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Chapter 21

“We all know that you took Sarah to the Garrison family to make trouble, and the Garrison family notified that our family would be miserable.”

“Are you okay to provoke the Garrison family? Do you dislike you for living too long?”

Dale and Edith were about to explode with anger.

“Really, if it wasn’t for Sarah’s face, I would have to drive you out and let you live on the streets!”

Dale was gasping for breath.

Sarah also felt that Levi was too risky.

This time I met Major General Wesley by coincidence, what about next time?

Edith glared at Levi fiercely: “Do you dare to provoke the Garrison family without a place to live?”

“Mom actually puts the villa in King’s Landing…”

Sarah was about to explain that the villa was coming back, but was interrupted by Edith: “What kind of villa, you will not follow him out in the future! It’s too dangerous, you can quickly find a way to invest!”

Dale seriously exhorted: “Once the Garrison family gets angry, even the Logan family can’t afford it, let alone us. If you trouble the Garrison family in the future, you should divorce Sarah directly.

The next day.

Sarah and Levi came to buy investment. Before leaving, Edith told: “Sarah, it will be the National Day holiday in a few days. You will pick up your cousin, Qin’er, at that time. We will be busy by then. time.”

“I know mom.”

Levi knows that Edith works in the hospital, and Dale has been doing a little business recently.

Sarah is still the same today, and he is hitting a wall everywhere in investment promotion.

But Levi didn’t intervene, he just secretly wrote down the names of these companies.

For several days, Sarah was unable to attract investment, and the project was repeatedly stranded, leaving only three days before the start-up time stipulated in the contract.

Sarah became anxiously angry.

Dale and Edith were also anxious.

“Sarah, parents, you are not worried, someone will invest in it!”

Levi smiled.

He arranged everything.

“Hmph, shut up! Don’t talk, it’s not your business, of course you don’t worry!”

Dale glared at him.

“Ding Dong…”

The doorbell rang suddenly, and when it was opened, it turned out that Nick came.

“Are all three uncles and three aunts here? Grandpa asked me to inform you-for a family meeting tonight, all of you must be there!”

Nick left after the notice.

Soon after, the four of Levi came to Logan’s ancestral house.

A large courtyard with many small houses in it is definitely one of the richest people in Case York.

Sarah found that the Logan family looked at them with resentment in their eyes, as if they had taken away their beloved things by themselves.

They understand that the Logan family regards them as enemies.

After all, such a big benefit was taken over by Sarah’s family.

Doug and the others were surprisingly enthusiastic.

“Come on, Dale, sit down.”

After everyone was seated, Doug looked at Sarah and asked, “Sarah, how is the project progressing?”

“Grandpa, the start-up capital has become a big problem now! Investment cannot be pulled in a short period of time, and there are only three days left before the start of the project.”

Sarah sighed.

“Hahaha… let me just say, how can a small Huating eat such a big project?”

“Right, don’t buy porcelain without the diamonds! Don’t you know how many catties you are?”

As soon as Sarah said this, ridicule arose.

Sarah can only endure it, because there is really no way to solve this investment.

Chapter 22

Doug smiled: “Sarah, grandpa is a little sad. Why are you neglecting your dearest person?”

“Grandpa, I…”

“You can find me, I am not a big company in the Logan Group, but this ecological park project is completely affordable.”

“Your initial start-up capital, grandpa can use it!”

Doug said seriously.

“Presumably it won’t be that simple, right? Funding is conditional, right?”

Levi asked directly.

He couldn’t see Doug’s conspiracy.

“Well, it’s easier to deal with smart people.”

Doug smiled.

Earl next to him immediately handed over the contract.

“Sarah, take a look!”

After Sarah accepted the contract, he flipped through it immediately.

The content of the contract is simple.

The Logan Group invests in Huating Company, but requires 90% of the interest of the entire ecological park project.

Dale was shaking with anger after reading the contract.

Deceive people too much.

