His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2109

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Chapter 2109

Hearing Sherry Xu’s behavior, Christian also became nervous. He happened to see the doctor how to deal with it this time.

However, she secretly glanced at Ameli Su with her left light, she was anxious Alisha Lan, as if she hadn’t considered the future with him at all.

But the problem is not big. Although Christian did not do well, he wanted to be beautiful!

There is still a dream.

After signing the C-section consent form, the medical staff immediately went in to revise the operation plan. Looking at their busy figures, Sherry Xu almost softened his legs and sat down on a bench on one side. He said, “It’s okay. Developed, it should be okay…”

This has been self-comforting, and Christian discovered that Sherry Xu is usually arrogant to the point of invincibility, and now that Alisha Lan undergoes surgery, he is as embarrassed as a child.

It was love that made him feel weak.

Alisha Lan is his weakness, but it is also his indomitable armor.

so good.

It is false to say that it is not envy, Christian accompanied Sherry Xu to sit on the side and pressed his shoulders hard, trying to give him strength in this way, “It’s okay, it will be okay…”

Sherry Xu folded his hands together. Fingers intertwined and trembling said, “Christian, do you know that, this feeling… I can’t wait to suffer that crime for Alisha Lan. I knew I wouldn’t have a baby. How could it be so painful? I didn’t dare to think about it. In case the point of something, if only to leave me and the children, I can not do anything to raise the baby, I think the child will think of a baby blue seventy-seven …… too painful, too painful …… ” said Sherry Xu’s tears came down as he said, “I knew I would take such a big risk to have a child, I shouldn’t have let Alisha Lan get pregnant!”

Ameli Su felt distressed when she heard that, Sherry Xu was really uncomfortable for Alisha Lan. , He was left at the door and could only accept the result, and he couldn’t help him with anything else. He felt that he was too useless.

“Alisha Lan certainly doesn’t want you to be so sad, you have to cheer up.” Ameli Su thought for a while, said, “Be prepared, maybe you will be out soon! You can’t see yourself in this state.” What a shame for your child.”

Makes sense!

Sherry Xu sniffed immediately. He couldn’t let his wife see him crying, so he hurriedly got up from the bench, rubbed his hands and said, “Yeah, I have to cheer up. Yan Yan is right. It’s more reliable than Christian!”

Two hours later, the door of the operating room was finally opened, and Sherry Xu was the first to rush up, “Doctor, how is my wife!”

“It’s okay at the moment, the caesarean section was successful. “The doctor said, “It’s a daughter.”

Daughter! daughter!

Sherry Xu’s eyes were full of tears, and she reached out to touch Alisha Lan’s face lying on the hospital bed. At this moment, Alisha Lan’s face was pale, but the corners of her mouth were smiling. She said, “Look at me… Is it amazing?”

Sherry Xu held Alisha Lan’s hand, “Thank you, wife, thank you…”

Before the children could watch, Sherry Xu focused on Alisha Lan, but Ameli Su said from the side, “Seven. Seven, I’ll help you see the baby.” There is always someone to look after the baby, so it’s better for her to go, and you don’t have to disturb their young couple.

Alisha Lan called out, “Okay, Yan Yan, you are here, so good.”

He said that he wanted to wait for Ameli Su to get married, but she gave birth to her children…

Alisha Lan was accompanied by Sherry Xu. Entering the ward, and Lan Ming and a group of relatives and friends are also on the way, the mother and daughter safety is the best situation, Lan Ming received the call, the driving hands are steady, unlike the trembling a few minutes ago.

On the side of the baby incubator, Ameli Su and Christian helped take care of Qiqi’s child.

The little baby girl shrank into a ball, her eyes did not open, and her skin was still wrinkled. This turned out to be the original appearance of life.

Ameli Su’s eyes are full of love, “Really cute.”


Christian shook his heart, he turned his head and poked Ameli Su’s hand.

“Well, if you like children…” Christian murmured after Alisha Lan’s daughter was in a daze, “Or, should we give birth to one as well?”

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