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Chapter 1695

Wayne and others are ready to sacrifice.

Even if they die, they are at least worthy of their ancestors!

In this era, interests are paramount and money is paramount.

But there are still some things.

For some “ridiculous” beliefs, some people are willing to sacrifice…

The medical king family and other forces joined the camp of Dominant Alliance.

At first, they were quite scary, and they were always vigilant.

They are afraid that as soon as they join the Dominant Alliance, the opponent will immediately attack.

Get rid of them completely.

But soon everyone discovered that worry was unnecessary.

The Domination League welcomes them to join.

Of course, Dominant Alliance consumes a lot of money, and if there is one less enemy, there will be one less.

The King Doctor led everyone to meet Richard and others.

“Huh? Ordinary people?”

Seeing Richard, everyone was shocked.

No one thought that the person in power who dominated the alliance turned out to be an ordinary person.


It turned out that it was ordinary people who controlled hundreds of thousands of warriors and millions of troops to fight.

Not long ago, he heard that ordinary people have invented weapons that can k!ll the supreme-level powerhouses.

Are ordinary people so scary?

Co-authored, the warriors who destroy the world are all chess pieces.

It is ordinary people who control everything.

Hearing this, Richard smiled and said: “I am indeed an ordinary person! But I can become a martial artist in minutes!”

Richard relies on technology.

As long as he presses the watch, he immediately becomes an existence similar to Iron Man.

The whole body is the most powerful mecha.

There are even reactors.

Possess a powerful attack and defense.

Not to mention that Richard is not at the helm.

He is also a chess piece.

He comes from one of the most mysterious laboratories in the Warhawk Kingdom.

His younger brother Jefferson had his body mutilated by the bombing, but he relied on the technology of this laboratory to come back to life…

The establishment of the Dominant Alliance is the common will of this laboratory and others.

Richard and the others are just concrete pawns.

Hearing what Richard said, the warriors were shocked.

Can an ordinary person compete with them in an instant?

Not even the most powerful magic medicine of the family of medical kings.

“I’m glad you can join the Domination League!”

“Everyone has seen our sincerity, right?”

Richard asked.

“I see, the sincerity is too much!”

The Medical King was even arranged to be one of the helms of the Dominant Alliance.

“It’s time to show your sincerity!”

Richard smiled.

“Huh? How to show it?”

The doctor asked.

“I have no other choice. What if you surrender and pretend to join us and attack us from the inside?”

“No, how could we be fake!”

Everyone immediately retorted.

Richard smiled: “Then you have to take some practical actions to see!”

“There are still people guarding the fourth line of defense, right?”

The Medical King nodded their heads: “Well, someone is guarding!”

“Do you know how many people are left and the distribution of strength?”

“It couldn’t be clearer!”

Marty Bates nodded fiercely.

“To show your sincerity, let you get rid of them! Isn’t it simple? With your strength, the battle will be resolved within an hour!”


The King Doctor and the others were taken aback.

They surrendered without hesitation.

But going to k!ll those compatriots who are fighting side by side is a bit unbearable.

“This is your task, and it is also your first battle to join the Dominant Alliance! Think it over!”

Richard couldn’t help but excite when he saw everyone hesitate.

“Okay, leave it to us!”

Marty Bates agreed.

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