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Chapter 901

Peter drinks a lot, but his mind is still clear, and he has a good relationship with Edward, but how can he live with others?

Wants to refuse, but doesn’t know how to refuse Edward’s enthusiasm.

After all, he helped him with this matter.

In any case, he has to accept this favor.

“Peter, why do you seem to be worried?” Edward looked at him and asked.

His expression was so tangled that even Edward, who was drinking too much, could see it.

Just when Peter was struggling to answer Director Smith, the mobile phone in his pocket rang and he said, “I’ll answer the call.”

Speaking, he took out his mobile phone, and Eileen, who was sitting next to him, deliberately looked at his mobile phone screen, as if worried about Sandy looking for him again.

However, the word “sister-in-law” displayed on the screen of the mobile phone, so she was relieved, but he was not from City B, and there were no relatives here.

Eileen gave Peter a strange look.

Peter immediately answered the call after seeing the caller ID.


“Is it Peter?” Carla asked.

Seeing Harrison walking alone, Carla was uneasy, so she called Peter and wanted him to look at Harrison.

Peter said, “Yes.”

“Harrison said I’m looking for you, can you see him?” Carla said.

Peter frowned and asked, “What happened to him?”

“He broke up with Alecia, in a bad mood, just got him out of the police station.”

“How did he get to the police station?” Peter asked nervously.

What did he commit?

Otherwise, how could he make trouble go to the police station?

“Fighting with someone, I think the injury is serious. I wanted him to go to the villa with me, but he didn’t want to go. I still have a business today, so please look at him for a while, I’m afraid he is doing stupid things.”

In the evening, it was agreed that Herman would be picked up. Tonight, she and Ryan had to be in the villa. After all, Nelson and Kurtis wanted to know Herman.

So can’t follow Harrison all the time.

Peter said, “I know, I’ll go find him now.”

Carla gave a hum.

Peter also found a reason to go back when the phone was hung up. He looked at Director Smith and said, “I have something to do and need to go back.”

Edward did not force him to stay. After all, someone had something to do, “Go, but you drink too much and can’t drive…”

“Dad, I’ll send him off.” Eileen cut off before Edward’s words were finished.

Edward glanced at his daughter, knew what she was thinking, sighed slightly, and said, “Peter can’t drive if he drinks, then you can send him off.”

Peter said, “I can take a taxi.”

He didn’t want to trouble others, he was worried about Harrison now, and he couldn’t see Eileen’s intentions.

But even without Harrison, Peter’s dull brain would not find Eileen’s thoughts.

Eileen took the car key and said, “It’s not easy to take a taxi here. Let me send you. You drink so much and let you go alone. Dad must be worried. If something happens, we can’t escape responsibility.”

“You are here. Drinking at home, so don’t refuse. We are all so familiar. What does it matter if you go with me? Are you afraid of me? Are you afraid of me eating you?”

Eileen said that for this reason, Peter really couldn’t refuse, but could only agree.

He called Harrison on the way and was able to get through, but no one answered.

Hearing Carla said that he was in a bad mood, so worried, he called again, still no one answered.

No one answered both times, and he was a little anxious.

Eileen, who was driving in the car, comforted and said, “Don’t worry, wait a little longer and call again.”

Peter gave a hum.

Eileen asked, “Where are we going now?”

Peter said to go home.

Carla said that Harrison had gone to find him, and it was impossible to go to the bureau at this time, so only his residence was left.

After ten minutes, the car stopped at the gate of the community where he lived.

Eileen parked the car, he pushed the door down, and he said, “You drive slowly and pay attention to safety.”

Eileen lowered the car window and said with a smile, “This is all at your house. Would you like me to come up for a cup of tea?”

Peter, “…”

She laughed, “Kidding, go find your friend, I’ll go now.”

After speaking, she raised the window and started the car to leave.

She looked at Peter in the rearview mirror, and the corners of her mouth gently evoked a certain arc, as if she was saying, “You can’t escape the palm of my hand.”

Peter turned and walked into the community, took the elevator to the floor where he lived, and the elevator door opened. When he walked down, he saw Harrison sitting in front of his house.

He walked quickly over and found that the person was asleep. He didn’t know if it was because of excessive drinking or the injury to his body.

Anyway, he leaned on the door and fell asleep.

He opened the door, helped the man in, and put him on the bed.

During this process, Harrison didn’t react at all, and there was no sign of waking up.

Peter frowned, “How did you make yourself like this? Does this mean you don’t want to live anymore?”

Carla said that he was broken in love.

Isn’t he always broken in love?!

Hey, he sighed and took off Harrison’s bloody clothes, his pants and shoes, all stripped, not only blood, but also alcohol, it smelled bad.

When covering him with a quilt, Peter saw that there were still some bruises on his body. He was standing by the bed. Who did he fight with?

Such a cruel hand?

