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Chapter 1001

His words are beyond doubt.

But Fan Yibin and Xiaoxiao Stone were completely dumbfounded.

Helen immediately said, “Levi, what right do you have to stop us from entering?”

They didn’t stop Levi, he actually prevented them from entering.

Xiao Stone immediately said: “Mr. Fan, you are the project leader. Is it appropriate for him not to let us in? Shouldn’t you have the final say?”

Fan Yibin looked at Levi and said, “Yes, sir, this is a bit inappropriate. You are just a bidder. What right do you have to prevent someone from entering?”

“My words are rights! Besides, it doesn’t count if you say it!”

Levi left a sentence and entered the venue.

Stone Xiao and Helen wanted to go in if they didn’t believe in evil.

Stopped by Alton.

“You can’t enter!”

“Then what if we have to enter?”

Xiao Stone was cold.

“Control it!”

Alton gave an order, and several people stepped forward to control Stone Xiao.

Let them even have no chance to bid.

The bidding conference will soon end.

The result is obvious, Erick Group got this project.

Others dare not even yell.

Seeing the end of the bidding conference, Stone Xiao and Helen were furious.

Levi is more domineering than them!

At best, they are blocking and delaying the time to come.

Levi could do well and control them directly, not even allowing them to participate in the bidding conference.

“Levi, you wait! We won’t let you go!”

Xiao Stone stared at Levi fiercely.

“Well, I’m waiting.”

Levi sneered.

On the other side, Sarah has already dealt with the matter.

Natalie was also released back.

“Fighting with them, we are still not cruel enough, after all, we are even worse!”

Sarah sighed.

People like Lawrence Group do everything they want.

She couldn’t do this kind of life-saving thing.

But after losing this project.

Her plan failed.

Without social status, it would be difficult for her to have a say in the Logan and Mann family. Will someone stop her and Levi’s marriage?

Pregnancy alone is not enough…


Sarah sighed.

At this time Natalie came to her office and handed her a document.

Sarah picked it up and took a look, revealing a touch of surprise: “Huh? The project has been taken down?”

“Natalie, didn’t you get stopped by someone? How could you still win the project?”

Plum dyed his face puzzled.

“Of course I was stopped, and all the people I secretly sent out were stopped. This time it was the project that the boss personally went to get!”

Natalie explained.

“What? Is it the boss again?”

Sarah was dumbfounded.


“Why the boss is that? Why do you help me like this?”

Sarah was very puzzled.

“What are you doing so much? The project has been won anyway.”

Natalie cast a white glance.

Secretly said: Because you are the boss!

After Sarah calmed down, he immediately found Levi.

After this project officially belonged to her.

Her value will skyrocket.

She has the capital to challenge Logan and Mann’s family.

Now grandma and they don’t want to control themselves.

Then, if she becomes pregnant again, no one can stop her!

Can’t wait for Levi to be strong, and she herself is the same.

“Sarah, why are you so excited about looking for me?”

Levi asked.

“Shall we set a date for the wedding?”

“I think it will be a good day after a month and a half, shall we get married?”

Sarah said.

“Well, I will return you a world-renowned wedding at that time!”

Chapter 1002

Just a month later, the wedding room designed by Levi was just completed.

It’s time to dye plum a successful wedding.

This wedding, his mother is here, his sister is here, and his brothers will come to attend.

For Levi, it was definitely the most complete.

At the wedding, he will confess his identity to Sarah.

Tell her personally-your husband is already the God of War!

Take her hand and rule the world!

“In addition, we also prepared early for pregnancy. We must get pregnant before we get married!”

Sarah said shyly.

“Well, let’s not live at home tonight!”

Levi smiled.

“it is good.”

That night, Levi and Sarah lived outside.

After one night.

Both have undergone a transformation.

Become people who protect each other with their lives.

After ten years, the two of them are finally together.

No one can take it apart now.

Soon, there will be a family of three.

the next day.

When Natalie saw Sarah, she asked in surprise: “Sarah feels something is wrong with you…”

“What’s wrong?”

Sarah asked with a blushing face.

“I can’t say it, it seems more feminine.”

Natalie said.

Plum dyed his blush and lowered his head.

“You and Levi’s wedding date has been set, are you going to have a baby this time?”

Natalie smiled.

Sarah glanced at her and said, “Natalie, you should also hurry up to find a boyfriend, don’t you like the boss? Chase it!


Natalie’s expression stagnated.

She wants to chase.

But the boss is Levi.

How to let her chase?

“The boss is no longer single.”

Natalie smiled.

“Huh? Aren’t you still single a few days ago? Isn’t it so fast?”

The plum dye was full of surprise.

“Well, it’s so fast. Don’t you want to marry Levi too?”

The appointment of Sarah and Levi to their wedding date soon spread throughout the company.

Even Sarah is very curious.

Why are everyone so enthusiastic?

Is Levi so high in the company?

Before Sarah heard that Levi’s reputation in the company was not very good!

it’s wired…

The Mann family also received this news for the first time.


