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Chapter 6

“Yell, do you really dare to come?”

Accompanied by the ridicule, Doug and others also came here.

They carry a lot of gift boxes, famous wines, tea wild ginseng and so on.

The Logan family’s plan is simple-not only to attend the banquet, but also to try to flatter with the general.

Katie leaned in front of Sarah and asked with a smile, “Sister, I didn’t expect you to come too! Let me see your invitation letter. It’s easy to buy fake ones these days!”

Katie, Earl and others did not believe that Levi could get the invitation.

What is their identity?

Want to get banquet invitations?



Sarah hesitated.

Because there is no invitation at all.

Katie smiled: “Why are you still hiding and tucking it? Are your invitations made of gold? Can’t you just look at it?”

Sarah lowered his head and said nothing.

Dale and his wife are also hiding.

Doug’s voice sounded: “Dale, take out your invitation card!”

“Dad, I…”

Dale panicked.

“What? Don’t even recognize me? Get out the invitation quickly!”

Doug said angrily.

Dale panted heavily and could only tell the truth: “Dad, we don’t have invitations… Levi brought us here…”


Earl, Katie and others were almost laughing.

Doug glared at Dale: “You are so stupid! I am really embarrassed to have a son like you!”

Feeling a pair of mocking eyes and merciless laughter, Dale really hated Levi.

This time, the little dignity left in front of everyone in the Logan family was lost.

Sarah also hated Levi.

In the Logan family, they will lose face.

“I don’t even have an invitation, I just want to attend the banquet!”

“I tell you the fact that your family will not even be able to enter this gate in this life!”

Earl sneered.

Katie supported Doug’s arm and said, “Grandpa, let’s go in quickly, don’t let their family affect us.”

“Yes, it’s shameful to know them.”

Everyone in the Logan family glanced at Levi and them in disgust, and hurried to the door.

Just as Dale was about to say something, Levi smiled and said, “Dad, look at it, they can’t get in.”

There were dozens of people guarding the gate of Grand City Mountain Villa.

They are all members of the SWAT team with live ammunition.

Earl took out twelve invitation cards and handed them over: “Trouble.”

Earl straightened his waist and looked proud.

After all, how many people can there be twelve invitations at once?

But in the next second, the special police said blankly: “You are restricted from entering, disqualified for the banquet!”


Several people Earl thought they had heard it wrong.

Doug argued: “Impossible! This is an invitation from Secretary Marion from the municipal office building yesterday!”

Earl looked arrogant: “This is my invitation, let me in right away! I, you can’t afford it!”


Suddenly a gun hit Earl’s head.

“Can’t understand people? You are restricted to enter! Have to let me do it?”

Earl was so scared that Earl almost urinated with the cold muzzle pointed at his head.

But when so many people in the Logan family watched, Earl plucked up the courage: “You try to move me! Do you know who I am? Are you a soldier dare to move me? I know your boss!”


The next moment, the special police directly smashed Earl to the ground with the butt of the rifle.


He even fired a shot at the open space between Earl’s legs.

Scared to pee!

Earl was completely scared to pee.

A turbid yellow liquid overflowed from the crotch…

The Logan family was even more frightened.

“Hurry up!”

The special police said coldly.

The Logan family pulled Earl to run.

“You really got it right, they can’t get in.”

Dale was also shocked by the scene in front of him.

Levi smiled and took Sarah’s hand: “It’s time for us to go in!”

“Don’t! You are not afraid of death, even Earl and the others can’t get in, can we get in?”

Dale and his wife backed away in fright.

Sarah’s body trembled: “Yes, can we go in? There are no invitations!”

“Didn’t you say to give me the last chance? How can I know if I don’t try it?”

Levi smiled.

“Okay, I believe you!”

Sarah squeezed Levi’s hand tightly.

As the four of them walked to the security check position at the door, Katie’s voice sounded: “Sirs, although they are also from the Logan family! But my grandfather had been expelled from the Logan family a long time ago. It has nothing to do with us!”

Doug also hurriedly said: “Yes, sir, they have nothing to do with my Logan family. Don’t anger our Logan family!”

Levi turned his head and took a look.


When arriving at the security checkpoint, Sarah even closed his eyes.

To die today is to die.

Better than being ashamed!

Dale and his wife have the same idea.

Doug did not leave, hiding in the distance to watch Levi’s four make a fool of himself.

“Mr. Garrison, Miss Logan, four of you, please come in! You are the most distinguished guests, no invitations are needed!”

