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Chapter 1006


Everyone was taken aback, looking at Levi curiously.

Even Sarah looked at Levi.

He has a secret?

Levi smiled and said, “Actually, I haven’t been in jail in the past six years!”

The language is not surprising and endless.

When Levi said this, the audience was shocked.

Everyone showed an unbelievable look.

Everyone thought that Levi had been in prison for six years.

The result did not.

This caused the stormy sea to turn up in the hearts of everyone.

Everyone looked at him incredible.

Sarah was even more surprised, his body trembling sharply.

No wonder she was still able to visit Levi when she was in prison.

But three months later, she would not let her see Levi anyway.

For several years in a row, she never saw Levi in the prison.

Now I understand that Levi is not in prison at all, how do I see him?

“You…you are not in jail?”

Dale’s teeth trembled.

“Yes! Soon after entering the prison, I was innocent. Because those methods of the Garrison family were quickly dismantled, I was wronged.”

Levi smiled.

Sarah said with a cry: “Where have you been these six years? Why don’t you come back?”

This is not only Sarah’s question, but also everyone’s question.

In the past six years, where did Levi go?

Levi looked at Sarah and said: “I can’t tell you yet, I plan to wait until the wedding to tell you!”

“But I can assure you that I am worthy of you and can give you a world! Make you the envy of everyone!”

Hearing this, Sarah was still very excited.

Maybe Levi can surprise himself?

She looked forward to the wedding more and more.

Seeing what Levi said so seriously, everyone should take it seriously.

Levi swept the audience and said coldly: “If my identity is revealed, you dare not set any rules against me! If you don’t believe me, you will wait until the wedding!”

Dale stared at Levi and said: “Okay! I’ll wait until the wedding, I want to see who you are? If you are worthy of being a son, I will give up. If you are deceiving, you will be beautiful then!”

“Well, if it’s a lie, then we will make you unable to eat and walk around!”

Others also threatened.

After leaving Mann’s house, Sarah asked in a low voice, “Is everything you said just now true?”

“Of course it’s true! I didn’t go to jail at all!”

Levi smiled.

“Well, I’ll wait for you to tell me everything at your wedding!”

Sarah looked forward to it more and more.

Recently, Sarah has become more and more busy.

Hundreds of billions of projects need to be taken care of, daily work, and preparations for marriage.

Plus there is a TV series to be filmed recently.

Fortunately, Wang Xunyi, vice president of Dongtian Group, and others stood in the front for her.

It saved her a lot of trouble, otherwise she would have to be busy.

“Vice President Wang has to trouble you a lot recently!”

Wang Xunyi smiled and said that it didn’t matter. Recently, Sarah’s office has been frequent, and he often looks for Sarah after get off work. After all, there are too many troubles recently.

In the Jinlong Building.

Stone Zion was in a meeting with Helen and others.

“I heard that Sarah is going to get married recently, haha, I hope she and Levi like this gift we prepared for her!”

Helen smiled.

“Fight against Lawrence Group, this is the end!”

There was a fierce flash in Stone Xiao’s eyes.

They have always held a grudge for being robbed of the project by Levi.

I can’t let it go.

Chapter 1007

Days pass by.

These days, Sarah and Levi live in the hotel.

More than ten days later, Sarah suddenly said to Levi: “I haven’t come…”

“Huh? Really?”

Levi looked happy.

“I’ll check it later, you don’t need to go, Boyd Xiao and I will do it.”

Plum dyed.

In fact, Sarah quietly tested it herself, and she was pregnant.

But after the confirmation at the hospital, she said to Levi with peace of mind.

“Okay, I am waiting for your good news!”

Levi actually wanted to follow along, but he was too nervous, so it’s better to wait for the news.

In the morning, Sarah and Boyd Xiao came to the hospital for an examination.

“Huh? It always feels like someone is following us?”

Boyd Xiao intuitively perceives something unusual.

Turning around, everyone is normal.

Occasionally, a few patients wearing masks pass by, and there is no one else.

“Boyd Xiao is that you are too sensitive.”

