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Chapter 895

The two walked into the restaurant, because they had made an appointment, and after they said their names, the waiter took them to a reserved spot.

“The desserts here are good.” The pastry chef of this restaurant was invited by Country F. The desserts are very famous. Many people come here to eat the desserts here.

Carla frowned, “Shall we eat first before people come?”

“You eat a little first.” Ryan said.

Knowing that after Carla was pregnant, she often liked to eat sweets, so he arranged the meeting here, just to let her taste the snacks here, and she rarely came out together.

Carla did not refuse. He felt that the environment here was very elegant and quiet, and the guests coming in and out were very polite.

Here are all male waiters. They are wearing black vests, white shirts, and black collars, standing at the table and handing over the menu.

Ryan opened the menu and asked, “Do you have anything you really want to eat?”

Carla shook her head, “You order.”

Today she didn’t hurt her mouth, and she didn’t have anything she wanted to eat right away.

Ryan was not asking for her opinion, so he ordered two desserts and a glass of goat’s milk.

He closed the menu and handed it to the waiter. “That’s it.”

“We will serve you food soon.” The waiter bent over and backed down.

While waiting, Carla fiddled with a freshly blooming red rose on the table.

Ryan looked at her quietly, feeling that she was like a child at the moment, a little naive and a little cute.

He stretched out his hand to smooth her hair, “Be careful to get your hand.”

The soul of a rose is that it is beautiful, but with piercing thorns.

People who want it will always get hurt.

Carla closed her hand, feeling that this rose is like Alecia now, covered in thorns, but her thorn is only Harrison.

Soon the waiter brought all the desserts.

There are two desserts in total. The first one is lemon tart. Crisp tarts are the mainstream desserts in F country. Lemon tarts are the authentic ones.

The authentic method is to make tart fillings by squeezing yellow lemon juice with cream, sugar, eggs, etc. A bit of yellow lemon zest adds aroma, and the lemon shape made of strawberries and crisp sugar is used as an embellishment.

The combination of lemon and cream is sweet but not greasy. It has the fragrance of lemon and the softness of the cake. The shape is pleasing and the taste is excellent. It is a very popular dessert.

The other is f-type puff pastry. The meringue has to be folded in half six times to make the puff pastry. The baked meringue will be crispy. Each layer of meringue is brushed with wine, with a layer of meringue, and one layer contains vanilla seeds. The custard sauce is layered on top of each other, and the top layer is sprinkled with powdered sugar, dried fruits, and a cup of goat milk. It is nutritious and delicious.

“It looks good.” Carla picked up the spoon, probably because of her pregnancy, she was so greedy.

Especially when she saw the pleasing food, she cut a small piece of lemon tart and put it in her mouth. The taste was soft and had a strong lemon scent. The sweetness was a little sour, not very prominent, just right, not too sweet, a little bit. It’s not greasy, it’s a delicious dessert.

Melaleuca pie tastes good, too.

Maybe it was noon, she was hungry, so she ate quickly.

“You slow down, no one will grab yours.” Ryan pulled a tissue and wiped the cream from the corner of her mouth.

Carla inserted a piece and handed it to his mouth, “Try it.”

“I don’t like sweet food.” Ryan didn’t open his mouth.

Carla said that he was not forgiving, and acted like a baby to him, “You have a bite.”

After speaking, she handed it to his mouth again, and the cream stuck to his lips, Ryan had to open his mouth to eat the dessert she handed to his mouth.

“Take something back to eat for the two children when you leave.” Ryan swallowed the food and said.

Carla nodded, the portion was not large. Just one person had eaten both. She picked up the “milk” next to her, and felt something wrong just after taking a sip. The milk she usually drank was different.

She frowned. “What is this?”

“Goat’s milk.”

Carla, “…”

Compared with cow’s milk, goat’s milk is more nutritious for pregnant women. The volume of fat particles in goat’s milk is one-third of that of cow milk, which is more conducive to human body absorption.”

“Long-term drinking will not cause obesity. Goat’s milk contains higher vitamins and trace elements, for pregnant women, goat’s milk has a high content of vitamin E, which can prevent the oxidation and decomposition of cells and fatty acids in the body, delay skin aging, and increase skin elasticity and luster.

Carla put down the cup.

“Drink.” Ryan picked it up and handed it to her.

