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Chapter 11

In fact, Sarah was awake a long time ago, but he didn’t say anything.

She looked at Levi strangely.

He was really right.

The Logan family really wanted to invite her back.

Why on earth?

Sarah was frightened when he heard that Levi asked his grandfather to pick him up in person, and subconsciously pulled La Levi’s arm.

Doug has always been majestic, how could he come to invite her personally?

By doing this, Levi was irritating him!

“Okay, if Doug doesn’t come in person, forget it! Hang up!”

Levi hung up the phone.

Sarah gave him a push: “Are you crazy? Dare to ask Grandpa to invite me? I want me to say we go back by ourselves. Listen to the tone, it seems that there is something very important.”

“Don’t, just wait. Three, two, one… Jingling…”

Sure enough, when Levi finished the countdown, his cell phone rang.

Mike’s helpless voice came: “Father agreed to pick you up, tell me the address!”

“The Berman Hotel in University Town!”

“Where’s the room number?”

Levi smiled: “No need to know the room number, Doug is here, we will go down.”

Levi came here to prevent Doug from not coming.

“Huh? Grandpa is really coming?”

Sarah had been living in the shadow of Doug since he was a child, and at this time he was trembling with fright.

“What are you nervous about? He is here to invite you back!”

Levi smiled.

Sarah was so frightened that he forgot Levi’s predictions before—Doug would come and invite you back.

About half an hour later, a Mercedes-Benz stopped downstairs in the hotel.

Doug appeared in sight.

“Okay, let’s go down.”

Sarah’s body was trembling all the time, holding onto Levi’s arm.

When Doug saw Sarah, he subconsciously yelled: “Sarah you…oh, get in the car! Grandpa has something important to discuss with you! Get in the car!”

Sarah was dumbfounded when he saw the amiable grandfather.

When did Grandpa smile at her?

In the car.

Don’t mention how well Doug dyed plums.

“Sarah, let me talk about the business. Didn’t you always start the development of the West City Ecological Park before? Now the opportunity is here. Director Boyd of the Urban Construction Bureau calls you to submit the plan and elaborate on the planning plan.”

“You must come on! Grandpa believes you can win!”

In this way, the confused Sarah was sent to the office building in charge of the project.

The time is more than seven to fifty.

Finally, Levi and Sarah came to the office.

As soon as Director Boyd Yong saw Sarah, he got up and came to the front to greet him: “Miss Logan is here? Sit down! Do Miss Logan and this gentleman have tea or coffee?”

“I have tea and give her coffee.”

Levi sat down generously.

Sarah was dumbfounded.

This is Director Boyd of the Municipal Management Office of the Urban Construction Bureau!

Don’t say it’s yourself, Charlie from the Garrison family bowed his head and bowed his waist when he saw it.

He is so passionate about himself?

That attitude is like almost kneeling down.

“Have you heard, go and make arrangements.”

Boyd Yong said to the secretary.

“Come on, Miss Logan, please sit down!”

Boyd Yong said respectfully to Sarah.

“Sit down.”

Seeing Sarah stunned, Levi pulled her to her side and sat down.

Soon tea and coffee will come.

Sarah was shaking with coffee in both hands.

Levi was sitting with Erlang’s legs upright.

Boyd Yong stood in front like a waiter, respectful.

He didn’t even dare to look at Levi.

This is the one in the legend!

After Sarah tried to calm his emotions, stood up and handed out the plan: “Boyd…Hello Chief Boyd, I am Sarah, this is my plan! Please have a look!”

Boyd Yong smiled: “Ms. Logan’s ability is obvious to all, so we don’t need to read the plan, we can rest assured.”


When Boyd Yong came into contact with Levi’s terrifying eyes, he immediately took over the plan and worked with several project leaders.

Sarah explained…

About half an hour later, Boyd Yong stood up and said with a smile: “We did not misunderstand Miss Logan! It is perfect! We evaluated the plan with 95 points! We have revised some details, and it is now perfect.”

Levi smiled: “That is to say, did you choose us?”