After Sarah finished speaking, he went to check it directly.

In the afternoon, the check result came out.

“Congratulations, Miss Logan, you are pregnant!”

The doctor smiled.

Sarah wept with joy. It has been almost ten years, and the journey has been bumpy. She finally has the crystallization of love with Levi.

She rushed back to the company with Boyd Xiao excitedly.

When she was about to inform Levi and Natalie, the little secretary said excitedly: “Mr. Logan is not good, something has happened! something has happened!”

“what’s happenin?”

Sarah looked puzzled.

The little secretary pushed the notebook in front of Sarah.


After seeing the above, Sarah’s brain throbbed.

A message was listed on the computer screen—heavy: Dongtian Group President Sarah is pregnant! Who is the father of the child?

“What’s the situation? We just got the pregnancy checklist, so the media exposed it so soon?”

Boyd Xiao was surprised.

Sarah’s heart sighed.

She had already guessed that someone was going to target her.


Everything is premeditated!

Recently, Sarah has gained a lot of fame and attention.

As soon as the news came out, it shocked the audience.

After this media was exposed, within a minute or so, dozens of hundreds of other media released the news one after another.

Overwhelming news struck, and in an instant, the major news media, newspapers and other channels were all occupied by the news of Sarah’s pregnancy.

In an instant, Jiangbei, Jianghai, and all major regions in the south learned the news that Sarah was pregnant.

The momentum is still fermenting step by step, and the heat is increasing little by little.

In less than ten minutes, the media released the second wave of news about Sarah’s father’s conjecture about the pregnant child.

First, Sarah and Levi have been divorced for a long time, and they have no relationship.

Second, during Sarah’s six years in jail in Levi, no rumors were reported.

Third, Levi has never touched Sarah.

Fourth, Sarah has been in and out of the hotel frequently recently, and he even went to the pharmacy to sell medicine in private.

The reasons are listed, showing that the child is definitely not dyed by plums.

It was during the divorce period that Sarah became pregnant.

Soon everyone came up with two conclusions.

First, it has become a fact that Sarah became pregnant when she was unmarried, and she even listed her pregnancy checklist.

Second, Sarah may have been in an underground relationship with some people for a long time, even during his marriage with Levi.

As soon as these two conclusions came out, they were already fried.

It’s boiling everywhere.

Sarah will also be driven into an unforgettable place.

Chapter 1008

The major media are still investigating who is the father of this child?

I believe there will be results soon.

At the same time, the paparazzi living in the dark and private detectives are looking for the father of the child?

Almost Sarah’s pregnancy became a topic for the whole people.

Everyone is looking for the child of plum dye?


Look at the media news.

Sarah was struck by lightning, his face pale and bloodless.

Boyd Xiao said angrily: “This is obviously someone framed! It’s so annoying!”

What kind of plum dye, she still doesn’t know?

Is pregnant.

The child is Levi’s!

How can there be so much lace news?

Sarah can think of who made it.

Unfortunately, I found it too late.

Natalie rushed over after hearing the news.

“Sarah’s affairs are a bit big! Now the company downstairs is full of reporters and paparazzi! This time the media are unified to deal with you, we are not easy to deal with. You have to take your time, you temporarily hide, don’t be here In the company, otherwise a lot of trouble!”

Natalie suggested.

“Well, I will hide first.”

With Boyd Xiao’s help, Sarah easily bypassed the reporters and paparazzi and left the company.

I wanted to go to the company’s apartment building, but I didn’t expect that there were reporter paparazzi all around.

“It’s impossible to go to the villa! There must be someone!”

Plum dyed.

“Mr. Logan, why not go to my apartment building!”

Subsequently, Boyd Xiao dyed plum into her apartment building.

But the moment Boyd Xiao drove into her community, a group of people hiding in the dark immediately looked over.

“Come on, they are really here! They have all been spotted for me! Don’t miss every detail!”

A group of paparazzi have been shooting Sarah and Boyd Xiao.

