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Chapter 1000


The movement in the sky is getting bigger and bigger, just like thunder.

Everyone looked up into the air and saw a few private helicopters hovering in mid-air.

Everyone was taken aback when they saw the words sprayed on the private jet.

“Erick Group???”

Everyone was stunned.

Because helicopters have written Erick Group, doesn’t it mean Erick Group?

After Helen looked at them she was shocked.

They sealed all the roads where Erick Group came to the bidding site to ensure that they would not come here.

But never thought they could still come from the sky…


The private helicopter hovered and landed, and the wind and waves created by the propeller swept the entire field.

Helen and others were battered.

Everyone was forced to retreat by the wind and waves and evaded one after another.

Especially Helen, who is known as noble blood, ran faster than anyone else, and crawled around.

Run slower, you will lose your life.

Coming from the sky, they didn’t expect it.

They can block every road on land.

Didn’t expect that the Erick Group would have a private helicopter, coming from the sky.

Several private jets parked in front of the venue, and Levi and Alton got off the plane.

“It’s you… Levi…”

Helen was surprised.

“Is he Levi? Lord Xavion told me that he is actually the behind-the-scenes boss of Erick Group.”

Helen explained.

Helen looked astonished.

“But Lord Xavion said, he is still not worth mentioning, let us annex Erick Group as soon as possible!”

Helen sneered.

“Okay, I’m more interested.”

Helen stared at Levi with bitter and jealous eyes.

After getting off the plane, Levi glanced at the time and smiled: “Just right!”

Fabner’s face was a little ugly.

As the person in charge of the project, he is more inclined to Lawrence Group to get this project.

Because he can’t afford to provoke this group of people in Lawrence Group.

When the Erick Group is here, this matter is not easy to handle.

“Everyone is here, everyone, please!”

Fabner led the way.

Several people came to Levi’s side deliberately.

“I persuade you to give up! Fighting with us, it won’t end well! You don’t know the strength and background of Lawrence Group at all!”

Helen echoed: “And soon even the Erick Group is ours. What are you arguing for?”

Seeing Levi’s dismissive look, Helen suppressed her anger and said, “It’s good for you to give up early! You are indeed the boss of Erick Group, but don’t think you are invincible. In the eyes of real big people, you are still an ant! This world is much bigger than you think!”

“I heard that you look down on the Garrison family? Haha, you are too naive. You can’t imagine the tip of the iceberg of the Garrison family! Boy, recognize the reality, don’t sit and watch the sky.”

Levi smiled and looked in contempt.

When he arrived at the entrance of the venue, Levi suddenly said, “Okay, you can stop here! You don’t need to go in!”


Helen’s group was taken aback, looking at Levi incredulously.

“You won’t let us in?”

Helen asked.

Fabner was also stunned.

He doesn’t have this right!

“Alton watch them, don’t let any of them come in! I said it!”



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