Doug didn’t treat him as a son at all.

“Sarah Dale, don’t be angry. In fact, you will know if you think about it. After three days, if the project fails to start, it will automatically be invalidated, and Director Boyd can’t help it. At that time, you won’t get a penny! But as long as If we invest in the start-up project, you can get ten points of profit, which is about 100 million. You choose your own…”

“Unless you think you can get the investment within three days and start the project on schedule.”

Doug smiled sinisterly.

They concluded that in the last three days, Sarah could not get the investment, so he could only sign the contract obediently.

At that time, the Logan family was sitting on 90% of the profit, and even Director Boyd couldn’t help it.

Mike also smiled: “The third child, everyone is a family. Of course, if you have money, you can make money together. Your food is ugly.”

“Don’t worry about signing, please discuss it first.”

Doug left with everyone.

Only the four of Levi were left.

Dale and Edith persuaded: “Should Sarah sign it? Then we won’t lose money! If we could get the investment, it would have been done!”

Sarah couldn’t help signing, but she looked at Levi and asked for his opinion.

“No sign!”

Levi refused.

“Sarah, do you believe me? Believe that I can definitely get the investment!”

Sarah was interrupted as soon as he was about to answer. Dale said angrily: “You don’t want to fix yours. If you don’t sign, 100 million will fly. You are responsible. I firmly disagree. This contract must be awarded. sign.”

Sarah also looked at Levi hesitantly, obviously not believing him.

Levi smiled helplessly: “Well, isn’t there three days left? It’s really impossible to get investment and sign again.”

“This is fine!”

“This method is fine!”

Everyone agreed.

After Doug and others came back, they also agreed to come down.

They will never believe that Sarah can get investment in three days.

In the remaining three days, Sarah got up early and greedy the dark and went everywhere to invest.

But nothing was achieved.

Even if someone agrees, the profit is too high.

Why not sign Doug’s contract?

Three days will pass immediately, and the contract will be voided at ten o’clock the next day.

“Let’s go, let’s sign the contract now.”

Dale got up.

“No, let’s wait! Isn’t it enough to go by eight tomorrow morning?”

Levi blocked.

“Sarah, remember not to sign the contract tonight. I will go out until tomorrow morning.”

Levi left after finishing his instructions.

Chapter 23

Downstairs, Wesley was waiting for Levi’s arrival early.

“What does the general need me to do?”

Wesley asked.

Levi took out a note: “Contact these companies.”

Early the next morning.

Dale called Sarah to get dyed.

“I thought he went out all night trying to find a way to get investment, but now he hasn’t come back! The guy who didn’t succeed in success!”

Dale was very dissatisfied with Levi’s actions.

Sarah was also very angry.

After all, Levi hadn’t returned all night and didn’t even say hello.

“Let’s go, let’s hurry up and sign a contract with Dad! Otherwise it will be too late!”

When the three of Dale came to the ancestral home of the Logan family, Doug and others were waiting.

Seeing these three people coming, they all smiled.

At this moment, the three of Sarah looked like stray dogs with wagging tails and begging in their eyes.

“The third child, why bother? You know you can’t get investment! What are you struggling for?”

Alfred Mike laughed directly.

Dale lowered his head, begging: “Dad, let’s sign the contract.”

Dale hated Levi in his heart.

Had it not been for Levi’s repeated blockades, he would have signed the contract generously three days ago.

It was like now, he begged Doug for investment like a dog.

I was ashamed to be home in front of my family.

Sarah also said, “Grandpa, we are willing to sign a contract.”

Doug’s face changed, and he smiled and said, “The contract can be signed, but it needs to be changed. In terms of profit, we take 95% and give you the rest!”

“Ah? Didn’t Grandpa say 90% before?”

Sarah looked at Doug incredulously like being struck by lightning.

“One price per day, don’t you understand the truth? If you don’t sign, then forget it.”

Doug said coldly.