The next second, a voice came to my ears.

Sarah opened his eyes and found that more than a dozen special police officers were fighting in two rows, saluting them.

The three of Sarah entered Grand City Villa in such a dream.

Doug and his party who were watching the joke outside were all stunned, and the expressions on everyone’s faces were frozen.

“They… They went in? How is this possible?”

To be honest, seeing the incredible look on the faces of everyone in the Logan family, Sarah and her parents felt particularly refreshed.

Dale looked around, but still didn’t believe it: “Is this here? How did you do it in King’s Landing?”

At this time they felt that the son-in-law was still somewhat useful.

At least save a bit of face.

Edith smiled and said, “Before King’s Landing, the city was also well-connected.”

Levi smiled: “Mom is right, I have friends.”

Sarah looked at Levi suspiciously. She felt that things were not that simple.

She clearly remembered that after Levi was in trouble, almost no friend or classmate came forward.

On the contrary, a lot of people fell into trouble…

Will someone help him?

In the villa, Dale and the three were cautious, for fear of stepping on a flower or a grass.

After all, no one of them can offend this kind of occasion.

“Sarah, you can also come to this banquet? I’m not mistaken, am I.”

Suddenly a surprised voice came from behind.

Sarah’s eyes were full of disgust when he saw the visitor.

These three or four people are in suits and shoes, with extraordinary appearance.

The man headed is Glenn Graham, the son of the chairman of TF Group.

He has coveted plum dye for a long, long time.

I used to spend money to sleep with Sarah.

After throwing millions, Sarah was unmoved.

In order to retaliate, Glenn used means to cause Sarah’s company to go bankrupt.

Originally, Sarah’s company developed very well.

“Why can’t I come?”

Sarah said coldly.

Glenn glanced at Levi: “This is your rap!st husband? Did he bring you in?”

Glenn approached Sarah and smiled obscenely: “I don’t care how you came, but with my strength, I can send your husband to prison again! Maybe he will be imprisoned for ten or twenty years!”

Sarah believes that Glenn can do it.

He has this means and strength.

Sarah looked at him vigilantly: “What on earth do you want to do?”

Glenn continued: “As long as you promise to sleep with me, I promise you won’t embarrass him! Otherwise I will definitely send him in again!”

Chapter 7

“Don’t think about it!”

Sarah would rather die than agree to such a condition.

“Okay, then you wait!”

Glenn smiled sinisterly, then turned and left.

Seeing Sarah’s pale complexion, Levi held her hand and asked, “What happened to Sarah? Who was that person just now?”

Sarah shook his head: “It’s okay!”

But Sarah knew that Glenn wouldn’t let it go.

Sarah was upset all the way.

But halfway through, suddenly a large group of people gathered around Levi’s four.

These people are all members of the special police team, one by one, cold guns are directed at them.

Sarah was so scared that he was so scared that he held Levi’s hand tightly, his face was so pale that he didn’t have a trace of blood.

The same goes for Dale and his wife, they are frightened.

They knew it was Glenn’s revenge.

The headed man was wearing a black combat uniform. Under the goggles, he looked at Levi with cold and merciless eyes: “Mr. Graham, is this the criminal you are talking about?”

Glenn said next to him: “Yes! Captain West, I will tell you, this man just returned from prison today, how could he be eligible to participate in this kind of banquet? I suspect his purpose is not simple! If something goes wrong on this occasion, West The captain can’t afford it either…”

“What? There is such a thing?”

Shawn West, the deputy captain of the special police team, was responsible for the safety of the infield. He didn’t know that Levi had come in this way.

Glenn smiled triumphantly at Sarah, and then said to Shawn: “Captain West, no matter what the situation, I suggest to catch him first! We have to eliminate any possible risks!”

“Yes! Can you join as soon as you get out of prison? Check their invitation letter first!”

Shawn said coldly.

Now Dale and his wife and Sarah were dumbfounded.

There is no invitation letter at all!

“Hurry up and get out the invitation letter!”

Glenn was aggressive.

“We don’t have an invitation letter.”

Levi said lightly.

“Haha, did you hear Captain West? They don’t have an invitation letter at all! This is definitely a problem!”

Glenn immediately became happy when he heard that there was no invitation letter.

Shawn directly ordered: “Come here, take them away!”

Sarah panicked immediately.

If this is caught.

She and her parents must be fine.

However, Levi would definitely be operated by Glenn, convicted of a crime and sent back to prison.