She didn’t answer, so she looked at him.

Ryan helplessly said, “It is nutritious, so let’s change the milk at home to this kind of milk.”

“No.” Carla refused decisively.

“Nothing? Did he bully you?”

When Harrison walked in, he heard Ryan’s voice, looked at the cup in Ryan’s hand, and looked at Carla, “What are you doing?”

Carla took the cup in Ryan’s hand, and she had to give Ryan face before others.

“Didn’t Alecia come with you?” Harrison looked around and didn’t see anyone before pulling a chair and sitting down.

Carla didn’t like the smell of goat’s milk, but when Harrison asked this, she subconsciously handed the cup to her mouth, like a shield to hide her not knowing how to answer his words.

After drinking, she frowned.

“Is Alecia unwilling to come out with you?” Harrison asked, pressing down on the disappointment in his heart.

“She’ll be here later.” Carla put down the cup and said.

Hearing that Alecia would come, Harrison immediately opened his eyes and smiled, “Sister-in-law, you have to help me, I really can’t do anything, soft or hard.”

She is like an ice stone, she can’t cover her heat.

“Harrison.” Carla thought for a while, but couldn’t find a suitable word.

Harrison looked at Carla’s hesitation and stopped talking, and became uneasy. “Sister-in-law, what do you want to say? Alecia really has no feelings for me, right?”

Chapter 896

Carla said nothing.

Because she doesn’t know how to tell him, or what language to use.

“Sister-in-law, just tell me if you have something to say, the more you hesitate, the more upset I will be.” Harrison became more and more on pins and needles.

If it was a good thing, Carla would not be so entangled.

Then, there is only one answer, and it is not a good thing to tell.

Carla looked at him, “Every decision Alecia makes has her reasons, don’t you…”

While she was speaking, Harrison’s gaze kept staring out of the glass window. Carla followed his gaze and saw Alecia getting out of the car holding Herman’s arm.

Carla sighed, she did it.

“Sister-in-law.” Harrison’s gaze turned back to Carla, “What’s hard for you to tell is that she actually has another new love, isn’t it?”

Carla said, “You calm down.”

Harrison smiled, leaning back in the chair, “She got an old man to demonstrate to me?”

“I am not demonstrating to you, but I don’t want your dogskin plaster to pester me.”

When he said this, Alecia and Herman walked in together, so if they heard him, they took it up.

Harrison looked at her for two seconds, then suddenly got up and grabbed her wrist, “I have something to tell you.”

“If you have anything, just say it here.”

Alecia tried to free her hand.

Harrison’s eyes were red, and despite her repulsion, he stubbornly pulled the person away.

Alecia struggled all the way, but the strength of men and women was very different. She could not break free of Harrison’s restraint, and was led all the way to the street outside the restaurant.

“Harrison, let me go quickly.” Alecia increased her voice, with a faint sign of anger.

Harrison threw her to the wall in the alley, “Speak, what do you want to do?”

“As you can see.” Alecia looked back at him without any cover.

It’s like expressing how frank she is at the moment.

Harrison squinted, “That old man?”

“I think that being older is much better than yours. Isn’t there a saying that older people know how to not hurt people? It’s just that he is very good at not hurting people, and better than you.” Alecia lied and poked every word.

Harrison’s face was as if burnt by fire, red.

Alecia rubbed his red wrist, “He can give me a sense of security and care for me. Apart from our age difference, there is no contradiction. Besides, what is age in front of true love?”

Ignoring Harrison’s angry face, she continued, “What I regret most is that I didn’t give him an innocent body, but he didn’t despise me, which made me very gratified…”

Suddenly, Harrison grabbed her neck and pressed her against the wall.

Growled at her, “You lie to me!”

Alecia was still cruel, “If you don’t believe me, I can call him out and k!ss him in front of you, or if you want to see a more popular scene, I can prove it to you…”

Harrison stared at her like this, and the red in his eyes gradually formed a thin layer of water vapor. He said dumbly, “Alecia, if you are like this, we are really finished.”

“I’ve finished playing with you a long time ago, it’s just that you can’t see clearly.” Her hand hanging beside her was clenched tightly into a fist.

The nails are almost sinking into the flesh of the palm. The pain can keep her awake, and the pain can keep her calm.