As soon as he entered Boyd Xiao’s apartment building, Wang Xunyi called.

“Mr. Logan heard that you are going to hide for the time being, but how many urgent documents do I need to sign?”

Wang Xunyi on the other end of the phone was very anxious.

“Okay, come find me, the location is…”

About half an hour later.

Paparazzi boss Boyd Heide shouted: “Come, come, come to live! Everyone, look carefully!”

Their paparazzi team usually makes a living by shooting and digging out the black material of celebrities.

Someone told them today that they can squat into the big news here.

At first they didn’t believe it, but they believed when they saw plum dyeing.

Soon, a black car stopped in front of Boyd Xiao’s apartment building.

A man in a suit and leather shoes got out of the car, not to mention wearing a hat, but also a mask.

After the plum was dyed, seeing Wang Xunyi’s look, he couldn’t help saying: “Vice President Wang, why are you dressed like this?”

“To be safe, Mr. Logan, you quickly sign the words!”

Wang Xunyi handed the document to Sarah.

Sarah didn’t think much about it, and soon signed it.

How did she understand that all this is a conspiracy.

She was already in the trap.

After signing, Wang Xunyi turned to the car, and at that moment a successful smile appeared on the corner of Wang Xunyi’s mouth.

Later, Wang Xunyi drove away from here.

Boyd Heide asked, “Are you all ready to shoot?”

“It’s done! Haha, I didn’t expect Sarah to give birth to this man!”

“Yes, that’s right. Look how tightly packed this man is! It’s a hat and a mask again! It’s definitely Sarah’s lover!”

Boyd Heide smiled: “Quickly sort out the things and send them out, and then check who this man is, we are going to make a fortune!”

Chapter 1009

“It has been found out! This person is the vice president of Dongtian Group, named Wang Xunyi, 39 years old, and two children! It is Sarah’s right-hand man!”

One person smiled.

Boyd Heide said in a cold voice: “This kind of woman doesn’t have a good thing! I’m afraid that I have been in a relationship with this vice president for a long time! She even gave birth to children!”

“Yes, too shameless, right? It’s just a junior. He has a married man. Everyone has two children!”

“Smelly shameless! We must expose everything! Let everyone know the true face of this woman!”

The paparazzi are very excited.

Boyd Heide smiled and said, “This time Sarah will definitely be beaten to the point where he will never recover!”

He hasn’t been so happy in a long time.

This squat shot not only allowed him to make a fortune, but also ruined this superior character.

This feeling is unspeakably refreshing!

More than an hour passed.

At the same time, the major media once again exposed the shocking news-Sarah’s child’s father has been found! Turned out to be…

After everyone clicked in, they found that Sarah was the child born for Wang Xunyi.

Wang Xunyi’s information was also listed in detail.

Wang Xunyi is Sarah’s vice president. He has been working together for half a year, and he often works and holds meetings together…

The most important thing is that Wang Xunyi is 39 years old and has two children.

Sarah’s behavior like this is Xiao San, she is hooking up with a married man!

Not just conjecture, but also strong evidence.

First, there are photos and videos of Wang Xunyi and Sarah during their work, often in and out of one place.

Second, Wang Xunyi and Sarah were found recently. They entered and exited a hotel almost at the same time, and they even listed all their consumption records.

Third, after the incident broke out at noon, Sarah secretly left the company and hid somewhere. As a result, someone took pictures of Sarah and Wang Xunyi’s private meeting in front of the apartment. In the video photos, Wang Xunyi was wearing a hat and a mask.

Fourth, the video of Sarah’s examination in the hospital this morning. Not far from her followed a man wearing a hat and a mask. It was Wang Xunyi.

These video and photo evidence are sufficient to prove that Sarah was the child who was pregnant by Wang Xunyi.

The two were so close that they were accompanied by Wang Xunyi even to check the pregnancy.

Sarah was dumbfounded after seeing all this.

It turned out that Wang Xunyi was also the chess piece in the plan, and still the most important one.

I asked myself to sign in front of me for the purpose of shooting this video.

