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Chapter 927

Ask how she and Harrison are.

Alecia lowered her head, “We decided to start from the beginning. I should have listened to you at the time and confessed to him. From the beginning, it is not that difficult to face.”

Carla patted her shoulder, “That’s fine too.”

“Second uncle and I are going back to City R tomorrow,” Alecia said.

She discussed this with Herman. Herman is also busy, and the business over there needs someone to take care of it.

“What about Harrison?” Carla asked, and they separated right after they made up.

“I told him, I am going back to City R, and he also knew it.” Although now she decided to start from the beginning, because the two were together too fast last time, this time, they decided to run in, and wait until they really think about it. She and Harrison went to see the old lady.

“He agreed?” Carla asked again.

“Yeah, agree.” Alecia pursed her lips. Now Harrison listened to her very much, and Harrison agreed to everything she said.

“It looks so good, if you told him early, you didn’t need to be in pain.”

Alecia bowed her head and said nothing, because she didn’t want to face it, everyone who made it was very worrying.

Harrison came over in the evening and bought a lot of toys for the two children.

On the one hand, he told everyone that he and Alecia decided to start from the beginning. On the other hand, he wanted to thank everyone for taking care of themselves during this time.

“Aren’t you named Peter?” Everyone was together, but he was missing. Carla looked at Harrison and asked.

Harrison replied, “I called him, and he said he was not free, as if he was called home by Director Smith. His boss took good care of him and admired him very much.”

Indeed, Edward appreciates Peter, otherwise, he would not want his daughter to marry him.

Asking him to go home, saying it was official, in fact, it was deliberately letting him come into contact with his daughter.

And this time, Director Smith also made it clear.

At the dinner table, Edward suddenly said, “Peter, I have always been optimistic about you, do you know this?”

Peter said, “You take good care of me.”

Edward took a sip of wine, and he couldn’t open his mouth if he didn’t drink more. It was not his wife and daughter who were pestering him.

He would not tell Peter clearly, but after all, his daughter said, “I don’t know you can’t tell. In fact, Eileen has a good impression of you.”

Peter was taken aback for a moment, and after a while, he realized what Edward’s words meant.


“Don’t be nervous.” Edward thought about it and said, “You are not an outsider, so I’ll just say it right. It’s not my personality to go around. You know Eileen’s situation. She was divorced, and I know it’s not worth it. you……”

“No, I’m not good either. Divorce is not a shortcoming.” Peter said hurriedly, “The divorce was because the man couldn’t stand the temptation, not Eileen’s fault.”

Edward sighed, “I’m glad you can say that.”

Peter didn’t answer the conversation, and now he almost knew what Edward was trying to say. For a while, his heart was in a mess, and he didn’t know what to do.

“Peter, your boss is not young, do you…you think about it?” Edward’s face flushed. As Harrison’s boss, he opened his mouth to let him marry his divorced daughter, which is really embarrassing.

“If you think it’s inappropriate, just treat it as if I didn’t say it.” Edward finally added.

It was so sudden that Peter didn’t even know how to say the words of rejection.

Edward did take good care of him, and Eileen was pretty good, but he hadn’t thought about getting married since that time.

“Come for a drink, when I didn’t say anything.” Edward poured wine to Peter.

Peter remained silent.

Edward picked up the wine glass and collided with him, “We did it.”

Peter picked up the wine glass, thought for a moment, and said, “This is so sudden, I don’t know how to answer you for a while.”

“Don’t be nervous, after all, it was my Eileen who climbed up high.” Edward didn’t tell Peter on purpose, but because he felt in his bones that the second-married woman was a dwarf, with an old mind, even his own. Daughter, he thought so too.

Peter has never been married, and he is upright. He admires it very much.

If it weren’t for his own daughter, he thought he would agree that Peter would find a second marriage.

Peter was also embarrassed, “Don’t say that, it’s too sudden, let me think about it.”

Chapter 928

“Okay, okay, you think about it.” Edward sighed, “I am embarrassed in front of you.”

He changed his conversation again, “For the sake of my own children, I am also willing to be a parent. All my life as a parent is for the sake of the child, and it is all parental debt.”

Peter poured wine to Edward and said, “I understand.”

He knew that Edward was a person. Even if he didn’t agree in the end, he would not hate him. He was a face-saving person. Now it is hard for him to say this to him.

“Don’t be under pressure.” Edward took the wine poured by Peter and toasted him.

Peter said no.

After the meal, Eileen took the initiative to send him home, “You are drunk, I will send you.”

Peter glanced at her, and finally nodded.

Edward watched them go out and sighed again. Mrs. Smith didn’t like her husband and sighed honestly and said,

“What are you sighing? I think Peter would be willing. Our Eileen looks good, has a high degree of education, and is in no way not worthy of him.”

Edward gave his wife a cold look, “She was married, and this is what she can’t accompany Peter.”

Mrs. Smith said dumbly for a long time, “What’s the divorce now? Hasn’t he talked about his girlfriend?”

Edward put his hands on his back and walked towards the bedroom, “I don’t bother to tell you.”

Mrs. Smith didn’t get angry with her husband, and asked him to tell Peter that she was embarrassing him.

He has had a good face all his life, but today he lost his face in front of the subordinates and felt uncomfortable.

She cleaned up the dishes.

Outside Peter got into Eileen’s car.

“Buckle your seat belt.” Eileen reminded.

Peter was bored. He didn’t hear Eileen’s voice. He squinted his eyes and pressed his temples forcefully, his whole mind was messed up.

Eileen thought he was drunk too much, and came over to pull out the seat belt and wanted to buckle him. When she moved in, Peter suddenly realized what she was talking about and said quickly, “I buckle it myself.”

Eileen smiled and moved away, “Are you drunk too much, or thinking about what my dad said?”

Peter said he drank too much.

Eileen smiled and said, “I won’t let him drink with you in the future.”

Peter smiled, but did not answer.

Eileen didn’t speak anymore, the carriage was quiet.

After a while, the car arrived at Peter’s residence, he pushed the car door down, and just about to say goodbye to Eileen, he saw Eileen also opened the car door and walked down.

“I want to sit in your house, will you refuse me?” Eileen said with a smile.

As far as women are concerned, Eileen does look good, and the conditions are good.

But Peter didn’t feel anything about her, at most he regarded her as a friend.

“Are you trying to reject me?” Eileen’s smile couldn’t help but she hadn’t been rejected yet.

Even if she is a divorced woman, she is still attractive and there is no shortage of suitors. For her father, many people want to marry her.

But she didn’t like them, she just fell in love with Peter.

“No, go in.” Peter walked to lead the way, she followed Peter and walked in with him.

Usually, single people’s residences are messy, because no one helps to clean up, but Peter’s residence is very clean. When he is not busy, he cleans the house himself. He doesn’t like mess.

“Are there temporary workers coming to help you clean?” Eileen asked, sitting on the sofa.

Peter poured water for her and said, “No.”

“Then why is your house so clean?” Eileen smiled, “Is it yourself?”

Peter said, “I don’t count it as cleaning or drinking water if I am alone with few things.”

Eileen took the water glass and stood up and walked to the window. This residential complex has wide spacing between buildings and a large green area, and the high-rise night view is also beautiful. “This house is not bad.”

Peter said, “My friend chose it for me.”

This was picked by Harrison for him, and the location was indeed good.

Eileen turned her head to look at him, “Peter, will you accept me? I like you.”

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