“Hold on! We came in through the security check at the front entrance. Why do you say that I have a problem?”

Sarah said angrily.

Glenn sneered: “Impossible! Anyone who enters here needs an invitation! Even the host of today’s banquet, General God of War, also wants an invitation! There is a problem if there is no invitation!”

“Well, I haven’t heard anyone can come in without an invitation!”

Captain West said very positively.

The big guys who came to the banquet today all came with invitations.

“Take it all to me!!!”

Dale and his wife closed their eyes in fright.

There are too many difficulties.

Sarah was also terrified.

Glenn laughed and said, “Sarah accept his fate! Who told you not to promise me!”

“Who told you that you have to use invitations to get in?”

Suddenly, Levi’s voice sounded.

Everyone looked at him in surprise.

Sarah pulled Laye Levi and motioned to him not to speak.

Dale and his wife were also terrified.

Is Levi going to get into trouble?

Levi patted her on the shoulder: “Trust me again, okay?”

Sarah nodded: “Okay.”

Levi’s eyes fell on Shawn’s body: “Ask your boss-just ask if Levi can come in without an invitation?”

“Hahaha…Is this guy’s brain beaten in prison? Who do you think he is?”

Glenn laughed so much that their stomachs hurt.

Shawn was irritated by Levi’s words, and said angrily: “Okay, then I ask if the captain knows you?”

Glenn laughed.

They are happy to watch a joke.

There were also many people around.

Dale and his wife and Sarah bowed their heads.

What a shame!

What a shame!

Shawn asked Fisher Hart, the captain of the special police team, with a headset.

When a voice came from the headset, Shawn’s face changed drastically.

The eyes that looked at Levi were full of fear…

“I, I, I… I see, team… Captain…”

Shawn’s words were uncomfortable.

Glenn looked at Shawn expectantly: “How about? Captain West?”


The answer to him was a slap in the face.

This slap took Glenn away seven or eight meters away. Glenn’s mouth was full of blood and a few teeth were lost.

“Captain West is… why?”

Glenn looked at Shawn incredulously.

Shawn stepped forward with another punch, smashing Glenn’s blood.

“Why? You avenged your private vengeance and deliberately embarrassed Miss Logan! Although they didn’t have invitations, they were legitimate guests! On the contrary, you disrupted the order of the banquet and caused a very bad atmosphere! Come, take him away from me! Say it in a few days!”

Shawn gave an order.

Two special police officers approached and arrested Glenn, as if dragging a dead dog away.

“How offended Mr. Garrison and Miss Logan!”

Shawn dared not stay for a moment, and immediately led people away.

The sudden scene made Sarah and the three dumbfounded.

what happened?

Didn’t you catch them?

Why was Glenn taken away in a blink of an eye?

What’s the situation?

The three of them looked at Levi.

This happened just after he said he had reported his name.

Sarah looked at him suspiciously: “Explain?”

“It’s very simple! Although we didn’t have invitations, we came in legally. We were fine. What Glenn did was disrupting the order of the banquet. You have also seen just now. How many people were watching? How bad was the impact? If the General God of War who came today knew that this happened, let alone a small Glenn, even the mayor Dean could not afford it.”

Dale immediately said: “Understood, as long as we prove that we have come in legally!”

The mother-in-law also nodded: “This is the reason.”

Sarah felt that there was a problem, but there seemed to be no loopholes in this explanation. Reasonable.

The moment Levi turned his head, cold light flashed in his eyes.

He heard what Glenn said just now. This time, he was not just a matter of being locked up for a few days, he would sit in prison.

The dinner was very simple, but the big people came.

After the three of Dale took a seat, they didn’t dare to move or say anything, even to make a sound.

“Parents, why are you so restrained? Feel free to make friends. How nice it is to make friends with so many people.”

Levi smiled.

Dale and his wife looked at each other, but in the end they dared not move.

Sarah tilted his head and looked at Levi curiously: “It seems you are not afraid at all?”

Levi’s calmness gave Sarah an illusion-it seemed that Levi was very used to this kind of occasion.

Levi smiled: “I’m afraid what they do?”

Sarah thought about it for a while. He must be used to it because all he faces in prison are extremely wicked people.

So Sarah asked no more.

There are more and more people in the banquet hall.

Dean and several big men from Case York also came one after another, surrounded by everyone.

“Huh? Dale, I found that everyone is carrying a gift? Even Dean’s secretary next to him is carrying a gift box or something. It seems that our family didn’t prepare a gift.”