There are medicines at home, because he always has some medicines for minor injuries. He took them out and rubbed them on Harrison. After cleaning his face and head, he didn’t move.

After tidying up, he sat on the sofa. His house is not big, with only one bedroom and a study room. There is also a kitchen, but he rarely cooks at home.

He poured a glass of water and drank it, which relieved a lot of dry mouth. After doing it for a while, he got up to take a shower and then rested on the sofa.

It’s actually not too late, it’s just that he wants to sleep after drinking.

It is time for dinner now at this time.

He and Mr. Smith went for a drink and didn’t eat much.

Don’t feel hungry even when going to bed.

Ryan and Carla returned from the police station, and when they entered the door, they saw that Herman and the family had become one. Before Carla could introduce them, they first introduced themselves.

In addition, the two children were familiar with him, so he quickly integrated in.

“Second Uncle, why did you come so early?” Carla changed shoes and came in and said.

Herman smiled, “Didn’t you say that you were going to pick up the dust for me? I’m late, I’m afraid I won’t be able to eat.”

He is like this, likes to joke, and has a cheerful temper.

Carla laughed and said, “I won’t wait for the protagonist to come, I will start the meal.”

She looked at Nelson and Kurtis and introduced, “Dad, uncle, this is my second uncle…”

“Okay, okay, I’m done introducing myself, I am your second uncle, you are my niece, and your dad is my elder brother.” Herman interrupted her and said what she had introduced to them again.

Carla smiled, he has this sk!ll, and he can quickly learn it everywhere, Carla does not have to worry that he will get used to it when he comes here.

“Let’s sit down, I’ll go see if dinner is ready.”

After that, she went to the kitchen to see if she could start the meal.

Ryan didn’t go upstairs either, and sat down on an empty sofa downstairs. Snowball is lying on his feet.

Herman and the two children played a game of riddles, and Kurtis also “unwilling, not to be lonely” joined in.

Nelson had no spirit on the contrary. After he knew Herman’s identity, he thought of the people and things of the past, whether Lolla or Della, all women appeared in his life, but now there is no one by his side.

Can not help but feel sad.

Compared with Nelson’s silence, there is a lot of fun here.

Herman differs from Kurtis’s education level, and his education is not high, so even the riddles are very different for him.

Kurtis’s questions were mostly anagrams.

Herman’s questions are all weird, and there are some interesting riddles circulating in the market.

The last game was Kurtis’s question, [Eat the cow’s tail in one bite. 】

“Type a word.”

It was Alan who guessed it, and it was a confession.

It was Herman’s turn in this round. He thought about it and said, [Trouble stretched out its hand. 】

Chapter 902

Then he said, “Hit a plant.”

Iris was confused and felt so difficult.

“Grandpa Holt, just come up with a simple one, I can guess it right, I haven’t guessed it right yet.” She pouted and acted like a baby.

“This is very simple.” Herman touched the top of her head, “You have to think with your head.”

“She is a pig’s brain, can’t think, can only eat.” Alan fanned the flames.

Iris was on fire all of a sudden, “You are a pig, and your whole family is a pig!”


The living room was quiet for a moment, and suddenly there was a burst of laughter. Herman and Kurtis laughed happily.

Because the two of them are not family members in the entire living room.

Alan shook his head and sighed, his sister was already stupid and hopeless.

Iris was p!ssed off by Alan, and then blurted out. After she finished speaking, she regretted it. Seeing everyone’s expressions, she felt so embarrassed that she got into Ryan’s arms and hid.

Ryan patted his daughter on the back and comforted her, “It’s okay.”

The little girl still buried her head and said nothing.

Ryan coaxed her and said, “May I help you guess the riddle?”

Iris immediately raised her head and asked, “Really?”

This guy’s attitude changed too quickly, without stopping.

He smiled helplessly and said, “Yes.”

“Then tell me, what is the great old man reaching out?” Iris is a little bit stronger and wants to guess the right one.

Ryan gave her analysis and taught her to think, “Lidum is a fairy, right?”

“I know what it is.” As soon as Ryan reminded him, Alan had already thought of it, “Cactus.”

He explained with a smile, “Lidum is an immortal, isn’t the palm of an immortal just a cactus?”

Iris stared at her brother with her eyes wide open, “It’s annoying!”

Always rob her.

“Grandpa Holt, you have another one.” After speaking, she leaned on Ryan’s shoulder and whispered in his ear, “Dad, you must help me, and I must beat my brother once.”

Ryan smiled helplessly. What could his daughter ask him to do?

He can only agree.

Herman understood Iris’s thoughts. In order to coax this wayward little girl, he thought of another one, [Little Monkey closed the door and showed his head. 】

“Hit something.”

Iris blinked, thinking that the door was closed, why did he show his head? Isn’t that breaking your head?

Thinking of her shuddering, what are these riddles?