Boyd Yong nodded and said: “A total of 33 companies’ bids were received in the primary election. At present, Miss Logan has the highest score! And we have inspected the capabilities of Huating Company and Logan Group before, and we are basically competent! Now we are going. It’s a process, and you can sign a contract three days later.”

Where Sarah can’t understand, this is her default!

Levi got up, took Sarah away, and said by the way, “Thank you…”

“Ah? I dare not dare! It should be done!”

When Boyd Yong heard Levi say thank you, he almost knelt in fright.

Even when he came outside, Sarah was dreamy.

A dozen people from Doug immediately squeezed their heads and surrounded them: “Sarah, how is it?”

“Grandpa has passed the primary election, and my score is the highest, 95 points! Director Boyd wants me to come here to sign the contract in three days. I will be responsible for the development of this project. But we are still going through the process. Keep it secret!”

Sarah originally wanted to say that she was developing this project, but seeing Doug, she subconsciously changed her tone.

“Okay, okay! Sarah, you are really grandpa’s pride! You are the hero of the Logan family!”

Doug said excitedly.

Others are also extremely excited.

After all, this is a one-billion-dollar project!

Sarah felt a little dreamy.

Since Sarah’s record, Doug has only praised her twice.

The first time was to marry Levi, a newcomer in the mall six years ago.

The praise this time made her feel very untrue.

Doug was still a little worried and asked, “Sarah has assigned this project to us now? As long as the contract is signed in three days, are you sure?”

Sarah nodded: “Grandpa, I’m sure!”

“Okay, I’m relieved!”

Doug breathed a sigh of relief.

Later, Levi and Sarah dyed back home.

A lot of people from Doug also returned home.

Mike smiled: “Dad, I didn’t expect it! I really won it! I asked my friend to ask the secretary of Director Boyd of the Urban Construction Bureau, it really is!”

Doug’s face was red: “Well, it’s a happy event for my Logan family.”

Earl hesitated for a long time, but still said: “Grandpa, you really want to give the project development full power to Sarah? I am afraid that Levi will have wolf ambitions. By then, this project will have nothing to do with us.”

Doug smiled and said, “Loose! I thought about it long ago! Didn’t you listen to what I just asked? Now the project has been determined to be us, and only need to sign in three days. At this time, the value of Sarah has been used up, and more Besides, can her small Huating company develop a billion-dollar project?”

“So, you go to sign the contract in three days! I only give Sarah a nominal position, and I don’t actually participate in project development.”

“Hahaha, grandpa, your trick is really good!”

Earl smiled sinisterly.

Chapter 12

arrive home.

Dale and Edith looked at Levi incredulously: “I really made you guessed right. My father really came to invite the son to dye it.”

“Dad, you lost this bet.”

Levi smiled.

“But how could this project fall to us? There are too many companies than Logan Jiaqiang? Why can’t it fall to the Logan family?”

Dale looked puzzled.

It’s not just him, Sarah is most puzzled.

“Yes, why do I have to designate me to sign?”

Sarah blinked, waiting for Levi to explain.

Because she always felt that Levi was behind to push everything, and he would realize what he said.

Levi smiled: “Sarah, have you forgotten? We attended the banquet that night, what did Major General Wesley say at the end?”

Dale immediately said: “I understand! Major General Wesley meant! The big man really is a promise! Otherwise, think about it, who can order Chief Boyd?”

Sarah smiled awkwardly: “I thought Major General Wesley just said casually.”

“What the big guys say must be realized!”

Levi smiled.

“As long as I take over this project, my family will improve a lot. Arran, you cook a table of dishes, I want to celebrate.”

Dale smiled.

Maybe it’s because of a good mood.

Levi was also pleasing to the eyes of the couple.

Sarah and Levi said, “Don’t worry about finding a job, just follow me.”

“Well, well, I will help you well.”

It was three days later in a blink of an eye.

Sarah put on a small suit, and even Levi also wore a formal suit.

The two are going to sign a contract.

“For King’s Landing, let me tell Grandpa, after all, they are very concerned about this matter.”

Sarah asked Levi.

“I don’t think it is necessary. This matter has nothing to do with them.”

Levi approached.

“I’ll still fight one.”