Edith said suspiciously.

Everyone took a look, and it really was.

Only their family did not bring gifts, everyone else brought gifts.

Everyone gathered together, waiting for gifts.

Only they are in the corner, very obvious.

Many people look to them.

“This is because we don’t understand the rules, I didn’t realize it.”

Dale lowered his head.

Edith also said: “Yes, Dad and Earl outside just thought of it, and they took a lot of gifts.”

Sarah sighed, “I’m to blame for this. I wasn’t sure I could come in before.”

Dale also nodded: “Should I arrange for someone to send some gifts now? There is still time.”

Levi immediately refused: “Don’t worry about your parents getting infected, maybe the general God of War doesn’t like giving gifts?”

“No, this is the minimum.”

Plum dyed.

Levi smiled: “I feel that General God of War appreciates the kind of non-gift, do you believe it or not?”

Sarah shook his head: “I don’t believe it.”

Chapter 8

“Have you seen that, anyone who didn’t bring a gift?”

“They don’t understand the rules, or don’t they pay attention to General God of War at all?”

“Are these people looking at me? What’s the background? Did they come in?”

Soon everyone noticed Dale and his party.

Hearing the sound in his ears, Dale wanted to find a place to dig in.

What a shame.

This is not the same as embarrassing in front of familiar people.

But the degree of shame is only strong or not weak.

First of all, they don’t have any sense of existence here, and besides, the people who come here are all big people, they are just unknown people.

It is a kind of psychological humiliation.

After a while, the field became restless.

A few people in military uniforms walked in, and everyone’s eyes were focused on them.

The headed man in uniform carries a star on his shoulders and is a real major general.

Where he stood, his aura was full, and everyone was too dare to speak.

“Introduction, I served in the Eastern Theater, code-named Wesley. Follow General God of War!”

Wesley scanned the audience domineeringly.

The three of Dale shivered with fear when they saw this scene.

“This General God of War is too scary? Is a follower a major general?”

“Isn’t it, General God of War is Velador’s first five-star general!”

Edith was about to cry anxiously: “We should more or less bring some gifts, what if we think we don’t respect them?”

Mayor Dean asked: “Major General Wesley, when will General God of War arrive?”

Wesley smiled: “Actually, the general is already at the meeting, but the general is low-key. He has never participated in such banquets. It is beyond my expectation that he can come.”

Wesley said this.

The audience was in an uproar.

Everyone is looking around.

Wesley said sternly: “You don’t need to look for it anymore, but your words and deeds are in the general’s eyes. Today, it’s up to me to come forward. If you have anything you can find me.”

Upon hearing this, Dale immediately whispered: “Is this unclear suggestive?”

Other people also understand this meaning.

“the city Shane Wanshan sent a pair of night pearls to General God of War!”

“The Case York Evergreen Chamber of Commerce sent two hundred-year-old wild ginseng to General God of War!”

“The Case York Apocalypse Club sent a McLaren p1 to General God of War!”

Everyone in the meeting rushed to the front to give gifts madly.

The gift given was terrible.

There are even sending villas.

Seeing others giving gifts like this, Dale and his wife bowed their heads.

Even Sarah wanted to leave.

On the stage, Wesley looked at the mountains of presents in front of him, his expression changed and his expression was extremely cold.

“What do you mean?”

Wesley’s voice stunned the audience.

Even Dean, the chief official in Xinjiang, was silent.

Everyone looked at Wesley, not understanding what he meant.

“Are you insulting the general?”

“No, no, absolutely nothing.”

Everyone was terrified.

“I warn you! This is the thing that generals hate the most in their lives! Take less of your set and use them on generals! By doing this, you look down on the generals!”

Wesley scolded, everyone understood.

Besides, will General God of War lack these money or something?

There is no shortage at all!

General God of War has unparalleled financial power!

“Major General Wesley calm down! We know it’s wrong!”

Wesley glanced at the audience and said, “Have you missed any gifts just now?”

Everyone looked at each other and found that there was no one who didn’t give gifts.

“Dad, raise your hand! Good thing is coming!”

Levi reminded.

Just now, the three of Dale had been listening, and they felt relieved when they heard that they did not like to give gifts.

But I still dare not raise my hand.

“You raise your hand when Sarah believes me, it’s definitely a good thing!”

Sarah raised his hands and everyone looked over.

