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Chapter 2043

Li Guang and Wen Mingzhu lived together like this. In order to repay Li Guang for his life-saving grace, Wen Mingzhu decided to go out and make money with Li Guang after recovering from his injuries for a few days. Although it is not a tall place, there is no problem to rely on one’s own ability to eat.

Wen Mingzhu is kind and has a beautiful face, but she never puts on airs. She occasionally orders guests from outside. She also orders until she stops. She sends people away with a smile. After making money, she can even treat her own people to dinner. Supper.

There are countless men in the small and large bars in the alleys of Heijie. Many people are discussing behind them-“I have to go back to the village to find the father and the folks in the village.”

“Come on, people look at you as a pearl.”

But Li Guang didn’t like it.

He said to Wen Mingzhu more than once, “Why don’t I do it, I don’t like watching you laugh.”

Wen Mingzhu shook his head, handed a sum of cash to Li Guang, and asked him to open an account for him to deposit it. Then he said, “This is the first time I have found my own survival value.”

She can also make money on her own.

Although this feeling of being alive is humble, but…too real, it seems to be painful, but it is free.

No longer the feeling of walking dead like living in Wen’s house, Wen Mingzhu looked at Li Guang, “I want to save a sum of money, and then continue to learn perfume.”

Li Guang stopped talking a lot, and reached his lips. At that time, he had to squeeze his fingers and say, “You will definitely succeed.”

Wen Mingzhu’s money was stored in a small account by Li Guang, and he didn’t embezzle anything. She can’t store it in her account, Wen Lizhi will find out.

As at this moment, withdrawing from memories, Wen Mingzhu watched Li Guang come to the bedside and took out an old-fashioned passbook from his pocket. The woman’s eyes were red, “What do you mean…”

“I know You will definitely leave one day.”

Li Guang stuffed the passbook into Wen Mingzhu’s hand, “I will save all the money you have earned over the years, and the password is your birthday…”

Wen Mingzhu held the passbook, almost speechless, “You are here. Drive me away?”

“How can I be willing, trust me, one day I will take you away…”

Li Guang’s expression seemed as if he was holding back something, “I want to say something heroic too. , But I don’t deserve it now. Wen Li is just your brother, isn’t it? Pearl… I don’t want you to suffer. If you return to Wen’s house to live a life of glory and prosperity, then I’d rather make a good choice for you.”

Hearing these words by Li Guang, Lisa Tang felt a little heartache. This man seemed to see everything too thoroughly. Few men can face their dignity and their powerlessness, because they have a hardened mouth, but until now… On the contrary, Li Guang’s letting go seemed more real and cruel.

This is a kind of cruelty to oneself, to let Wen Mingzhu live a better life, personally give up his cruelty.

Perhaps Li Guang has always known that Wen Mingzhu is grateful to himself, but has no love. In the past five years, if there is true love, something must have happened between them, or… at least it will confirm that the relationship has become a boyfriend or something.

But Wen Mingzhu never mentioned that every time she saw her quietly profiled under good tutoring when eating at his house, Li Guang would feel that this life is enough.

Why have more.

“Even if you don’t go back to Wen’s house, this money is enough for you to start again outside. When you are discharged from the hospital, go outside and try.”

Li Guang said to Wen Mingzhu, “If you are wronged, come back and find me… …The dishes and chopsticks at home will always be kept for you.”

Wen Mingzhu cried and stretched out his hand to catch Li Guang, “You are driving me away, you clearly are driving me away…”

“How can I drive you away? Thinking about taking you away in the future.” Li Guang closed his eyes, as if he was being tortured. Why would it hurt to push his beloved woman away by himself?

“Then you take me away now!”

“I am not capable now, what are you doing by staying with me!” Li Guang raised his voice, desperately desperate, “I don’t want you to endure hardship with me!”

He will grit his teeth until the day when his family rises again, that day. He will surely summon the courage to confess to Wen Mingzhu.

