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Chapter 893

“What do you want to do?” Carla sensed her intentions.

But not sure.

“Let him give up, because I have a man.” Alecia said without evasiveness.

Carla frowned and looked at her incredulously, “How can you use this method? You should tell him clearly…”

“You asked me to tell him, is my body defective?” Alecia interrupted her, if she could say it, she would have said it a long time ago.

Will not wait until now.

“Second Uncle is alone, and I am also alone. It’s actually pretty good to live together as a group.”


“Are you serious?” Carla couldn’t believe her ears.

Alecia nodded, “Yes, I actually wanted to do this a long time ago, just because the injury was not healed, and the second uncle was not there, so…”

This was simply caught off guard, and she didn’t know how to talk about Alecia. She stood up and said, “I need to calm down.”

After that she went out.

Alecia knew that she was worried about her, driving herself to a dead-end, cutting off all the possibilities with Harrison.

But she has made up her mind, and no one can waver.

“Don’t worry about me, instead of letting me live under pressure, it’s better to come out easily.” Alecia called her.

Even if it wasn’t Harrison, what could she do if she fell in love with another man?

A person with a physical defect will always make her feel ashamed of her lover. Instead of living in guilt, it is better to be more chic and live alone, or with someone who will not put you under pressure.

As long as you don’t agree with the one you love.

Carla stopped, did not persuade her, did not stop her, she was an adult, she knew what she was doing, she could not interfere.

“There is still time. You should think carefully. Once you do this, you will really push Harrison away.” Carla didn’t say much. She will have to go on her own in the future, and no one can call the shots for her. The only thing she can do is remind her.

“I know, I think very clearly.” Alecia thought about it carefully, her body can’t drag others down, and it’s not difficult for her.

Not talking about feelings with others is the best life state.

“Just think about it yourself.”

Carla walked out of her room after speaking.

Nelson and Kurtis went out with the two children. The villa was quiet. She went upstairs and felt a little confused.

She feels that Alecia is too ill-conceived to do this, but she has to respect her. She understands how it feels that a woman cannot have children for her beloved man.

So she can’t say anything, maybe she and Harrison have no relationship.

Today, it is also destined to be unstable.

From time to time, people broke the news on the Internet, and the popularity has not diminished at all, but it has become more and more intense.

In the hospital, the fainted mother Carr woke up. During her lifetime, she gave birth to seven children. Now there are only two beside her, the eldest and the sixth, the second, the third and the fifth.

They basically have a clear line with the Carr family. Dexter went in. There are three children in the fifth family who need to take care of them and cannot come out, and her husband does not want her to interact with Carr’s family.

She is powerless and wants to help, but she is a womanly family. For the sake of her children, she can’t fall out with her husband. It’s really troublesome. When she got up, the family was separated, and her children did not have a father, so her children were too pitiful, so they could only stay away from Carr’s family.

For the consummation of her family.

The sixth child is different from the five sisters above. Although she was raised outside, she went abroad to study as an adult. She has excellent grades and has a good job after graduation. She is a female vice president in a foreign company, a storng woman.

She still has feelings for my parents.

She and her eldest sister have been running outside, and the uncles and aunts who used to go to the house often disappeared behind closed doors for various reasons to say that there is no time.

In fact, they were all excuses. Seeing that Carr’s family was about to lose, they drew a clear line.

This world is like this. When you are beautiful, there are many people who are icing on the cake, and very few people give charcoal in the snow.

Seeing the truth in adversity, it’s true that they were once flattered by others, and now all people avoid them from taking care of snakes and scorpions.

Seeing them is like seeing a ghost.

Mr. Carr was locked up, very mysterious, they couldn’t see it at all, and only saw Dexter after entrusting a lot of people.

After Dexter stayed inside for a whole night, he seemed to be awake a lot. It was not when the accident had just happened that his mind was in a mess, and he thought about some things clearly.

His only enemy is Ryan.

However, he couldn’t understand how his father’s old things were turned out.

While his sister came to see him, he told his guess that this matter was related to Ryan, or that he did it.

“Did you offend him?” the sixth oldest Silvia Carr asked.

Dexter downplayed, “Some conflicts have occurred.”

“Some conflicts have occurred?” Silvia sneered, obviously not believing that if it was just a small matter, would people be so hard-working and make such a big noise? Pushing Carr’s family on the road to absolute crash?

“What the h3ll did you do?” Silvia snapped, “You are not telling the truth, who can save you?”

These elder sisters, only the sixth can hold Dexter.

Dexter lowered his eyes, “At first it was because of a little incident, I helped Elden a little bit. Originally it was just kidnapping. Later, I accidentally got into a car accident and k!lled someone.”

“You know, it was Ryan’s stepmother. Later he framed me, so can I give up? I just got on with him, arrested the people next to his wife and framed his friends…”

“Are you an idiot?” Silvia couldn’t help but scolded him. Because of other people’s affairs, he got into trouble. What is it that if not an idiot?

“Now the entire Carr family is going to be defeated in your hands. What are you doing as an enemy? You arrest someone from the family, frame their friends, and if they don’t move you, do you shrink your head and become a grandson?” Silvia wanted to slap him in particular. Slap twice.

“Who is he? Don’t you know? Haven’t heard of him? Is he the kind of bully?” Silvia vigorously held his chest, because she was too angry, her face turned into a cyan.

It can be seen how angry she is.

Dexter bowed his head and said nothing.

He regretted it, but just couldn’t swallow that breath at the time.

“Who knows that Dad did such a thing when he was young? He hurt himself…”


Before he could finish his words, Silvia slapped him and shouted angrily, “You still can’t see clearly? It’s because of you that people will find Dad’s handle.”

At this time someone came and said it was time.