Remembering that Boyd Xiao during the day said that she always felt someone was following, she didn’t take it seriously.

It turns out that Wang Xunyi is also in the hospital, and Boyd Xiao’s instinct is right!

It’s a pity that it’s hard to prevent!

Overwhelming insults hit.

Almost the entire Internet is scolding Sarah as a shameless little mistress and destroying other people’s families.

Various videos of her and Wang Xunyi are circulating.

Most of the fake or edited evidence is also taken as real by people.

After all, the “facts” are already before everyone’s eyes.

After Natalie got the news, she contacted Sarah as soon as possible: “Sarah’s major event is not good, and Wang Xunyi has disappeared! This is a conspiracy, and it is aimed at ruining you!”

Everything is critical.

What do you want?

There is no argument for plum dyeing.

“By the way, you can move quickly. Your place has been exposed, and I will be looking for you soon.”

Sarah and Boyd Xiao were about to leave, and a large number of people appeared downstairs.

Chapter 1010

At this time, they couldn’t get away if they wanted to run.

“What should Mr. Logan do next?”

Boyd Xiao asked.

“I will try to ask King’s Landing.”

Sarah got through Levi’s call: “My husband has something serious, do you know?”

Levi hadn’t gone out yet because of nervousness, so he didn’t even know what happened.


Levi turned on the phone, and was stunned.

Did such a big thing happen in a long time?

“Where are you? I’ll pick you up!”

After getting the location, Levi quickly came to the court.

It turned out that it was surrounded by paparazzi and reporters, and the surroundings were impenetrable.

Levi contacted Wesley and asked him to clear the field one by one.

Soon these people were cleared away.

Levi successfully received Sarah and put her in the theater compound.

Then no one can get close.

But things are getting bigger and bigger.

In Mann’s Manor.

“What? Sarah is not pregnant with Levi’s child? She is pregnant with a married child?”

Melina was so angry that she almost fainted.

They couldn’t accept the child that Levi was pregnant with.

Now I’m a junior, giving birth to someone else.

How can they stand it?

“Mom, do you think about who Sarah is? Will she do such a stupid thing?”

Edith and Dale naturally maintain plum dyeing.

“Hmph, I don’t believe it either, but with so much evidence before me, I have to believe it!”

Melina said angrily.

“Yes, some of the evidence is false, but several important evidences are true! Now that man has escaped in fear of crime!”

Mann Jianguo Road.

“Unfortunately, such a scandal happened, how can we look up in the future!”

“My Logan and Mann family’s faces are going to be lost! Hey!”

“Sarah is going to be in front of me, I have to slap her severely!”

“No matter what you say, our couple always believe in my daughter, she must be wronged!”

On the other side, in front of the joint office building of Erick Group and Dongtian Group, countless reporters and media have to interview.

At this time, Han Ying, another vice president of Dongtian Group, stood up: “First of all, I apologize to the public on behalf of Dongtian Group! The person in charge of Dongtian Group has caused such a big influence, it is our fault!”

“Sarah’s private life has always been messy! After divorcing her ex-husband, I don’t know how to say it. He often hooks up with some young people in our entertainment projects. But she is the president, so we can’t say it!

“Apologize to everyone again!”

Han Ying bowed to the camera.

She apologized like this to a vice president.

It is equivalent to the Dongtian Group acknowledging Sarah’s behavior.

Soon, the media reporters spread the story-Dongtian Group admitted that Sarah hooked up with Wang Xunyi and became pregnant for him.

Immediately, the heat of this matter increased again.

The whole company looked at Han Ying incredible.

A person who is usually diligent and conscientious, why suddenly stood up at this time and criticized Sarah.

“Han Ying, what do you mean? Sarah treats you well!”

Natalie stopped immediately.

Han Ying said coldly: “I am not ashamed of having such a boss!”

“And the evidence is solid, Fisher Zong, do you have anything else to say?”

Han Ying looked at the others and said, “I think Sarah can no longer take the post of president of the company. Everyone should dismiss her!”


Natalie looked at her angrily.

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