“I, Alecia, good horses don’t turn their heads back, and you and I are absolutely impossible!” While she was hurting Harrison, she was poking her own heart with a knife.

“Good, good, good, good.” Harrison slowly closed his hand, and every time he said good, he told himself in his heart, give up, give up, give up, he quickly turned his head, not wanting Alecia to see the warm water in his eyes sliding down.

He turned his back to her, “I won’t pester you again in the future, you and I… the end of our fate!” After speaking, he stepped away.

Alecia leaned against the wall and didn’t move. Looking at his back, her nose was inexplicably sour. There was a large swath of cotton stuck in her throat, unable to breathe. She could only draw in air with her mouth open, and tears flowed out without fighting for her.

Harrison did not leave but returned to the restaurant, more like proving to Alecia that his heart was really dead, and there would be no waves of trouble facing her.

Herman was complaining to Carla, “I couldn’t help but agree to her.”

Carla knew that Alecia had decided, and she would definitely pester Herman in various ways to help him act.

Herman shook his head, “I really don’t want to. As the saying goes, I would rather demolish ten temples than ruin a marriage. You just turn me into a villain.”

“Since she has decided, you can help her.” Carla said with a sigh.

Herman blinked, “Don’t you persuade her?”

“Can’t.” Why didn’t Carla not want her to sit down with Harrison and have a good talk?

But Alecia has a knot in her heart, and her body’s defects make her unwilling to face emotions at all.

Not to mention Harrison, even if she meets a very good man again, she will not open her heart to talk about feelings.

No solution.

Unless she wants to understand, outsiders can’t help.

“It’s a pity, I think that young man is pretty good.” Herman also made an evaluation of Harrison. Although he didn’t know his ability and personality, first of all, he had a good head.

“It can only be this way.” Herman said helplessly, “What happened to Alecia to do this…”

Carla saw Harrison coming in and patted Herman. Herman immediately knew what she meant, and stopped what he hadn’t finished.

At this moment, Harrison had already adjusted himself, pulling his chair away and sitting down as if nothing had happened.

It’s that kind of careless and dauntless look, “Don’t you still order food?”

Carla looked at him for two seconds, looking like an okay person, but the breath that came out of him was not so easy.

He beckoned and called the waiter, “Order food.”

Soon the waiter came with a few menus.

He took one and didn’t look up and asked, “Ryan, would you like a treat?”

Ryan glanced at him and gave a hmm.

“This, this, this, and this.” As he said, he raised his head and looked at Carla, “Sister-in-law, what do you want to eat? I’ll help you order.”

Carla looked at him and said, “Whatever, I can do anything.”

He added a few dishes, then looked at Ryan, “How about you? I know the taste is weak, I’ll help you order it.”

He ordered two more dishes, and everyone on the table knew that he was broken in love and was in a bad mood, so they let him.

“What about you, elder brother?” Harrison called Herman.

Herman, “…”

He thought to himself, who is your eldest brother? !

But didn’t say it, who let him ‘rob’ someone else’s girlfriend?

“I can do whatever you want.” Herman tugged at the collar of his shirt. It was still his favorite short-sleeved floral shirt, beige trousers, and white lace-up shoes. This is his standard configuration.

His favorite dress.

“Then I’ll help you order.” He said a few more dishes to the waiter.

The waiter remembered, and asked, “Is there anything else needed?”

“That’s it.” He closed the menu and handed it to the waiter.

Alecia came in very late and the dishes were all ready. She came in from the door, with makeup applied on her face, but she could still see that her eyes were red.

Harrison did not look up at her.

Alecia thought that Harrison was gone, but when he saw him there, the emotions that were suppressed, began to tumble again.

She couldn’t do it like nothing had happened to sit here and eat. She was afraid that she would not be able to help it. She stretched out her hand and took Herman’s arm, “I don’t want to eat anymore, you accompany me back.”

Herman looked up at her, obviously as if she had cried. He immediately stood up and said, “Let’s go.”

When he spoke, he took the initiative to put her arms around her shoulders. He was very familiar with her, but had always treated her as a relative, so she didn’t deliberately avoid anything.

She called him second uncle, and that was a relative.

Knowing that she must be uncomfortable at this time, he also wanted to comfort her.

Harrison suddenly raised his head and asked, “Because I am here, you can’t even eat food?”

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