The situation is different now. It is Sarah who is begging to sign the contract, and he is the active party.


To grandpa is completely chilled!

Sarah became angry, and immediately said, “Okay, I won’t sign it! The big deal is that I won’t do this project! No one wants to get money!”

“No way, daughter, even if there is a little bit left, there must be fifty million!”

“Yes, my daughter must sign!”

Dale and Edith were naturally unwilling.

Sarah, who was forced to do nothing, could only sign the contract.

“Can’t sign!”

At this time, Levi actually came here and threw away the signature pen.

“It’s not time yet, what to sign?”

Levi approached.

Dale wanted to slap Levi a few times: “What do you mean Levi? You can’t get fifty million, and you don’t want us to get it, right?”

“Ten minutes, give me ten minutes! It really doesn’t work, you guys sign again!”

Levi glanced at his watch.

Dale said angrily: “Okay, I’ll give you another ten minutes! If there is nothing, don’t say you are dyed with you, I will never die with you!”

“it is good!”

Even Doug was curious.

I want to see what happens in ten minutes.

“Okay, let’s wait ten minutes!”

Mike and others are waiting for a joke.

Soon, ten minutes arrived, and there was no movement at all.

“Sign it!”

Mike handed the contract to Sarah.


But at this moment, the roar of the car’s engines filled the entire Logan family courtyard.

Such a big movement attracted everyone out of the western-style building.

Everyone saw a shocking scene-dozens of luxury cars drove into the Logan’s compound back and forth and parked in front of the western-style building.

Chapter 24

These cars are all commercial vehicles, such as Maybach, Rolls Royce and so on.

Many are worth tens of millions!

Everyone in the Logan family was dumbfounded.

I’m all curious about what so many cars are doing?

After the car door was opened, a middle-aged man and woman walked down, dressed in suits and shoes, with a majestic aura.

Everyone has the style of the company’s chairman.

“Huh? Isn’t this the chairman of Hongyuan Investment Company Wang Hongyuan? Why did he come?”

“This is Nie Siyuan, general manager of Tianlun Investment Company?”

“Is this Mr. Wan Yonghui Wan from Wanshang Development Company?”

“Gosh, it turned out to be Chairman Cross Peng Cross of Hercules Construction Development Company?”

Doug, Alfred and others are going crazy.

Because they are all super-big men from the Case York business community, no one is worth less than one billion.

Anyone who was picked up was the one who killed the Logan Group in a flash.

So many bigwigs gathered together.

All this battle frightened Doug.

Doug immediately led Alfred and a few people to greet him: “Hello, Chairman Cross, you…”

But in the next moment, these dozen big guys skipped them directly, and walked straight to the corner where Levi was in front of a few people.

“What? Did they get it for plums?”

Doug was so shocked that his jaw was about to fall.

Sarah was really stunned when he looked at the dozens of bigwigs who came by.

Because she had looked for these companies before and rejected her.

What’s the situation now?

“Hello, Miss Logan, I am Hongyuan’s Wang Hongyuan!”

“Hello Miss Logan, I am Cross Peng of Hercules!”

“Hello, Miss Logan, I am Wan Yonghui of Wanshang!”

More than a dozen business leaders greeted Sarah together.

At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

Especially Doug and the others.

Unexpectedly, he really came to look for plum dye.

Sarah’s body was trembling, and she tried to stabilize her emotions: “You…Hello…”

“Miss Logan don’t need to be nervous! We are here to discuss investment matters with you!”

Wang Hongyuan of Hongyuan Investment smiled: “Miss Logan, Hongyuan Company is willing to invest 100 million to cooperate with you in development!”

As soon as Wan Yonghui heard this, he immediately said: “Miss Logan, we have invested 200 million in Wanshang!”

“No, my Tianlun invested 300 million!”

“My Hercules invests 300 million, and the construction of the project is given to us!”

“I Feiyuan Company is willing to invest 500 million! Don’t make any profit! I’ll help Miss Logan!”