Sarah dialed Doug’s phone.

“Sarah, what’s the matter?”

“Grandpa, I’m going to sign the contract now, let me tell you.”

“Oh, oh, this matter, your sister and brother-in-law have already gone, so you don’t need to go anymore. Don’t worry, they signed on your behalf! Go to Huating to work! Don’t worry about this matter, don’t worry. Go to work.”

Soon Doug hung up the phone impatiently, Sarah was dumbfounded, and his phone almost dropped.

“what’s happenin?”

“Grandpa said that this matter has nothing to do with me, someone has already signed on my behalf!”

Sarah was crying.

After knowing the matter, Levi was very angry!

It turned out that the Logan family was as shameless as the Garrison family!

“Don’t worry, this belongs to you, no one can take it away!”

Levi’s voice was low.

Levi turned around and edited a text message and sent it directly to the director of the Urban Construction Bureau!

At the moment, the bidding scene.

Dozens of companies are sitting together, waiting for the announcement of the results.

It was Wang Chengan, deputy director of the Urban Construction Bureau, who finally announced the result.

“I declare that the Chengxi Ecological Park project is developed by Huating Company under the Logan Group!”

After Wang Chengan’s results were announced, the audience was in an uproar.

Everyone can’t understand that Huating will win.

As for the representatives of Huating, Earl, Katie and others stood up and accepted the congratulations from the people around them.

“Next, please come to the backstage to sign the contract agreement with the representative of Huating Company!”

The person who is ultimately responsible for signing the agreement is Boyd Yong and Boyd Director.

The deputy director just came to announce the result.

“Huh? Where’s Miss Sarah?”

Boyd Yong looked up and saw several people, with a look of disgust in his eyes.

“Hello, Director Boyd, Sarah is busy with other things. Let us sign on her behalf.”

Earl said with a smile.

Katie echoed: “Director Boyd, let alone the announcement of the bidding results, we are all set to become us, isn’t it the same who will sign?”

Boyd Yong sneered: “That’s not the same. For example, let me ask you to sign the contract on behalf of Ms. Sarah. Are you going to sign her name or someone else’s name?”


Katie hesitated.

They certainly don’t plan to sign Sarah’s name.

Wouldn’t it become plum dyed?

They are going to sign Doug’s name.

Nick said: “By the way, Director Boyd may not understand. Although our Logan Group is divided into many companies, the chairman is Mr. Doug, who has absolute control of all companies. This time the contract is signed by Mr. Doug’s name. However, this is also agreed by Sarah.”

Boyd Yong shook his head: “That won’t work! We designated Sarah, and I don’t know who Doug is. But since you said that Ms. Sarah agreed, then I’ll call and ask. As long as she agrees, I agree with me too .”

Seeing Boyd Yong about to make a call, the three Earl panicked immediately.

Where did Sarah agree, they didn’t even ask.

After answering the call, Boyd Yong asked directly: “Ms. Sarah, did you agree that someone else will sign the contract on your behalf and you want to sign Mr. Doug’s name?”

Upon hearing Boyd Yong’s question, Sarah immediately understood what was going on.

If I agree, from now on, this project has nothing to do with me.

But if you want to say no, it is estimated that Grandpa will hate himself to death.

This is to ask her to choose one in front of her interests and grandpa.

“I… I am the same…”

Sarah hesitated for a long time, but still wanted to agree, but Levi seized the phone.

“I didn’t agree! They didn’t even make a phone call! What’s the matter? It’s a big deal. I don’t want this project, and I said who I want to do.”

Levi was puzzled.

After hanging up.

Chief Boyd’s face turned black.

Staring at Earl firmly.

Several people who were aware of the problem lowered their heads and dared not look at Director Boyd.

“I told you that this project must be completed by Miss Sarah from beginning to end! No one else can replace it! If you do this, I will only have to substitute! There are many people who can do this project. Up.”

“Tell you, if you want this project, immediately find Miss Sarah to sign the contract! Otherwise, we will treat you as giving up!”

After listening to Director Boyd’s words, the three of them fled like wind.

“What? Is it necessary to have plum dye? I thought anyone could sign the contract!”

