His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2108

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Chapter 2108

Hearing Christian’s usual indifferent tone, Ameli Su really wanted to throw away all the pillows on the sofa. It’s a pity that this person is very handsome even if he looks shameless, with a grin. Like shining inside, he said to Ameli Su, “Don’t worry, I will follow you wherever you go in the future, no matter what the situation, I will be with you.”

Ameli Su pouted, “I didn’t agree.”

“You can disagree.” Putting down the tableware, Christian came to Ameli Su, held her hand, and pressed her hand to his chest, “You have the right to refuse me ten thousand times.”

“But this It won’t weaken my love for you.”

Ameli Su gasped almost inaudibly when these words landed.

Christian looked at Ameli Su earnestly, “Although I don’t look like a person at ordinary times, I am also very serious, Ameli Su, give me a chance to be with you. Even if you have a new boyfriend in the future, I also want to Seeing you happy.”

At least for the rest of his life, he doesn’t want to hurt her again.

Ameli Su’s eyes gradually blushed, she took out her hand and said to Christian, “Don’t you come to this suit!” Have n’t all the ups and downs passed? Everyone seemed to have a happy ending to each other. Luo Youyou and Kurosawa chose not to marry and raise their children together. Alisha Lan & Sherry Xu ware also preparing for the arrival of a new life. Lemuel Chu returned to the lonely throne, gritted his teeth and swept all the turmoil. Back on track.

No one knows what Lemuel Chu was thinking in the middle of the night alone, whether it was loneliness or not.

However, with his sister accompanied, he will not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Now that everything is over, they have already withdrawn from the thrilling love and hatred, so why…she still feels pain and sadness for these words?

Ameli Su wiped her eyes, “Then what if I don’t want to get married?”

“That’s just right.” Christian raised his head and glanced at the ceiling. “I’m not getting married. Let’s live together, like a high school. I can still cook for you now.”

Ameli Su felt something blurred in her eyes. It kept overflowing from her eyes.

Don’t want to show Christian, don’t want to lose to his own weakness.

The last thing that broke all of this was an emergency call late at night, and Sherry Xu screamed, “It’s over Christian, Qiqi Qiqi dystocia, what can we do!!!”

Sherry Xu’s roar was too loud, and Christian did not open public. Ameli Su, who was on the opposite side, heard it, and the two looked at each other, and immediately cleared up each other’s emotions. They threw down their chopsticks and grabbed the door in the middle of the meal!

Alisha Lan, Alisha Lan has difficulty giving birth?

Ameli Su still remembered that she met Christian on the plane when she was planning to travel abroad. At that time, Alisha Lan had been pregnant for a few months. After half a year of traveling, plus one or two months of study, it was time to arrive in Alisha Lan. The days of birth on July 7 have even been a little over.

“The child has not come out …… more than two weeks of the expected date of birth.” To the hospital, Xu Min holy hands nervously intertwined kept shaking, “Today, finally …… finally gave birth, but doctors say dystocia ……”

from I have never seen Sherry Xu in such a panic. Since he was pregnant with Alisha Lan for so long, he has been under pressure to become a qualified family cook to take care of Qiqi’s daily life, for fear of something wrong.

Now, his face paled by the doctor’s sentence that he could not give birth smoothly. He said, “If you have a Caesarean section, will you not have to suffer?”

“You can try, don’t worry, now the medicine is so advanced.” Ameli Su comforted. Then, “Qiqi’s willpower is very strong, she will be fine…”

“Is it not good for me to make decisions without authorization?” Sherry Xu kept getting up and sitting down nervously. He became a father for the first time. I don’t have the qualifications to decide whether to go on to give birth or change to a Caesarean section. Shouldn’t this be the opinion of Qiqi?”

Older generations of mother-in-laws often control their daughter-in-law’s right to have children. When this happens, they will not allow painkillers or C-sections. They say that they give birth to stupid children. In fact, they are just rumors, and it is the pregnant woman inside who really suffers.

After thinking about it, Sherry Xu grabbed Mo Zaixi’s hand by the side, “Mo Zaixi, you and your doctor friend tell Qiqi to discuss with the doctor, they can do what they want to do. I am a man. I don’t know anything, so I don’t want to be mad, I just want her to suffer less…”

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