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Chapter 899

Ryan smiled, “I have nothing to say to you, can’t I be alone with you for a while?”

Carla, “…”

She was speechless and helpless, “This is the kitchen, what are you doing? Can you cook or cut vegetables?”

“I’m so underestimated?” Ryan unbuttoned his cuff, pulled it on his little arm, and washed his hands in the pool next to him, “Give me the knife and I’ll cut it.”

Carla looked at him, “Do you chop vegetables?”

Ryan took the knife in her hand, “What’s the problem with this?”

Carla gave him the knife, stood beside him, untied his apron and tied it to Ryan’s waist, “Is the food for the night handed over to you?”

Ryan looked down at her hand wrapped around her waist in an apron, chuckled and said, “Do you dare to eat if I do?”

“How can I not dare? No matter what the taste, raw or cooked, as long as you make it, I will not dislike it.” Carla leaned aside.

Ryan smiled, “Then I have to go to school in the future, and I can’t starve my daughter.”

While speaking, he glanced at Carla’s stomach.

Carla is inexplicable, why must he feel that he is pregnant with a daughter? Also, he learns to cook, only for his daughter?

“Let’s cook today.” After saying that she stepped out, Ryan took her wrist, “Be with me.”

Carla looked at him lightly, “Let your daughter accompany you.”

Ryan, “…”

He was stunned for a moment, thinking that her words were quite endless, but he quickly realized why she was like this, and couldn’t help but smirk, “Are you still jealous?”

“Who is jealous?” Carla was not jealous, and even if he did, he couldn’t admit it.

“Since there is no such thing, what are you going on?”

“I don’t want to stay in the kitchen.” She tilted her head. “Hurry up and let me go. I’m going out.”

Ryan smiled and circled her into his arms, “You are the person I am closest to, and share the bed with me…”

Carla suddenly covered his mouth. This is the kitchen, and there are still people in the living room. How can he speak regardless of the occasion?

How bad is it to be heard by others?

“You take out the phone in my pocket.” He felt the vibration, as if a phone came, and he still had water in his hand and it was difficult to take out his pocket.

Carla warned him, “Don’t mess around outside, say something incongruous, it is not good for people to hear.”

Ryan, “…”

What kind of nonsense did he say?

The couples who are sharing the same bed are closer. The son will marry a daughter-in-law in the future, and the daughter will marry even if she does not want to.

Carla asked, “Which pocket?”

“Right.” Ryan replied.

She reached out to his trouser pocket and touched the vibrating phone. After taking it out, she saw Harrison displayed on it.

Thinking of what happened today, Carla’s smile disappeared. She looked at Ryan and said, “It’s Harrison.”

“You take it.” Ryan said.

Carla gave a hum, and slid down the answer button, “Hey.”

She seemed to feel there was a pause over there, it should be strange that she answered the phone, “It’s my sister-in-law.”


“I’m at the police station, you ask Ryan to bail me.”

Carla frowned, “How did you get to the police station?”

“Fight with someone,” Harrison said lightly.

“I know.”

There hung up with a hum.

“What’s the matter?” Ryan asked, seeing her face was not very good.

“Harrison went to the police station in a fight with someone, let you pick him up,” Carla said.

She put the phone back in his pocket, and took off her apron, “I’ll go with you.”

“Don’t go to the police station.” It’s not a good place.

“I’ll go and see, otherwise, don’t worry, what to fight with people? It’s 80% because of Alecia’s relationship. Alecia had done enough preparations in her heart.”

“Although it is uncomfortable, it can still be adjusted with a little time, but Harrison is different, it must be too sudden for him.”

Ryan nodded.

The two walked out of the kitchen, Carla asked Xenia to cook, and Samantha went to the kitchen to prepare dinner after finishing her work outside.

“I will be back soon, you guys are busy first.” Carla said.

Samantha said, “Don’t worry about going out. You have Xenia and me at home. If you are doing well, don’t worry about it.”

Carla smiled and said yes.

Ryan took the car key, went out with her, and went straight to the police station after getting in the car.

Carla hesitated and asked, “Isn’t it bad to hide from Harrison?”