Doug was dumbfounded when he knew the matter.

Mike was surprised: “What will Dad do now? Is it true that Sarah will take over this project?”

“There is no way, but even if Sarah takes over, most of the benefits are in our hands. Sarah is still very obedient to me, and just give them a little sweetness. After all, she is a little Hua The Ting Company can’t afford this project, and we still need our help at that time!”

Doug said.

“But Grandpa’s current problem is how to get Sarah to sign. This is the second time this has happened.”

Someone asked.

Doug sneered: “Hmph, I will pick her up personally, can she not go? Give her a call first!”

After the call got through, Levi answered, “Ah? You don’t use it anymore, we are busy.”

After speaking, Levi hung up directly.

Chapter 13

Everyone in the Logan family was dumbfounded.

Sarah might agree.

But there is Levi next to him.

It’s always bad.

“What can we do? Maybe Levi disappeared with Sarah again. If we can’t find it in the afternoon, Director Boyd will think we have voluntarily abstained.”

Earl was a little worried.

“Hmph, she is threatening me! I want to negotiate terms with me!”

Doug said angrily.

After Doug dialed the phone, he said angrily: “What do you mean, Levi? Don’t you want this project anymore?”

Levi sneered and said, “Yes, it has nothing to do with us! Don’t you just want to make a mistake? We don’t want this project at all!”

Hearing this, Doug immediately softened his tone: “Levi, grandpa has no other meaning, you can bring dye to sign the contract! In the future, Sarah will develop this project with full authority, which is also what Director Boyd meant.”

“I don’t worry, I’m afraid that Sarah will be emptied at any time. Hey.”

“Levi, can you talk about the conditions? How can you let Sarah sign it?”

Although Doug was so angry, he couldn’t help it.

“Conditions! Article 1: This project is fully developed by Huating Company, and other Logan Group companies are not allowed to directly participate. Article 2: Huating Company separates from Logan Group and becomes an independently operated company. However, sub Ran promised that some of the projects developed will be done by you. If you have money, everyone can earn it together. As long as you agree to the above two items, I will immediately bring dye to sign the contract!”

After Levi finished speaking, Doug was going to explode.

Levi meant that Sarah should be completely separated from the Logan family. This project has nothing to do with the Logan family in the future.

The Logan family wanted to get a share of the pie, relying on Sarah’s charity.

However, at the point of view of the bones, we still have to sign the contract first.

He must eat this piece of meat.

“Okay, I promise!”

Doug took a deep breath.

“It’s not enough to promise, you have to do the formalities immediately!”

Levi smiled.


Doug wanted to cramp Levi’s skin.

He doesn’t give people any delay.

“Okay, I’ll let someone do it!”

In just three hours, Doug completed all the formalities.

Huating Company was completely separated from the Logan Group and became Sarah’s company with full authority.

“Well, good, let’s sign now!”

Levi brought Sarah to the bidding site and successfully signed the contract with Director Boyd.

Sarah has always been in a dream, and he has developed a large project of more than one billion by himself?

From bankruptcy to taking on such a big project.

Sarah didn’t dare to think about it.

Sign the contract.

A large number of people in Doug were mixed with happiness and sorrow.

“Levi is too cruel, isn’t it? Almost cut all our roads!”

Mike said.

“Why? She Sarah can eat this project alone? If it weren’t for the background of our Logan family, what would she use to sign the contract?”

“Yes, she is alone, we are not convinced!”

Nick and Katie were all imbalanced.

Alfred smiled: “Don’t worry, we can still eat this project! Even if Huating Company is separated, Dad still has 30 shares in it, not to mention that this billion-dollar project can be developed casually? Every bit of financial resources is indispensable, how is it possible for a small Huating?”

Nick also immediately smiled: “Yes, Huating Company is almost in bankruptcy now, and still owes grandfather money? To develop the project, where did they get the funds and don’t have any money?”

“Levi is a useless person, don’t think about it, and Sarah doesn’t have any connections. You can’t ask us to invest at that time?”


Mike smirked and said, “Dad, I think we have to put a little pressure on them! Let’s get back 2.8 million first!”