All the bigwigs in the field are vying to break their skins, rushing to invest in Sarah.

The highest single-party investment has reached 700 million.

Everyone is crazy.

That’s a billion-dollar project in total.

All parties have invested several billions.

Doug looked at the scene in front of him, unbelievable, and fainted directly.

Earl, Nick and others are about to vomit blood.

What the hell is going on?

A person is like crazy!

Sarah was the most shocking.

It was ruthless to refuse myself before.

Now one by one is queuing up to give themselves money.

Dale and Edith also trembled with excitement.

Levi supported Sarah and calmed her emotions: “Sarah, you see people have come to invest, you say something, what are you nervous about.”

Sarah, who calmed his emotions, immediately said: “Sarah welcomes all seniors to invest!”

“It’s great, as long as Miss Logan agrees.”

Hearing this sentence, the bigwigs from all sides wiped out their cold sweat.

Chapter 25

Sarah said, “However, seniors may have misunderstood. You don’t need so much investment! The total amount is more than 100 million.”

“Miss Logan, even if you speak, tens of billions may not be able to do it, but billions of them just do it.”

Wan Yonghui said very proudly.

Hearing the phrase “Billions of Random”, Doug almost fainted due to high blood pressure.

Sarah was also stunned, and tremblingly said: “Seniors, in fact, a maximum of 150 million is enough.”

Wang Hongyuan glanced at everyone: “Well, let’s come to 15 companies. Can each one get 10 million?”

“Yes! Everyone, help Miss Logan! Remember, it’s a direct payment, not an investment, or a loan!”

Wang Hongyuan said.


Dale and Edith are really going to spit blood.

This is to give 150 million directly!

What happened to my daughter?

People are rushing to send money.

“No, no, it’s an investment, you can’t give it directly.”

Plum dyeing naturally does not accept it.

“Miss Logan’s okay, ten million petty dollars!”

“Yes, yes, it’s nothing.”

The bigwigs of all parties still insisted on giving money.

Levi suddenly said: “I have said, let you invest! What are you doing?”

This time, the big guys were terrified.

“Yes, yes, investment! It’s investment!”

Everyone nodded.

“Seniors, do you mind going to Huating Company to sign the contract?”

Sarah asked.

“Yes, yes, of course we do!”

Everyone nodded busy.

Before leaving, Sarah came to Doug.

“Grandpa, sorry, I can’t sign a contract with you, but the Logan family will definitely get the project, I promise.”

Plum dyed.


Doug was very angry.

Fainted directly.

In the eyes of everyone with surprise and admiration, Levi came to leave with a few people.

This time, the three of Sarah let out a bad breath.

Dale felt that he was standing up in the family.

The signing of the contract went smoothly.

Funds arrive in seconds.

Sarah started the project within the stipulated time.

After that, everything proceeded in an orderly manner.

After returning home at night.

The three of Sarah looked at Levi as if they were interrogating.

“This matter has nothing to do with you, right?”

Sarah asked.

“I did it indeed.”

Levi admitted.

“How did you do it? It’s incredible.”

Dale was still immersed in the shock of the day.

“It’s very simple. I introduced this project carefully and let them know that it is a piece of fat.”

Levi smiled.

“Impossible. When I made investment before, I must have introduced more details than you! Why was I rejected?”

Sarah was very puzzled.

Levi smiled and said: “I mentioned a few people-Chief Boyd Yong, Major General Wesley, General God of War. After they found out that this was the case, they agreed to invest.”


She has always been very strong, and it is impossible to mention these people.

Mike smiled: “Haha, to be honest, we have nothing to do with General God of War and the others. But this project is really connected with them. Just check it out. These investors are not stupid. You know that Sarah is from your background. These people came right away.”

“That’s right, after all, Director Boyd decided on this project alone, and Major General Wesley’s instructions will follow. They must be regarded as Sarah’s background.”

Edith also said.

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