Wesley’s eyes fixed on Sarah: “Okay, very good! Do not bring any gifts, it means that your attitude is right! You respect the general! Good job!”

Hearing the major general’s praise, Sarah was flattered and stood up subconsciously.

“What is your name?”

Wesley asked.

“Hello, General Wesley, my name is Sarah, this is my father Dale…”

Sarah politely introduced a few people.

“Very well, I remember you, I will give priority to you if there are good things in the future!”

Wesley promised.

At this time, everyone in the audience cast envious eyes, including Dean.

Sarah and Dale quickly thanked them.

They never dreamed that such a good thing would fall on them.

Even after the banquet, they all felt like dreams and illusions.

“God, all this turned out to be true.”

Dale also stuffed the business cards of several bigwigs into his pockets.

A lot of people just showed good intentions to him?

“Girl, you are so lucky!”

Edith smiled.

Sarah looked at Levi: “Mom, I have to thank Levi for all this! He expected that General God of War didn’t like giving gifts, and he asked me to raise my hand, otherwise I would not dare!”

“Tonight, King’s Landing made us look at it with admiration! Several problems have been solved!”

“Isn’t it, if it weren’t for him, would we be able to attend the dinner tonight?”

Father-in-law and mother-in-law have changed a lot of Levi.

Levi smiled: “That’s because you are lucky, I just asked a friend to make a few invitation letters.”

Sarah looked at Levi with different eyes.

It seems that tonight’s affairs are under his control, and he can solve everything with one mouth.

Does he have a great background?

Everything is arranged by him?

But on second thought, he had been in jail for six years.

How can it be?

Soon, she dismissed the idea.

This night was also thrilling.

Fortunately, the ending came to a happy ending.

Dale and his wife were very happy and let out a bad breath.

Especially in front of his father and others.

But at this time Doug called and Dale answered.

“From tomorrow, you and Sarah won’t have to go to work!”


Doug’s cold and merciless voice came on the other end of the phone: “You have disappointed me too much. When will the 2.8 million owed to me be paid?”

“Dad, I…”

“Since it’s still not up, I will take the company back. If you can’t do it, hand it over to someone who is capable. I will let Earl and Katie take over. You can do it yourself! Dududu…”


Dale’s mobile phone fell to the ground.

After learning about the incident, Sarah and Edith hugged each other and cried.

“what’s happenin?”

Levi asked.

Sarah cried and pears rained: “Grandpa took the company away, and we are unemployed.”

“Hmph, they will regret it!”

The other side.

Logan family ancestral house.

Doug just hung up the phone.

Alfred asked cautiously: “If we suppress the third family in this way, there will be no accidents, right? Levi will have no background, right?”

Mike said: “Dad, brother, I’ve inquired clearly. My friend’s old classmate is from the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, and he also went to the banquet. He said that Levi had no background at all, and he relied on a friend to get in. What’s more ridiculous is that they are the only ones. Don’t be ashamed of a family who didn’t bring gifts. People say that they like not to give gifts, and Dale’s family takes it seriously.”


Everyone laughed together.

Doug sneered and said: “The Dale family dare to lose face in Grand City Mountain Villa. I must take the company back and let them lose their jobs!”

Doug was very angry about what happened tonight.

Mike made a plan to get Doug to take the company back.

Earl also echoed: “Yes, this family is a white-eyed wolf! Even grandpa is not in the eye, I promise that they will not have a place to survive!”

Doug looked at Earl and said with a look of expectation: “Earl, the Logan family will depend on you in the future. There will be an ecological park development project in the west of the city tomorrow, we will not be able to catch up, but it does not matter, Earl, you have to work harder. Rely on your connections to take a few more projects.”

Earl smiled: “Don’t worry, grandpa.”

Chapter 9

Sarah barely slept this night.

Levi comforted: “You can rest assured to sleep, then Doug will personally come to ask you to go back and support your work.”

Sarah glared at him: “How is it possible? Let grandpa come to invite me! Dad and I will burn up the incense when we can get back to work.”

“Don’t worry, I said Doug will invite you, and he will invite you!”

Levi turned around and went to the balcony, and made a call: “Wesley, let Dean answer the call…”

The next day.

As soon as Doug got up, he received a call from the Urban Construction Bureau, specifically asking the Logan family to participate in the bidding for the development of the ecological park.

Doug was flattered.

In his opinion, the ecological park project has been missed, and he is not even qualified to compete. He really did not expect to have the opportunity to participate in the bidding.