Doug laughed: “Second, your mind is the worst, but this method will work! Nick, you will ask for money soon!”

Dale and Edith have received the news.

The two were very excited.

Specially prepared the food and waited for the two of Levi.

Although he signed a big contract, Sarah was unhappy.

“Mom and dad, this completely offends Grandpa! Grandpa and they probably hate us to death!”

Plum dyed.

Dale said, “Regardless of them! Our status in the family has always been the lowest. Your grandfather never looked at us directly! This time we must do a good job and ask your grandfather to see!”

“Yes, I have to work hard!”

Dale said to Levi: “Levi, although you didn’t have any credit for this incident, our family’s luck seems to have improved after you come back. Come on, let’s have a drink!”

Just as Dale brought out the good wine, Nick came.

“The third uncle was sent by my grandfather! This is an IOU, please repay the 2.8 million owed third uncle.”

After Nick expressed his intention.


The three of Dale felt like they had suffered a thunderbolt from the blue sky.

Nick smiled: “Grandpa said, he wants to make an appointment with a foreign expert, and now he has no money, so he can only let you repay it. The situation is a bit urgent, and he must pay it back within three days! Otherwise, grandpa’s illness will get worse serious!”

Nick left, but poured a basin of cold water on Sarah and them.

The three of Sarah are the same as the eggplant that Frost beats.

Levi asked, “What’s wrong?”

Sarah bit his lip and said: “There is no money, the company still has no money at home! The company has just started operating, and there is not even 500,000 in the account. As for the family, let alone the younger brother’s tuition. That’s amazing.”

Sarah also has a younger brother studying abroad. He emptied all the money at home when he needed money.

Dale sighed: “I knew that Dad couldn’t just let it go! I knew that this time he would kill us until we paid the money back!”

Sarah’s dyed face is ashamed: “It’s not just a question of paying back money, but project development also requires funds. We don’t even have the initial funds to start the project! It is necessary to pull investment, but it is also difficult. At that time, the project may be shelved and the other party will terminate the contract. of!”

“Isn’t it? We have been warned at the bank now that we can’t borrow a penny anymore.”

Dale was almost crying.

After all, the biggest problem facing the Logan family now is money!

As long as you have money, you can solve everything!

A penny stumps the hero.

What’s more, it’s not a matter of penny now.

Dale continued: “I guessed it. Your grandpa’s routine finally forced us to borrow money to find them for investment, and in the end we actually gave them the project.”

Sarah said helplessly: “It’s really impossible. Let’s give up and let it go to Grandpa. Huating Company is now in our hands. Let’s take it step by step!”

Levi said, “Why are you giving up? I will solve the problem of money! 2.8 million is not a problem!”

Chapter 14

Everyone looked at Levi suspiciously: “What? You solve the money problem? You just came out of prison, are you rich?”

“I…I will figure out a solution.”

Levi has a card on him, and he doesn’t know how much money he has.

“Don’t force it, don’t do anything out of the ordinary! It really doesn’t work, we just let it go.”

Sarah looked at Levi worriedly.

I’m afraid he will do some extreme things.

“Don’t worry, leave this to me to solve.”

Levi held her hand.

The next day.

Levi went out alone.

Just walked to the intersection, a Maybach parked next to it.

Major Wesley got off the car and greeted Levi in the car.

“How is the Garrison family recently? Is anyone coming to apologize?”

Levi asked.

Major General Wesley shook his head: “No one in General Garrison’s family is repenting.”

A touch of coldness flashed in Levi’s eyes: “You have to put a little pressure.”

After arriving at the bank, Levi withdrew 5 million cash in one go.

This frightened the bank staff.

Especially the man standing next to Levi, wearing a military uniform, carrying a star on his shoulder.

That’s a major general!

Liu Hongyi, general manager of Case Bank’s head office, personally came to serve.

In the end, he and Shane Huamo, a tall woman with a nice face, helped carry the money out of the VIP channel.

Shane Huamo couldn’t help but glanced at Levi more, feeling a bit familiar.

“This person’s identity is so scary, even our president almost ran over.”

