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Chapter 897

He laughed, “Don’t worry, I have no covetous heart for you. If you are really afraid that I will entangle you, I will go, you don’t have to go.”

He took off his napkin and put down the knife and fork in his hand and stood up, “Sit down and eat. To make you rest assured and eat in peace, I will go.”

After speaking, he greeted Carla and said, “Sister-in-law, I’m leaving now.”

Carla couldn’t say anything, she could only watch that way.

After Harrison left, Carla pulled Alecia to sit down.

Even after sitting down, she couldn’t eat anymore. Carla took out a piece of paper and handed it to her, “Cry if you want to cry. If you cry, you may feel better in your heart.”

When Ryan and Herman left, Carla glanced at them, thinking that they were not appropriate here, so he didn’t ask anything.

In fact, there are reasons for this, and Ryan has something to say to Herman.

Herman helped him last time, but both of them were busy, and neither of them sat down and talked.

After this incident, Ryan knew that Carla’s father was not a simple character before, otherwise, there would be no such relationship.

Although he didn’t do anything, the clues provided were extremely valuable. After all, he couldn’t find out such a long history.

“Is it going well?” Herman asked.

When he doesn’t have a hippy smile, he feels very bluff, the kind of person who scares children when they see it.

But he was not serious, and when he was smiling, he was very approachable.

He rarely suppresses his smile, mostly smiling.

Ryan said, “A task force has been set up to investigate. The trouble is so big, it will definitely be investigated.”

Herman nodded, “If you need help, just say it.”

In his opinion, this is not an outsider. Carla’s husband is his elder brother’s son-in-law.

Ryan didn’t want to trouble him too much, it was enough now.

“I’ll take Alecia back first.” Carla walked over. She couldn’t eat anything here, and it was not suitable for long sitting. Alecia didn’t want to go back to the villa, so she took her outside to relax.

Ryan said, “I’ll come with you.”

He was worried about Carla, she herself was a pregnant woman and had to take care of others, for fear that she was too tired.

At this time, Alecia definitely didn’t want to have too many people around. Carla refused, “We are not going home now, we may be walking around outside. I booked a room in Narada Hotel for second uncle, and you will send him to rest.”

She originally wanted Herman to live in the villa, but the villa had no rooms. The two servants, Nelson and Kurtis, Alecia and the children, and the rest of the rooms were the utility room and the study, and she also cleaned up. Without coming out, she booked a good hotel.

Herman waved his hand, “Tell me the place I go by myself, such a big person, where I need someone to take me, treat me like a child.”

Carla smiled, “Second Uncle, you didn’t eat well at noon. If you are hungry, you can order something to eat in the hotel. I will pick you up at night.”

“Don’t worry, I can take care of myself. You can take care of Alecia. You can do whatever you need to do, and leave me alone.”

Herman looked like he could eat wherever, “Just tell me the address of the villa will do, and I will go there by myself at night.”

Herman had this character, Carla said the address and left.

As for whether it was Herman sent by Ryan or Herman’s went on his own to hotel, she didn’t know.

“Shall we go to the movies?” Carla said.

Alecia did not speak.

Carla sighed, “I’m pregnant, and I can’t accompany you for a drink. If you are too uncomfortable, I will talk to Harrison for you.”

Alecia shook her head, “No, I don’t regret making a decision, but it hurts when I give up.”

Carla sighed, “I can understand your mood, but I don’t know how to comfort you.”

“You walk with me.” She took Carla’s arm.

Carla nodded. It was hot at noon, but it was not so hot anymore when walking under the densely leafed plane trees.

When Alecia made a decision, she had enough preparation in her heart, but it took some time to transition.

She believes that she can survive the pain, and she can persevere with so much pain, and she will definitely be able to now.

Compared to her pain, Harrison is not much better.

After leaving the restaurant, he went to drink alone.

One person ordered a few bottles of wine. Harrison often came here, so the manager knew him well. Seeing him drinking alcohol alone, he said, “Should I call a woman to accompany you?”

Harrison continued to pour wine into the glass, as if he hadn’t heard what the manager said.

“You drink too much by yourself. I have a girl who is a good drinker. It is better to have one or two to accompany you. It is better than drinking boring wine alone.”

Harrison felt that this person was like a fly, he was in a bad mood, and he always buzzed in his ears.

“You’re fcuking crazy, right? I’m here for a drink, so I have to find a lady, can I have cleanliness? How far are you fcuking away, don’t bother me here!”

Harrison finally couldn’t help it, and broke out toward the chattering manager.

“I didn’t think you were pitiful for drinking alone. Why don’t you know good people? It’s really a dog biting…”

“What are you talking about? Who is a dog?” Harrison glared at him, the blue veins in his temples jumping suddenly, “You are a dog. Call one for me?”