Doug immediately summoned Logan’s family and asked, “I’ve heard that someone is preparing to participate in the tender, who is it?”

Mike immediately said: “Dad, it’s Sarah! She wrote a detailed plan, but how can she participate in the bidding with her family’s ability?”

Doug touched his chin: “That is to say, Sarah has a detailed plan, as long as he takes it, can he participate in the bidding?”

“Yes! Sarah is still a little capable!”

“Nick, hurry up to the third house to get the plan back! I didn’t expect that this trash is still useful!”

At this moment, the four of Levi were eating breakfast.

The three of Sarah looked gloomy and didn’t even want to say anything.

Someone knocked on the door at this time.

After opening, it turned out to be Nick.

Nick took a look at the house and smiled and said, “I didn’t expect you to live in such a small house now? Is there one hundred and fifty square meters?”

Dale looked unhappy and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Nick sneered: “I’m here to get the plan for the ecological park development project! The Urban Construction Bureau has notified us that we are going to participate in the bidding!”

Sarah refused: “No! I made the plan by myself. You have to bid to do it yourself. It has nothing to do with me, let alone I was fired.”

Nick glared at her and said, “Okay, I will let Grandpa tell you!”

With that, he handed the phone to Sarah.

“What’s the matter with you Sarah? The plan is not handed in? Do you deny me as a grandfather?”

As soon as Sarah answered the phone, Doug’s angry voice came.

Sarah’s tears came down immediately: “Grandpa, you all fired me. What do you want my plan to do? I’m not satisfied!”

“Huh, what do you mean? If you don’t hand in the plan, we will cut off the relationship today. Your family is no longer the Logan family!”

Hearing this, Sarah cried into tears.

Levi got up, found the plan and handed it to Nick, then comforted Sarah.

“It’s pretty much the same.”

Nick looked at this family and laughed.

Sarah and Dale looked disappointed when they saw Levi hand in the plan.

Too cowardly, right?

What’s the use of having such a husband?

“What do you do for the plan?”

Sarah asked.

Levi sneered: “Listen to me, Doug will definitely come and invite you back! Today, let’s go to a place.”

Sarah said angrily: “How do you make me believe you like this?”

Dale also roared angrily: “If Dad doesn’t come and invite Sarah, you will get a divorce!”

“Okay, I agree!”

Levi agreed.

On the other side, Earl and Katie were entrusted with important tasks. After getting the plan, they first took over Sarah’s Huating Company.

Then go straight to the destination.

Came to the office building responsible for the ecological park project.

There are already many people in line.

Thinking that all of the Logan family’s property would belong to him in the future, Earl couldn’t help but yearn for it, and even his breath was rushed.

After waiting for an hour, it was finally Earl’s turn.

After Earl and Katie entered the office, Earl was about to introduce themselves in a long form, but the person sitting opposite said: “People from the Logan family?”

Earl was stunned, and immediately said: “Yes, yes, yes.”

Katie immediately handed over a stack of papers: “This is our project plan! Please have a look!”

The Case York Urban Construction Bureau is responsible for the approval and decision of this project, and the person in charge of the site is Boyd Yong, the director of the Municipal Management Office of the Urban Construction Bureau.

Boyd Yong put the Logan family project book under his hands, instead of reading it immediately, he raised his head and asked, “Why didn’t Miss Sarah or Mr. Dale come?”


This sentence stunned Earl and the others.

“Director Boyd introduce, my name is Earl, the main person in charge of this project in the Logan Group. As for Sarah and Dale have been expelled, they are not part of the Logan Group. I don’t know what Director Boyd asked them to do? “

Earl asked curiously.

Hearing this, Boyd Yong nodded in relief: “Oh, expelled, well, you can go back, the Logan family is not qualified to compete for the development of this project.”

With that, Boyd Yong pushed the project book to the front.

Earl and Katie were dumbfounded.

“Boyd… What does Chief Boyd mean?”

Earl was trembling.

Katie even asked, “Is the matter of Director Boyd related to Sarah?”

“Yes, that’s right. It was found that the Logan Group was very suitable to develop this project, especially Ms. Sarah’s Huating Company. Therefore, the internal tentative plan was initially tentatively designated as the Logan Group’s Huating Company. Miss Sarah has been fired, so there will be nothing about the Logan family. Let’s choose again.”

Boyd Yong explained it patiently.

It is said to be a preliminary tentative decision, but it has actually been decided.

Everyone understands what this means.