After sending the two away, Liu Hongyi took a deep breath.

Shane Huamo asked in confusion, “What’s the identity of Manager Liu? Isn’t the man in the military uniform next to him a very big official?”

Liu Hongyi whispered: “That’s a real major general! Let the major general be his entourage, think about it…”


Shane Huamo took a breath.

“So don’t mention everything today, it’s confidential all the way.”

Shane Huamo nodded: “I understand this!”

“No matter who asks, just say that it was borrowed. You can make another bill or something.”


In the evening, when Levi returned home with five boxes of money, the three of Dale were dumbfounded.

They counted it three times, and they were sure it was five million.

“Where did you… get so much money? Isn’t it a loan shark?”

Sarah was terrified.

“What loan shark! You don’t need to worry about it! Anyway, I can find money, so I can solve the urgent need.”

Levi approached.

“Yes, solve the problem first!”

Dale also said.

Sarah asked suspiciously, “But 2.8 million is enough! What are you doing with 5 million?”

“At that time you will know.”

Upon hearing the news that he had to pay back the money, Mike came to collect the money himself.

“The third man moved quickly this time. You smashed the pot and sold iron to make up 2.8 million? It’s really hard for you. I thought it wouldn’t be enough.”

Mike sneered.

Dale glared at him: “You don’t need to worry about the second brother! Anyway, I have 2.8 million, and I can still make it!”

But Mike turned around and sneered: “Who said it was 2.8 million? Don’t you need to count the interest for so many days? Here is the IOU. If the interest is counted, it will be more than five million. You will be charged five. A million will do.”

“What? Five million? When did it become five million? Loan sharks are not so scary!”

Dale and Sarah were dumbfounded.

Edith even said: “When my father agreed, he lent it to us unconditionally! How could there be interest?”

“Brother and sister, you are so naive! Father borrowed money to help you, but everyone is in business. Don’t get the family relationship here. If you don’t read the IOU carefully, what can I do?”

Sarah and Dale took the IOU and settled, and they did have interest.

They finally knew why Levi had taken five million.

However, this IOU has obviously been revised.


Grandpa treats himself like this?

I’m not as good as an outsider!

Sarah’s tears fell straight down.

Dale was also sad.

That’s his biological father.

Using such a despicable method to calculate yourself!

“Why? Don’t admit it? It’s okay if you don’t admit it! I’ll sue you!”

Mike sneered.

“Admit! Why don’t you admit it! Isn’t it five million? Take it!”

At this time, Levi put five boxes of money in front of Mike.

After checking by several people, Mike was stunned.

The money is real, and the amount is not bad.

Exactly five million.

Levi filmed the video, recording the scene of paying back the money and tearing up the IOU.

“Where did you get five million?”

Mike must doubt life.

“You don’t need to worry about it, hurry up!”

Levi blasted all these people out.

Logan family ancestral house.

Everyone looked at the five million on the table, all dumbfounded.

“Why did this money come from? Is it possible that the Sarah family went bankrupt and made up 5 million in order to prevent us from touching the one-billion-dollar project?”

Everyone was very surprised.

At this time Mike flew over.

“Dad, I checked. Levi borrowed the five million dollars! He seems to have some invisible real estate that he can use as a mortgage.”

Alfred said.

Doug asked seriously: “Is this matter sure?”

“OK! The person in charge of this business is Ms. Shane Huamo, the senior director of the Case York Bank’s head office. I contacted her through the relationship, and she personally admitted that it was borrowed by a person named Levi. I spent 100,000 to get it. A running bill description!”

After Doug received the receipt, he confirmed that it was correct.

“Haha, borrowed money? How can I pay him back?”

“The biggest problem is how to develop this project? In the end, we have to come to us!”

Solve such a big thing.

Sarah felt untrue.

They had just received news from the Logan family that it turned out that all this was money borrowed by Levi.

Sarah was very moved.

Thinking about paying back the money.

“We should get the investment as soon as possible and start the project!”

“But this is a big problem. If you want to develop this project, you need a lot of investment.”

According to Sarah’s budget, 30 million was needed for the initial start-up capital, and at least 70 million would be needed in the future.