The manager was also cold, “You drank too much.”

After speaking, he wanted to leave, but Harrison grabbed him, “You want to leave after cursing me? What am I? Should I shrink my head?”

The manager looked at him holding his clothes by the hand and looked back at him, “Don’t make trouble here, otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite?”

“Heh, why are you rude to me?” Harrison was deliberately reluctant, he was upset and was about to suffocate to death.

“Are you going to hit me? There’s something to do!” Harrison grabbed his collar and roared at him.

Alcohol was blowing, and the manager frowned, “You’d better let me go, I don’t want to teach you.”

“If you have a fcuking kind, teach me a lesson, is it a counselor? Since you are a counselor, don’t bark like a dog…”

The manager couldn’t bear to call someone, “Pull this madman away.”

“You’re a lunatic!”

The manager looked at him angrily, narrowed his eyes, “You kid, are you going to be beaten?”

Harrison nodded with anger, “Yes, I owe you a beating.”

At this moment he really wanted to fight with someone, he felt like he was going to die.

Hearing the provocation in the manager’s ears, he narrowed his eyes and called the two security guards who came in to do something, “Call me!”

Chapter 898

It’s common to get drunk and make trouble here. The security guards have experience. Hearing the manager’s order, the two wanted to twist Harrison’s arm at the same time.

Harrison wanted to fight not because he wanted to be beaten, but to vent. When they started, his movements were more agile, he slid his body, avoided the man’s hand, and kicked out from behind.

The man couldn’t stand firmly and threw himself into the arms of the manager.

The manager pushed him away with disgust, “D*mn, can’t you two deal with one person?”

The man quickly apologized, “I’m sorry manager.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, beat him!” The manager was angrily.

At this time, another man was already fighting with Harrison. The man took advantage of Harrison’s entanglement and strangled his neck from behind.

Harrison went to break the man’s hand who strangled his neck. The man in front found the opportunity and waved his fist towards his abdomen. The man was beaten by Harrison a few times, his nose and face were swollen. Now he has a chance, and he is very cruel.


Harrison frowned and snorted a few times, but soon he found the action to fight back, arched his arms, and attacked the abdomen and chest of the person who was strangling his neck from behind with his elbow.

After a while, after another, a lot of people below finally got loose. Harrison grabbed the person’s hand, twisted his backhand, his body slightly bent, and threw the person off his shoulder.

It was a coincidence that there was a table in front of him. When the man fell down, the wine bottles fell to the ground with a bang, and the bottles made a cracking sound one after another.

The man clutched his stabbed abdomen and grinned with painful teeth.

Harrison red eyes, “Get me up!”

The man got up, a strong breath of alcohol filled the private room.

The two men looked at each other and were besieged at the same time.

Soon they fought together, and Harrison was in a bad mood and couldn’t control his actions. Looking for trouble was purely for venting.

As the saying goes, the soft ones are afraid of the hard ones, and the hard ones are afraid of death.

And Harrison is dead.

Neither of them was Harrison’s opponent together.

The manager stood aside anxiously, without any thought, grabbed the vase on the shelf, took the flowers out and threw them away, holding the vase and slamming it on Harrison’s head.

Harrison’s eyes were red, and his eyes were on the two security guards. He didn’t notice the manager. When the vase was smashed down, it broke in an instant. Harrison was stunned by the smash, and his head was dizzy and vaguely faint. There is warm liquid flowing from the back of the head to the neck.

The manager yelled, “Don’t take the opportunity to beat him.”

A lot of color was hung on the faces of the two security guards. Now that they have the opportunity to make a move, they naturally tried their best.

Harrison was knocked to the ground, and the two men fisted and kicked madly.

Carla walked outside with Alecia for more than two hours, and she felt quite calm, because at night Carla said that she would wash the dust for Herman, so the two went to the supermarket and bought a lot of vegetables back to the villa.

When she was cooking at night, Ryan came back. He finished handling the company’s affairs and knew that Herman would come in the evening, so he came back early.

Seeing Samantha cleaning the table with a bunch of flowers on the table, he walked over and asked, “Where is she?”

Samantha looked up and said, “In the kitchen.”

Ryan nodded, took a look at the desktop that could still show the figure, and raised his eyebrows.

In the kitchen, Carla wore an apron and was cutting vegetables, while Xenia was standing next to the sink to wash some vegetables.

“You go out.” Ryan walked to Carla’s side and said.

Xenia responded and turned off the water, put down the lotus root in her hand and went out.

Carla looked up at him, “I came back so early today? Anything to tell me?”

Otherwise, why let Auntie go out?

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