Earl and Katie immediately said excitedly: “Although Director Boyd Sarah was fired, we took over the Huating Company. You are right to choose us. These are some procedures for taking over.”

Earl excitedly took out a lot of formalities from his handbag and handed them over.

“Director Boyd Huating is in charge of us!”


But what I didn’t expect was that Boyd Yong knocked it out, and various formalities and documents were scattered all over the place.

“Fuck! I don’t understand people, do you? I want Miss Sarah to come here with a project plan! No one can substitute for the Logan family except her! We have to authorize this project to Miss Sarah! Understand? “

Boyd Yong pointed to Earl’s nose.

Katie smiled embarrassedly: “Why does Chief Boyd have to be Sarah? I am Katie, Sarah’s sister. I have studied in the United States and I am much better than Sarah in terms of ability. Chief Boyd, I can. Competent for this project!”

Earl nodded: “Yes, Katie is strong! How many times stronger than Sarah!”


Boyd Yong threw the project book on the table on the ground and shouted angrily: “Hurry up! I tell you! Unless Miss Sarah comes in person at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, you can’t miss the time. Otherwise, the Logan Jialian will compete for this project. If you don’t have any qualifications, you will be removed!”

“Hurry up! Don’t ask me to call the security guard to blast you out!”

Boyd Yong’s secretary pushed and shoved the two of Boyd Yong out.

They didn’t understand until this moment.

The reason why this project was designated as the Logan family was not because of the strength of the Logan family, but because the Sarah was dyed.

“I don’t know what Sarah, this little b!tch has done, why would such a big project be given to her?”

Katie was surprised.

Earl clutched his head: “No wonder the Urban Construction Bureau called Logan’s family to participate in the bidding! It turned out to be Sarah!”

After returning to the Logan family ancestral house.

Doug immediately asked: “Earl, how did the bidding result? Have we passed the primary election?”

But Earl looked depressed: “Katie tells Grandpa!”

Katie told Doug all the things.

“What? You have to dye it with plums?”

Doug looked surprised.

Earl said in surprise: “Yes, Director Boyd has already hinted that this project will be assigned to Huating Company, but Sarah must talk about it in person! No one else! We almost offended others!”

Doug sent Mike and Alfred to discuss, but both of them were blasted out.

After thinking about it, Doug finally spoke: “Then go find Sarah! Let her resume her position first, and then we won’t talk about this project!”

Earl urged: “Grandpa, please hurry up, he said over there, at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, I will change if I don’t see Sarah.”

Chapter 10

This time not only Nick, but Earl and Katie also followed.

“Why are you here?”

Dale was so angry that he saw these three people.

What Dale did not expect was that Earl and the others were polite: “Three uncles and three aunts, what about Sarah?”

They also carry various gift boxes in their hands.

This puzzled Dale and his wife.

“Sarah, she is not at home.”

Edith said.

Katie smiled and asked, “Where did Auntie Ran go?”

Edith shook her head: “I don’t know, she left with Levi early in the morning, and I don’t know where she went.”

“Oh, three uncles and three aunts, we know. If Sarah arrives, he will call us and we will leave first.”

After the three left.

Dale and Edith were even more puzzled.

“What is this for? Give gifts? Is this flattering us?”

Edith said suddenly: “Could it be possible that what Levi said will really come true? I can’t see through him a little bit?”

At this time, Levi and Sarah were hanging out.

In the alma mater of the two.

Under Levi’s suggestion, Sarah had already turned off his mobile phone.

It was already evening when Earl and several people came out of Logan’s house.

They didn’t go far, but waited at the gate of Sarah’s house.

After waiting for three hours, Levi and Sarah have not returned.

Doug has also urged several times over there.

“Hurry up and call Sarah to ask! Why haven’t you come back?”

Earl waited impatiently, smoking one cigarette after another.

Katie called Sarah.

“The number you dialed is turned off…”

Katie’s face froze when she heard the alert tone on the phone.

“She turned off…”

“What? It’s turned off? Did she do it on purpose?”

Earl said angrily.

Nick also tried to call, but it turned off.

“Sarah doesn’t know about this at all. Isn’t this a coincidence? Why did it shut down?”

Katie was surprised.

“By the way, who knows Levi’s number? He is dyed with Sarah.”

Earl asked.

“I do not know.”

“Let me ask the third uncle and the third aunt.”

After Katie asked, she shook her head disappointedly: “They don’t know Levi’s number either, he just came back the day before yesterday.”


Earl was going to die of anger.