It’s hard to guess at all.

“Hi, Dad, the buttons on your clothes have touched me.”

Ryan hugged his daughter tightly and deliberately let the buttons on his shirt reach her, but the little girl was very slow.

Alan blinked and looked at Ryan’s expression, and tried to say, “Is it a button?”

The answer was quickly determined in mind, “It’s a button, haha, I guessed it again.”

Iris stared at him fiercely, “How could it be a button?”

Herman threw a basin of cold water on her, “It’s just buttons. You button up your clothes. Don’t you want the buttons to be exposed?”

When it was really the answer, Iris said immediately, “It was the button I said first, I guessed it right.”

“You didn’t say it was the answer,” Alan said.

“I guessed it right, I said it first.” Iris said loudly, as if whoever had a loud voice would make sense.

Kurtis said to Herman who was sitting next to him, “Iris has a temperament.”

Herman laughed too.

Carla came out and called them to eat.

Iris got down from Ryan’s arms, ran to Carla, and said grievously, “Mommy, brother always bullies me.”

Carla touched her head, “How did your brother bully you?”

“Okay, you guessed it right, are you good at it? Don’t complain at all times. They are all children in elementary school immediately, and they don’t look the same.”

After saying that, Alan walked to the dining room and sat down on the chair at the end.

“You are also a child, don’t just talk about your sister.” Carla glanced at her son. He was not too old and made himself look like an adult every day.

“Hehe.” When Iris heard Carla say that his brother was already, she was happy in her heart and forgot the unhappiness she had just made. She was not angry at the moment, walked over, and sat next to her brother.

“Brother, you are not much older than me, just a few minutes.”

Alan glanced at his sister, “I’m older than you for a few minutes. You will call me brother all your life.”

“I would rather be a younger sister. You are an elder brother. Do you have to let your younger sister understand? Otherwise, you are ignorant.” This was learned when she was in preschool in C City.

Now he took it out and blocked Alan’s mouth, the little doll is still very smart.

Today’s dinner was very rich, and Alecia was also helping in the kitchen. Alecia saw her washing the dishes and vegetables when Carla entered the kitchen.

Carla knows that her mood today is not very good. Although she has adjusted it, it is impossible to return to the original.

It is impossible to restore to the original.

Broken artifacts will have cracks no matter how they are repaired.

Carla asked her to go to the room to rest. She said that if she is alone, she hasn’t done something well, and she is easy to think about it alone.

What she said was right. Carla didn’t call her and asked her to help in the kitchen. Everyone could forget unpleasant things even when they talked.

The food was brought to the table, and Carla went to get the wine.

For such occasions today, alcohol must not be missed.

Carla took the red wine, although it can’t be less, but the white one gets one drunk too easily, and the red one is better.

Mainly an atmosphere.

The goblet was cleaned too, she opened the wine and put it on the table.

Nelson suddenly said, “Let’s hold the wedding in Century Mansion.”

The Century is a landmark building in City B, with a total of 108 floors, more than 500 meters, standing on the 108th floor, overlooking the entire City B.

Next to it is a seven-star hotel.

There are a total of seven seven-star hotels in Country Z, located in the four most prosperous cities.

And City B is also one of these four prosperous cities, and it is the best.

“Will this be too public?” Carla felt that it was too wasteful to do so, how much money would it cost?

Those jewels alone are a lot of money.

“How many times do you plan to get married?” Herman asked.

Carla answered without hesitation, “Of course once.”

She never thought about getting married for the second time.

Ryan looked at her with a slight smile on his lips.

He seems to like her words very much.

All his life has been for this woman.

“Why don’t you do things that are only once in your life a little more solemn?”

Herman felt that there was nothing wrong with this, and it was not that he had no money. If she couldn’t, he could pay the money. Anyway, the money was left by her father.

He felt that Carla was his elder brother’s only child, and the wedding should be grand.

There is no reason.

Nelson has regrets for Della. Now that his son is getting married, he does not want his son to leave regrets, so he also wants it to be grand, like sustenance, to realize his regrets in his son.

“You can raise your fetus with peace of mind, and let us old guys take care of things.” Kurtis also said.

He and Nelson went to see the venue for the wedding. He knew Nelson’s intentions, and Ryan was his only nephew.

He naturally wants it to be lively, and Ryan himself said that he wants it to be grand.

“You don’t need to worry about it. With so many elders taking care of us, you should be happy.” Ryan held her hand and let her sit down beside him.

Although many people were absent, the presence of these elders was also a blessing.

Carla looked at him, nodded, and understood what he meant.

Days are getting closer, and the preparations have not stopped. Herman originally came to attend the wedding, but in the end, he ran into the preparation team.

Ryan and Carla didn’t care about anything, they were all handled by their three elders.

Time is flowing like a river, in fact, a torrential river.

Soon it was the wedding day.

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