“Sarah and Levi’s wedding dates have been set? We as grandparents don’t know?”

Melina and Mann Jianguo were surprised.

“We don’t know either…”

Others have expressed ignorance.

Mann Jianguo contacted Doug immediately.

Doug said he was unclear.

Melina contacted Edith and Dale.

The result is the same.

The two didn’t even know.

“Even my parents don’t know the date of the wedding, and everyone else knows? This Sarah is really getting too much!”

Melina almost exploded.

“You guys come back soon, your daughter is going to get married with someone else.”

Melina shouted.

Soon, Dale, Edith, and Doug gathered in the Mann family.

Everyone looked dumbfounded.

Sarah and Levi’s wedding date set?

The closest people didn’t know, but it spread…

“Look, this is your good daughter! You don’t even know that she is married! You are not regarded as parents anymore! Not to mention us! Why? Is this not going to recognize us?

Melina said angrily.

“Unfilial daughter!”

Dale sighed helplessly, neither he nor Edith felt that they had nothing to do with each other.

What a shame!

“Can you bear this? I can’t bear it!”

Chapter 1003

Melina, Mann Jianguo, Doug and others are all going to blow up.

Dale and Edith were even more uncomfortable.

They immediately called Sarah: “I heard that you have already set your wedding date?”

Sarah replied calmly: “Yes, I have discussed with Levi. I also plan to inform you at night.”

“Have you discussed with us about the wedding period? Do you still have our parents in your eyes? Do you still have the elders of the Logan and Mann family?”

“Are you not going to recognize my mother anymore? By the way, Levi’s mother is your mother, what am I?”

Edith was so angry that she almost smashed her phone.

Sarah said: “Mom, I can now take charge of my own business. I will definitely discuss with you if it is time to discuss, and I will make the arrangements for myself.”

“You are in charge of such a big matter during the wedding period? What’s more, none of us agree that you remarried Levi!”

“And you don’t listen to what your grandpa and grandma said? They will be the Lords of your marriage!”

Edith kept asking questions.

“Mom, why do you have to be the Lords of my affairs! I know you are afraid of grandparents, but we don’t need them to be the Lords of our affairs. What’s more, I have strong capital now, so I won’t be influenced by them.”

Plum dyed.

“You better come back and talk about it! Otherwise your grandma will go to you!”

Forced to be helpless, Sarah and Levi could only return to Mann’s house.

In the chamber, the atmosphere is depressed.

Everyone has a sullen face.

“Kneel down!”

Melina said coldly.

“What do you mean by grandma?”

Sarah asked.

“I let you kneel down! Don’t you understand? And you, kneel down too!”

Melina stared at Levi fiercely.

“Why should you kneel? There is always a reason, right?”

Levi approached.

“Sarah, don’t you know what you did wrong? How can you decide the important matter of your marriage? And also secretly set the date of the wedding, even we don’t know, even your parents don’t know!

Melina was trembling with anger.

Sarah smiled and said, “I can decide this matter myself, so I don’t need to bother you elders. You can just attend the wedding at that time.”

“F*rt! Did you agree to this matter?”

Melina made a rare swear word.

“Then grandma, I will also tell you that my marriage must be in charge of me!”

Sarah is tit-for-tat.

“Then you have to have this ability?”

Melina snorted coldly.

“I have. The Logan and Mann family can no longer control me. Let’s take a look!”

Sarah threw the document to Melina.

Melina took a look and were surprised.

“What? Sarah, are you worth this?”

Melina was taken aback.

“Yes, now I can do my own thing, right?”

Sarah asked.

Everyone hesitated.

“One more news to everyone, I’m pregnant with King’s Landing’s child! How about this, you can’t separate us!”



Everyone is vomiting blood.


A full ten minutes.

Everyone slowed down and could only accept this fact.

“Hey, commit evil!”

Dale sighed.

At this time, Melina glanced at Levi and said, “I heard that your weddings are grand enough! I have one condition…”

“Fucking can’t attend the wedding! My Mann family can’t afford to lose this person!”

Chapter 1004

Others echoed: “Yes, yes, yes, such a grand wedding is at least shocking the South? If his mother attends, we shall not be ashamed?”

“Yes, there is one thing to say, we, Logan and Mann, still want face!”

Doug also said.

“Sarah see it? Everyone agrees to my terms!”

A smug smile appeared at the corner of Melina’s mouth.

At this time Dale’s voice sounded: “As your father, I also have the conditions!”


Everyone looked at Dale one after another.

“Since marriage is unavoidable! You and Levi have become a real couple, and I agree! But Levi must be married!”

Dale said coldly.


Levi was stunned.

How can he join the dignified God of War?

Sarah was also taken aback.

Okay, why do you want to become a parent?

“Yes, that’s right. If you want to marry my daughter, you have to enter a patriarchy. Entering a patriarchal is not that simple. I have to mention some rules!”

“First, after entering your family, you changed your surname to Logan. From then on, you are no longer called Levi, but Logan Levi! I don’t want to hear you mention Levi on any occasion!”