At this time, Doug called and asked.

Earl directly asked Katie to pick it up.

“Grandpa, Sarah didn’t know where he went, he couldn’t find it, and the phone was turned off, no one knew Levi’s number. The third uncle and the aunt didn’t know, they left early in the morning.”

After listening to the matter, Doug was more anxious than anyone else.

If this project were to be won, the value of the Logan family would increase tenfold more than enough.

“Hurry up and find it! This must be arranged before tomorrow morning!”

Doug mobilized all the relations of the Logan family and looked for Sarah and Levi in the city.

Sarah’s classmates, friends, colleagues and so on, everyone found.

There is no whereabouts of plum dye.

“You Sarah won’t leave Case York, right?”

Someone said.

Doug was so scared that he would have a heart attack.


He glared at Mike fiercely: “I blame you for the prodigal! What bad idea did you get? Why did you fire someone? Why do you take back the company? Now if we can’t get Sarah back, how much would we lose? More than that?”

Mike was terrified: “Dad, I don’t know. Who would have thought that Sarah was the key! Why didn’t the Urban Construction Bureau look for plums?”

“Hurry up and find someone! If you can’t find someone before 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, I will also take your company back! Don’t even think of a penny for your family!”

“Dad, I’ll look for it right away!”

Mike was so scared that he almost peeed.

Doug glared at Alfred’s several people again: “You guys are looking for it too! What are you waiting for? Do you want to fly away for a billion?”

“Let’s find it!”

That night, everyone in the Logan family didn’t rest, they were looking for Levi and Sarah.

By this time Levi and Sarah had already slept in the hotel.

After walking for a day, Sarah was really tired and fell asleep, even forgetting to turn on his mobile phone.

You don’t know how many calls you made to Sarah. There are no tens of thousands, but there are certainly thousands of people.

Sarah also ran dozens of times at home, but couldn’t find it.

It has been almost dawn.

Doug is about to suffer from a heart attack.

“This project is so missed! I will take three times more dividends for each of you this year! I will take back your second child and your company. What are you doing? You guys who fail to succeed and fail to succeed!”

Doug was so angry that he patted the table.

Mike’s face was ugly, he whispered: “Dad maybe they went out to play. The battery is out, and the battery will start up after charging.”

“Are you coaxing the child? Wouldn’t you be like this if it wasn’t for this matter?”

Doug slapped Mike’s face.

“Okay, it’s almost seven o’clock, right? It should be turned on, right? You can try it!”

Mike tremblingly dialed Sarah’s number, but he didn’t expect it to be through.

“Hey, what’s wrong with the phone call early in the morning?”

The phone was connected, and Levi’s voice came.

Everyone was surprised and happy at this moment.

“Levi, I am your second uncle Mike!”

Mike immediately said.

“Mike, why are you calling? Is there a brain problem?”

When Levi said so, Mike was going to explode.

But he asked calmly: “Levi, where is Sarah? Let her answer the phone, I have important business.”

“She’s sleeping, it’s not convenient to answer your call, just tell me what’s the matter.”

Levi refused directly.

Mike smiled and said: “Levi, it was a mistake to withdraw Huating to expel Sarah before. We decided to recall Sarah and let her take over Huating Company again. You are now bringing Sarah to the ancestral house. This is what your grandfather requested!”

“Oh? It means that the official is reinstated! No need, Sarah already has a new job, I don’t need it. Dududu…”

Levi immediately hung up the phone.

“I can’t wait to kill this guy!”

Mike was going to die of anger.

“Call here and ask where they are? You’re stupid!”

Doug hit Mike’s face fiercely.

“Oh oh oh.”

Mike broadcasted the call again: “Levi, I know we did not do the right thing! This time is a mistake, I promise that there will be no next time. You give an address and I will pick you up in person, OK?”

“No, you will be expelled and reinstated after a while. What are you playing? Do you use Sarah as a tool?”

Levi was angry.

Mike immediately said: “As long as the son dyes back, if you ask you to raise it, the salary is not a problem!”

“Okay, it’s okay to let Sarah go back, whoever fires her will please!”

Mike said: “I expelled it! I’ll invite it!”

“No, how can you have this right? It was expelled by Doug, let Doug come personally! Otherwise, Sarah won’t go back!”

Levi’s attitude is extremely tough.

After Doug heard it, he almost passed away.

“What? Let me invite that little girl myself? Levi, are you looking for death, right?”

At this moment, Doug felt the shame.

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