“If the person involved doesn’t want to say, don’t intervene.” No matter how good the relationship is, you can’t take care of other people’s emotional affairs on your own. It doesn’t matter if the result is good. If it is not, what has happened to her?

He didn’t want Carla to intervene in this matter.

Carla understood what he meant and sighed slightly.

Ryan looked at her, “Every day I sigh for other people’s affairs. When the child is born, I will be sentimental again. Don’t worry too much about other people’s affairs. Everyone has everybody’s life.”

Carla couldn’t help but feel funny, “How can you get in touch?”

“Listen to me.” He said domineeringly.

Knowing that he is doing this for her and her children, he said, “Okay, I will listen to you.”

Not much time when the car stopped at the door of the police station, Ryan got off the car and Carla followed. She also wanted to know what was going on.

Ryan walked in holding her hand.

Originally, there would be no trouble in the police station. It is not uncommon for such things to happen in such places. It can be said that it is common. A customer saw that Harrison was beaten so badly and reported to the police.

Now the manager, the two security guards, and Harrison are all being questioned and taking notes.

When they walked into the office, they saw Harrison sitting there with blood on his body. The injury on his head was simply dealt with. Carla frowned while holding the gauze. There was blood in it, and the injury was not serious?

She looked up at Ryan.

Ryan shook her hand and walked over.

Harrison looked up and saw them coming, and soon turned his head away, not wanting them to see his injuries.

Little did he know that the moment he looked up, the wound on his face had long been seen clearly, Ryan went to deal with the matter, and Carla did not ask him why he was fighting at the police station.

Just asked if he was seriously injured.

Harrison said, “It’s not serious, it’s all minor injuries.”

The bruising in the corner of the eye won’t heal for a while, and you still say it’s okay?

“Wait later, I’d better go to the hospital for a look.” Carla said.

“It’s really fine, it’s all taken care of.” Harrison said.

“It’s okay, I have to go see it too.” Carla said in a deep voice.

Harrison lowered his head and said nothing.

Both parties are responsible for this matter. After mediation, both parties will not be held accountable. It is considered a reconciliation. As long as the guarantor signs a letter, the person can be taken away.

Carla dared to ask, “Is it because of Alecia?”

“Don’t tell me about her. From now on, we’ll be fine.” Harrison left alone, not in Ryan’s car.

“Where are you going alone?” Carla said that he was worried.

Obviously, it’s emotional.

Chapter 900

Eileen sat down next to him, “Peter, drink less.” She looked at Edward with a strange tone, “Dad, although you are happy, you can’t let him drink.”

Edward raised his eyebrows and said, “Am I your father?”

Eileen nodded, “Of course.”

“What do I think about you being treated to me and not treating Peter well? Why don’t you care about me?” Edward looked at his daughter.

He knows what his own daughter thinks about.

This is why he is so dedicated to solve problems for Peter.

Knowing that his daughter is divorced, the possibility of being with Peter is not high, so he has to treat Peter well.

If he wanted to, he wouldn’t feel too ashamed of him.

Or maybe, he can accept his daughter for his own sake.

This is his selfishness.

No matter how selfless a person is, there will still be more or less deviations in the affairs of their loved ones.

After all, it is his own daughter, who always wants to give a little help.

He is the father, and Eileen is the only daughter.

Peter drank a lot, and didn’t think about the meaning here.

Even if he didn’t drink too much, Peter might not have thought that Edward still wanted him to be his son-in-law.

“Come here, we are having a drink. This time, the incident can be turned into a breeze and it is worth celebrating. As the saying goes,’If you die in a catastrophe, you will have a blessing.

Eileen looked at Director Smith, “How serious is it that you said, Peter is a lucky person with his own natural appearance, he is a good and upright person in the first place.”

“It doesn’t matter what he is, we come and have this glass.” Edward took the wine.

Peter also picked up the wine glass in front of him, because it was not easy to refuse Edward, he felt that he was drinking too much.

After working with Edward, he said, “I can’t drink anymore, I drank too much.”

Mrs. Smith said with a smile, “It’s okay, you will rest here at night after drinking too much. Anyway, there is a room at home.”

Knowing that Peter and Sandy had “broken up”, she was very enthusiastic about Peter.

She feels that her daughter has hope again.

She wants Peter to be his son-in-law.

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