Dexter felt scared, and pulled the hem of the two sisters, “Eldest Sister, Sixth Sister, you have to save me, I can’t stay here anymore, it’s not a place for people to stay at all.”

“We will save you.” The boss endured his tears, Dexter still didn’t know the situation outside, and now it is really bad luck.

The above obviously requires a rigorous investigation, otherwise, a special case team will not be formed, and outsiders will not be able to intervene at all.

Even if a few brothers-in-laws are willing to help, it is futile and may be involved. The above attitude is very clear. Once the evidence is conclusive, for all the people involved, the punishment will not be light.

When Silvia and her eldest sister left the detention center, they immediately inquired about Ryan’s contact information through their contacts.

She immediately dialed the number, and after the call was connected, a woman picked it up. Just as she wanted to speak, the elder sister snatched the phone and hung up.

She looked at the eldest sister, and said dissatisfied, “What are you doing?”

“Things have reached this point. Do you think it’s useful to find him? Is there still room for maneuver?”

Chapter 894

Yes, things have reached this point, obviously, there is no way to recover, unless time goes back or there is a miracle.

“You say, what should I do now?” Silvia looked at the eldest sister.

The Carr family seemed to be a huge family, but something really happened, so there wasn’t much that could help.

The children are not raised together, the relationship is not deep, and the daughter is quite disagreeable with the parents. It is normal that everyone is not united if such a thing occurs.

“The youngest…”

“Don’t think about it. Didn’t the third sister say it very clearly that day? She wouldn’t be willing to help, and she blamed her parents. At that time, if they showed more care and love to the sisters, they wouldn’t be so decisive.”

“In the eyes of the two elders, the son is the most important thing. If you don’t know that the sky is high and the earth is thick, you will get into trouble.”

Silvia can understand the behavior of the sisters, “We also have to prepare for the worst. If we can keep him out, we will do our best. Go and save this son for them.”

The eldest sister thought so too, “Let’s go see mother and discuss with her.”

Silvia nodded.

At ten o’clock at noon, when Carla was ready to go out, Alecia asked her, “Are you going to pick up second uncle?”

Carla nodded, “He just came here and he is definitely not familiar with the environment here. I will pick him up.”

“I’ll go, you tell me the agreed place, then we will go straight to it.”

Carla looked at her and asked again, “Did you really think about it?”

Alecia nodded, “Really.”

Carla has no choice but to follow her, “That line, the restaurant not far from the company.”

Alecia smiled at her, “The way you frown is not so cute, don’t frown, I think about it, and I will be responsible for my actions, so don’t worry about me.”

Carla reached out and hugged her, “As long as you feel comfortable.”

In fact, what she said is also reasonable. Life does not give her pressure. If she is with a lover, she feels more pressured, so it is better to be more relaxed after separation.

After Alecia left, Carla also left the villa and went to the company to find Ryan in advance.

And Ryan was not in the office, but in the reception room to discuss things with others. Although there was a lot of noise and attention was paid to him, he still should not take it lightly and watch the progress of the situation while observing the direction of the wind.

Carla didn’t ask the secretary to notify, but waited in the office.

Ryan finished talking with others. When he came back, he heard from the secretary desk that Carla had come. He speeded up and walked into the office, opened the door and saw her sitting at his desk, watching him on the desk. The files are placed.

In fact, she didn’t understand many professional vocabulary, just bored to pass the time.

When she heard the door opening, she raised her head and saw that she asked, “Are you finished?”

Ryan closed the door and walked in, “Well, it’s coming, why don’t you let the secretary notify me?”

“Aren’t you busy?” Carla wanted to stand up, Ryan pressed her shoulders to prevent her from moving, Carla smiled, “You won’t let me get up, do you want me to sit in this position?”

Ryan leaned back on the edge of the desk, arched his legs, keeping a not too far away from her, “It was originally yours, wasn’t it?”

During the New Year, Nelson gave the shares to his two children and kept them in her custody. Now she is the largest shareholder.

Carla reached out and grabbed his tie and pulled him towards herself, her eyes facing each other, she curled her lips and smiled mischievously, “Then are you working for me now?”

Ryan lowered his eyes to look at her slender fingers wrapped around his tie, showing a helpless look that he had no choice but to say, “I am all yours now. You will sit here in the future and I will serve you.”

Carla smiled, but soon the smile fell back, but Ryan was very cooperative and bent over like this without letting go of his hand.

“Did Harrison pester you to get Alecia out today?” She asked melancholy.

Ryan stretched out his hand to touch her face, and smoothed her frowning eyebrows with his fingers, “What’s the matter? Alecia disagrees?”

She shook her head, “No, remember the last time I asked you, if I can’t have children, would you still love me?”

Ryan’s eyelashes trembled, everything understood. When Carla asked, he had guessed.

“The miscarriage she had in that explosion was severe and she is now barren. She wants to draw a clear line between Harrison. She came here today and may have made it clear with Harrison.”

“Actually, there is nothing wrong with it.”

To make it clear, everyone is well and finds the right person again.

It can’t be said to be a bad choice. After all, a broken mirror is difficult to round, and no matter how much it is repaired, there will be scars.

Better to let go.

Carla looked up at him, “Would you like to talk to Harrison and let him prepare in his heart?”

She was afraid that Harrison would be embarrassed then.

“Just leave it alone.” Ryan bent his body even lower, and said warmly, “Are you going to keep pulling me like this?”

Carla was shocked. She pulled him and didn’t let it go. She pulled the tie out of the suit. She let go of her hand and arranged the tie and neckline for him. “The time is almost the same, shall we pass now?”

“Yeah.” Ryan answered.

He wanted to go there first and get Carla something to eat, fearing that she would lose her appetite after a while.

“Let’s go.” Ryan hugged her waist.

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