“Secondly, after entering my Logan family, we must obey any rules of the Logan family for no reason. We don’t want to hear you say no words!”

“Thirdly, after entering the Logan family, everything in your life will be arranged by the Logan family, including who you see every day and how much money you spend, you must report to us!”

“Fourth, in the future, you have no place to speak. You can speak only when we let you speak!”

Dale put forward ten harsh rules.

Doug, Melina and others immediately supported it.

“Well, Dale has a good idea! If you want to marry Sarah, you must be married, and you must abide by these rules, otherwise there is no way!”

The biggest problem they asked for this rule was that they learned that Sarah now has such a high net worth and that Levi got married. They felt too bad.

But he had to marry him again.

So they can only find balance from other aspects.

For example, Dale’s idea is very simple-Sarah is so worthy, marrying Levi, they will be ashamed, too embarrassing.

Letting Levi directly enter Zhuo will have less influence on Sarah and Logan Mann.

“Moreover, there must be an enrollment ceremony! It must be in the house of the ancestor of the Logan family. You must first kowtow to the head of the Logan family three times to count as an introductory, and then kowtow three times in front of the ancestors and ancestors of the ancestral hall to be counted as entering the clan!”

Doug said.

“Well, I agree! There must be a ceremony to enter the family! My Mann family agrees!”

Melina and Mann Jianguo strongly agreed.

Edith cried and said, “I am such a good daughter, but she still married him in the end! I don’t want to!”

“Alan, there is no other way until now, I can only let him in!”

Everyone sighed.

Sarah never expected that under his double insurance, he thought he could control it completely.

Unexpectedly, this is still the case!

Do they really use themselves as tools?

What’s wrong with Levi?

As for this?

Although Levi had fallen, he was kind to himself and was willing to give his life for her.

that’s enough!

“Daughter, don’t even think about talking! If you recognize me as a father, let Levi come here! Otherwise, there is no way!”

Dale looked at Levi and asked, “Are you willing to join my Logan family?”

The eyes of everyone present looked at him.

Chapter 1005

In order to get rid of the trouble, Sarah also hoped that Levi would agree to it.

After all, let them agree first, and she will do everything in the future.

With her there, Levi would never be embarrassed.

Naturally, there is no need to follow those rules.

“Of course I don’t agree! It’s all about letting me join the family, and want to change my surname? Impossible! I am only called Levi in my life, no one can change my surname!

Levi said coldly.

This name was given to him by his mother, and no one can change it!

Seeing Levi’s attitude so determined, everyone was taken aback.

“So you don’t want to marry a son and get a dye?”

Melina immediately said.

“Marry! Of course I want to marry!”

Levi smiled.

“If you want to marry Sarah, you must be married! Otherwise, there is no way!”

Dale refused in one fell swoop.

“I told you clearly! First, I want to marry Sarah, second, I won’t change my surname and won’t be married, and third, my mother must attend the wedding.”

Levi’s attitude is firm, giving people an unquestionable momentum.

This made Logan and Mann’s family stunned.

Levi dare to talk to them like this?

“Levi, do you think you have the right to speak? Don’t you know what you are like? Sarah is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, do you deserve it?”

Dale shouted angrily.

The biggest imbalance in this marriage is that the identity gap between Levi and Sarah is too big.

The wrong door is wrong.

The Logan and Mann family always felt that it was a shame to marry Sarah to Levi.

It is equivalent to a flower inserted on the cow dung.

Levi smiled and said, “I tell you the truth, it’s worth it!”

At this moment, Levi’s tall figure went straight into Sarah’s heart.

It seemed that the spirited Levi had returned six years ago.

It seems that everything he said is true.

But Sarah understood that what Levi said was worthy of his identity.

He is Lawrence’s son and Porter’s grandson.

Naturally worthy of her.

However, Sarah hoped that Levi could be worthy of him by virtue of his own strength.

It’s like six years ago!

“Worthy? Hahahaha…”

Immediately, laughter broke out from the audience.

How can you be worthy of Levi?

Sarah is so strong now!

You don’t even deserve to carry shoes, how can you compare them?

“Where are you worthy? Are you funny? Levi, do you really have no idea about yourself?”

Cross Wentao was happy, looking at Levi like an idiot.

Levi smiled.

Not to mention that he is a magnificent God of War, holding a heavy army in Morendam, and reigning over the world.

The identity of the owner of Erick Group alone is worthy of it.

Sarah can achieve this kind of worth, apart from her efforts, there is also part that Levi has given.

It can even be said that this step of plum dyeing was all given by Levi!

How is it not worthy?

“Don’t worry, I will show Sarah my true identity at the wedding at that time! I will also let you know my true identity, and then you will shut up!”

Levi said.

Levi could imagine the change of these people the day when his identity was revealed.

“Hahaha, the real identity? Are you bluffing us? Don’t we know what you are like?”

Everyone present laughed.

“This kid wants to make a blockbuster and shock us all? Impossible!”

Melina looked at Levi disdainfully.

Levi looked at the crowd and said, “Then I will tell you a secret!”

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