Before that, it’s better to let the pearl of warmth be free, and save it, and she followed him to all the wrongs.

Having said this, Li Guang reached out and touched Wen Mingzhu’s face. In five years, he had never touched her before, and now, after only touching her for a second, the man retracted his hand like a lightning. In his eyes, Lisa Tang saw his cherishment and cautiousness.

It’s the kind of affection that I can’t bear to hold Wen Mingzhu in my palm and touch it.

Then Li Guang said, “I will see you tomorrow. Do you know if you want to eat well?”

“Will you accompany me more when I eat well ?” “Yes.”

Wen Mingzhu cried out of breath, but held Li. Guang’s hand said, “I must have a good meal.”

Li Guang nodded, then took a deep look at Lisa Tang, like a silent trust, then got up and left.

The ward fell silent, and all of a sudden, only Wen Mingzhu’s intermittent sobs were left. After a long time, Lisa Tang found a suspicious point, “Why didn’t you tell him that he is the child’s father…”

“He is burdened too much, tell He will definitely be more stressed.” Wen Mingzhu lowered his head and rubbed his eyes and said, “It’s better not to say… He only knows that I am pregnant, and he doesn’t know who the child is…”

Because Wen Mingzhu has never treated Li. Guang just said what his feelings for him led Wen Mingzhu to confess that he was pregnant last month. Li Guang never thought that the child was his own.

Li Guang was too drunk that night when the relationship happened, and Wen Mingzhu woke up the next day to make breakfast in the living room. Where did he remember?

I thought… Wen Mingzhu’s pregnancy was a mistake.

As Wen Mingzhu’s eternal backer and harbor, he didn’t want Wen Mingzhu to suffer from abortion. After a long silence, he said that he was willing to be the father of the child.

It’s just that the child is gone.

“You and Li Guang’s accident, did you compensate for Li Guang?” Lisa Tang looked at Wen Mingzhu’s pale face, and only felt that the reality was sad. The two little figures were carrying and guarding each other in their own way…

Li Guang is a man. Good man, Wen Mingzhu is also a good woman. They didn’t do anything wrong, but destiny just didn’t arrange the right ending for them.

Wen Mingzhu murmured, as if falling into a memory, “I used to live for Wen Lizhi… I love him and I am afraid of him, knowing that the identity of’Sister Wen Lizhi’ was stolen by me. I am not worthy… …The real Wen Mingzhu, unfortunately, died in the kidnapping case that year, but I survived, with this name, as if to sway the market with sin.”

Every day, she feels that she is living in purgatory.

Lisa Tang gently

followed Wen Mingzhu’s hair, “Maybe Wen Lizhi will be able to think about it one day…you deserve to be loved.” Wen Mingzhu heard this as if he heard a joke, and laughed to herself, “How could it be? , He won’t let go of his hatred.”

They all forgot how to…become a normal person.

That night, after Lisa Tang returned, Wen Lizhi came to Wen Mingzhu’s ward all over his body. When Wen Mingzhu was asleep, he suddenly opened Wen Mingzhu’s quilt.

Stimulated, Wen Mingzhu struggled to turn on the light, and found Wen Lizhi’s suddenly enlarged face. She exclaimed, “What are you doing! I want to call a doctor—”

“It’s all my people outside.” Wen Lizhi said. At that time, his voice was hoarse, and his face was drunk. He put his hand on Wen Mingzhu’s collar, and it seemed that he just gently tugged, and the buttons of the hospital gown collapsed fragilely.

Wen Mingzhu trembled, “You let go, what are you going to do, Wen Lizhi…”

“You used to call my brother, but now you never call.”

Wen Li stopped her breathing disorder, pinched her chin and said, “Call again.”

Call again?

“I’m not your sister…” Wen Mingzhu gritted her teeth stubbornly, “Why call your brother?”

Wen Li’s pupils tightened, as if suddenly awake from a dream, “You dare to mention this?!”

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