Dale also said that it was too difficult.

“Do you have any ideas?”

Sarah looked at Levi and asked.

Levi smiled: “Let’s go find a big company? Try one by one! This project is a piece of fat, and there must be companies willing!”

Sarah nodded: “I know this, but I’m afraid that some companies have agreed, but they want too much profit! They will definitely have overlord clauses!”

“Try it? Maybe there are people who are taking advantage of direct investment?”

Levi smiled brightly.

“How can it be?”

Sarah was deeply suspicious.

Chapter 15

Regarding the investment, it was actually what Levi said.

Sarah suddenly said: “By the way, don’t worry, I will pay the five million. I hope to get the investment as soon as possible.”

“No need to pay back, why are you still talking about this?”

Levi smiled.

“But you also have to pay it back. Since then, what do you want to pay back? You don’t have any money in your hands.”

Sarah said so, and Levi nodded.

“When I make money from this project, I am going to buy a house. It is not appropriate for us to live with my parents.”

Sarah plans to buy a house.

Levi couldn’t help asking what he thought of, “Remember our wedding room?”

“Remember, that is the villa you designed by yourself, it’s perfect to describe it! What a pity…”

Sarah sighed.

Levi smiled: “Sarah, I am going to return the villa.”

“The villa in Levi now belongs to the Garrison family. Don’t do stupid things, you can’t beat them.”

Sarah persuaded.

“Do not worry.”

Despite this guarantee, he had to return everything the Garrison family took.

The next day, Sarah was busy looking for investment.

Levi didn’t accompany her, first let Sarah run into a wall, and then he arranged the investment.

Dale and his wife looked at Levi who was smoking on the sofa, their brows furrowed and their faces were unhappy.

“You pinched the cigarette! Stand up, I have something to tell you!”

Dale stared at Levi with a cold face.

Levi pinched out the cigarette butt and followed.

“Dad, just say what you have!”

Dale’s brows twisted into a Sichuan word: “Are you still unaware of your current situation?”

Levi smiled: “It’s pretty good. The project is won. As long as we get the investment, Sarah will have a great future with us.”

“Yes, because Sarah has a promising future, you are in danger.”


Hearing Dale’s words like this, Levi looked puzzled.

“You also understand that as long as this project is completed, Sarah’s worth will become several hundred million, and she will definitely have a place in Case York in the future. By then, do you think you are worthy of her? I am not questioning your ability. It’s just that you have to understand that you just came out of prison, and it’s no longer than six years ago. Starting a business is too difficult. The gap between you and Sarah will only get bigger and bigger.”

Dale said seriously.

Edith also said: “Yeah, you have nothing to do all day! You don’t even have a decent job, how can you be worthy of my daughter?”

“Yes! If you still Sarah husband in the future, how shame Sarah will be?”

“We will find an appropriate opportunity to discuss with Sarah and ask you to divorce! This will be good for you and Sarah! You should be mentally prepared!”

Dale sighed.

Levi smiled: “Parents, are you crossing the river to demolish the bridge?”

“What do you mean? Crossing the river to demolish the bridge? You really think you took this project down? You mixed it a little bit, but the project can be taken down because of Sarah’s ability?”

“Yes, to put it bluntly, this matter has nothing to do with you!”

In this regard, Levi could only smile.

“Don’t worry, I will make Sarah the happiest woman in the world!”

Levi smiled.

Edith glared at him: “What are you doing to make your son happy? You don’t even have a house! If you say that your big villa was in the past, I can believe it, now? You are a pauper with nothing! My house! Are you ashamed?”

“You leave for a few days, I don’t want to see you for the time being.”

“Yes, Sarah has been busy recently, and she is easily distracted when you are around.”

Dale even let Levi leave.

After being kicked out, Levi was not angry.

This is dyed by him owing plums.

Downstairs, a Rolls-Royce Phantom drove up.

Major General Wesley got off the car: “Please, General!”

Levi got into the car.

Edith, who was leaning over the window, said suddenly: “Dale, come and see, it seems that Levi is in a luxury car.”

Dale leaned over immediately and saw a Rolls-Royce driving downstairs from his home.

