and all the top executives are here.

Everyone is discussing the next step.

Hearing Marty Bates surrendering with sincerity, Richard and others all smiled.

Unexpected, also expected.

When he saw Marty Bates, Richard smiled: “There are still smart people! Everyone can cooperate. Why should we be opponents and sacrifice in vain?”

“Haha, we all figured it out. Want to join the Domination League!”

“But we have the conditions…”

Marty Bates explained the conditions for surrender.

“These conditions are too easy for us, so let me promise, when Velador is captured, you are eligible to divide Velador! You want land, have land, and you want resources, have resources!”

“After all, Velador has a lot of resources, and it is difficult for us to eat! It’s not bad for you!”

“I can also give you a contract, a promise guarantee!”

In the end, Marty Bates hit it off with Dominant Alliance.

Tens of thousands of forces, including the medical king family, have chosen to join the Dominant Alliance.

Marty Bates brought the news back for the first time.

“Haha, it’s great, it is full of sincerity to Dominant Alliance. Join them, we will get more benefits!”

“Are you sure you won’t be with us? We want to drink spicy food, you can only wait to die!”

The King Doctor also asked Wayne, several people.

“Traitor, traitor!”

“We are not ashamed to be with you!”

“Guys who betrayed the ancestors, hurry up! You will not end well!”

Wayne said angrily.

The traitors laughed.

They looked at Wayne and the others mockingly: “Whose is it that ended up miserably? Hahaha! Wait for your death!”

Marty Bates came to Rovena deliberately and smiled: “Let’s go, follow me to join the Domination League!”

“Bah, what qualifications do you have? Get out, I don’t want to see you!”

Rovena scolded.

“You are my wife, of course, you have to listen to me!”

Marty smiled.

“When am I your wife? The wedding was never successful!”

Rovena was unwilling in every possible way.

Marty smiled greedily: “From the moment we held the wedding, I believe that you are my wife. No matter how far the wedding is, you are my wife!”

“In this life you don’t want to get rid of me, wherever I go, you have to follow wherever I go! From now on, you will also be the one who rules the alliance. Don’t talk about surrender and being a traitor!

“Come, let’s go!”

Rovena struggled wildly.

But it is of no use at all.

Marty dragged her away abruptly.

Soon, tens of thousands of people surrendered and joined the Domination League.

The Dominant Alliance held a grand welcome ceremony.

Between four and five lines of defense.

There are only dozens of forces led by Wayne and others.

They add up to a few thousand people.

Next, thousands of them guard here.

The situation is unprecedentedly difficult.

“Even if my brothers die, we must guard!”

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