“This is a Rolls-Royce Phantom! The owner is definitely a big man! How could Levi get in this kind of car?”

Dale immediately said.

Edith also relieved: “I just saw a figure from the back, and felt a little like it. It seems that I was worrying too much. If he can afford to drive a Rolls Royce, can I live in a small room of 100 square meters? “

Dale snorted coldly, “Do you still count on this soft rice?”

“Yes, I expect him to starve to death.”

In the car.

Wesley asked, “General, where are we going now?”

“Go to the Royal Palace Villa District!”

His villa must come back!

“General, it is clear that the person living in your villa is Moran Hongfei! The current general manager of Tianyu Media, a subsidiary of Garrison’s International!”

“He is Garrison Yaoyang’s confidant now! After betraying you, he immediately joined Garrison Yaoyang’s command.”

Garrison Yaoyang is the son of Levi’s third uncle, Edmund, and a full-fledged boy. At the banquet that day, he said he wanted to marry Sarah.

Coveted plum dye for a long time.

When the name Moran Hongfei was mentioned, Levi’s eyes were cold.

Used to be his confidant, right arm and right arm.

Levi single-handedly promoted him, if it weren’t for Levi, he would have committed fraud and went to jail.

Clearly remember that after his accident,

Moran Hongfei immediately became Garrison’s dog-legged, and immediately contacted the media reporters to discredit Levi.

It even forged many evidences of Levi’s commercial crimes and successfully sent Levi to prison…

Thinking of Moran Hongfei’s respectful appearance in front of him, Levi felt ridiculous.

Soon came to the royal palace villa area.

Standing in front of the single-family villa he designed by himself, Levi’s eyes burst into anger.

Dare to live in his wedding room?


The housekeeper found the two Levi and asked, “What are you doing? Who are you looking for?”

Levi smiled: “I’ll take a look at my home!”

“What? Your home? Are you okay with your brain?”

“I’m telling you, the owner of this villa is the head of Tianyu Media Moran Hongfei!”

The butler sneered.

Levi’s lips deepened and smiled: “Then Moran Hongfei told you who the person in the previous villa was?”

“I care who he is? I only recognize President Moran!”

At this moment, a Porsche Pamela pulled in.

The housekeeper promptly opened the door.

Moran Hongfei in a suit and leather shoes walked down, and a little secretary in professional attire next to him hurriedly supported him. The little secretary has a fiery figure, especially her long legs wrapped in black silk, which is extremely attractive.

The secretary and Moran Hongfei went home and knew what they were doing without even thinking about it.

“Who are these two people?”

When Moran Hongfei saw two people standing at the door of the villa, he asked with an unhappy expression.

Levi slowly turned his head, and when Moran Hongfei saw it, he was shocked.

He happened to be away on a business trip when the Garrison family went on a banquet, so he had never seen Levi.

Now seeing Levi, his heart trembled.

Unlike the others in the Garrison family, Moran Hongfei had a fear and awe of Levi.

Especially for doing something to be sorry for him, now seeing Levi, Moran Hongfei dare not look at each other.

“Mr. Moran has a good time?”

Levi asked with a smile.

Moran Hongfei asked tremblingly: “You are here…what are you here for?”

“Come and have a look at my house!”

Levi looked at the villa.

Moran Hongfei bit his head and looked at Levi and said, “Now this villa has nothing to do with you, you leave now!”

Levi had a smile at the corner of his mouth: “What if I don’t leave?”

Moran Hongfei’s little secretary Boyd Qingyue glared at Levi: “What are you? You dare to be wild here? Get out! Otherwise, I will inform Garrison Yaoyang, President Garrison, that you will be maimed again!”

The little secretary mentioned Van, Moran Hongfei had the backbone, and sneered: “Levi Linnian used to be my boss. I won’t make you embarrassed. You leave now!”

“What are you? You dare to embarrass me?”

Levi sneered.

Boyd Qingyue sneered: “Levi, you don’t take a piss and take pictures of yourself, what are you? Dare to talk to Mr. Moran like this, and quickly get down on your knees and crawl out!”

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